• SW Alternate Timeline:
Obi-Wan leaves the Jedi Order with Satine prior to the DeathWatch - sith Takeover, and repels their attacks "unofficially" with the help of the
SO1st and Anakin Skywalker against the wishes of the Council. Obi-Wan is left in Anakin's debt as Anakin goes off to retumn to the front lines.
[Filer]: The S01st depart from Mandalore as it technically isn't part of the Republic, and Obi-Wan sets his heart out to rebuild Mandalore and stomp out corruption
Ahsoka Tano, Padawan to Anakin, is charged with a crime she didn't commit. Just as her sentence was about to be officially recognized by the
'Chancellor, Anakin brings in the real culprit. Asoka refuses to come back to the Jedi Order, and takes up after Obi-Wan and settles in
Mandalore as an educator, advisor, and protector to both Obi-Wan and Satine.
[Filer] Asoka Tano is embraced with open arms by both Obi-Wan and Satine, and is given multiple roles within just a year of service, being educator and caretaker, advisor and protector, and trusted friend.
Due to the departure of both Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin is completely disillusioned with the Jedi Order, and falls under the wing of Palpatine
[Filer] Anakin begins to trust Palpatine more, confiding with him. However, Anakin begins to pick up on subtle ies, and every betrayal handed to him becomes much more critical in his relation with the all knowing chancellor.
Anakin is called back to Corrosaunt after the kidnapping of the Chancellor, and runs a solo operation to save him. Anakin duels Dooku, and despite the lack of Obi-Wan, bests him and ends his life, much the same as Episode 3. Anakin then confronts General Grievous for the First
Time, dispatching the Magma Guards and, after a quick scuffle, Grievous escapes and Anakin crash lands inland, with the help of R2D2.
[Filer] Anakin is imminently recalled to the Jedi Temple to discuss the future, missing Padme by just a hair of time. He is questioned about the death of Dooku, but is ultimately dropped as another matter comes up.
Anakin is tasked with defeating General Grievous once in for all, and sets out on a joint operation of the SO1st and the 212th to defeat them.
'While Anakin is ultimately successful in defeating the General, he is left injured. He is put into the infirmary onboard a venator, and is "ordered" to wear a suit to heal his damaged skin and tissue.
[Filer] The suit is non however, it made a notable distinction from him and other Jedi as he walked down the halls. Jedi whispered amongst themselves, noting how "Sith-Like" Anakin looked. While the Elder Members knew why he had to wear it, they stil disapproved of the outdated technology used, and believed he should have used the Force Healers instead.
Anakin retumns to the Jedi Council, and informs them of the Death of General Grievous. The Council reaches the ultimate decision of granting
Tedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, Savior of the Chancellor and the Republic, Defeater of Count Dooku and General Grievous, the rank of Iedi
Master and a seat upon the Jedi High Council.
[Filer] Anakin is granted the Rank of Master, which allows him to read the "forbidden texts". He finds nothing noteworthy in either the Jedi or
Sith, and finds that Sith teachings actually lead to corruption rather than life. This leads to Anakin's and Palpatine's relationship decreasing
Anakin speaks with Palpatine, talking about the ways of the Sith and their teachings, and later reveals to Anakin that he is a Sith Lord. Anakin, losing faith in Palpatine, confides with Mace Windu of his findings. Mace stil finds Anakin to be too emotional with Palpatine's relationship, and orders him to stay. Anakin follows Mace there, and enters earlier than before, watching the beginning of Mace Windu's and Palpatine's duel.
[Filler] Anakin is disillusioned with the Jedi Order, and has lost all of his Faith in Palpatine. As he looks upon the duel, he finds neither to be a
'great option, and simply lets it play out.
'Anakin watches as Mace disarms Palpatine, and claims he cannot be imprisoned. Anakin says nothing, simply watching. Palpatine notices
'Anakin's lack of confrontation and lashes out at Mace, screaming "UNLIMITED...POWER!" Anakin rapidly approaches Palpatine, dehands and beheads him within two quick motions.
'Mace Windu, tired after the inhnman assautt he had just been victim to, approaches the broken Anakin. "What have I done..?" Anakin asks, more to himself than Mace. "What was right." Mace answers, and seeing that Anakin was not in the right mind, simply places a hand on his shoulder and leaves the room.
[Double Filler] Anakin chose to go against Palpatine, but that did not mean he agreed with the Jedi Order. Mace Windu retumns to the Jedi
'Council and informs all of the Jedi across the Galaxy of the Death of many of the Council Members, and the betrayal.
The Senate finds out about the Death of the Chancellor, and that it was done by the Jedi. The evidence is there, although how the Jedi died in the first place is a mystery. The Jedi are pushed offworld by both Government and Protests, leaving only the Republic's Savior and Champion,
Tedi Master Anakin Skywalker, to help rebuild the Republic. The Senate grants Master Skywalker the powers of the Chancellor, and makes him the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Army of the Republic.
[Filler] Anakin quickly finds the harsh limitations of a Free Republic, and convinces the Senate to give him the ability to reorganize the Republic as an Emoire. The Emvire is stil combating the Confederacv. and with the lack of Jedi Generals. besins to move to harsher tactics.
Anakin is conffonted by his lover and secret wife, Padme Amadala. Padme challenges his decision of the dissolvement of the Republic, and what of the lost Freedoms. Seeing that she is going nowhere with him, She confesses that she is pregnant. Anakin compromises with her, seeing an entire new landscape of ideas come to mind, and tells her that he will bring Obi-Wan and Ahsoka as advisors to his New Empire, to which she unhappily agrees.
[Filer] Obi-Wan and Ahsoka watched the fall of the Republic with a muted moment of silence. They understood the ways that were lost, but id not believe that the way it was going would lead the Galaxy to a better place. They only agree to help Anakin to prevent more lives from being lost, to bring Justice and security, and to be a good voice of wisdom to the emotionally ridden Supreme Commander Anakin Skywalker.
Epilogue: Anakin and Padme's relationship momentarily suffers, but they stay together and raise their children in the ways of diplomacy, flying, and, much to Padme's horror, unsupervised LightSaber Dueling on the roof of their building. They are raised following a perverted version of the Jedi Code, being raised almost as Dark Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi retires after two decades of peacekeeping, deciding that he has fixed enough that the future will stay safe for at least another hundred or so years, and decides to return to Satine and spend what time he had left with her and their children. Ahsoka Tano serves as an inquisitor alongside Side Anakin, and while she isn't as brutal as the Original Empire, she isn't exactly pure in heart. While the Confederacy is eventually beaten down, there are stil pockets across the outer Rim of holdouts waiting for a day that they can rise up against the Empire. The Jedi Order is left in exile, many of those a part of the younger generation join the Empire as inquisitors. There were a few that ended up with the confederacy after being disilusioned with the Republic - Tumed Empire and their aggression against them. Finally, there were the remnants of the True Jedi Order. These members were the hard-core die hard Jedi, mostly made up of the older generation. These members included Mace Winds, Grand Master Yoda, and many other Jedi Masters.
Rough Draft Ending, plans to revist are currently underway. Possiblity for novel confirmed, please await notification.
Alternate History Brainstormed by: Johnson / TheNorthernR / The_Unfortunate_Civiian
All rights go to Disney / Lucas Films.
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