• tl;dr The minor conflicts that involved Christianity -not necessarily caused by it- are
far outweighed by the plethora of advantages the religion provided. Far from nearly
destroying Europe -please, suggest that to any serious scholar so he can have a good
laugh at your expense-, it was the foundational stone of European success.
hat /pol/ wants you to thin!
yah crusades protected Europe from Islam do the raiding, enslaving, raping, murdering and conquering
False. Most Christians were
converted peacefully. It was in fact
pagans who did most of the raiding and
pillaging. wreak havoc on your homelands by constantly attacking true
False. There was no concept of true European back then. People
broke up by religion. Byzantium is begging for help...so instead of helping out, sack
the capital of Christian Byzantine leaving her vulnerable to
Turkish hordes.
False. Byzantium, way past its peak at the time, merely requested
help from Venice. Venice had more important matters in mind that
would later lead to the Renaissance. The end of Byzantium was
necessary to start the age of European dominance. take credit for stopping the Muslim advance when it was
the Mongol Hordes that destroyed the Islamic empire from the
False. Just like every other veteran, they are respected because they
gave their lives for their homeland, not necessarily because they won
all the battles. The real misrepresentation is done by those who
paint Muslims as
the victims when they were
the aggressors. call upon fellow Christians peasants to put an
end to
oppression, yet casually massacre
them in my backyard
False. Those events weren't ordinary, as evidenced by the fact it only
happened twice in a period of time spawning over 1000 years and in
the nearly hundred of
kingdoms that existed. lose hundreds of thousands of my men from the Mu..., I mean,
from myself
D E B U N KE D False. Christianity was not
unified, so it would be a misnomer to call
it infighting.
rather than take back what the Muslim Moorish aggressors had
[1] http://history-world.org/teutonic knights.htm taken in Iberia, decide it's more important to convert the Saxons
(Germans), and spent about 30 years massacring them.
[3] http://philipcoppens.com/cathari
False. Converting Saxons was
probably the single most important
event and the fundamental cornerstone of
the later European
dominance. Taking back Iberia was relatively simple.
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    • The crusaders generally had more military and tactical victories than the Muslims, but the biggest reasons they lost were from experiencing a lot of infighting and simply didn't have the home field advantage. They were known for having incredible fortresses but didn't have the manpower
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    • What has christianity provided?
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    • Byzantium requested help from Urban II
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