• They'll say 2 but in reality they'll go for 3 and cheat on 3 with 1
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    • Bowman_BO1
      They want anything except what they have
      Bowman_BO1 13 jan
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    • Shamwow
      Dont go for entitled twats boys. Theres good women out there eventhough theyre hard to find
      Shamwow 13 jan
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    • HippieX10
      What actually happens: A) They say they want 2 B) They choose 3 C) They cheat on 3 with 1 D) 3 finds out about 1 and dumps them E) 1 was just looking for the one night and they gets upset F) they find 2 and are happy G) they cheat on 2 with 1 again
      HippieX10 15 jan
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    • RighteousTrashPanda
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    • zefolas
      They'll go back and forth between 1&3 until they get their heart broke and say they loved 2 all along
      zefolas 13 jan
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    • ironmanstan
      Am I the only girl that would ACTUALLY want 2? Like I don’t give a shit about having a lot of money. I don’t even go for attractive guys tbh, just for the good ones.
      ironmanstan 14 jan
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    • __WAKKO__
      That is why i am going to marry a girl from a third world country, all the bitches in the us are entitled af
      __WAKKO__ 13 jan
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    • Drummerdude117
      If our culture just stopped making it ok to cheat or to leave someone just because of material things. I’ve got an amazing girl and it took looking for someone who is genuinely good on the inside and not just focusing on the outward.
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    • MadSnailDisease
      I’m about to shoot my shot today guys wish me luck 🙏🏻
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    • SomeRandomAssNigga
      Before you start saying that love never really exists and that no one is worth your time/wants you because you're not worth it try and figure yourself out and work through the flaws you have before you actually start the search or else you'll just look for someone to dump baggage on
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    • YunoWhatIMean
      I feel like a lot of bitter guys just keep running into the wrong women, because 2 is really the best, I promise.
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    • shonuff420
      Jesus the level of woman hate on here is so high
      shonuff420 13 jan
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    • Trapsy_
      Trapsy_ 13 jan
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    • RdoubleESESyes
      Look at all these fuckin ‘nice guys finish last’ comments when all girls really want is the sweet delicious peanut butter chocolaty goodness of Reeses puffs cereal, part of a balanced breakfast
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    • Swivel
      What about average dick, treats you right but doesn’t take shit, and alright money?
      Swivel 15 jan
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    • WholeWheatCrust
      We gotta treat ourselves like the prizes we are. Bitches just be sayin shit to lower your morale. Yall are treasures and i know some of yall would make a woman very happy. So don't worry, theres always a good woman out there for you guys, just never settle for a fucking bitch because you think...
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    • dontgiveupjustyet
      Women are nothing more than whores. Damn Amanda for cheating on me...
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    • Gibby421
      "Why can't hot women look past my small dick and shitty demeanor and minimum wage job? I'm such a nice guy, but THESE FUCKING BITCHES..."
      Gibby421 13 jan
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    • UnicornOfMagic
      All women are cheating fucking whores that are worthless wastes of space. Change my mind.
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    • The_Final_No_PFP_Boss
      He could have all three and still cheat on him with some dumbass trying to become a rapper.
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    • PLUN
      PLUN 13 jan
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      Bitches wanting a man with a big dick and money look like a bag of mayonnaise lmao
      LIKEASIRR 13 jan
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    • who_u_calling_pin_head
      Oh I get it, it's because jfk was shot in the head
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    • WhoISWha
      I'm a girl who just wants two. Cheating is a terrible thing to do and if you've cheated before your pathetic.
      WhoISWha a month
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    • MediaSlave
      I legitimately feel like it's near impossible to find my dream girl because if she existed I'd never run into her anyways because she'd always be home playing video games.
      MediaSlave 18 jan
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    • blurred_mind
      That's a fact, all women are thots
      blurred_mind 15 jan
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    • cwesson
      Am I the only girl that only wants 2 or
      cwesson 14 jan
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    • Dawnofpanda89
      I hate greed and I hate when women say they marry for money it’s absolutely disgusting I’d rather stay single and be happy
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    • roaster248
      Love how ppl trying to defend whaman saying it’s just nice or hurt guys on IFunny 😂 eventually more men will know about female hypergamy and women are just mad cuz it shows how valueless they are
      roaster248 13 jan
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    • You_Called
      This entire comment section is almost just r/niceguys
      You_Called 13 jan
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    • KiKi_Sledge
      Definitely number 2. If he’s a number 2, 1&3 don’t matter
      KiKi_Sledge 13 jan
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    • thotimus_prime2
      imma co-sign that bc that was some real shit you just said
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    • itsjustjess27
      2 for sure. I make enough money to support my family on my own and I like average size dick. I dont need something that is going to tare my insides up. I'm good on that
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    • LordProtectorCorvo
      "oh no, size doesn't matter, big dick hurts" they say to make you feel better, then cheat on you with someone with a bigger dick
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    • XDontworryboutitX
      No they cheat on 2 with 1
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    • RyanTVanDam
      Realist shit ever
      RyanTVanDam 13 jan
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    • Nobody_Important130
      Jesus, how many “Nice Guy” posts are gonna get featured???
