• VII raise mv kids the wavl beHeve lhev should be....thanks for vour
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    • Ironically, Gillette are the bullies in this case. They’re a massive corporation portraying the middle classes in a contemptuous way.
      LulzOrNaw 19 jan
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    • crowsb4hoez 19 jan
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    • I don’t think guns were the point he was trying to make. He’s just saying that “toxic masculinity” is bullshit (which it is) and that he’s still going to raise his sons to be manly men and his daughter to be a respectable young lady and there’s nothing wrong with that
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    • Maybe Gillette was going that route so more of the feminist would pick up a razor and shave their armpits every once in a while
      Shortminime a month
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    • Fixer7733 a month
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    • Never seen a kid with a gun get bullied
      BigAl15 a month
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    • ShadowRec0n97 a month
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    • Darksandman a month
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    • Owning guns isn't toxic masculinity. Telling little boys they can't have emotions is.
      DetectivePika a month
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    • DMau789 a month
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    • Bullying builds character and weeds out the weak. Change my mind.
      DongOfSteel a month
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    • Gillete: "Hey, you absolute pieces of shit. Stop being such total pieces of human garbage." This man: "fuck you too"
      SandwichBoy81 a month
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    • I liked this because of the guy and his kids. Not liberal comment at the bottom
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    • What Gillette doesn't understand is the problem is that there is less masculinity in the household. There is no father to properly show how a man should act, so you got a bunch of assholes running around and it's assumed that "that's how men tell each other to act" and ironically it's sexist
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    • No Gillette's was pandering to the left to sell more fucking product. Hey guys, here's a controversial ad where we accuse you of rape for being white and completely misrepresent the life of kids growing up. Don't worry I have a degree in marketing and a minor in women's studies, I understand boys.
      Amatthew1234 a month
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    • Runild a month
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    • Let's be honest Gillette went after they're only buyers MEN
      shrek567 a month
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    • Downloading a month
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    • The reason people are pissed isn’t because we think men can’t be assholes. It’s because they attacked their own majority of customers, acting like only men are assholes and pigs. You would NEVER see a commercial like that aimed at women. But in modern society, women can do no wrong it seems
      Denbu a month
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    • Women make me laugh. Men get shitted on all the time and women just point and laugh but when the shoe is on the other foot the want to cry, protest, and try to get somebody fired. Society can talk all types of shit about men and nobody cares but the second somebody says anything negative about women
      lexsheff2305 a month
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    • Flameinmc a month
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    • Let’s talk about how women are infinitely more cruel to other women emotionally than men are physically to other men.
      RIP_Youtube a month
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    • I didn't mind the commercial but I bet my entire bank account plus tax that NO company will cover toxic femininity
      NoHomoPolice a month
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    • @
      ben_drizzle a month
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    • Uptown_Rider a month
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    • He’s not saying anything about the guns, he’s making fun of the fact that guns and shit are associated with “toxic masculinity” when its really just a hobby or activity some people have
      BravoZuko a month
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    • First, no one except single moms say "boys will be boys". Also, the commercial tried only accusing men of being sexual harrasers and such.
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    • Lets have a commercial where the women are false accusers, harassers and child abusers. Then let’s see how many people get the message of “be good people”.
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    • bolony21 a month
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    • I mean all power to you but you gave a child a gun
      BestXanNA a month
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    • Let’s not forget that Gillette is a huge corporation and they’re exploiting the concept of bullying and sexism to get attention and money
      JVAL_99 24d
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    • Holy shit this is god-tier. The kid in the pink shirt doesn't have his finger on the trigger.... I'M SO HAPPY THAT THIS DAD TAUGHT HIM SAFE GUN PRACTICES 😭
      SPIIdr a month
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    • Funny that a company that laundered money and used young children for cheap labor has the audacity to shit on literally ANYONE.
      kiwiscanfly66 a month
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    • I would generally consider myself a conservative but I didn’t see anything wrong with the Gillette commercial...The message I got from it was that it’s okay to be a man and be manly but that you don’t have to be a insufferable dick to achieve that
      siehope a month
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    • Anyone who thinks men actually go around beating each other up for being gay and any girl who they make physical contact with they want is mentally retarded.
      hoey2546 a month
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    • benshapiro__ a month
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    • Fucking pussy ass liberal fuck off outta her with that unfactual bullshit
      YeezyBoi123 a month
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    • Honestly, watched the video, pretty sure the majority of people who are all “oh you won’t be crying about toxic masculinity when I save you from a gunman” haven’t watched it. The video literally just shames grabbing chicks asses/cat calling, and bullying. That’s it.
      YourFam a month
      smile 8 2
    • Looks like Gillette isn't a good product for sensitive skin after all
      fightcIub a month
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    • If the Gillette ad upsets you, you’re retarded.
      MMPC a month
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    • Dude must have terrible aim bc he missed the whole point of the ad in the first place
      sukopion a month
      smile 8
    • Liberals: haha look at all the conservative snowflakes getting triggered by an ad. (Sees kid smiling at a Native American) HOLY FUCK DID YOU SEE HOW DISRESPECTFUL THAT KID IS? RACISM! FIRE ON MY COMMAND!
