• Video game character: ”I have to hurry or something bad will happen soon!" Video game: *does not display countdown*

    • SadBoi_Creations
      Video game character:*walks slowly*
    • Heisei
      " I need to hurry and save them" me: *still fucking around exploring the area*
      Heisei 20 dec
    • Jshortz
      “I wouldn’t keep the grey beards waiting” proceeds to waste months dicking around Skyrim before climbing the mountain
      Jshortz 20 dec
    • epicmikeytiem
      Majoras mask is an exeption to this rule
    • something_random115
      Movie character: “This place is about to blow in 10 seconds!” *1 minute of dialogue later* Movie character: “3...2...1!”
    • imperialsargeant
      This is Dying light in a nutshell, "You have 48 hours before they blow the city to kingdom come!" 8 in game days and 7 nights past and I've already gotten some side missions done and such, and no bombs
    • The_Good_Doctor
      In MGS 5 if you waste time saving kazuhira he dies even tho there’s no countdown
    • _SpicyMeme_
      Timers in video games have always stressed me out, y’all ever played a Metroid game?
      _SpicyMeme_ a month
    • MrNobodyDaGreatNothing
      That’s why Majoras Mask is great
    • Pimpin_Chimp
      "The city is going to fall apart if I dont hurry" *goes on pointless sidequests for an hour and goes looking for collectables*
      Pimpin_Chimp 20 dec
    • BlizzBics
      But when it does everything goes to shit real fast
      BlizzBics 20 dec
    • TCandIWillPostMyDogs
      The funniest ones are when they say something among the lines “my family has been kidnapped they don’t have much time” then you come back after a month like “yo you still need that favor?”
    • KeikoYukimura
      *walks faster than your walk speed but slower than your run speed*
    • ProfessorGlaceon
      Conversely, when it does show a countdown, you drop EVERYTHING and nearly have a panick attack trying to get it done in time.
    • BlazeRunner3
      Quest giver: Please! You must hurry and do the thing! Player: *takes 4 real time days to complete quest because of other side quests and experience farming* QG: Thank you so much! It must have been hard to put such time pressure on you.
      BlazeRunner3 20 dec
      Mission failed pops up after a while saying: This thing happened you ran out of time
      TGPHOENIX24 20 dec
    • The_mighty_Cthulhu
      Reminds me of Oblivion when the fucking game threw a 4 minute timer before the forces of Dagon could enter the world, and I'm like OH SHIT.
    • AmarisNHLNetwork
      Then you have Halo 3 not displaying a count down but if you don't move you just die
    • TheChurchOfChaosTheory
      Arkham Knight had the LONGEST night ever. I think I'm on hour 36 and it's STILL dark
    • Kantai_Collector
      DeadRising is literally one of the few AAA games that actually has strict time limits on when you need to do things or the stuff they said will happen ACTUALLY HAPPENS
    • wolfgang159
      Plays Majora's Mask, countdowns are anxiety inducing...
      wolfgang159 a month
    • Lord_Boyar
      *About to fight the final boss but it gives you the option to make him wait so you can finish everything else*
      Lord_Boyar 21 dec
    • ShadesEdge
      *proceeds to do sidequests for a 5 hours*
      ShadesEdge 20 dec
    • Deadachu
      That mission on Titanfall 2 where they have you enter a radioactive room and they say you can only stay in there for about a minute or you’ll burn up and die but I stayed in there for almost 10 and didn’t die
      Deadachu 20 dec
    • ThatWolf
      ...*mission times out without a timer
      ThatWolf 20 dec
    • TheNoob91
      what about 100% of Majora's mask
      TheNoob91 20 dec
    • thefocuswobbler
      MJ: Peter! Aunt May dying!!! Me: Just let me take these pictures, chase some pigeons, and find my high school backpacks. I want this cool spider suit
    • johnny_mtz
      In battlefield 4 if you don’t make the decision in time the ship blows up there was no timer nor did I expect it
      johnny_mtz 20 dec
    • Reddipenguin
      Except halo you just gotta guess
      Reddipenguin 20 dec
    • DrJohnAZoidberg
      Spider-Man when the FEAST Center is on fire
    • Propelli
      Except for those games with hidden timers that fuck you right up.