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    • Telf
      And they’ll keep two around for someone to talk to and keep them company
      Telf 13 jan
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    • urcheerios
      Any girl that doesn’t choose a man that treats you right out of that list has issues fr
      urcheerios 13 jan
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    • SomeRandomNigga
      Then after 3 finds out they cheated and they break up, she'll cry about how she can't find number 2.
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    • RdoubleESESyes
      Look at all these fuckin ‘nice guys finish last’ comments when all girls really want is the sweet delicious peanut butter chocolaty goodness of Reeses puffs cereal, part of a balanced breakfast
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    • BMills
      I mean stop going for hoes? Like not all women are like this and not all men are like this. If you look for players you're going to get played.
      BMills 13 jan
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    • johnnyR14
      Then go to 2 for advice and only think of them as a friend🤯🤯🤯
      johnnyR14 17 jan
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    • grandeur
      y’all know penetration most of the time has nothing to do with female orgasm tho right? lesbians have the most orgasms of women yet all they have is fingers. don’t act like dick size actually matters.
      grandeur 16 jan
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    • Nerdyboy75
      I was with one for 3+ years. Sadly it’s over and I’m just a sad boi now .
      Nerdyboy75 14 jan
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    • lewd_collector
      When you’re all 3 but still get no love ;-;
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    • Zycronius
      Then file for divorce and get half of 3s money
      Zycronius 14 jan
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    • CrunchyWafflez
      All these guys that are saying they’re “nice” and should start acting like a dick just prove the whole r/niceguys thing correct. Any actual nice guy wouldn’t even consider that option. Granted nice guys have limits as do all people but an actual nice guy wouldn’t take it to an extreme like that.
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    • ILoveTriggeringCommenterz
      Y’know, maybe I need to start being a dick to girls. Maybe that will help. Way I see it, being upfront and honest when I’m in a relationship always seems to fuck me over. April, Amanda, Aurora, Hannah, Amber, Dish...I need to stop being a nice person and distance myself from me so I don’t get hurt.
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    • FidelCatt0
      I got a big dick and ill treat u right, but imma ugly ass nigga who broke asf😭
      FidelCatt0 14 jan
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    • gnak
      I live alone by choice people are too much of a hassle
      gnak 13 jan
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    • Faint366
      Well I’m 1/2 and adverse to cheating so I guess I’ll just be alone
      Faint366 13 jan
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    • Foreveroffended
      I think y’all are just talking to the wrong women
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    • Therealguyfieri
      Bruh I’m all three
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    • Oborowatabinostk
      Or 2 then cheat with 1 & 3
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    • No_brain
      There's a lot of problems with men and women, but through and through there's no denying it's women's fault men are sensitive about their dick size
      No_brain 13 jan
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    • macestrongarm
      This app is full of r/niceguys.
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    • treasuretheshitpostqueen
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    • Mr_Jefferson
      Nice guy syndrome looks good on no one
      Mr_Jefferson 13 jan
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    • StupidFails
      This entire thread belongs on r/niceguys and r/inceltears
      StupidFails 13 jan
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    • silver928
      He cracked the code
      silver928 13 jan
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    • Scaevola
      I'm with a 2. And wouldn't cheat on him for the world. A number 2 can always become a number 3 but not necessarily the other way around.
      Scaevola 13 jan
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    • fjskjsjus
      And then they'd go crying to number 2
      fjskjsjus 13 jan
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    • moolamoose
      Got some real woman haters here in the comments.
