• Today I learned that someone set up a solar powered MP3 and speaker system in the middle of the Namibian desert to play "Africa" by Toto for the rest of time.
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    • mjgeorgia713
      Imagine you’re the unlucky fuck that gets stranded in a desert in Namibia, and as you hopelessly walk around all of a sudden you hear Africa. You gain hope that you may be near civilization, but no some fucker put it in the middle of fuckin nowhere
      mjgeorgia713 a month
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    • CL0NES
      All y’all retards asking “what about at night” did y’all just forget rechargeable batteries exist or?
      CL0NES a month
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    • Minecraft_DSledge
      What if the blessed rains hit Africa? Won’t the music stop?
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    • CommunistFather
      Until some poor skinny African boy comes up and snatches that bitch calling it there god because it plays foreign language words
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    • gwyndolin_likesmemes_too
      The world ends in atomic fire. The desert is one of the only places untouched. You wander for days trying to find sustenance. You stumble upon this site. You call it a holy artifact. You tell others and build a city around it.
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    • lilusher42
      Imagine slowly dying of thirst in the desert. You hear a faint noise over several dunes. As you get closer, you can make out music. “Civilization, thank god” you think. You reach the top of the last dune to be greeted by this and the sweet bliss that is Africa by Toto.
      lilusher42 a month
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    • 0rigonalToxicStang
      *dust storm takes it out* *still plays music from under it's new layer of sand ,muffled* *Someone finds it and digs it out* *Starts all over again*
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    • mrneko
      Until it gets covered in sand and some dude on a camel hears it like a fuckin jumanji box
      mrneko a month
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    • Ark_Redpanda
      Imagine being stranded in the desert for 3 days. You ran out of water and are sure you won't survive another day. You hear something in the distance...music? Music=Civilization! You make a mad dash in your last hope for survival and find....this...
      Ark_Redpanda a month
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    • monyana
      Or until a sandstorm covers them probably has already happened
      monyana 25d
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    • oldmanKen
      That shit will be covered by sand in a month
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    • 4lltheusern4mes4ret4ken
      Then a dust storm approaches
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    • jhonny_testicle
      Imagine having been lost in the nambian desert for months and have just run out of water, then finally you hear noise in the distance it sounds like music so you start running thinking you are saved come to find a fucking speaker playing Africa by Toto in your face as you die
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    • MotorTrend
      Imagine getting lost in the desert and then hearing a faint song off in the distance making you believe youre going insane
      MotorTrend a month
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    • Underdog150
      If by "for all time" you mean "until dust and sand cover up the solar panels in a few days" then yeah sure
      Underdog150 a month
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      Electronics won’t last long with that much heat and dust
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    • Mattomr45
      The sand would cause the solar panels to stop working within months with no proper upkeep
      Mattomr45 a month
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    • Leviathan488
      Sand storm will probably bury it.
      Leviathan488 a month
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    • chris_hansen
      Imagine wandering lost for days and you hear Africa by Toto playing
      chris_hansen a month
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    • Emsyyy
      Imagine wandering the desert and hearing that shit
      Emsyyy a month
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    • JaCopeland
      Y'all know how quickly that's going to be covered in sand? Prolly already is
      JaCopeland a month
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    • lorenzo326
      What about the brutal sun deteriorating the shit out of that plastic
      lorenzo326 a month
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    • shadowmanrasputin
      Sun damage will disable its ability to function in less than a year.
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    • Isaaaac
      Rechargeable batteries degrade over time. Also that phone will overheat
      Isaaaac a month
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    • dekout4harambae
      I lived in Africa for 2 years, I bet that thing has already been stolen
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    • Neptune3
      That will last maybe 20 years. The wires will degenerate. The solar panels can get covered with sand. And sandstorm could destroy it. Rain could ruin it even if it’s rare. And of course someone could just steal the stuff.
      Neptune3 a month
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    • DP28
      DP28 a month
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    • hamforme
      Imagine being lost in the desert desperately looking for people or any sign of civilization and hearing this in the distance thinking you’re safe, then bam, Africa by Toto
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    • DopedNScoped
      Its legit. The guy used high grade solar batteries and expects it to run for the next 55 million years. I mean he obviously didnt account for sand storms and weather, but i applaud the attempt nonetheless
      DopedNScoped a month
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    • ParmigianoReggiano
      Batteries only have a limited number of cycles. Nice thought though.