      Chri5ti4n a month
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    • Not really his point. But if ya wanna be a blind NPC fuck bitch. Ok
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    • Did everyone else get something different from the commercial. I thought it was to like stop sexual harassment and stuff because as a guy, I still think that guys do most of the sexual harassment and we as guys should hold those guys accountable. Ya know
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    • This ad is so retarded saying that u shouldn’t let ur kids play wrestle each other for fun while just saying boys will be boys and also saying that u shouldn’t go after a girl u find attractive and as if girls don’t do these things . I think Gillette’s just contributing to the soft pc society we r
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    • blue hair = invalid opinion
      PhilKenSebben a month
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    • Gillette portrayed bullying and harassment as a product of masculinity. Then tells us it’s our job as men to police other men’s behaviors.
      curtsawesome a month
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    • Before the ad came out, Gillette made ads saying to “be the man you wanna be,” then this ad came out and basically said “be any man you want, but don’t be a masculine man who enjoys roughhousing, cooking on the grill, and finding women attractive, in fact, why don’t you just hand over your dick.”
      Birbdy a month
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    • They commercial was basically saying all men are toxic (specifically white males) all it was was virtue signaling. I guess it toxic masculinity to tell a girl to smile or try to talk to a girl when you think she's beautiful. They looked at their core demographic (men) and spit in there face.
      volaris a month
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    • content not available more
      MJHspecies a month
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    • ... he's teaching them how to protect themselves and the women in their lives.
      smile 8 7
    • Gillette: don’t be a man. YouTube commenter: yea bigot Trump supporter
      Kojecon a month
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    • Rogxe a month
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    • To be fair, most people who believe in toxic masculinity probably don't own firearms
      bodybagdave 19 jan
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    • And she didn't watch the commercial they literally attacked men. Imagine that shit a shaving company for men attacking men
      smile 7
    • The problem with the Gillette commercial, is not the message. It is how the message is purposely conveyed to lasso all men into one sweeping generalization that all men are toxic.
      smile 7 2
    • Imagine thinking toxic masculinity is real lol
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    • What’s worse is that he was called a racist cause that picture is in a cotton field... cause everyone knows, cotton equals racist.
      John_Locke a month
      smile 7 7
    • Stop demonizing men for something almost none of them do gillette you bitches
      smile 7 3
    • Lol typical liberal hearing what they want, the dude said nothing about his guns only that he will raise his kids his way and she has to say something about the guns.
      WeirDLeON1987 a month
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    • Honestly I feel like the political divide is tearing this country apart for example both parties are acting like kids over this shutdown when they could just compromise
      D_pression a month
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    • Lol she has blue hair too.
      Master_Motas a month
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    • It was a stupid marketing stunt that while it did not directly attack men, it was completely singling out one gender and was built on the basis of masculinity being bad. It was also made with clips of a far left feminist and made by a feminist
      TheGlaukos a month
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    • Ironic that the least masculine society in human history is being lectured on “toxic masculinity” by a razor company that exploits child labor
      BlindJustice a month
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    • Nowhere does he say “don’t take my guns”...
      smile 7
    • thes7274473 a month
      smile 9
    • Gillette is acting like a basic bitch right now. They should be focusing on making a profit so they can provide more jobs to Americans, instead they want to preach shit people already know. “Be better” “Be respectful” “Stop bullying” what’s next? A commercial saying “Rape is bad” “Murder is bad”
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    • Unfortunately society wants boys to now be raised like pussies instead of men. Don’t worry tho. We will soon swing the right way again once natural selection starts working again.
      Beezechurger a month
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    • I freaking love that dude
      smile 8
    • Can we talk about toxic femininity?
      smile 7 3
    • allyouknow a month
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    • I don't agree with their ad in the way for improving their brand, but it sends a good message, don't be a fuckin asshole. They aren't telling you to not enjoy things just don't bully or harass people, and step up when you see something happen
      smile 9 1
    • That’s what a family should look like!
      Roska a month
      smile 7 2
    • Lmao all these liberals defending a commercial which demonizes men. What if a commercial released and called for women to stop being whores? Bunch of hypocritical losers.
      smile 9 1
    • Owning a gun isn't toxic masculinity (I own 3). Thinking you're superior to other people for owning a gun is toxic masculinity
      Manda_O a month
      smile 7 3
    • Imagine if tampax coming out with an ad telling women to stop being gold digging whores lmao
      Oklahoma_Kid a month
      smile 7
    • thewiffking a month
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      memester_matt a month
      smile 7 3
    • That wasn’t Gillette’s intention at all. They were acting like all men are assholes and sex offenders
      smile 8
    • Gillette literal made there Venus advert a "Girl you can do anything, never let anyone hold you down, you're amazing!" While the men got a "it's you're responsibility to hold these bad men responsibly, and it's also you're fault for ignoring them all these years".
      smile 7
    • Imagine defending a company that says women are oppressed but charges them more for the same razors
      NateLav a month
      smile 8 11
    • The Gillette ad was wrong to shine all men in the light they did, yes there the few that do the things shown in the ad, but the majority no. What Gillette did in that commercial would be the equivalent of calling all women lying cheating bitches
      DrHendricks a month
      smile 7 9
    • Dharma_Krieg a month
      smile 7 14
    • Looks like someone didn't get it
      smile 7
    • Better than cutting our dicks off pretending to be a woman
      smile 7
    • Conservative snowflakes are as sensitive as liberal snowflakes, change my mind.
      smile 6 14
    • He literally didnt say anything about guns in his post. He said toxic masculinity. The libtard just jumped to that conclusion
      smile 7 5
    • This bitch obviously missed the point, it's ok I'm sure her 3 brain cells get tied up trying to remember how to spell facebook
      smile 6
    • My main issue with the ad is just how it rubs me the wrong way. I mean...it had a good message, it was just executed so very poorly. It painted it that a majority of men are god awful people, especially to women, when it’s just not true. It’s a minority that are like that, and they’re already...
      smile 7 2
    • Crop out the bottom part you got yourself a good meme
      Gorf_YT a month
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