• Today I witnessed a girl turn on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes, scrolled on her phone next to it while it was running, took a picture of the miles and time, took a mirror selfie with a fancy water bottle and then casually walked out
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    • Matt_Wii_Sports
      Probably an Instagram thot
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    • frydaddy49
      I worked at a gym and it happens more than you think
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    • Gorilla_King
      If you've gone through all the trouble of going to the gym and pretending you're doing stuff to show to people who dont really care, then why not actually exercise
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    • AnarchyBoi
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    • Dibanez3
      When I go to the gym, I don’t look at the obese people exercising and struggling in disgust, I look at insta thots like these in disgust.
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    • jennifera5320
      What pisses me off is this bitch was probably stick thin and my bitch ass can work out everyday for a month but gain weight
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    • UldrenSav
      Petition to ban people like this from any gym it occurs in.
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    • Danger_HighlyUnstable
      I can’t wait till I can go to a gym. I’m about to be 16 in a month. There’s this really great gym at the college I want to go to. Super excited
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    • Treetop135
      STaNdArDs fOr WoMEn aRe reAlLy hiGh for SoCieTy
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    • Sp00ky_Mexican
      Yeah women are fake, it doesn't surprise me and it should surprise you either
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    • BeLikeWater
      She really paying for a gym membership to do that?
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    • donotdie
      That's why social media is toxic. It's a lie that only gives you a glimpse of what the person wants you to see and it's rarely anything negative in their life. Instead you look at their "perfect" lives and fill as though you're underachieving when in reality you're doing just fine.
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    • MemeFormatsAndContent
      I was in the gym when some noodle-armed little fuckweasel came in, lifted a single dumbell, took a video of his hand holding it and said "Cha...just lifting.", spent 20 minutes editing and posting it, AND FUCKING WALKED THE FUCK OUT.
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    • d_wolfe15
      gym got her money, oh well
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    • looter809
      The kind of person who cheats in school and then tries to do the same thing at the gym
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    • Scootch
      She probably then walked over to Starbucks and had a large Carmel macchiato while still wearing her stretchy pants and a loose CrossFit tank top, that exposes her sports bra, and a flower tattoo. Jesus Christ! Was it my ex wife?! Lol
      Scootch 16d
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    • Lalalashey
      She’s probably blessed/cursed with a high metabolism so she doesn’t feel the need to work out but one day she’ll probably have some heart disease from all the starbucks she probably drinks
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    • Wednesday13
      I see this shit all the time at my gym and at that point why even pay for a membership
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    • Sir__Thomas
      She's probably sending them to literally every human male she knows and saying "God wants 10%, well I'm giving 110%"
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    • Triairius
      Wow. Does she really care so much about what people think that she... doesn’t care about what people think irl?
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    • veganVworld
      This is dumb. I go to the gym and I'm always internally monologuing about the people around me. I see a big guy sweating while walking? "You go dude!" A large woman sweating profusely while running? "You got this! I know the beginnings always the hardest!" This shit? "I hope they get shot"
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    • GibusPearl
      That's where you drug them an pull them into your van.
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    • ShovelKrieger
      She's the one paying for a sub to the gym, if she wants to waste that money not working out it's on her
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    • BullWithoutHorns
      Today at the gym this girl and I were running next to each other on treadmills and she ran about seven miles in 40 minutes before going to a squat bar. Some girls in the gym are dumbasses and some are tough as nails. Same with guys.
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    • TC_Police
      Literally a waste of a gym membership wtf
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    • Insignificance
      If you go to the gym for this might as well actually work out
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    • married_to_the_muffinman
      Some women at my gym come with full face makeup, eyelash extensions, perfect weave and trendy workout clothes and Jsut use the squat machines while taking pics. Meanwhile I come straight from work and look like a sweaty crack addict when I’m done 😭
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    • Fatal_Fister
      That’s pretty pathetic
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    • donald_trumps_hair
      She spent all that money for the gym membership, just to use it to be a thot
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    • xWinterSolstice
      What's up with these fancy water bottles in these girls' gym photos? Water is a fashion accessory now?
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    • MemeMercenary
      Imagine being a fucking retard who goes r/thathappened because you're so socially inept and trapped in your own room that you genuinely think nothing happens in the world at all, this story isn't that far-fetched, in fact it's not that surprising.
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    • hubey_13
      That would embarrass me more than actually getting on the treadmill and looking like a three legged, mentally challenged horse.
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    • TheAnonymou5e
      Ah yes the workout routine known as the Instagram split great for flexibility as you spend most of the time stretching to make it look like you have an ass
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    • Beyondtilted_
      That’s pathetic. Like more pathetic than not even going. Like I’d find someone who sat at home all day being lazy far less pathetic.
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    • mali81
      Only cheating herself really
      mali81 17d
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    • _Mika_
      Similar to how as a kid I used to make my parents think I was brushing my teeth by just brushing them without the toothpaste - if ur gonna go that far to fake something, you might as well just actually do it.
      _Mika_ 17d
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    • Distinguished
      Fact. unless you tag yourself at the gym and take a selfie you won't lose any weight.
