• The school system is trash
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    • When I was in kindergarten my teacher tried telling me I couldn’t use red crayon for my mom’s hair because no one’s hair is that red but my mom had SUPER red when I was a kid and she wore very bright red lipstick
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    • They told me to stop putting my name first and to say 'Tom, Lee, and I' because the other people are more important. And that confused me because I'm clearly the most important thing in any given sentence.
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    • I got in trouble in like 2nd or 3rd grade for being too smart. Not in a smart-ass way but because I was talking to my peers about space in depth, like shit NASA just announced that most adults didn’t even know about. They called my mom and they tried to suspend me or some shit. Wtf
      kTree 16d
    • I hate how the school system destroys kids creativity
    • This be a run on sentence. The teacher should've taught you bout that too
    • So you stopped using punctuation altogether
    • Writing has always come pretty naturally to me, but I didn’t really care until my parents started encouraging me to pursue writing more. After that I’d put a lot of effort into my writing, so when my grades fell it destroyed my confidence. I didn’t want to pursue writing again until high school.
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    • My third grade teacher didn't like me because I was smarter than most of the class and had ADD, so I would finish my work and then quietly do my own thing, like read or something simple. So one day she sends me outside as punishment and just fucking forgets me outside for literally over an hour (1/?
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    • My kindergarten teacher tied my left hand behind my back because she was super religious and didn't want a kid she teaches to be a lefty. Wasn't even a religious school and my handwriting is still fucked up because of it
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    • I actually knew a guy in second grade that this exact thing happened to. He said he wanted everything to exciting. Just like this. This is so weird😂
    • Teachers kill souls
    • when people on tumblr think of something funny and cute so they make up a bullshit story because theyre not actually that funny or c r e a t i v e
    • My mom died!
      DanKuSs 16d
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    • Since this will be deleted, 9/11 was planned, trees will outlive humans and in 1 million years from today, the Sun would have burned out it's fuel and have expanded to the point where it would envelop the entire Solar System before finally imploding within itself creating a supernova or a blackhole.
    • When I was in kindergarten, we were doing a worksheet about bugs and I thought bugs were interesting so I used just ONE exclamation mark. The teacher told me it was only for exciting things and I said I know but they still told me to change it
      z_fire 15d
    • Life as a child is generally more exciting because you're not used to everything like you are now
    • When I was in the 4th grade my teacher told me I shouldn't write about God so much in my school journal. My dad was a pastor and mom was a Sunday school teacher so I probly was obnoxious about it. But that's when I found out not everyone believed in God lol
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    • This post was made by a dog.
    • It seems to have turned him off from all punctuation, apparently.
    • High school is harder than college and college is harder than a 9-5 job. Change my mind
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    • So you elected to not use any punctuation at all?
      zilla70 16d
    • Same surprisingly
    • I used to get in trouble at school because I would sometimes grab the green crayon instead of the red one, because I’m colorblind, and I got told I was disobeying.
      ThatNut 16d
    • I remember in 4th grade the teacher said I read and write like a 9th grader. Well I'm 2 years into college, and I still read and write like a 9th grader lol.
    • In elementary school when they were teaching us uppercasing proper nouns they would say Uppercase important things like people and so if I didn’t like someone I wouldn’t uppercase there name
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    • Fuck high school
    • This reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and teacher said "raise the hand you write with, with a blue crayon ". I drew equally with each hand, because I'm 5, (I even tested it with a quick doodle) and I also had 2 shades of blue crayons. I raised both hands, with 1 crayon in each. ....
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    • My first day of kindergarten I had no idea that other kids were assholes and I was nice to everybody and wanted to be friends with everybody but most of the other kids were fucking mean asf and my innocence was shattered
    • Same. My teacher described it as "laughing at your own joke."
    • Education is fucked
      000019 15d
    • I was forced by my teachers to write right handed as a kid, even though naturally I was left handed
      LMBlol 15d
    • Discouraging teachers need to be thrown off a stool and break their wrist but when they take the x rays they find stage 3 cancer and then their car needs to be destroyed but not have car insurance and then they need to die alone
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    • Education system be like
    • “Now I don’t use punctuation because nothing should ever end unless it’s my existence”
    • American education be like: y the fuck u so happy little nigga. Calm yo ass down and submit to our will!!!
      yokimo 16d
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    • "My dad died of prostate cancer!!!"
