• This Day in Halo: February 28th, 2525
Miranda Halsey is born on Reach where her mother, Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey, lived and worked. Jacob Keyes was her father.
Although Dr. Halsey loved and often thought about Miranda, her work rarely allowed for the two of them to spend time together.
Miranda lived "with" her mother on Reach until 2531 when Dr. Halsey sent her to live with her father in Mare Insularum on Luna.
Dr. Halsey felt that she could no longer care for her. Jacob Keyes, however, was acting as an instructor at the OCS in Mare Nubium.
Miranda grew close to her father and even had her last name changed to Keyes. While she still talked with her mother, it was rare.
Jacob tried his hardest to dissuade her from joining the UNSC military, but she was dead set on following in her father's footsteps.
At the age of 16, she was accepted for pre- enlistment training at the academy, making her the second-youngest to ever attend it.
After graduating with honors, Miranda was assigned to the UNSC Hilbert, an unarmed science vessel on the edge of UNSC space.
This placement was due to Dr. Halsey, who wanted to keep her out of harm's way. But, harm's way came right to Miranda instead.
During the Battle of Gamma Pavonis VII, the UNSC Hilbert and three: corvettes were all attacked by a lone Covenant destroyer.
Despite outnumbering the enemy, there was no chance that the UNSC ships could beat the destroyer or even crack its shielding.
Lieutenant Keyes ordered the Hilbert to ram the destroyer at high speed, which nudged the warship into the planet's gravity well.
Miranda and her crew rushed to the escape pods, but only she and one other made it.
The destroyer crashed onto the planet.
Because of her courageous actions that defeated the Covenant ship and saved the three UNSC corvettes, she was promoted.
Now-Lieutenant Commander Keyes was given command of the UNSC In Amber Clad and immediately deployed into active duty.
By the time she received the Colonial Cross for her fallen father in late 2552, Miranda had earned the rank of Commander.
She would play a pivotal role in the battles of Earth and Installation 05, and even helped forge humanity's alliance with the Sangheili.
While attempting to stop the activation of the Halo Array from Installation 00, Miranda was killed by the Prophet of Truth himself.
Commander Keyes was posthumously awarded the Legion of Honor. Her mother mourned and often dreamed of Miranda.
What did you think of Miranda Keyes as a character in the Halo Universe? Would you like to see her in a prequel game or story?
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