• To the lady at Costco with her son on a leash. I'm sorry that I asked if he was a rescue. The profanity wasn't necessary but thank you for not siccing him on me.
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    • barnacles
      Nah the kids just retarded
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    • Spyr0
      Spyr0 14d
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    • livingInCollective
      912.417.6697 this is a number of a scammer that took my moms money and made her cry. call, mess with this fucker, spread it around
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    • PrinceOfBread
      If you have not been in charge of a 1 year old for an hour at a grocery store, you are not allowed to shit on the blessing that is a child harness. They RUN. They touch outlets. They get in the lap of strangers. They throw glass jars. Toddlers need to learn the habit of staying close
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    • Pride_The_Arrogant
      These types of parents are gonna be the same ones who wonder why their kids don't follow their rules or love them.
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    • Extra0rdinary_CPasta
      My cousins had to be leashed at Disneyland when they were little because they fucking ran from our grandparents. There’s a portrait picture of them with Mickey and he’s holding their leashes (don’t have the photo on my phone, just trust me on this)
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    • no_name_20
      I think it’s weird to do that. Somehow I managed to keep my kid alive while not having him leashed up like a dog. Who would have thought.
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    • Conditioning
      You and your child both have hands. Hold each other's hand and stop wearing fucking leash.
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    • Coolbean94vevo
      White culture is putting your dog in a stroller and your child on a leash
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    • SaltySandwiches
      If you have to put your child in a leash you aren't doing your job as a parent
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    • Thaz
      Dude I've seen some pretty fucked up kids in my life. If your kid was sporadically running around all the time a leash might be necessary for their safety. There was this woman in my neighborhood and her child was a brat, always running away from her anywhere because he thought it was funny
      Thaz 14d
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    • budgie02
      People keep toddlers on leashes because you can literally blink and they’re gone, it’s horrifying. It lets them move around more than holding their hand as well.
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    • SFX_Fox
      Costco is the only place that can give me indoor roadrage with their giant ass shopping carts and confused people wondering where they hid the industrial mayonnaise today
      SFX_Fox 14d
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    • thisisastrawberry
      If I ever get an attack dog instead of teaching him “sick-em boy” imma say JALAPEÑO USE SICKO MODE (imma name him Jalapeño) that way he’s like a Pokémon
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    • MayhemMadness
      I would have answered with "no were fostering, are you interested in getting one?"
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      As much as its frowned upon the reason for child leashes is because the lil fuckers are RUNNERS! THEY RUN AWAY! cant tell you how many times some goddamn toddler running away from the parents run out in front of cars at walmart🙄🙄🙄 control your children stupid motherfuckers
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    • jamrm
      If you think the solution to a kid running off, is putting them on a leash like an animal, instead of disciplining then like a normal parent, PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE!
      jamrm 14d
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    • sturmgewehr80
      Bet he wasn't even a real registered service child.
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    • Jimbato
      "Hes not a rescue, hes my support animal god dammit!"
      Jimbato 14d
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    • Frienemies
      He identifies as a furry now. Way to go mom.
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    • ViscountSB
      I fucking hate when parents put their kids on leashes
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    • AnotherBadUsername
      If you have your kid on a leash, you didn't housebreak your pet correctly in the first few years
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    • Gradiator
      Don’t judge people for putting their kids on a leash. It’s hard to keep track of those little fuckers.
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    • Crumbeard
      All children should be on leashes. You can’t change my mind on that.
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    • MarzipanDragyn
      Everybody remember—a child leash coulda saved Harambe.
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    • silverwolf1816
      Okay well that's all good and fun but some kids actually just run around and leave their parents if they aren't controlled so it's not like the parent has much of a choice.
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    • Drunk_DinosaurV2
      Some kids do need a leash.
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    • MrJauneArc
      If u need a leash to control ur kid, u do not know how to be a parent.
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    • That_brown_Fellow
      Don't put you kids on leashes folks because when they grow up you'll see them dressing in fur suits and going to conventions
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    • cheesewiz
      I was on a leash. Mom had 3 of us and guessing I kept wondering off. Keep that shit on lockdown!
