• fukahoe
      Did every one read that
      fukahoe 5 jan
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    • bouttacrap
      Isn't that the one with. The plane crash and the pilot died?
      bouttacrap 7 jan
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    • TheAwkward
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    • EliteFuze
      Loved that book, favorite part is where he has to swim down to the plane and he sees the pilots body
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    • TortillaBoy
      Holy shit I thought I was the only that read it(there are also two more books by the author continuing the boys story)
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    • JeralynnMasker
      How did we all envision the same motherfukin place
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    • chasesothrash
      I’m telling you we all had the same fucking childhood
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    • _Boosette_
      Why the fucci do we all have the same memories? I feel attacked
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    • nucleargames81
      Oh my fucking God I remember that shit deadass I pictured the same damn thing too
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    • emptyfishtank
      The lake was an "L" shape
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    • AJLund
      How did everybody including me imagine that setting?
      AJLund 10d
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    • mee0328
      Same but wasnt it an L shaped lake?
      mee0328 11d
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    • Sn0WmANH7
      Great book went on to read the others in the same series
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    • JorahTarth
      That book taught me that people often shit themselves during a heart attack
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    • Its_Rez
      Damn, did we all have the same childhood?
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    • Theforlornforsworn
      Did everybody grow up the same? Damn😂
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    • goodboydeer
      This is so weird because it’s exactly how I imagined it
      smile 6
      Ay, they forgot the L-shaped lake
      smile 6
    • __Joseph__
      I loved that book so much and I’m glad I’m not the only person who got to experience it.
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    • tykoon85
      Except it’s an L shaped lake
      smile 6
    • ScreaM_MHN
      I remember it being more L shaped and with a bit of a buffer between the trees and the bank, and wasn’t the plane sticking out slightly above the water? I may be wrong
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    • SpawnedRayGun
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    • _TheCloroxKing
      It was actually an L shaped lake
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    • myyzismybabe
      What a good book
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    • Futuramma
      Are we all just the same person
      smile 5
    • 1_does_not_simply
      it was an L shaped lake
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    • crispy_memes
      You just unlocked a part of my memory i didnt know I had
      smile 5
    • TheCriminal
      It was an L shaped lake you cucktard
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    • jarrett8897
      Did everyone imagine it this way?
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    • XxFortniteYoutuberxX
      It was an L shaped lake though.
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    • pualiewantsyourmamassweet
      Omg I didn't think anyone else remember hatchet
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    • redrumonkey
      Holy fuck its as if public education was standardized. Scary stories to tell in the dark?
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    • JacobReinbolt
      It was an "L" shaped lake
      smile 5
    • ThotKiller87
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    • ETX_Ghost
      He specifically said it was shaped like a L you fucking morons
      smile 5 reply 2
    • SaberToothTiggerYT
      How dare you bring back memories that I didnt know I had??
      smile 5
    • sourskittle44
      How tf that so accurate what we all thought the same thing
      smile 5
    • deathskiller01
      That’s how I imagined it too but the lake was bigger and shaped like an L
      smile 5
    • waluigi_the_resurected
      Hatchet was good but anyone else read outsiders?
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Ryanocerous
      Pretty sure it said the lake was L shaped🤔
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    • RoyStone
      It was L shaped
      smile 5 reply 2
    • just_yeet_it
      It was L-shaped tho
      smile 5 reply 1
    • BobbyTribble
      Oh yeah, when I read “L” shaped lake I also pictured a circle because I too am dyslexic
      smile 5
    • ThisDayInHistoryIF
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    • Typical_White_Boy
      Retard the lake was shaped like an L
      smile 5 reply 2
    • AaronFuller56
      Only real ones read the 2 nd book
      smile 5 reply 4
    • dizzer
      dizzer 12d
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    • Project1Moon
      The "what if" books after hatchet were actually even better than the original
      smile 5
    • LewdCrime
      Anyone else read the sequel where it talked about what happened if the boy wasn’t saved in the first book or is it just me?
      smile 5 reply 7
    • Lucothepuco
      Is that that book that includes the pilot dying of a heart attack and the main character lands on an Island?
      smile 4
    • A_Literal_Dragon
      Hell yeah!!! Even though living in the wilderness was a bit of a struggle for Brian, I always imagined the scenery as very beautiful...