      moolamoose 13 jan
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    • ShelSilverstein
      And then they’ll complain that they can only find fuck boys and assholes
      smile 3
    • Aaronodactyl
      And then after 3 breaks up with her after she cheats on him with 1 she’ll constantly ask all her friends why she can’t find a 2 and then repeat the process
      Aaronodactyl 13 jan
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    • tdmeemz
      Every comment I make about the three types of women gets blocked. Fuck you iFeminist
      tdmeemz 13 jan
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    • littenislit420
      If some guy tried this with big ass/tits, genuinely likeable and funny, or rich, the world would flip
      smile 3 reply 1
    • iGoHardTryhard
      We live in a society
      smile 3
    • Asiangoat
      That’s some khan academy math right there
      Asiangoat 13 jan
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    • Capn_Squid
      But I want a gamer 😢
      Capn_Squid 13 jan
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    • BigWeener22
      Don’t forget complaining they don’t have a 2
      BigWeener22 13 jan
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    • NotSoFun
      I’m too scared to date a rich guy. He has too many lady options. All sex is great, regardless of dick size. I need to be with a 2
      NotSoFun 13 jan
      smile 3 reply 16
    • overreactingforeigner
      We learned about this in psych class. Girls don’t actually want a man who treats them bad, they just like unpredictability and a good challenge, just like guys. It’s like how watching a movie you wouldn’t be emotionally invested if the ending was obvious. That’s all a girl wants
      smile 3 reply 2
    • pandoplayscsgo
      And then complain about how they can’t find the right guy
      smile 3
    • TronaldDump24K
      Hippity Hoppity Women are property
      smile 4
      Yeah it's 2019 no more handouts for bitches you better help your man become a 3 most people wishing to find a rich partner dont have a damn thing to offer
      LIKEASIRR 13 jan
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    • bigassdookie
      bigassdookie 13 jan
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    • DestinyStars
      You have to find a 1 and 2 put together, and stand behind him to help him BECOME number 3. Yall think 3s just fall out of the damn sky? No, they work hard. Every man has the potential to be a 3 as long as you bitches don't tear him down.
      DestinyStars 13 jan
      smile 3
    • spookae
      I thought I had a 2. And I was so happy to be with him until I found out he was the one cheating on me. He left me for this other girl. Men can be shitty too it's not just women.
      spookae 13 jan
      smile 3 reply 4
    • coffeecakee
      Why do girls cheat on their man and say “it’s because you’re always working “ I don’t understand why someone would cheat on a hard working man.. those are the best kind of men..
      coffeecakee 13 jan
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Cancer_CentraI
      There 2 types of girls really. One that’s truly a gem and will love you for who you are and how you treat her (RAREST THING ALIVE) And then you have the one that thinks they’re shot shit and can sway any guy with money. They can sway the guy, not the money lol
      smile 3 reply 2
    • AmIBaitOrAmIReal
      God said he put good women in every corner of the earth, he then proceeded to make the earth round. Dick move imo
      smile 3
    • Proshot789
      God put good women on every corner of the globe...then made the earth round.
      Proshot789 13 jan
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    • coochiecatcher
      They can have everything but we can’t have skinny girls
      smile 3
    • Tyrannasore78
      smile 2
    • cars4lif
      I’m 2 as a guy, and I usually want a gf so I’m gonna try my best to do things right, but I always get put down for other dudes who are douche bags, but I found a girl finally who likes me for me. So other dudes out there who are single and reading this, those girls are out there and just takes time
      cars4lif 16 jan
      smile 2 reply 2
    • Bogmire
      Bitches marry 3, cheat with 1, and are bestiesss with 2
      Bogmire 16 jan
      smile 3
    • Daniel_the_bard
      This guy understands women.
      smile 2
    • skelleten
      Well it’s a little hard to find a 2 don’t lie. That’s not a bash against guys tho, how hard is it to find a girl that’ll treat you right too guys?
      skelleten 15 jan
      smile 2 reply 3
    • GTAPicksDaily
      I mean people on the internet have no reason to believe me but love my gf treat her right give her anything she wants. I have money, a house, a car, truck, and 2 Corvettes and also 10 inches so yeah all 3 can exist
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Where_wolfe
      I love my man because he's number 2. I am super fucking psyched because he is also number 1. Number 3 doesn't matter that much, we work on that together. :-)
      Where_wolfe 15 jan
      smile 2
    • drheathen
      Sounds like someone realized they weren't 1, 2 or 3
      drheathen 15 jan
      smile 2
    • QuakerFloatss
      Neither of the 3. You can have a man with all or one of the traits but if theres no chemistry or love, it aint gonna work. Someone with a 2 is mandatory for a good relationship but not the only reason to go for someone.
      smile 2
    • ewwhat
      Twitter for Android
      ewwhat 15 jan
      smile 2
    • BWolfy
      And they’ll blue ball 2 while saying they’re single.
      BWolfy 15 jan
      smile 2
    • Smokey808
      3-1=2 so technically they have it right
      Smokey808 15 jan
      smile 2
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