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    • zepzepzep
      I have a four year old and I am very sympathetic to parents using the kid leash.
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    • FuckingFairyTail
      You’re kind of asking for it if you keep your kid on a leash like a fucking dog
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    • Sodomite
      I was a heathen child who learned to unbuckle myself from stroller at a very young age and manage to get lost everytime! Mom's solution? A fucking belt cinched around my waist and stroller, making sure the buckle was BEHIND the stroller lol.
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    • hashtageverythingsucks
      As a mom of a toddler and another one on the way I totally see now why people use leashes on their children
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    • Shayera
      Heaven forbid people don’t want to lose their children in public. Some are timid and shy so they stick around, others are overzealous and just want to explore it all. Do what’s best for the child, not judgmental cunts.
      Shayera 14d
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    • Useless_Post_It_Note
      With how many people fuckin snatch kids out of nowhere all the time in public places, a leash doesnt seem so bad.
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    • the_pebble_in_your_shoe
      Parents put their kids on leashes because they’re afraid the kids will go find vaccinations
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    • megagingerpimp
      Nothing wrong with putting a kid on a leash
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    • ScuttlB
      Some people need freaken leashes on their children that and a good ass whooping
      ScuttlB 14d
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    • EarthKKun
      I don’t get the hate on leashes or why people call it “lazy parenting.” It’s not. You can’t keep your eye on your kid 24/7, especially if they’re being a shithead. I’d rather have a 3-year-old on a leash than not and kidnapped.
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    • notafurryaccount
      Leashes are actually kinda good tho (for younger kids). The kid gets to walk around and won't be a vibrating bundle of spaz later, but is still kept in check
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    • Prif_The_DD214
      I dont understand people that hate on leash kids. I was a leash kid. I would have died before an anti vax kid had i not been on the leash because 1) i was adhd af and 2) i was an asshole that never listened to my parents
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    • blazinblunts
      Yeah, growing up my mom used an asswhoopin as a leash.
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    • Graystar_Reborn
      My sister had to wear a leash because her dumb ass would constantly try to run into traffic...not that awful.
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    • McShawberryKuchenNayhter
      “hE HAs a lOt oF ENeRgy”
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    • TheLeopardGecko
      My brother got forgotten at Walmart once so I mean I understand the leash really
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    • SilverBansheeeee
      I get that it's weird but the kid back pack leashes are supposed to just give that extra insurance that hopefully no one is going to be able to just take off with them in the crowd.. some kids are runners and dont listen when they are told stop.. as a parent it is a scary thought.
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    • dipshit_
      My mom had to keep me on a leash, when people would ask her why she would drop the leash and I would be rounding the corner of the aisle within three seconds.
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    • FluffyMawileFan
      One time I told a lady with a Great Dane that she had a nice horse
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    • Guns_reloads_murica
      I don’t see a problem with putting your kid on a leash but if you gotta go that route be a good sport about it
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    • IA_Cyclone
      I used to kinda hate the parents who put their kids on leashes, but come to think of it that's way better than the parents who don't give a fuck about their little asshole toddlers and just let them run all through the store being little shits
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    • jake3254
      I used to ask why people do that, I understand now because I have 3 and they are all fucking stupid.
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    • Joeey
      Parents who put their kids on the leash are the parents of the annoying retard kids at school with short tempers that pee in trash cans
      Joeey 14d
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    • Trashboat420
      All kids are different I have 3 and one was that kid. She would unlock the door at 2 and go outside naked to the neighbors house. I put locks at the top of the doors she unlocked windows and jumped into the bushes naked and do the same shit
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    • LSEAD
      I saw a group of moms walking their children with leashes at the park.
      LSEAD 14d
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    • KimKarTrashian
      I don't judge people that put kids on leashes with the child trafficking and abductions everywhere I'd rather have their child safety than assaulted
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    • GabrylRomero
      did you just assume the rescue gender
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    • ChristopherMJennings
      Bet most of the whiners here don't even have kids so don't know how maddening it is to keep them from wondering off. Kids at three are all ego and have plenty enough to "survive" being kept safe.
