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    • Inaccurate in my family. I’m the youngest but I’m also the only son so I get treated the strictest
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    • I am the youngest, but get treated way worse.
    • The parents blinded the second child?
    • Yo, first child gang wya
    • As a youngest child I can tell you, this ain’t true
      rykerhh 10d
    • Big facts
    • So that was a fuckin lie
      Nergith 10d
    • My brother stole $2000 from my mom and dad to get airsoft guns. Told him he would pay them back and he still has yet to even put an application anywhere. He’s only 3 years younger than me. If I did that I’d be dead.
    • Bro I have a brother that's younger than me and gets away with everything and when he gets hurt my parents are like "aww u deserve the world" but when I do the smallest thing they are like "wtf why" or get hurt like"idc" and I'm just like ok wow
    • No the middle child gets all the shit
    • Damn accurate as all hell
    • It’s The opposite. Anytime me my older brother does something, my mom shrugs it off, but when I do something, she yells at me for 10 minutes straight.
    • Opposite for me. One time my older brother took the car out until 6 am (mom left for work at 5 at the time) and didn’t get shit for it. They just “wanted to make sure she was ok” i, stayed out 30 mins after my curfew. Got grounded for a month
      TripleK 10d
    • It was opposite for me they just let me do whatever I wanted and get home piss drunk at 3 am only to say looks like you had fun but all my other siblings get sheltered
    • Middle child gets it easiest unless they’re the only child, in every family I’ve seen including my own, eldest and youngest are punished the most
    • Wait so are the parents Bart ? Because then this doesn't make sense
    • Every kid gets equal fucked by their parents
    • Facts
    • Fun fact: studies have shown that the first child is usually more intelligent than subsequent children
    • Quite the opposite for me
    • Probably because the oldest should idk. ACT THERE AGE 💪😂👌
    • Ha! not in my family. im the second pic (I'm the eldest) and the middle kids are the first pic. the youngest ones are seen as angels as well but when they DO get in trouble they get dragged by the whole fam.
    • I am so happy to be the youngest cause I can’t tell you how true this is
    • Wrong! It is the opposite ladies and gentlemen! My brother could get away with murder, but heaven forbid I come home 2 minutes after curfew
    • For me it’s the opposite
    • Wrong, the first and last get away with everything, the middle kids ( me) are fucked
    • Nah fuck that when my older brother did anything my parents didn’t care, I’m the one who got fucked over every time
    • I'm the youngest and it really be like that but I'm not complaining
    • As an oldest child growing this is how it was, I was so pissed when my little brothers never got in trouble for the biggest thing and then I breath too loudly and my life is over
    • I feel like most of the time it’s the other way around
    • Opposite around here
    • Fuck this is so relatable as an older brother
      8M8B 11d
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    • Bull fucking shit I must’ve grew up in another world older brother gets his ass kissed I got the yard stick
    • Other way around
      JJokay 11d
    • Not in my fucking house i got accused of stealing 200 dollars in quarts at the ripe age of 12 with 2 sisters over 17. what the fuck is a 12 year old going to do with 800 fucking quarters?
      ProTato 11d
    • Especially when we live in the same house still
    • Okay, but this is actually how it goes
    • Opposite
    • See, this doesn't make sense because it appears that in the first image Bart is meant to be the child, but in the second he's meant to be the parent. So which is it? Where is the consistancy
    • My dads the left. My moms the right
    • Other way bro
    • The other way around for me. My step mother seems to hate my entire existence
    • This is retarded? Are the parents Bart in both?
    • As a first born of four, I can confirm
    • Sorry but if you're the first born you're the trial
    • Yes
    • I’m a twin and my brother and I have a younger brother and he gets away with everything. He’ll say fuck or shit and my parents don’t get mad I say frick i get grounded.
    • My family is the opposite
      Furnice 11d
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    • Where the middle kids at?
      Darrr 11d
    • I know literally at least 4 times a week my dad yells at me to come Downstairs and get of my phone because the light will apparently hurt my eyes. He y'all's this as he's sitting next to my little brother who litteraly has his nose touching the screen of his computer
    • I was the youngest child, but my three other siblings were girls so work and blame would be thrown onto me by default
      sniz 12d
    • Middle children do exist but they are often ignored
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    • The perspective on this is off. Are the children Bart or the parents?
    • As the youngest child I can confirm
    • I think it has more to do with they gain experience from raising the oldest and realize their mistakes and correct them when raising the youngest. Or they are just fed up with the bullshit... One if the two
    • Wait so are the parents Bart or what? This makes no sense
    • Im the oldest and i’m Favored...
      LTSouls 12d
    • It really do be like that
    • I’m the middle child and this post is accurate
    • my mom hates all of her children except for her oldest so yeah
    • The first child took all the good genes and the youngest took them
    • Being the youngest gave me access to abilities before finishing the class prerequisites. My brother basically carried me, got me all the rare items like “staying up past 10” and “rated M video games” and I didn’t even have to grind
    • I’m the oldest and that’s facts
    • I'm the youngest btw
    • This stereotype is why I've always had it worse than anybody else in my family...
    • Im the middle child and it always feels like I get stuck with anything and everything
      suttn 12d
    • Turkey bacon?
    • Idk if it was because I’m the youngest or because I’m the only girl, but this is accurate
    • Say it again
      f3rgy 12d
    • The opposite for me. Im the youngest. This is not how it works.
    • It really b like tht all the time
    • When a kid defends himself against a bully versus when a kid is getting bullied
    • Nope, clearly you aren’t aware of how it works
    • My 3 older brothers will say this true and it is. But They didnt know my mum took her frustrations with them out on me. I got beat so bad for shit I didnt do, her guilt stopped her from punishing me for my shit. She eventually gave me a stuffed toy to take their punishment. they hated me for it.
    • Nah. First one is the middle child
    • The reason for this is when the first child mildly fucks up they put all faith in to the second child and try not to repeat what they did with the first child but they still have anger so may as well take it out on the fuckup
    • Way to true
    • *unless your older siblings were terrors which caused your parents to go waaay stricter on you
    • exaggeration
    • Idk about everyone else but in mexican culture the oldest always gets blamed because he or she should be watching and stopping what the youngest is doing. Pissed me off so many times growing up.
    • It’s the opposite for me because my parents used to be very poor but now they’re pretty well off so theyre more concerned
    • I’m the last child to graduate high school. My younger siblings are all drop outs or going to drop out. Im not even 23 yet.
    • It’s the opposite
    • Middle is worse
    • this is not accurate
    • Depends on what was done
    • But the first born is usually the most successful 😏
    • The fuck you mean? My parents were on my ass for every little thing I do
    • It be like that sometimes
    • I just costed my parents 12000$
    • You don’t understand, I can remember once my little brother came home from school in trouble for something I had done once before and I got my ass beat. Waiting for this to happen. When it didn’t I was like “yo why didn’t he get in trouble?” Then I get my mouth washed out with soap, “talking back”
      Jinxzy 12d
    • Parenting is on the spot, and loses shock value. The first time you see a blue waffle it's shocking and you react, every time after that loses it's shock value and you react as such.
    • What middle child wrote this
    • Being the youngest this is no where close to being true
    • And the middle child is left forgotten to wallow in their own depression
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