• Uravrng a hug rs worse than craving sex because you can masturbate but you can't hug yourself and that’s some real shit Imao
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    • Speck
      I would honestly just like to cuddle with a woman more than to have sex
      Speck 19 dec
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    • xPiKax
      You can hug yourself but it’s just sad
      xPiKax 19 dec
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    • coolestbeaninthecan
      Cuddling >>> sex
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    • MadSnailDisease
      I’m so fuckin lonely that I had a dream about my crush, and you’d think “oh that’s def gonna be a sex dream,” but no, we just FUCKING HELD HANDS AND WATCHED TV TOGETHER
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    • titan297
      titan297 20 dec
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    • Alba
      Alba 19 dec
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    • LitLuther verified
      LitLuther 19 dec
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    • extra_small_condoms_r_in
      For real tho, I was leaving my old school yesterday, last day and I got some of the most for real hugs from my best girlfriends and I was honestly pretty good having a real hug, especially from someone you real care about
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    • StudentMathlete
      Who tf craves hugs
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    • DipsandChip
      I disagree. You can ask your parents for a hug, but you can’t ask your parents for sex.
      DipsandChip 19 dec
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    • proudapocalypse
      I grab a pillow and put a heating pad on low inside the cover and hug that. Sometimes I tie a blanket snugly around my shoulders to feel like I’m being hugged back. It’s not the same as a real hug but it helps a little.
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    • Zyroe
      That’s why when people are in their worst state, they curl up into a ball and hug them selves. When no one gives you a hug, all you can do is hold yourself. Because no one else will hold you
      Zyroe 19 dec
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    • WinonaRyder verified
      hugs make me happier than sex does
      WinonaRyder 19 dec
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    • Sangheili_Blademan
      This hurt on a deeper level then it should
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    • Sadio_Mane
      You also can’t have sex with yourself
      Sadio_Mane 20 dec
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      That is why I have my Hentai Loli body pillow.
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    • Montana__med
      content not available more
      Montana__med 19 dec
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    • Shmitty_WJ_Manjenson
      What's a hug?
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    • darktallon
      They have a jacket that says otherwise the men in the white coats bring me mine
      darktallon 19 dec
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    • BlakeARamirez
      That's why you buy a body pillow and spray perfume on it
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    • Nickallsopp92
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    • OfficialPorneliusHubert
      Hugging releases oxytocin, a feel-good hormone
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    • HoneyNut0ats69
      Sometimes. I put a glove on my side. So that way. My body heat eventually spreads to it. And. It gives the illusion. Of touch.
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    • Rachel35
      I would rather have a hug and cuddle for a long time then have sex which only lasts a few minutes. I love to cuddle with my girl on the couch or in bed. I hate going to bed alone and cold.
      Rachel35 19 dec
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    • E1EV1N
      Sometimes I wear a seat belt to feel like someone's holding me rather than for safety
      E1EV1N 19 dec
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    • gtrslt
      Hugging my dick with a fist
      gtrslt 19 dec
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    • Swedishgenetalia
      Putting the “lmao” afterwards to project you are just humorous and relatable when in reality you are deflecting the core issue. The lack of waluigi in your life.
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    • LeTacoDaddy
      Yes but asking for a hug is much easier than asking for sex.
      LeTacoDaddy 19 dec
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    • r_incel
      You ever masturbate to the idea of cuddling your crush?like not even fuck,just lying in bed with them and hugging them.
      r_incel 19 dec
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    • ToxicRice
      This post
      ToxicRice 19 dec
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      Get a weighted blanket
      NASTYxCHROME 21 dec
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    • the_Quickster01
      You might not be able to hug yourself for you sure as hell can hang yourself
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    • BcWhyNot
      I’ve been told that I give amazing hugs(I don’t really know what that means, a hug is a hug right?) but I’ve been out of a relationship so long now I haven’t given or received any hugs in months and I’d love to get that again:(
      BcWhyNot 20 dec
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    • SirLight
      Can't crave a hug when you don't get any
      SirLight 20 dec
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    • basyers
      Do you ever just forget about the new swipe to like and tap on the dude's name
      basyers 20 dec
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    • SirFuckwad
      The warmth.
      SirFuckwad 20 dec
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    • LilWorcestershire
      You can hand-hug your dick
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    • malibudevilpuppet3
      You can if you have a straitjacket...
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    • hharper66
      I have literally never craved a hug
      hharper66 19 dec
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    • PyroCookies
      That's why the doctors gave me the special jacket where I can hug myself
      PyroCookies 19 dec
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    • adorably
      Craving for just a friend is the worst because thats when you cant go any lower
      adorably 19 dec
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    • enzoman
      I'm not used to any physical contact so yeah....
      enzoman 19 dec
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    • handbanana_no
      But isn't jerking off like a hug for your dick?
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    • Lewddacris
      Hug a pillow dumb shit
      Lewddacris 19 dec
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    • Mindfreak
      I hug my penis one handed all the time!!