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    • PinkElephants99
      My parents had 3 kids within two years, one set was twins, and they dealt with all of us with only one parent bringing us to stores and airports and they never tethered us we knew if we were bad that they would just spank us when we got home
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    • WoodlandCrittersSP
      Parents that do that are neglecting their job of parenting. Obviously no discipline if your child is ready to bolt on you at any moment
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    • iGoomy
      I like the idea of knowing where your child is the entire time and keeping them within your sight
      iGoomy 13d
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    • FancyPeanuts
      I never realized until this day that you "sic" a dog on something and not "sick"
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    • evilapple
      I think seeing kids on leashes is funny lol, I don't mind child leashes cause to me that seems safer than having them run around and do potentially dangerous stuff
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    • SusBoyXXX
      There’s one excuse if your child should be on a leash, actually no fuck that, if you have your kid on a leash in public you shouldn’t have kids, period
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    • Chubby_Wiener
      I know putting a leash on a kid looks funny but when parents dont pay attention to kids when out in public, they are necessary
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    • NoForMeDawg
      Leashes on kids is some white people shit
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      Maybe if we lived in a time in which the left wasn't trying to normalize paedophilia then parents wouldn't have to be paranoid!!
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    • Arsoun
      Most kids with leashes are to prevent autistic children from running into the street
      Arsoun 14d
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    • TheCryocorn
      Learn to parent your child
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    • Duffchaser
      A leash would have saved harambe
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    • reposetion
      This definitely happened
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    • Cobra303
      Does anyone else stare at ads and wait for them to be funny?
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    • ericmek86
      I put my 3 year old on a leash, I would have died laughing if someone asked me this. Some people have no sense of humor
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    • CosmicPineapple
      Kids on leashes? Sounds like some shit white people do. My parents would just leave us at the store if we weren’t with them when they were leaving. “It’s only 10 miles mijo, why are you crying?”
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    • do_it_for_a_dollar_duby
      content not available more
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    • quesoburger
      Could’ve been a kinky midget
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    • MariomanfanXD
      Why the Fuck is your child on a leash?
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    • SuperTumor
      Welcome to 2019 where middle aged women are so braindead they put their kids on leashes and their dogs in strollers.
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    • Classic_Pam
      Fuck people who put kids on leashes
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    • feelsknight
      imagine being such a shit parent you need a leash to control ur kid
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    • I_Got_What_You_Want
      This is what you get for taking him Karen
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    • kingdiamond
      First time i saw this, i laughed so hard right in front of the people. The kid was like a hyper puppy too. He trying to run all over
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    • MagicMoses
      It's always so cringy when I see this in public. Just teach your kid to control themselves instead of making them look like some werid dog.
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    • didntmeantomakeyoucri
      How to make a furry. Step 1. Get them on a baby leash. Step 2. Wait 5 to 15 years
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    • TheDoctorsBadWolf
      A leash actually isn't a terrible idea. The child can move and get exercise as opposed to a stroller, and they won't get snatched
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    • Joliebeyy
      Earrape next
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    • __JustForShitsNdGiggles__
      Kids who parents put them on leashes are the ones who shoot up schools.
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    • No_brain
      Remember when everyone hated child leashes and now it's like "Well it's ridiculous, but I can't handle the little fuckers"
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    • Screaming_Eagles
      Who the fuck is this guy mike
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    • ConnorMurphweed
      People who have a problem with backpack leashes clearly didn't have one as a kid and probably got lost and almost kidnapped about 5000 times
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    • Skradi
      When i was like 2 i ran out into the nyc streets because we were visiting my aunt and i wanted to look at the ice skaters and i think thats one of the reasons i was put on a leash that looked like a monkey
      Skradi 14d
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    • Rachel35
      I’ve seen those children leashes. They cutesy them all up my making them look like a monkey backpack, but in reality they’re a leash. It’s disgusting.
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    • sarabuggy13
      That’s a funny joke though
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    • Memelocker1
      One of those aggressive breeds
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