• u ever go take a piss at a party and as soon as u close the door u feel like ur in a different dimension
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    • Wet_Memes
      Yeah. Especially when you’re high and drunk as fuck and the loud ass music and yelling gets muffled by the door
      Wet_Memes 20 dec
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    • Cup0fWater
      Yeah especially when you’re all fucked up. And you look at yourself in the mirror and you’re just like “you little shit”
      Cup0fWater 20 dec
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    • _CC_
      _CC_ 20 dec
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    • Volataxx
      Im not antisocial but i honestly love going to the bathroom at parties. Its so peaceful tbh
      Volataxx 20 dec
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    • SchwagBagg
      You look in the mirror and just smile at how fucked up you are
      SchwagBagg 20 dec
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    • throeurbeansaway
      Everyone outside is acting like maniacs, a few fights break out with punches and yelling, some small-bladder niggas are slamming on the door yelling to get in. Then you realize you’re actually just playing Left 4 Dead and you’re in a safe house and you don’t get fucked up at parties.
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    • jimmybuckets21
      You have that one second of awareness then go right back to being drunk af
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    • MemeDaddyJet
      You get a similar effect when you're really sick with a migraine at 2:37am and you go downstairs to get a drink of water but for some reason downstairs in the middle of the night feels like someone else's house
      MemeDaddyJet 21 dec
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    • moustache_comb
      Yeah like theres the party atmosphere raging outside and youre in like a safe haven and look into the mirror and your inner monologue starts going then you open the door and the soundtrack starts again to your fucked up life
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    • Sphincter
      You never know how fucked up you are until you're in a room by yourself
      Sphincter 20 dec
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    • funny_3_scene
      Thats kinda what acid is like but for 8-10 hours straight and every time you go into a new room its a whole new energy
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    • UsernameIsTakenShit
      I was at a party and needed to piss but some girl was in there and wouldn’t get out and just told me to go ahead and piss and she’d close the door. Still did it. But that whole situation was super weird.
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    • Immakeepit100withu
      "We're safe....for now...."
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    • triwiwieriwkqkqlqlql
      It gets all quiet with muffled music and people talking outside and you sober up for a second and look in the mirror and see an how ugly you are
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    • itsjasonx
      [sexual image of a cartoon girl] Now could I get top comment?
      itsjasonx 20 dec
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    • cresh
      Drinking is overrated
      cresh 20 dec
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    • Literature
      One time i got so incredibly cross faded, i thought i had full control over time and space, and thought i was able to coverse with myself on a different plane of reality, but it turns out i was just yelling at a mirror for about 8 minutes.
      Literature 20 dec
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    • KingCommenter
      Dude I'm there right now no joke
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    • Quaker_Boi
      Yeah especially when you don't go to parties and stay in your room all day looking through iFunny get your anti social ass up and go meet some people, Jared
      Quaker_Boi 20 dec
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    • HamandCheeseSamwich
      I have social anxiety, I've been able to manage it but sometimes I get overwhelmed, and a bathroom is basically like a bonfire in dark souls for me
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    • _Repub_Hub_
      Bathrooms at parties feel exactly like the safe rooms in Left 4 Dead.
      _Repub_Hub_ 20 dec
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    • Bigshow
      Bigshow 20 dec
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    • TastingStars
      And you talk to yourself in the mirror, trying to convince yourself you're not super fucked up
      TastingStars 20 dec
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    • MidnightRelapz
      *Checkpointed* *save symbol flashes*
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    • hawl
      I jack off.
      hawl 20 dec
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    • vapelawd
      Oh hell yeah! The air is musty and the music is loud in the party but once you go to the bathroom, things go quiet and the air feels crisp... one of the best feelings of the night baby!
      vapelawd 20 dec
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    • ezalesny
      Bold of you to assume I've ever been to a party.
      ezalesny 20 dec
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    • SmellMy69Finger
      Anyone ever experience the level of drunk where when you get home you feel like you were wherever you were your entire life and you get that feeling like you just got dumped
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    • Kirknay
      I remember someone saying to me before that it's because the brain interprets the different soundscape as a different place, and "wipes" most of your short term memory to have the ability to process the new environment.