      Propelli 20 dec
    • cooltop101
      Majora's mask
      cooltop101 20 dec
    • UnironicaIIy
      "We dont have much time." Continues to do everything optional
      UnironicaIIy 20 dec
    • DarkSkies
      Video game character tells me to hurry up...i immidiatly lose interest thinking it's "one of those" missions...and come back like days later to find him still saying, "quickly now, time is of the essence" like. No it's not. You fucking stupid Nord
      DarkSkies 20 dec
    • RecoveringAlcoholic
      The worst is when there is no count down and it IS time sensitive and you fail because you weren’t sure how much time you had
    • NervousLaughter
      Pokémon X was my first so I didn't know you could fly and I deadass rollerskated all across the region to get to Lysandre's death machine
    • hii314
      Player: does every single side quest in the game
      hii314 20 dec
    • spacerovers
      Yeah, but to be fair, time limits are bullshit
      spacerovers 20 dec
    • Rangers
      Video game: *enters new chapter where doom is imminent and everything is time sensitive* me: oh video game: *throws me back into free roam but the sky is red* me: ....oh
      Rangers 20 dec
    • The_elder_smurf
      And then the character runs so ever slightly slower than your sprint speed to the place they need to be
    • DoodlePhox
      Then sometimes it doesnt have a timer and the room explodes anyway
      DoodlePhox 20 dec
    • Blackhawk13
      Character: "I'll see you tonight." Me: does a bunch of side stuff and meets them a week later. Character: "Great you made on time."
      Blackhawk13 20 dec
    • HalfAssDevil
      Metal Gear Solid V: You ignored the main objective for too long and now the hostages really are dead.
      HalfAssDevil 20 dec
    • Chewpaca
      Yea but honestly fuck timers in games..
      Chewpaca a month
    • Ab3502
      Video game: “this has to be done as soon as possible or the world could end”. Me: *gets back on after like 2 years*. Video game: *literally nothing has happened*
      Ab3502 a month
    • fuckirr
      You know it is a good game when you, regardless of a countdown or not, hurry to the next part of the story.
      fuckirr a month
    • SnacksforSneksLLC
      Does anyone remember The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap that would leave you pre final boss scene when you won the game, so you could basically walk around town but no side quests were open and your hat is very disapproving of you NOT saving the princess when you engage in conversation?
    • MegaTronJew
      *plays Detroit become human* OH IT WAS SERIOUS AND NOW CONNOR FUCKING DIED AGAIN
      MegaTronJew a month
    • Vlad_The_Lad_The_Impaler
      Was playing RDR2 meet an old veterans missing his leg, help him out, go fishing with him, go hunting starting to really like the old man then he fucking dies
    • plotwisterAF
      *start other side quests*
      plotwisterAF a month
    • truetrue12
      I hate countdowns
      truetrue12 21 dec
    • Deseret
      The entirety of Fallout New Vegas
      Deseret 21 dec
    • thajamester18
      Tyler the creator is awesome
    • RTruce
      This is what makes Deus ex so good. If you screw around after being told to hurry everyone will die and it will be your fault
      RTruce 21 dec
    • FloridaManCan
      In gta 5 online there are some missions that only show the timer when you have like 30 sec left
    • jickjack
      Relatable content
      jickjack 20 dec
    • Arcilla_
      Deus ex human revolution
      Arcilla_ 20 dec
    • top_gen_prez
      assassins creed odyssey. go to a sidequest and the person will be like "soldiers are on thier way to kill me. please help." you say no, they say "please come back before they get me" you can leave for an in-game month and come back to, "so you will help protect me?!"
      top_gen_prez 20 dec
    • Droidown
      Say that to majoras mask
      Droidown 20 dec
    • Unoriginal_police
      Sometimes the timers hidden tho and shit really gets fucked if you wait too long
    • Altosax10
      I actually enjoy when a game does that cause the countdown stresses me out
      Altosax10 20 dec
    • Waffles_
      That motherfucking ocean part in Mother 3 almost made me want to slam my gba against the wall
      Waffles_ 20 dec
    • Dracorex22
      Then it kills you anyway
      Dracorex22 20 dec
    • Tankhardt
      Republic Commando didn’t have a countdown. They said five minutes and then blew you up if you were too slow.
