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    • Yea but a kangaroo isn’t gonna know how to find people to kill, and then ya gotta compensate the people with guns can kill like tens of kangaroos.
    • WHY????
    • Ohio has close to 12 million people. We are actually the seventh most populated state in the country which is why we are so important in elections.
    • As an ohioan, I can confirm, half our population is armed to the teeth, the other half doesn't vaccinate their children, so really our populations more like 4 million
      camocap 11d
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    • Ohio? Oh yeah. I’m not scared of much. But Ohio? He scares me.
    • A someone who lives in Ohio I can confirm this. It's very strange here.
    • there has been an odd influx of ohio memes wtf 😂
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    • Y'all bitches want to blame Ohio how bout people from Florida
    • Bold of you to assume that the aussies won’t help oh wait they don’t excist
    • Atleast we arent on fire every day
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    • if you pussies are unarmed then most of yall be beat like a 14 year olds meat
    • As an ohioan, I can confirm Ohio is the least interesting nuthouse on the map
    • Cleveland Rocks!
      JBN12 11d
    • I mean 4 days ago was winter now it’s extremely like spring
    • What about fucking Virginia? So many “secrets”
    • I relish the thought of thousands of kangaroos just getting fucking mowed and shot down and exploded by a fucking tank
      A_dick 11d
    • Florida?
    • Guns exist
    • Ohio has like 11.3 million or so according to the 2018 census...
    • This looks like a job for the second amendment
      Drklion 12d
    • FUNNY
      evilbee 12d
    • Thank you. Finny
      evilbee 12d
    • Hey now, lets not go there
    • What is remotely interesting or strange about Ohio. All there is, is corn.
    • *ahem* florida
    • Wv has even less ppl
    • Fuck you
    • I can confirm this
    • Every body retarded i hate it here help me
    • Can def confirm
    • I live in Ohio and I would say yes weird shit happens here not Florida weird but weird
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    • I mean I’m in Ohio nothing strange happens her. and a gun would probably do the trick
    • Yeah i am strange
    • As an Ohio native, it’s really not strange at all. It’s just really quiet
      DH5656 12d
      2 1
    • But there’s now 11 million ohioans
    • I can confirm this post is true
    • Reverse florida
    • Its because ohio is such a boring place so nobody goes there and its a mythical place
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    • As an Ohioan I can confirm this
    • Can confirm.
    • When some asshole says gun control is good, show him this
      Whenis 12d
    • Nah the weather here would kill at least half of them
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    • Considering I live in Ohio not May crazy weird things happen all the time but when they do man is it bad
    • I thought it was Florida
    • I'm from Ohio and that's 300% true, like where else can you find a huge population of drug addicts and the beginning of Mormonism within a state
    • 2 thing: Florida is the strangest place, and I’m offended as a ohioian
    • Can verify. the state itself, not the people in it but the state is bipolar.
    • I live in Ohio. I keep seeing this meme. Plz stop.
    • i’m from ohio and i can confirm it is a very strange place and also that i would fight all 40 million kangaroos do not fret
    • Nah Ohio’s pretty chill😎
    • Ohio is fucking weird. Homeless ppl are anywhere but where u would expect
      D4FT 12d
    • I could beat up 5 kangaroos
    • Ohio is shit. Shit weather. Shit roads. Shit drivers. The only thing thats actually decent about this god damned place is... oh yeah, fucking nothing.
    • I love living in ohio.
    • Anyone else appreciate all of us Ohioans here 😂
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    • Ohio is for lovers
    • Ohio is lit if you stay up north
    • I live in Ohio and I could take at least 25 kangaroos
      2 3
    • I am number four the book and movie takes place there it’s about aliens
    • Ohio is live, fuck off
      Zegma 12d
      3 3
    • Montana only has like 1 million so we’d each have to fight like 40
    • Nothing happens in Ohio. There’s nothing there. Therefor in a hope to make something happen they attempt to create fantastical situations to hopefully bring more attention to the state and bring something interesting to their lives.
      4 1
    • Yeah we get all 4 seasons in one day
      Yurlos 12d
      3 2
    • Am ohioan an can agree
    • It rained in the morning, was sunny for the middle of the day, and snowed that same night. If kangaroos attacked, it wouldn't surprise anyone here
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    • Ohio is shitty that's why
    • We could do it
    • It's our weather that is the weird part, you can go through all the kinds of weather in the span of a hour.
    • So is florida
    • I live in Ohio and can confirm
    • I don't think you know how Florida works
    • Your a part of America, just use guns
    • Wb florida
    • Damn right don’t fuck with us unless you have steak
    • Is Ohio north Florida or is Florida south Ohio?
    • It's called having guns, oh wait... by the time the kangaroos did invade Ohio somehow, all of our guns will be stripped away from the liberals... so I guess you're right
      1 1
    • As a resident, I can confirm that Ohio is the closest thing the US has to Canada
    • I live in Dayton,OH, #1 heroin capital of the country. You can thank us for half the shit here.
    • Well Ohio is in top 10 states for wrestling and got some good boxers so should be fine.
    • If they invaded Wyoming, they'd outnumber the population 40M to 0 cause it doesn't exist.
    • They aren’t wrong
    • An AR 15 has 30 rounds in the magazine
      Tobs420 13d
    • For the record Ohio is quite strange this week is in the 20s and by the end if the week it's supposed to be almost 70
    • I live in ohio and i can confirm. Ive seen all four season while working on a roofing job
    • It's really not
      septic 13d
    • It's the curse of the Pauls
    • As an ohioan I can confirm its a weird place
    • North Dakota'ns packing up their rifles an heading to Ohio.
    • I’m from Ohio and approve this weird post
      3 7
    • I knew there was only 8 people who lived in Ohio
    • As a Ohioan, I can confirm this and also Ohio State football is god damn Jesus Christ in this state
    • I live in Ohio. I'm worried were viewed as Florida by everyone else? Having lived here my whole life I dont think its so bad...
    • As ohion I can confirm
      lead166 13d
    • Because all us Ohio people are bored out of our minds
    • Anyone from the 614?
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