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    • jdawg9696
      Until a sandstorm hits it
      jdawg9696 a month
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    • whispersofshadows
      It will play until the sand gets into the speakers and kills them, or until the solar cells die, or the sun bakes the cables until the plastic hardens and flakes away causing the wires to short
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    • NNUUQQ
      I bet they fuck it up and play the weezer version
      NNUUQQ a month
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    • LandingZone
      Until that sand niqqa Zabeen comes to steal it and sell it at the bazaar for an exorbitant price
      LandingZone a month
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    • KingofWeebs
      Until the sandstorm buries it
      KingofWeebs a month
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    • WhitePrivilegeMaster
      What about rain? It may be rare in the desert but it does happen lol. Also what about the extremely cold temps at night?
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    • Vaati006
      Blowing sands would bury it within a week.
      Vaati006 a month
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    • BlepoDerio
      You know electronics don't like heat, right?
      BlepoDerio a month
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    • Fishysticks
      Imagine being stranded in the desert and you hear the beginning of Africa.
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    • Laddy
      One sandstorm later..
      Laddy a month
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    • SpaceRangerMartin
      Real life easter egg
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    • RyeGuy75
      It’s been 300 years now. Somehow, through the course of time, the relic still plays. A cult of sand nomads now worship it, believing it to be a sign that the rain will return to the lands.
      RyeGuy75 a month
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    • jozbo20
      Imagine there’s like some sort of apocalypse and humanity is reduced to a very few amount of people, with no recollection of history, and they’re just walking through the desert and that’s the artifact they find from the ancients
      jozbo20 a month
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    • Psychedelics_Anonymous
      What happens when it rains?
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    • GetBaitedvacuum
      Imagine 1000 years from now as future historians document our civilization and come across this
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    • tadders
      the wind would cause sand to bury it, so it's probably already gone
      tadders a month
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    • ChamberK
      Hopefully he left some water bottles in there in case anyone gets lost in that desert.
      ChamberK a month
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    • Plorf
      Erosion of MP3 by sand, battery decay because of heat, shifting sand, and people who make $20 a year who would steal it would make that thing last all of 4 weeks.
      Plorf a month
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    • Matsen_inactive
      What about during a sand storm and literally all that stuff gets covered by metric tons and tons of sand?
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    • mistersnagsby
      Until a sandstorm rolls up...
      mistersnagsby a month
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    • eyadrocker
      It still rains in a desert, just not very often
      eyadrocker a month
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    • re_imagineit
      Imagine in 1000 years, someone will be exploring the vast desert when, eerily in the distance, they hear “I bless the rains down in Africa” and all they’re gonna think is they walked onto some ancient shrine to some ancient god named Toto or something.
      re_imagineit a month
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    • Awesome0Sauce
      Until they overheat and burn out because its a FUCKING DESERT
      Awesome0Sauce a month
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    • TheQuestionableHumor
      Until a sandstorm comes through and buries it
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    • knightrid3r55
      What about sand storms and it gets buried after a year or two
      knightrid3r55 a month
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    • AdamCarolla
      A sand storm or regular storm would fuck that shit up in 5 minutes
      AdamCarolla a month
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    • MagnificentMemeOverlord
      This is great until a sandstorm rolls along and buries it under a mountain of sand
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    • Call_me_Cal
      You can tell this was an art student and not an engineer. No sun cover to prevent overheating, multiple exposed parts, no additional dust proofing and low to the ground where it can be easily buried by sand with shifting winds. I give this installation 2 years tops
      Call_me_Cal a month
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    • Atrolux
      When the music stops marks the end of the world.
      Atrolux a month
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    • BlazetornadoNew
      Your plane has crashed, and you've been lost in the desert for 5 days your life is hanging on there an oasis on the horizon with food and water for life . But your ear catch a tone the sound of "Toto's: Africa " plays you try to fight it but the song might was to powerful.