      smile 4
    • anAmericanGuy55
      We read it in 6th grade if I remember correctly
      smile 4
    • lancedunagan
      The lake was in an L shape you dumB Bitch
      smile 4
    • spicyburger
      I’m extremely serious when I say this. I did too. The exact same place
      smile 4
    • thejakerz
      Low key still my favorite book wver
      smile 4 reply 1
    • DennisRyan
      The hatchet was the only series of books I read.
      smile 4 reply 1
      That Book Taught Me How To Not Go Insane After Killing Demons For 1,000 Years Straight With No Food Or Water! I'm Still Fine! I TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES!!!! STOP FOLLOWING ME YOU FLYING UNICORN FUCKER!!!!
      smile 4
    • peanutdude
      This is EXACTLY how I pictured it
      smile 4 reply 1
    • omegle_pranks_
      Didn’t the book mention the the lake was “L” shaped.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • GoalFinisher
      Literally all of us read that. This is a government scheme. They’re planning on whipping us all out soon. That book was our training for basic survival.
      smile 4
    • SandwichGang
      It was an L shaped lake as in L for that pilot
      smile 4
    • gawain1160
      Yeah its L shaped
      smile 4
    • TrailerParkJim
      What about the second one where he DIDNT GET SAVED
      smile 4 reply 2
    • 3rdOptics
      Took the image right outta my head.
      smile 4
    • Kozaki
      Ngl the hatchet genuinely the only book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading
      Kozaki 11d
      smile 4
    • Benito_the_Greasy_Italian
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Drummer7900
      One of the only books I read in middle school that I actually enjoyed. That, Narnia, and that series of the kids that climbed Everest
      smile 4 reply 1
    • telipinkerton
      honestly the most relatable thing yet today
      smile 4
    • LordMoldyAss
      It was an L shaped lake
      smile 4
    • The_Spicy_Memelord
      You just dug up a very deep memory and I thank you
      smile 4
    • TheWheelDeal246
      I agree, but I believe the lake was supposed to be L shaped. Correct me if I'm wrong.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • LaNiqqa
      The lake was shaped like an L tho
      LaNiqqa 11d
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    • ElAlacran21
      The lake was L shape
      smile 4
    • Official_Battlefield
      Anyone read the second book about him surviving the winter if he wouldn’t of been rescued?
      smile 4 reply 4
    • RedRussianKernov
      I read that book on my own, fuck popcorn reading lmao
      smile 4
    • a1readytracer
      Did you guys also read brians winter?
      smile 4
    • 0finnawoke0
      I mostly remember that the pilot's farts really stunk during the heart attack. 10/10 would maybe someday read again.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Anastassia
      That book brings so much nostalgia
      smile 4
    • riceJim
      Bro I felt so immersed in that book shit I need another good book any recommendations
      riceJim 11d
      smile 4 reply 2
    • ThePope_
      Whoa me too, but remember it was an l-shaped lake so just add that factor in and it's 100% accurate
      smile 4
    • carbohydrate_caretaker
      The lake was L shaped you dumb
      smile 4
    • santagotabrandnewbag
      Swear we all lived very similar childhoods. Down to the books damn
      smile 4
    • SquishyGuardian
      Isnt the lake in the shape of an L ?
      smile 4
    • Spoongeward
      We read that and we watched the movie and we all made fun of the kids bad acting
      smile 4
    • Brocket_Launcher
      The Hatchet's dope
      smile 4 reply 3
    • H8_6669
      It was an l shaped lake in the book you dumbass
      H8_6669 11d
      smile 4 reply 3
    • BigBoiSuccc
      Basically my imagination, but with a cave next to it
      smile 4
    • Skynyrd_
      I read that by choice and loved it
      smile 4
    • cares0000000
      Wow....I'm getting old......(great book though)
      smile 4
    • Cmaster1245
      The movie was shit but the book was fire
      smile 4 reply 2
    • MattSigley
      No it was a L shaped lake. Guess you all didnt read it.
      smile 5
    • MemeyLord
      What the fuck, why is this so accurate
      smile 4
    • coolguy278
      smile 4
    • BehemothSloth
      If it was in the shape of an L it would be perfect
      smile 4
    • ItalianLizard
      The part with the pilot being eaten was fucking terrifying considered we watched the movie as kids
      smile 4
    • angryeyebrows
      Such a good book...Brian's Winter and The River anyone else?
      smile 4
    • Jay_the_Fangirl
      The book was good but the ending was a major letdown.
      smile 4
    • skyknight36
      This is how I imagined it too
      smile 4
    • RedEuph
      Wait no fucking way me too
      RedEuph 12d
      smile 4
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