      Tankhardt 20 dec
    • Metal_Man
      Mgs3 if you take more then 10 min (including pausing) to beat the boss the nukes drop and game over
      Metal_Man 20 dec
    • SirMemingshire
      The Witcher : the wild hunt will find Ciri unless we stop them fast, Geralt proceeds to play gwent for a week
    • Caliporniadream
    • kriss3d
      That's hands down the most annoying thing about FO4. You can ramp up your defence all you like. And they will still need you to come save the day no matter where you are. And as soon as you show up, the enemies are toast because of your awesome defence. But fail to show up and they win. Wtf?
      kriss3d 20 dec
    • keepingmink
      In the opening of Fallout 4 when the bombs are about to drop it doesn't display a countdown but if you take to long getting to the vault you die in nuclear hell fire
      keepingmink 20 dec
    • ClassyCamerupt
      Literally any game except for Majora's Mask
    • Invisibruh
      Reminds of the scene from Arkham Asylum where the Joker acts like he's gonna blow you up if you don't solve the puzzle, but after the countdown he just laughs at you
      Invisibruh 20 dec
    • ShadowHeart17
      *does 300 hours worth of side quest*
    • LoneNightfury
      *does 478,000 sidequests before finally returning to save the deathly ill child*
    • darkrie61
      *goes and does 15 side quest*
      darkrie61 20 dec
    • Sg00z
      Except for Resident Evil and Metroid. Those series always have countdowns.
      Sg00z 20 dec
    • RustyAndroid
      Or when there is a countdown *you have an near inadequate amount of time to do this and it'll take you at least 10 attempts to even get close*
      RustyAndroid 20 dec
    • PapaCardBolt
      But when a countdown starts you start sweating instantly
      PapaCardBolt 20 dec
    • Yeet_Lord
      Beginning of fo4. I left the game running one when i woke up the syrens we still blaring
      Yeet_Lord a month
    • explode317
      In republic commando they Don't give you a timer they give you a droid saying the ship will blow up in five minutes. I tested it. It blew up
      explode317 a month
    • mjh72996
      Except Dead Rising 2
      mjh72996 a month
    • FroZo
      Countdowns make me so anxious though. Like okay I’m doing it I’m doing it
      FroZo a month
    • DrMemeo
      DrMemeo a month
    • Negromorph
      Deus Ex
      Negromorph 21 dec
    • 12345Nsa
      * Proceeds to do all the side mission*
      12345Nsa 21 dec
    • trollpoker
      Deus ex machina. No timer shown, major consequences.
      trollpoker 21 dec
    • JoshDawg
      Pokémon diamond and pearl
      JoshDawg 21 dec
    • wpatriot
      A settlement is under attack. I’ll mark it on your map.
      wpatriot 21 dec
    • TheStateOfWisconsin
      *goes to the shop*
    • Nachteu1e
      Something bad happens > suprised pikachu
      Nachteu1e 21 dec
    • iCyanz
      Why did I think of splatoon 2 octo expansion
      iCyanz 21 dec
    • SmoochDaGooch
      bro this happens in rdr2 where u have a fucking mass shooting and ur busy looting while the npc just says to hurry up and they have to go
    • WorkSafeGif
      Warframe when they tell me to hurry up or else my character will die to captain Vons hack but I power down my console, jackoff, call my girl, make dinner, jackoff, shower, and finally power up the console to finish the mission right where I left off.
      WorkSafeGif 20 dec
    • FOUL_BOY
      in resident evil 0 theres a timed event thats doesn’t display a timer or qte its more than enough time but its still like a thing
      FOUL_BOY 20 dec
    • CaptainLoki
      Metal Gear: Actually gives consequences if you fuck around for three days instead of saving your buddy.
      CaptainLoki 20 dec
    • hamburgerdog25
      And the worst thing is when you see a countdown start out of no where and you dont know what to do AND you haven't saved in a while.
    • hvideon1
      Sometimes when the cave is falling apart I just stand there for a while
      hvideon1 20 dec
    • TheFuckingMailmanNV
      I have to get to the Citadel quickly so I can inform Elder Lyons of the- OOO A CAVE
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