• TobeyIsLovely
      Remember the fucking colossus dragonoid and max dragonoid that combined like 7 bakugan to make a bigger bakugan??
      smile 8.4K reply 623
    • notsomeguyyouknowv2
      I’m here to inform you beyblade toys are alive and well. A group of my little brothers friends came over and they only played with beyblades. He has now binged watched the entire show and we talk about the first 2 seasons (the only ones I watched when I was little)
      smile 4.5K reply 296
    • specer4505
      Backed against the wall gotta give it your all,it’s time to d d d d d da duel, beyblade beyblade let it rip spin now and epic battle, now he’s got super powers he’s no ordinary kid he’s Ben 10
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Stormtroopaahh
      Excuse me but the Omnitrix is not a toy, it is a highly sophisticated piece of alien hardware.
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Offensive_Maxers
      I got one of them Ben 10 omnitrix and I actually thought it would change me into four arms or sum shit. That advertisement got me good and I wasted 20$. This was when I was 6 btw
      smile 6 reply 2
    • VacationalDouby
      Remember going to toysrus and looking at all of these getting to pick what you want, that was a fucking privilege,damn old times
      smile 5 reply 1
    • bakumon2
      The og ben 10 watch was the shit
      smile 5
    • theRusted_spork
      Yu-Gi-Oh is still very much alive. I just have no idea how to play with the new rules.
      smile 4 reply 6
    • MafuckinLizardKing
      Yes, just yes, the omnitrix was my favorite, i had all 3, except the shitty last one
      smile 4
    • SharkCroc98
      One like=one minute back to your childhood
      smile 4
    • etrain
      Do you remember when bakugon came out as McDonald’s toys
      etrain 24d
      smile 4
    • T0721
      Anyone remember the Ben Ten watch that you could use to take parts of his various aliens and combine them to make your own?
      T0721 24d
      smile 4
      I expected this to be one of those 3 real 1 fake things
      smile 4
    • WeAreAllMadHere
      I used to have an omnatrix that made sounds and I freaking loved it so much
      smile 4
    • flakesbefrosted
      The omnitrix is not a toy
      smile 4 reply 1
    • definitelyadragon
      I'm surprised there isn't a picture of a fleshlight
      smile 4 reply 1
    • ThatOneCommieGuy
      I remember the glory days of Beyblade. Rolling up to a rival's house, my Cosmic Pegasus/Phantom Orion mashup ready. Staring at each other all intense-like in the animes, reminiscing on all the time spent being weebs together. Then...We Let It RIP. Ah, the glorious days. I miss those days.
      smile 4
    • Sporadic
      Bakugan figures are back in stores dude
      smile 4
    • hufflepuff2021
      smile 4
    • Darwinism
      Yo bakugan
      smile 4
    • Mactifyre
      I would love to have beyblade tournaments with friends
      smile 4
    • CRLM107
      Today’s kids will never understand
      CRLM107 24d
      smile 4
    • Cobbycoby
      Ben ten with the omnitrix is more powerful than thanos with the infinity gauntlet. You can’t change my mind.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • TopTopComments
      Remember a time when you could read that and not expect a dildo
      smile 3 reply 1
    • King_of_everything
      Or feeling amazing cause you had all 5 pieces of exodia
      smile 3
    • lennoxhpo
      smile 3
    • autismwarheros
      Dude I miss bakugan soo much I used to stick them up my asshole
      smile 3 reply 1
    • noottonoot
      Wow there isn't a joke one.
      smile 3
    • ThisGuy1010
      Bakugan is coming back with an animated series that started last year but it’ll never replace the classics. I also wish the originals would get put back on the iTunes store
      smile 3 reply 1
    • someone123452
      Where’s the fleshlight
      smile 3
    • Curst
      Bakugons and pokemon was all i wanted
      Curst 24d
      smile 3
    • Bleachedbumhole
      I feel bad for kids that will never get to experience this like it brings tears to my eyes
      smile 3
    • osiris1154
      I want to say that insted of the cards its the duel disk
      smile 3
    • Wattermellon
      Remember club penguin trading cards?
      smile 3
    • KniasMcDowney
      smile 3
    • weeniegrab
      Things I still want
      smile 3
    • Balakey1
      All the cool ass shows are now replaced with pure shit. Thank CN
      smile 3
    • Corbusier
      What about tech decks
      smile 3
    • Jack_Skellinton
      Holy shit I'm part of the generation that nostalgic memes talk about damn I'm old
      smile 3
    • Endeth_Thy_Suffering
      I was confused at first because I couldn't find any absurdities with this
      smile 3
    • Jarl_Olaf
      Ngl I was expecting them to put a dildo or some shit
      smile 3 reply 1
    • UncleBooty
      Felt like the fucking man when I put my Ben 10 watch on
      smile 3
    • DonkeyPen15
      The onnitrix was actually nut worthy
      smile 3
    • MegaUltraChicken2
      The new bakugan relaunch looks low key lit af
      smile 3
    • unicornprophet19
      I freaking wanted that Ben 10 watch so bad,but now it mocks me in Apple Watch form🙃
      smile 3
    • WarriorofUgandaa
      Thought there would be a dildo
      smile 3
    • kkhhlljj
      I have yugioh cards. I ain’t wanna sell’em but HMU so we can dork out
      smile 3 reply 8
    • karibu
      me and my brothers had a shit ton of bakugan
      karibu 24d
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Aviator121
      I had so many bakugan and lost every single one in a house fire. I kept them in a metal tin and managed to recover the tin and opened it to only find all them melted inside.