      Kirknay 21 dec
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    • rubio02
      This chick that i took to a party was in the bathroom with me while i took a piss. Not even my ex has ever done that with me....a diff kind of loyalty. I liked it
      rubio02 21 dec
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    • sarcastabitch
      drinking + strange bathroom = out of body experience
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    • ItsGavino
      Me earlier doing acid for the first time
      ItsGavino 20 dec
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    • HumanFromEarth
      All the time. I love it. It's a good feeling.
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    • HisRoyalDudeness
      Looking at yourself in the mirror wasted, like, "what the fuck am I doing with myself?" but at the same time loving every minute of it
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    • Undermanned22
      Anyone else love that feeling of an isolated little area right next to a busy one.
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    • Starlight_until_Sunrise
      ever try reading the bible while drink? jesus is cool but the antichrist prob turns wine into water
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    • officialNedFlanders
      It always hits me how drunk i am when i go to take a piss and look at myself in the mirror
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    • OcarinaofThime
      When your tripping on acid the bathroom is fucking scary
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    • ItalianStallion
      Coming home and showering whilst baked as shit makes me feel safe, because I'm away from everyone and all the smells of weed.
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    • FromTheDirt
      The worst is when there’s no windows in the bathroom. Then you feel like you’re in another universe the size of a bathroom.
      FromTheDirt 20 dec
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    • boomerdevo
      Its not a good party unless someone gets shot because of a bad coke deal, but cant even hear the shot cuz ur in the basement watching the band play their show, and all of a sudden the fuckin cops storm in. Good times
      boomerdevo 20 dec
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    • GonFreecss
      You ever been so drunk you take a piss and still feel like you need to take a piss for like an hour.
      GonFreecss 20 dec
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    • RabidSquirrel_
      That’s how it is for me whenever I’m at someone else’s house after a while of being there
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    • Triairius
      A moment of peace.
      Triairius 20 dec
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    • Meme_Conoisseur
      That's where u be when u respawn in the morning
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    • ConfusedRosen
      persona 5 right there lmao
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    • matrix7383
      Ever wanna reload that save point to experience it again?
      matrix7383 20 dec
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    • CALEDY
      Don't scroll down
      CALEDY 20 dec
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    • Screaming_Eagles
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    • dontcareboutnottin
      Oh I get it, they did surgery on a grape
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    • Manda_O
      There's less distortion, it's a safe area.
      Manda_O 20 dec
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    • QUACCC
      So y'all really gonna let some hentai pic take over the comment sections?
      QUACCC 20 dec
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    • JuJusWackyOdyssey
      shits like a fucking safe room in a palace
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    • Name1111
      It’s because you’re suddenly going from a loud and social environment immediately into a isolated and quiet one and the brain thinks it’s a new environment and not just a different room
      Name1111 22 dec
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    • notwillyum
      Yeah. Especially when you look at your sweaty self and have to check yourself to make sure you are okay. Then do that *snap and two guns with your hand*
      notwillyum 22 dec
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    • deathslayer7700
      Never been to a party
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    • karolina39833
      Yeah.. especially when you’re trippin on acid ..
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    • puggamezz
      Pretty accurate
      puggamezz 20 dec
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    • therealgarr
      Ive never been to a party
      therealgarr 20 dec
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    • jgarci5
      Those can be crazy af. You don’t wanna be the guy too fucked up having a existential crisis with yourself in the mirror
      jgarci5 20 dec
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    • SandwichGod1
      I actually thought of that one time, why are bathrooms so comforting when I’m in “hostile” environments
      SandwichGod1 20 dec
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    • hotrodsniper
      The Evil Within
      hotrodsniper 20 dec
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    • Ayfoonei
      Depending on how high i am ill dance while pissing
      Ayfoonei 20 dec
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    • Testsubject276
      Ever played The Evil Within? Those mirror safe areas, it feels like that.