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    • demonkey
      Shoulda played sandstorm
      demonkey a month
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    • Lethgar
      Just wait until sandstorm comes on, might not work out as intended
      Lethgar a month
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    • TheWeeabooRaverBuddahHead
      The sun alone would destroy that
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    • Pussykitter
      Until sand gets in it and it stops working
      Pussykitter a month
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    • MagnusRufus
      Until the next windy day when the dunes shift and fucking bury them
      MagnusRufus a month
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    • 21012patrick
      Until the next sandstorm comes along
      21012patrick a month
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    • SirSlitherSnake
      Or until a sandstorm comes and fucks over the speakers, solar panels, and batteries
      smile 4
      Some sand dune is going to cover that shit in sand
      smile 4
    • BananaK1
      *the blessed rains down in africa happen to drift to this one spot in the middle of the fucking desert*
      BananaK1 a month
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    • FamousUser
      Guess they never heard of dust.
      FamousUser a month
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    • notbenshapiro
      What happens when it does rain in Africa though? 🤔
      notbenshapiro a month
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    • helpfulltimes
      The sand dunes change constantly and would cover those speakers in mere hours
      helpfulltimes a month
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    • TheRedBeardedBastard
      That’s gonna get destroyed so fast lmao
      smile 4
    • sumsalt
      Works until a sandstorm i guess
      sumsalt a month
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    • zach2398
      Until it gets buried in a sand storm
      zach2398 a month
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    • weird_flex_but_ok
      Wouldn't it over heat and catch fire/stop working
      smile 4
    • kp1995
      It could get wet though. Not sure, but I guess it rains down in Africa.
      kp1995 a month
      smile 4
    • nigward117
      Because overheating and other problems that wear the electronics down don’t exist
      nigward117 a month
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    • poopshitdickmotherfucker
      Sandstorms will destroy the speakers
      smile 4
    • ethanlangd0n
      What about uhhhh sandstorm
      ethanlangd0n a month
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    • mdscmsjms
      “Today I learned” is so much better than “I was today years old”
      mdscmsjms a month
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    • The_Psychonaut
      Sand/heat will destroy the electronics long before then
      smile 4
    • eth0
      A setup like this would stay functional for only a year
      eth0 a month
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    • Venusaurz
      Until it gets covered in 10 feet of sand from a sand storm
      Venusaurz a month
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    • _SomerHimpson_
      Bullshit. The panel will get covered and sand and for Christ’s sake it’s in a desert, the speakers and mp3 are going to get extremely hot.
      smile 4
    • ToesBeforeHoes
      First person to hear it will be taking it
      smile 4
    • aluminumRooster
      That’s just an SCP, carry on
      smile 5
    • Asshathazmat
      Imagine, you’ve been stranded for days, your out of food, out of water, and finally out of hope, starving, dehydrated, and exhausted your on your last leg in the desert. But wait what’s that sound, music? Thank GOD! You use the last of your energy to stumble towards your salvation only to find this.
      Asshathazmat a month
      smile 4
    • irishtexan
      Until a sand dunes covers it up
      irishtexan a month
      smile 4
    • NateLav
      Yeah those 18 gauge wires are gonna last for all eternity in the desert. And so are those iphones
      NateLav a month
      smile 4
    • AstronautInDisguise
      The sand and wind will either cover it up or destroy it.
      smile 4
    • Imustkeepbitchin
      Two years of the scorching sun coming down on that equipment, even if it’s UV protected, shit is over
      smile 4 reply 4
    • Byzantium72
      Until a sandstorm buries them
      Byzantium72 a month
      smile 4
    • Detinc
      Should've been playing Darude Sandstorm
      Detinc a month
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    • Beautiful_Women_Daily
      Wait a day when a sandstorm hits
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Nachteu1e
      "For the rest of time" sees flashflood, sandstorm, or trading caravan... I dont know about that one bud, might last a few weeks
      Nachteu1e a month
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    • Loserbutt426
      Sandstorms? Hello it’s the dessert lol
      Loserbutt426 a month
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    • mario8923
      *Overheats in 10 minutes*
      mario8923 a month
      smile 4 reply 1
    • BoneArbiter
      Till it gets buried by the desert winds
      BoneArbiter a month
      smile 4
    • Triairius
      The sand is going to fuck that setup real quick.
      Triairius a month
      smile 4
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