• Her face isn't even self made
      479 7
    • Today I learned is the much better phrase if you say today years old you’re mentally ill
      Nibling 10d
      109 2
    • It goes to show, if a family member sucks a bunch of dicks, eventually she will get famous. Or infamous... either way.
    • They didn’t say first dumbass they said youngest, so whether self-made actually applies or not, it’s supposed to be surprising because of her age
    • A rope and a tree for them all
    • owning something with an estimated worth of 1 bil is a little different than earning over 1 billion and having 1 billion in the bank account after taxes
    • keep the sluts out of ifunny please
    • The only self made one is bruce. His “vagina” was self made by a group of doctors using bruce’s money
      TheUrk 8d
    • Self made? Im pretty sure she wasn't the one fucking Ray J in that video.
    • Keep the kardashians out of ifunny
    • Their own body isnt self made. Pairing that title with any of them seems like a joke...
    • Covers aren’t given they are bought...Jenner only won woman of the year a while back because it was a package deal with the first reveal interview
      3 1
    • It must be nice to have a pussy
    • must be nice living off your hoe sister's sex tape
      Nahian 8d
    • Plus Pat McGrath is real artist quality makeup. Not some junk made at a Colorpop factory
    • But...... she black. Whats the problem?
      hawl 8d
    • Yeah because fame means everything in America. Even for retard leftists who want Oprah as president.
      2 3
    • NEWS isn’t an acronym but a good way to look at it is that it’s: Notable events, weather, and sports. Anything on the news regarding the Kardashians doesn’t fit in any of those topics thus being pointless knowledge in my opinion.
    • I believe that for all intents and purposes, the world as it was truly did end in 2012
    • But is she younger than Kylie though? That's why it's *such a big deal*
      1 3
    • Notice ‘labs’ after her name. As in her company is worth a billion. That would be why. But she’s still so much more impressive than Kylie, respect.
    • She also isn’t a billionaire herself. She doesn’t own 100% of her company. So Forbes couldn’t put her on the cover because she isn’t a billionaire.
    • She's hotter then any Jenner or Kardashian
      4 1
    • The only reason any of the Jenner/Kardashian fuckheads are famous is because one of them released a sex tape
      3 4
    • Kylie does not own a whole "industry" fuck out of here
    • Pat McGrath is the bomb!!
    • Wanna hear a joke....Caitlyn Jenner! 😶😆
    • Shes also the director of procter & gamble's entire makeup division
    • Why won’t the human species just die off already 🙄
    • Well who would sell more covers?
    • I care y?
    • Because the media is sensationalist. They don't care what the public wants, just what it will react to.
    • I know top comment kinda said this but YES they didn't add in that she was black or a women because it doesn't matter. More articles need to do this cause racism and sexism are now no longer a huge problem in becoming successful.
      3 2
    • Pat also has an incredibly successful line that sells truly high end products and doesn't fuck around with her formula, unlike Kylie who will NEVER achieve that.
    • I like how the post doesn't say Kylie is self made, but people are getting pissed off about it lol
    • Calling Kylie Jenner self made is like saying Paris Hilton became famous on her own
    • This is the internet. If you are a bitch I’m going to call you one
    • *laughs in Jeffree Star*
      3 2
    • pat sells eyeshadow palettes for over $100 each. i think i’ll pass
      5 1
    • The fact is though, that while McGrath’s achievements are much more impressive than Kylie’s, Kylie is still better known. People who don’t like makeup would not recognize McGrath. Kylie sells more magazines.
      11 5
    • I would still raw smash Kendal though
    • pat mcgrath makeup is better than kylie’s.
      shawty 10d
    • Her company is worth 1 bill. Not her. BIG difference. If there wasnt jeff bezos would be a trillionare. But keep goin and fuck the kardashians
      3 1
    • fuckin hell yes for pat mcgrath . ive always loved them . hella expensive tho
    • Who cares
      9damage 10d
    • Is that app ready to download that filters out Kardashian News?