    • We don't need no education anyway
    • My sister’s dead!
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    • Kids dont need correction, they need direcrion
    • Your son is dead!
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    • I remember crying in the 2nd grade because I was spacing out and didnt understand what a main idea was, while the teacher was yelling at me. Fast forward to my senior year of high school when I was diagnosed with ADHD, everything makes sense now.
    • My teacher tried to hold me back in kindergarten because I made my upper case A’s smooth at the top and not pointing like hers
    • I remember something similar happening to me
    • Didn’t learn about capitalization, run-on sentences, or punctuation in general either.
    • You can get away with only using explanation marks if you use semicolons liberally
    • obama is gone!
    • I got yelled at in kindergarten for not knowing the exact time 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
    • When I was in kindergarten my teacher told me not to play with my food bc I was stringing my string cheese ):
    • Grandma died!
      jtm0017 16d
    • "When you get older, your heart dies"
    • Probably the worst teacher I ever had was my music teacher in elementary, I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point she got framed for child abuse. I had to hold my piss for FOUR HOURS because she told me I should have gone before we got back from the field trip. Four hours of increasing agony and I
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    • That’s sad!!!
    • In elementary school this kid told us to try and hurt his finger. So everyone was banged it and hitting it, and then I just walked up bent his finger back and got in trouble because he cried.
      patwd 16d
    • You're kidding!
    • I dont know who's grandma needs to hear this, but yeah dont use exclamation points in texting.
    • Stop shitting on my parade!
    • Stop writing run on sentences. You sound stupid.
    • I thought this was cute
    • I agree. Calm down.
    • And now you don’t use any punctuation.
    • Schools are so autistic like don't wake me up at 6 and shit and question why we lay our fucking head down and why we feel fatigue and lazy retarded right coons. Old fucking idiots th
    • Then you get in the real world and realize it's all shit and the ! Are just a mask.
    • Never trust a nigga who uses exclamation points when they text
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    • That is pretty sad :/ I feel that deeply
    • I swear most people I talk to loved their kindergarten teacher but mine hit kids and purposely singled me out all the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      Naqi 16d
    • Plot Twist: OP was just a psychopath
    • Attention, i offer discrete shipment with all of my high quality psychoactive substances, check my account out
    • Cry me a river. The more you use an exclamation mark the more meaning it loses. I get the OP was young but still no harm in saying that you shouldn’t do it. Snowflake season for real
    • You have assburgers!
    • When I was in kindergarten I was kept out of PE for coloring outside the lines once because they wanted me to do it again, Idk why maybe in spite just knowing me, I never did it in the lines so take that :P
    • Okay but the kid is wrong, there are rules to grammar
    • Tumblrettes can't speak English
    • This is kinda the most retarded thing I’ve ever read... but haha tumblr
    • Tiny_Hands AYYYYYY
    • It’s made even sadder by the fact that there wasn’t a single exclamation point in that entire sentence.
    • I don't like to use them because nothing is exciting anymore
    • Same thing happened to me
    • I use exclamation points all the time! Fuck everyone who says it’s not correct! They can eat my whole entire ass!
    • This is a run-on sentence
      Trock 14d
    • Bitch
    • When I was in kindergarten my teacher opened up my asshole...she was a woman
      dankme 15d
    • Do....do we crusade?
    • Then you just said fuck it? No punctuation for the rest of my days.
    • That is so untrue it hurts
    • When I was in preschool, I had to sit alone and do a puzzle or color things because I already knew or instantly understood what they were teaching, yet they still kept me in there to be bored. It took me a while to actually want to color things again.
    • I was told that too!
    • Green is not a creative color
    • Fight that teacher
    • This happened to me as well
    • I wanna die
    • Fuck you
    • Dude. I got adhd an i swear i talk all in exclamation points
    • Guacamole nigga penis!
    • I had to be told that I can't put random question marks even though it was a question as to what came next.
    • School system
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