• The second Americans are dumb and weak enough to give their guns away will literally be the second America no longer exists
      Whenis 12d
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    • Ion ever hear a nigga get mad at fort then shot up a school, but I have heard of people getting bullied to the maximum limit then snapping
    • Its funny too beacause are used by a lot of people to get that violent side out of them and help calm it down so they don’t actually do something stupid
    • Majority of American people: witness a school shooting and want to stop crazy people from doing bad things politicians: let’s take away their rights and force them to do what we want
    • Well, we also used to burn women at the stake for knowing math, maybe we are just a shit species.
    • Literally just finished a paper about this
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    • people who say the govt would just nuke their own people if they tried to go radical and the people resisted, and that guns couldn't defend against tyranny and are only for assault; you're fucking stupid.
    • Don’t blame our games because some crazy ass white children decide they are too soft to be roasted
      3 1
    • *buys a chainsaw* Salesman: Planning on cuttin some tree limbs up? Me: Ever heard of Doom?
      E_Crona 11d
    • Check frosty_b0i our y’all, his feed is good
    • Zilkon 11d
      2 1
    • juke119 11d
    • I love how politicians blame video games but they’re 60-70 years old or have never played video games but they’re favorite movie is die hard or some shit lol
    • They're try to pass a bill in Illinois that says to get or renew your foid card the police have to look through your social media and search history because some guy lied on his foid application and got a gun then went postal at work
      1 2
    • Fuck politics for reasons like this
    • *legal and responsible gun owners living peacefully*
    • "There's no way that a tyrannical government is an actual threat to our nation" yeah in the year 1940 I'm sure the people of France thought the same thing
    • I hate school shooters, they take all their anger out on kids who had nothing to do with them. They ruin lives because they weren't happy
      3 2
    • Violent video games are the only thing keeping us from taking out that violence on actual people
      2 3
    • I think you mean liberal
      2 1
    • You know what turns people into lunatics? Constant hypocrisy from the media and politics.
    • I was watching this guy talking about how people should stop politicizing video games and I saw this one post in the vid saying that “Apex Legends will make your kid Transgender”
      4 4
    • *Guns existing peacefully*
    • its the videogames and not the poor treatments for depression and mental illness
      AltLite 12d
      3 10
    • ItS tHe DaMn ViDeO gAmEs
    • My mom and dad as well
    • I blame the news for even reporting the school shootings. It just encourages copy cats.
      3 5
    • Schools torture and starve us and we dont even learn anything useful what so ever. School shootings happen they dont call them game shootings because there's nothing wrong with games, maybe it's the schools.
      1 3
    • White kids am I right?
    • Imagine if video games really did make people shoot up the school. A lot of kids would brings guns and it would be real life COD, which would be more fun
      smzr4e 12d
    • If you can give me concrete proof that video games cause school shooters I'll eat my AR-15
    • The second amendment was written when niggas still had to spend 30 seconds clearing thier musket to shoot one bullet. Yet people still defend modern guns with that amendment. Times change people. Most other countries don't have these problems.
    • If they get rid of violent video games there will be more school shootings
    • Why the fuck do they even try to push that agenda? Nobody likes what they're saying... Gamers don't like it, tech companies don't like it... Do regular toymakers really have that much money and influence in American politics?
      1 1
    • Trump did this too
    • I mean there's been mass murders since way before videogames, but what do I know?
    • To stop those we could have gun control policy but unfortunately we have far right lunatics holding us back everywhere.
    • Bruh the whole videogame causes violence thing is caused by Columbine
    • Some person link the matrix mere 565mph bullet meme
    • Gotta blame something 😂
    • I'm reporting this! HAHAHA!!!!
    • I can't wait for CNN to blame Apex Legends for the next school shooting...
      5 2
    • Politicans are too dumb to say the truth, being that the kids are probably bullied, suffered from abuse or had mental problems
      enzoman 12d
    • It’s not fair, krabs is being interviewed by perch Perkins and I haven’t had ONE CUSTOMER!!!!! Uuuggghh uuuugghhh uuuuugghh!!!!
    • You’re a cuck for deleting my comment
    • This is all Dr.Richtofen’s fault.
      2 1
    • Peacefully? You ever been in open chat?
    • “Mental Health”
    • Video games let people vent out their anger; if anything, it’s a peace achiever
    • Liberal Politician****
      3 2
    • If schools focus more on mental health...
      1 2
    • A guy committing suicide in an abandoned school parking lot along with accidental discharges are counted towards school shooting statistics
      tommh35 12d
    • If moms want their kids to get off their Nintendos, why don't they just shoot up a school??
      EggsyB 12d
    • Yep
    • Leftist news: “omg gamers are racist and violent and hate women!!!” Gamers: “guess we’re racist and violent and hate women now. What a society”
      3 4
    • It’s easier to blame someone else than to admit the school failed the parents failed and that no action was taken to aid the kid with his troubled mind
    • there ia no connection between the tqo
    • If there’s one thing my black ops 2 KD ratio has taught me, it’s that I will only have to die 3 times to take one person with me.
    • Does anyone actually still use this as a valid reason for someone acting violent
      1 8
    • More people die from falling off their beds than from school shootings. Let's ban beds.
      1 2
    • You know what would make Bully better... AR 15
    • Bell pepper anyone?
      1 1
    • When liberals just go absolutely bonkers because of a guns and literally a meme
    • Why don’t they blame paintball, laser tag or airsoft. They aren’t the reason but it makes more sense
    • God damn socialists
    • Funnily enough it’s the politician who gave the kid some lithium and the gun to perform the shooting
    • What you mean? Politicans arent doing anything about school shootings.
      Red111 12d
    • Actually it’s the reverse. Violent video games, movies, and music let people express their anger and tension in a way that most usually doesn’t hurt people.
      1 2
    • *retards who happen to be politicians
    • Lots of video gaming going on in Japan. No school shootings. Difference? Strict gun laws. FACT!
      jimmsm 12d
      3 9
    • Make the minimum age for video games 25. Then I dont have to deal with kids online.
    • *Democrats
    • Honestly I never hear of politicians blaming videogames and I hate politicians with a bloodlusting passion
      2 7
    • Liberals
    • When a big release happens, it actually lowers crime because people are to busy playing the game
    • If anything video games would reduce violent tendances by letting them live them out in game instead of the real world
    • Bitch gamers rise up!
      Vaysum 12d
    • Democrats
    • Should’ve been libtard
      2 2
    • This is kinda like someone drinking a glass of milk and then murdering six people then blaming it on the milk it’s stupid as fuck
    • Nah thats moms/teachers
    • Spongebob Squarepants is the show like so people can see
      DiooPHD 12d
    • Anyone play Zero Caliber VR on steam? I’m lookin for buds to play it with
    • Aaaaarrrg, Aaaaarrrg, AAAAARRRG.
    • Lol basically nobody is blaming video games lmao
    • Politician: *snorting cocaine and leaving violent gangs unchecked* IT'S THE FUCKING KIDS AND THEIR VIDEO GAMES THAT ARE CAUSING THE SHOOTINGS!
      4 3
    • Posted a video of my stepmom taking a shit. 3/5/19
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