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    • livinlikelarri
      Gotta get ur stats back up before u go back i to battle
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    • Canthinkofaname_420
      Is it bad if I hate kids with a passion?
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    • NarutoRepub
      Jesus Christ, I didn’t realize how accurate this was till now
      NarutoRepub 20 dec
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    • ElusiveCondom
      It’s colder than the room with the intense body heat of the amount of people that would cause a fire hazard and you just look at your sweaty, crying, socially awkward ass and question why you were dumb enough to actually go to the party instead of staying home.
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    • thickerthanIQ
      Looking in the mirror like “damn I really am fucked up”
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    • lilmeep
      It’s wired it go’s completely quiet and you just look at yourself and start to wonder and ask at least that’s how it happens to me
      lilmeep 20 dec
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    • _Volunteer_
      I went to a party once and got cross faded and started flirting with my reflection in the mirror
      _Volunteer_ 20 dec
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    • iamnicenobanplz
      Untrue. If it was a save point you could immediately be able to return to the point or die safely to return. Its more like a safe zone. Check your mags and get out their. Mama ain't raise no bitches boys, we're playing on one life mode.
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    • SelmatheClan
      And then you start crying on the toilet while you hear me brightside playing really loud but muffled by the door, yeah...
      SelmatheClan 20 dec
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    • NewVintage
      Do that smug ass smile in the mirror and nod at yourself like "you know what's up...ahhhhhhh!" Head back laughing while pissing - yes, the college years are some fond ones.
      NewVintage 20 dec
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    • MadSnailDisease
      I’ll never forget my first time getting drunk I just paused and looked in the mirror and laughed hysterically. There is something oh so weird and pleasing about that specific circumstance, an aesthetic that I’ll never fully understand
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    • loser_did_nothing_wr0ng
      Just try acid
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    • meymeyer
      😂😂😂can’t relate😂👌🅱️💯
      meymeyer 20 dec
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    • Nigging
      Yeah especially when you’re
      Nigging 20 dec
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    • spidermaneatingonionring
      What tf is a party?
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    • CU_Cowboys_Like_Us_CSA
      Dude YES
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    • Brasi08
      Room spinning and shit
      Brasi08 20 dec
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    • Dartman64
      Safe room from p5
      Dartman64 20 dec
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    • GreyPoupon
      Stumbling in front of the mirror is the thing for me
      GreyPoupon 20 dec
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    • glorified_lightbulb
      When your doing LSD or shrooms and someone univitely comes over so every 10 minutes you go to the bathroom for 10 minutes
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    • ClutchFoil921
      What’s a party
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    • carterdwood
      Party's about to get shot up so you gotta save
      carterdwood 20 dec
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    • Waltimate
      When you're at a club, the music is blaring, you're a little buzzed, and you go outside to have a smoke
      Waltimate 20 dec
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    • DumbassAndAHalf
      And then you find the glory hole
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    • EclipseCosmoem
      Yeah because you needed to pee so bad it pulled you into a new world
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    • GlucoseFatherLamar
      Persona 5?
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    • PrettyCoolName
      Makes sense because you always remember those moment even if you’re fucked up
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    • Hank_On_A_Hill
      Then you do a bump of coke and go hog wild after a piss
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    • Dallassucks
      When you blackout and wake up in the bathroom is just reloading the game
      Dallassucks 20 dec
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    • Dremora_Lord_
      ladies, get yourself a man who can play through the fire and flames on expert mode, you'll thank me later
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    • party_q
      Man I piss in the woods when I’m trippin cuz the bathroom usually scares me except for the mirror part that’s always so interesting
      party_q 20 dec
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    • jessicasapple
      If you mean in a dimension where people never keep toilet paper on the roll, then yes.
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    • tposelakitu
      “All right! This place can be used as a safe room.”
      tposelakitu 20 dec
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    • kingfatiusII
      kingfatiusII 20 dec
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    • A_Elle99
      In a different world
      A_Elle99 20 dec
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