      Mindfreak 19 dec
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    • linser3
      Guess you never been in a straight jacket before
      linser3 19 dec
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    • PiousPuddle
      Hug a pillow or a dog
      PiousPuddle 19 dec
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    • SanoBoss
      Wheres the funny
      SanoBoss 19 dec
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    • NanoSec0nd
      I just want to hear my ex gf say she loves me and that she is sorry
      NanoSec0nd 19 dec
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    • FromAtoZach
      Masturbating is way different than sex
      FromAtoZach 19 dec
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    • ThatHendyGuy
      I've been craving some friends for years now
      ThatHendyGuy 19 dec
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    • im_mostly_on_tumblr
      This is gonna sound sad af, but throughout high school, whenever I felt really lonely (which happened more often than I would like to admit) I would just hug my pillow and try not to cry.
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    • Number1Incel
      This hurts so bad because its true. I have all the porn I could ever want I don't give a shit about sex anymore. I just want someone to cuddle while she runs her fingernails through my hair and that's not something you will ever get from porn
      Number1Incel 19 dec
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    • MichaeLemonz
      Get a body pillow or a converter and hug those, preferably after they've been in the dryer for a while.
      MichaeLemonz 19 dec
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    • DaddyAbrvegetableLincler
      Sex is great, but cuddling is amazing
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    • TDiddles
      At least I can hug my dog.
      TDiddles 19 dec
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    • Majortomavenue
      I’ll hug you. I’ll hug all y’all. I ain’t afraid of love. I got too much. Muah. ❤️👍🏻
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    • thislaneisclosed
      Get a weighted blanket
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    • SweetLemonadez
      I can't fall asleep unless I cuddle a pillow and imagine its a person 👉😎👉
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    • devistator747
      Yes please, I go home from college in a day and finally get to hold my girlfriend after almost two months
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    • ZethTD
      You can hug yourself with a rope =)
      ZethTD 19 dec
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    • chrisbobson
      They have hug pillows. .... Which you can either strap a dildo or cut a hole. So, you get hug and sex
      chrisbobson 19 dec
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    • KingOfNerds5
      I literally hooked up with the sweetest guy recently, we cuddled afterwards and I felt like I just had no worries.
      KingOfNerds5 19 dec
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    • GucciWang
      don’t hug me i’m scared
      GucciWang 19 dec
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    • JurassicPark8
      The best hug I've ever had was in a dream
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    • Heron
      Who the fuck craves a hug?
      Heron 19 dec
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    • A_Elle99
      I am craving a kiss rn
      A_Elle99 19 dec
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    • Jrasen
      I can honestly say I’ve never craved a hug.
      Jrasen 19 dec
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    • Theprayingmantis
      What the shit?! I didn't want a hug until now...
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    • Spicy_Memer
      id honestly rather get a fucking girlfriend than to have sex
      Spicy_Memer 19 dec
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    • gbaby5
      Kinda sad actually been just imagining some girl to just have her head and hand on my chest and be cuddling , guess I can just dream 😂😭
      gbaby5 19 dec
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    • NeopoliTorch
      I just want to cuddle someone...
      NeopoliTorch 19 dec
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    • Zarinari
      I’m in a long distance relationship and this is honestly the worst part of it
      Zarinari 19 dec
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    • Iceyspeture
      I can disagree I have hugged myself with a pocket pussy
      Iceyspeture 19 dec
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    • IsaiahDryg
      I don't like women. I am attracted to them, but I do not like them. They make everything more complicated than it has to be. Plus, they bleed out of their vagina. disgusting.
      IsaiahDryg 19 dec
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    • fusion_Hf
      This is some deep shit, but high key too true
      fusion_Hf 19 dec
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    • SlayMee
      SlayMee 19 dec
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    • Batnam
      I always cuddle myself after masturbating. I’m a gentleman.
      Batnam 19 dec
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    • wakafrippi
      All I want is a hug
      wakafrippi 19 dec
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    • _SarahLyons_
      Lonely boy hours
      _SarahLyons_ 19 dec
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    • DaBestPug
      Everyone should report Bubius
      DaBestPug 24 dec
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      no faqqot stfu
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    • thickerthanIQ
      Hug after you fuck
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    • chazza1414
      Just end something deep with lmao to make it a little less real
      chazza1414 20 dec
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    • thecatfish
      If you have a dog you can hug your dog
      thecatfish 20 dec
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    • ryancb1130
      My hand can hug my dick so that kinda counts
      ryancb1130 20 dec
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    • syadnoM_etaH_I
      I can confirm that this post is true
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      A hug from your mom.... but she passed away years ago. In your last call with her you told her not to come by because you were tired, a half an hour later she dies from an asthma attack.
      HOLLOW1CHIGO 20 dec
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    • Some_Canadian_Asshole
      Hence dogs
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    • Send_Halp
      Just turn the shower on to the temperature of hell and lie down wrapped in a towel
      Send_Halp 19 dec
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    • free_bananaz
      Instead of telling people to go fuck the selves imma start tellin them to go hug tgemselves
      free_bananaz 19 dec
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    • CommentCrusader
      It's sad boi hours
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    • GotHEMI
      What if you’re a quadruple amputee
      GotHEMI 19 dec
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    • ShadowShadman
      I get hugged so little that when I'm actually hugged I don't know how to react
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    • Deus__Ex__Machina
      Male masturbation IS hugging yourself
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    • drfake
      Become a professional cuddler
      drfake 19 dec
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    • Approxy
      Yeah I feel this
      Approxy 19 dec
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