    • That’s my last name :’)
    • Sad thing is, Kylie is a marketing goldmine, even for Forbes. She posts a picture and millions of people see it. That’s more then some Super Bowl ads. I could care less about the Kardashians, but doesn’t mean I’m not aware of what we’ve fed them to become.
    • You know why? Her eyeshadow pallets are $100 a pop and they're GOOD
      7 2
    • You know what’s crazy? She’s been like the pinnacle of the cosmetics industry for the past 20 years. But then Kylie happened, and this woman still hasn’t gotten any public clout
    • Good, considering kylie is NOT SELF MADE. There is an actual self made woman out there and it is amazing.
    • Kylie is just used for advertisement. Nothing be truly real about that girl.
    • Neither are worth a billion. Literally the company’s they own are worth a billion. Kyle is worth around 450 million and the other lady is worth 700 million. Neither are true billionaires yet. If they sold they’re companies they would pay a 20 percent long term capital gains tax.
      2 2
    • I still can’t believe people are saying Kylie Jenner is a self made billionaire. She doesn’t do any of the fucking work herself the company just as her name on it.
      7 1
    • Slay queen
    • I like how they didn’t need to point out the fact that it was a female or African American that achieved this, but let her merits speak for themselves.
      865 35
    • Nice
      b3arj3w 10d
    • The Kardashians/Jenners are such a plague in humanity that every time one of them dies I’m going to have a party.
      javi4x2 11d
      565 20
    • "Self Made"
    • Because the loudest people are usually the dumbest
      10 1
    • Nope... I’ve been informed by the left that nobody who has ever made a billion $$ was ever self made.. that they stole their money or inherited it.
    • Because the media needs the Kardashians in order to dumb down young females and turn them into little, race-mixing sluts.
      7 3
    • Smart enough to know what sells
    • But does she got booty?
    • Who’s sells more magazines?
    • The post is about being the youngest thoe
    • that lady actually looks good without any of that extra shit the kardashians always have on
      9 4
    • Why do we put people up on a pedestal just for having money is my question
      6 3
    • Ur gonna need a lot more money then that to bring down the up coming warlords
    • Kylie is literally a useless pile of plastic and fake tits. Fuck that
    • She’s beautiful too
    • Is that the cover cause I'm pretty sure that's not one of the Kardashians
    • People will say it’s cuz she’s black
      1 1
    • And that chick is far better looking than Kylie ever will be
    • today i learned > i was today years old when ____
    • It looks like her company is, but that doesn't make her a billionaire. If she has other investors the won't own 100%
    • Because Kylie Jenner will sell more magazines than a largely unknown person, regardless of their accomplishments.
      relynn 11d
    • This makes me even more upset at Kylie’s fame
    • Because magazines are shit
    • This ain't buzzfeed.
    • Hell Pat looks a hell of a lot better than Kylie too
    • I have a big pp
    • Kylie is a Kardashian they get everything
    • Im guessing she doesnt want the attention
    • “Self made” their family is famous because Bruce was an Olympian and Kim took it from behind and this is facts
      12 1
    • Yay capitalism
    • Further proof that the internet has allowed the popularity contests form high school, spill into real life. Being famous because you're well known, is the most useless thing in society.
    • Wow another dog eating the cheese, I think ifunny is running out of material
    • They don't say she's younger though
      1 2
    • 2 good TCs for once.
    • Life is really just highschool, it’s all a popularity contest
    • Proof that no matter how hard you work, there's always gonna be some lucky little bitch who gets all the limelight for doing absolutely nothing
    • youngest self made millionaire is what she got. that lady looks older
    • At least she ain’t cracking an egg on the ground in retaliation for an egg surpassing one of her posts
    • Um that's called being famous. Welcome to the real world dumbass
      1 1
    • Madame Walker 2.0
      yrodro 11d
    • Kylie really only gets the attention because her DAD is trans
    • She was put on the cover because it's her own industry and she's way more famous
    • And Pat McGrath’s makeup is so much better than Kylie’s. You can tell that Pat actually put time into creating a good formula and Kylie just did whatever was cheapest most likely
    • It’s almost as if Kylie jenner is way more famous and would get more attention
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