• Tree of Life
Celtic Tree Astrology
Which Celtic Tree are you?
Birch The Achiever Oak The Stabiliser
December 24
january 20 June 10
You are
highly driven and often You ate nurturing generous and
motivate others. You ere also heipful you exude en easy confidence
tolerant. tough and resilient and naturally assume everything will
Wort out to a positive Outcome
Rowan The Thinker
January 2!
February 17 Holly The Ruler
You ere a keen minded individual July 8
August 4
and are highly influential You have
4. cool exterior but you are burning
within from you passionate ideals
The Enchanter
February 18
March 17
You are tree thinking imaginative
and naturally artistic You are easily
inspired by nature and in a constant
state of self renewal
You are noble. high minded andeasily
take On positions Of leadership.
You are confident in your abdities
and quite generous and tind
The Knower
August - September I
You are highly intelligent organised
and efficent You are naturally gifted
in academia and have an eye for detail
The Equaliser
September 2
September 29
You ate 2 connoisseur of refinement
with a very du tincire taste You are
harming and elegant with das sic
style and pone
The Survivor
September 30
October 27
You have a sharp intellect. but more
The Trailblazer
March 18
April 14
You are filled with fiery passion
and are motivated by action and
results. You are easily confident
and have a strong self faith
The Observer
May 12
You are
highly creative. intuitive
and intelligent. You have a keen
understanding of life cycles and
te others. You endure troubling times
realistic perspective of things
with silent perseverance
The Illusionist
May 13
june? icroger 28
November 24
You area natural listener and have You dig deep inside to the real meaning of
an interest in a troad range of topics. things and discover the truth
You havea healthy sense of humour hidden beneath layers of distraction You
and an amazing insight to life have a strong sense of truth and honour
The Seeker
November 25
December 23
You are freedom loving and love life on the wild sede
You are deeply thoughtful with a philosophical bent
You genuinely strrve to be helptul
The Inquisitor
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    • Oak, and I guess it fits, in the same way most astrology manages to fit
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    • Willow
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    • Hawthorne Lol
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    • I'm literally wearing a shirt of that tree right now
      Fillet 6 jun
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    • Hawthorn
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