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    • pannell1992
      That’s the girl that will turn 35 and her metabolism stops, then gains a lot of weight and develops diabetes. And her husband leaves her due to the fact of her weight gain. Alone and depressed she will go back to the gym to regain her thin figure and achieve it jus to throw it in her exhusbands face
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    • undecidedd
      At least she uses her gym membership
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    • abenyu
      I mean how do you expect a woman to actually do anything, this society is filled with woman who are essentially useless, I still can’t believe there are woman teachers bc how can they teach shit they don’t know of, woman are basically men’s toys tbh
      abenyu 17d
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    • MemeReviewer10
      I saw someone bench with 2 45s on each side twice. Then he added a 25 and a 10 to each side as well. He didn't bench the new weight at all but took pics in the mirror across for 10 min. and left.
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    • Confessious
      These chicks come into the gym with nice cloths and make up on meanwhile I’m over here sweating my pits off with fucking mascara running down my fave with my college past events teeshirts that i got for free. Get out of the way stop taking pics and get out the way! I wanna see my sweaty self!
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    • VishDaFish2016
      She’s on her way back to the store to return the water bottle as she can’t afford it
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    • TipTopNik
      That’s a pretty satisfying slant of spaces
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    • Waddledoo412
      As a gym rat. That depresses me
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    • Quality_Reposts
      I wouldn't allow that shit to happen in my business cuz you're not gonna use my shit to make yourself look trendy. I'll find your fucking account and expose you. I've done that to plenty of insta thots and they get so butt hurt but I'll never see them in any of the places I've beaned them in.
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    • Desu
      Desu 17d
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    • Garfiere
      We had an instagram “model” who used to go to my old gym. Me and the other regulars submitted a petition to the management to have he removed because she wouldn’t exercise at all but she would set up entire areas for herself to get her pictures done and it got in everyone’s way. We got her removed.
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    • TG1097
      That honestly makes me sick to my stomach. How pathetic are people now
      TG1097 17d
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    • Ficto10
      Bitches think skinny equals fit
      Ficto10 17d
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    • GOldSchool
      Yesterday I did a mile inclined and I feel proud of that shit
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    • Tosie
      What the fuck type of gym do you go to. Don’t yalls machines shut off if you aren’t on them?
      Tosie 17d
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    • Landschoot88
      Literally all white girls at American universities
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    • IndianaStoned
      I thought societies were supposed to advance with time
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    • acid_Aklanoray
      What she should have done to actually work out is use her phone to destract her while on the treadmill a Littlest past walking speed or more and just keep going. It works really well for me
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    • MrJack
      “Yes babe, I went to the gym today. I don’t know why the weight isn’t coming off.”
      MrJack 17d
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    • bobberturita
      Shit I've been doing it wrong all this time 😰
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    • RoseStenlund
      Planet fitness. I could tell u many story of this from working there.
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    • Rich_Boy_420
      Good Idea to waste Money on a Gym subscription Just for a few Likes on social media
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    • starfuqs
      It ain’t much and you’re damn right it ain’t honest work
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    • zach111
      What a hoe
      zach111 17d
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    • SWA_Hitlist
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    • YetiScream
      Women: "Men lie about anything to do with their size bc they're weak and insecure, lmao yas kween!"
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    • darksabrr
      The treadmills at my gym turn off if you’re not detected on the belt
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    • davinciskin11
      My gym is full of old guys that like to sit and chat for hours in front of the weights I need. They don't work out. Just pay 35 a month to chat and be in the way.
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    • JuCie99
      And they are so confused as to why they're so out of shape.
      JuCie99 17d
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    • ScienceFiction97
      Gyms should be banning these idiots
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    • HeroesSometimesDie
      The let me guess she complained about her weight on Twitter after
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    • Washaja
      Some people need attention on social media that bad
      Washaja 17d
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    • Iconic_Cookie
      Fake ass bitch
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    • Rainbowthequakerbird
      I hate girls like that
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    • AskHamster
      Shouldve taken a video and exposed that thot
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    • PFPoo
      This a sad world we live in
      PFPoo 17d
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    • ooo_woo
      ooo_woo 17d
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    • PrudentWarrior
      One day they will actually have to find jobs and that’s the day I will follow them on social media so I can watch them suffer for all their sins 😂
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    • DankestDevi
      “Lol I cant imagine not working out every day. The gym is my second home lol. So blessed”
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    • animegirlshy
      White girls smh
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    • Skrappy
      Pineapple brat?
      Skrappy 17d
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    • DetotaWam
      Fucking thot
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    • dude180
      dude180 11d
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    • GodImCold
      I can’t believe girls are that fake
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    • DrThornySauce
      These are the type of people that can’t be allowed to reproduce
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    • ryanns1
      Girl: yes I go to the gym all the time I never break a sweat.
      ryanns1 15d
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    • Big_ounce
      Hm I'm pretty sure the most beneficial part of exercising is the actual exercising
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    • stoinky_nipz
      The equipment I use is weighted so it will move but unless there’s the weight of someone running it won’t count up miles, every gym should have these
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    • Testsubject276
      She's gonna regret not hitting the gym when that ice cream gut appears.
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    • WesmanGuitar
      This is why I uninstalled Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. People are so fake and post the most uneducated shit. It's a waste of time.
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    • 01enka
      People like that should be pulled off the treadmill by their stupid ponytail and kicked out of the gym for wasting space and breathing air.
      01enka 17d
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    • LumberDiesel
      80% of them sit on their phones, take pictures, and stare into the mirror every chance they get.
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    • LifeisGameinc
      She wasted her own time.she played herself
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    • SlinkJohnson
      Then they post it on social media and no one cares
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