      smile 3 reply 4
    • TheJollyG4mer
      Now that I’m an adult I can buy these myself. The power of adulthood
      smile 3
    • N1gglet
      Can someone explain to me wtf you did with the Bakugan magnet things I always had them but would just throw them and not know the purpose
      N1gglet 24d
      smile 3 reply 2
    • BuhskettiBoy
      smile 3
    • DankerSpaghetto
      Some kid in 5th grade stole like 8 of my bakugan, if i ever see them again they owe me like $80, im comin for you katheleen
      smile 3
    • hedboi
      What about Pokémon cards or legos?
      hedboi 24d
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Inspire129
      I still have a shoebox absolutely filled with bakugan, i refuse to get rid of them. I remember being so happy once i had gotten all the evolutions of drago.
      smile 3 reply 2
    • ASlightlyConfoundedOwl
      Gonna be honest, was looking for the outlier that had to do with some dark shit because this app has officially ruined me
      smile 3
    • DatTop
      They recently brought Bakugan back. But its a compete reboot. And the animation is shitty looking too. Got a bad feeling it should have just stayed dead lads...
      DatTop 24d
      smile 3 reply 4
    • KnockoutTKO1
      I still have my omnitrix with all the original 10 aliens Heatblast Wildmutt Diamondhead Stinkfly Upgrade Ghostfreak Greymatter XLR8 Fourarms and Ripjaws
      smile 3
    • InotFunny___
      Fucking bakugan was the shit
      smile 3
    • xeroisgod
      Anyone checking if there was a sex toy in there? Just me? Yeah ok
      smile 3 reply 1
    • fucking_duck
      Bakugan is getting a reboot my dudes. I is happy :)
      smile 3
    • Maugus
      Remember that set of special Bakugon that we not spheres but you still had to roll them and some of them it was impossible. Fuck those ones
      Maugus 24d
      smile 3
    • Zlade
      Who else flexed with white dragon bakugan
      Zlade 24d
      smile 3
    • allnic
      The bakugan Wii game
      allnic 24d
      smile 3
    • mexicansuperhero
      I wanted air hogs
      smile 3
    • ThiccThiccBigFloofiBoi
      Ah yes, the enigma age group. Too young to be a 90s kid but too old to be a Logan pauler
      smile 3 reply 1
    • PB_Sandwich
      My childhood, it hurts.
      smile 3
    • Sponge_Boi
      Where are the Pokemon cards? I wouldn't never actually play the game, but instead I would trade the cool looking Pokemon with my friends
      smile 3
    • RetardedBatman666
      Bakugan was way better than beyblade don’t @ me
      smile 3 reply 1
    • im_am_the_captin
      Damn I still got my beyblade and bakugan, at random times I like to whip those bad bois out and just play around with them
      smile 3
    • maj7521
      They remade beyblades and now they have plastic sides instead of metal ones.
      maj7521 24d
      smile 3
    • SwearBear
      Was looking for the off thing. This is a nice change.
      smile 3
    • Joecringe
      Beyblades were the shit and fun, bakugan were fun to look at and open up but nobody knew how to play, everyone wanted to be Ben 10 thats was the coolest shit ever and i never had,much experience with yu gi oh cards
      smile 3
    • StreetRacing
      If you had a dragonoid you were the shit
      smile 3
    • shadeslayer101
      I still have my bakugon collection
      smile 3
    • RainmanNDW
      I see a shooting quasar dragon
      smile 2
    • sammysturg
      Bro if you’re forgetting Ben 10s omnitrix you trippin. That was the shit.
      smile 2
    • Robalono
      Where my bionical brothers at!?
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Specifically2012Memes
      Where’s the duel deck
      smile 2 reply 4
    • But_why_thoo
      smile 2
    • darthwulf
      Yeah then all our moms would call them demonic idols and then send us to Jesus camp for further indoctrination into a superstition, just me?
      smile 2
    • hamburgerdog25
      Also, I remember having a yugioh wrists band as a kid that I think held cards but idk I was really young
      smile 2
    • SaucyBoi25
      Y’all bakugan just came back I saw them at my target
      smile 2
    • Artorias_of_abyss
      Is it bad I still have beyblades, bakougan and still collect yugioh?
      smile 2
      Where's the butt plug
      smile 2 reply 2
    • palmolive
      pokemon cards
      smile 2
    • MatthewMercer
      I fucking loved my Omnitrix toy.
      smile 2
    • theBlackSuit
      I still own my Beyblades and Omnitrix
      smile 2 reply 1
    • sandersontunes
      Wheres the dildo?
      smile 2
    • mango2016
      Ohmygod I loved beyblades so much I miss those
      smile 2
    • Walse
      I really expected there to be a dildo tbh
      Walse 23d
      smile 2
    • TheIrish_Man
      Dude I did get an omnitrix made by Bandai and it was badass
      smile 2
    • AssforLunch
      I don’t see a dildo
      smile 2
    • TacosDaily
      I was so expecting a noose, disappointed IFunny.
      smile 2
    • PilotRaccon
      I put a actual fucking razor in my beyblade and I would destroy the enemy beyblades and make kids cry
      smile 2 reply 2
    • Yibx
      Bakugan was the shit
      Yibx 23d
      smile 2
    • D3adManWalkin9
      Who else was expecting some porno pic in there cause of the normal meme
      smile 2
    • SaltyGamerDude
      Bakuguan was honestly amazing I never played like you should just messed with them loved it
      smile 2
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