• The United States giving advice on how to fight a world war
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    • Lazarus15
      Rule 2 if you lose cover it up with napalm
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    • _UNIX_
      Bruh it’s simple logic you let the dumbasses fight and when their weak u come stomp their head into the ground in .1 second
      _UNIX_ 12d
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    • Zenith12
      Second, save everyone else's ass. Third, use your occupational forces to clean up the wreckage so the former enemies kids decide they like you.
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    • pileofleaf
      I think we showed up at exactly the right time since every time we showed up the war ended
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    • BlueBomberX
      Rule 3 if they hit you first, hit them harder
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    • bohica3232
      You mean don’t be involved in the first place then have a threat such as the Zimmerman note and Pearl Harbor then having to mosey on over to Europe to save the Allies ass
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    • SportyNmemes
      Just sayin. Japan attacked us. We never wanted to be involved. Japan said come at us bro and we freedomed their asses
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    • intel_ryzen
      Europeans always make fun of America till they need factories or help in general
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    • LuhsteesayDevious1000
      If you think about it, waiting until other countries have been beaten down and run out of resources before pounding them sounds tactical as hell.
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    • themellowgamer
      First, don't throw the first punch. Second, throw the last.
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    • One_Eyed_God
      I mean we didn't join until people started messing with us. Or at least in ww2
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    • HarrySTruman
      2. Extinction ball
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    • ThePope_
      Rule 3: If napalm does not work use big boi bomb
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    • Team_Kaliber
      First off, weren't our problems until people made them our problems.
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    • Heroes_of_Helsreach
      I always hear britbongs criticizing us for showing up at the end of both wars but I have to ask, if you were so great why didn't you finish earlier? Or another thing, why did both wars end so quickly after we joined?
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    • ThugThizzle
      We only entered when they started fucking with us lol
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    • shonuff420
      On time? You mean show up right as Europe starts slap fighting with itself? On time for USA is when someone pisses us off not because Europe can’t get its shit together
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    • thejasonrox
      WWI used to be called the European war by us Americans because they started both World Wars and dragged us into their conflicts. We didn’t have to show up but without us they stood no chance Europeans are some ungrateful bastards
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    • VeganHamburger
      We were late to the party, but we sure were the life of it.
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    • YIMRA
      Imagine getting in a fight with someone and halfway through the fight they grow a third fist and it fucking decks you, that’s our strat
      YIMRA 13d
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    • ionick2
      You make it seem like we were just to slow, but the US originally didn't want to participate at all. People seem to forget that.
      ionick2 13d
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    • ShankYouVeryMuch
      Step one: stay out of it until someone attacks you. Step two: FUCKING DECIMATE THEM
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    • Ruins663
      Step one lift with your legs cause you have to carry all your allies
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    • EchoTheWolf
      Laughs in WW1
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    • Brandokin
      Ummmmm we showed up cause people decided hey let's attack America for no discernable reason
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    • Hernonodou
      Wasn’t really our fight until others involved us.
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    • T1nyH1pp0
      Sorry for knowing how to win
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      A new Dave Chappelle meme format I see
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    • SidTheKid1124
      Step 2: Since every other country can’t fight its own battles, step in.
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    • InternetEdgeLord
      Step one, don't join. Step two, get attacked. Step three, build 100 destroyers a day. Profit.
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    • Everyday_crusader
      And Second; when you do show up, make them never want to fight you again.
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    • patient93
      Heros always come in at the last second.
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    • Gen_Grievous
      Rules on winning a world war. Rule 1: Dont fuck with the USA
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    • Milky28
      Sorry we didnt want to get involved in a war that didnt concern us and when we finally joined it was to save you assholes.
      Milky28 12d
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    • PhatPharm
      America is back to back world War champs
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    • MoistMeter
      That’s why America is the best super power in the fucking world god bless America
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    • Bat_Horse
      In both world wars the United States tried to remain neutral. When the US discovered the Zimmerman note they joined WW1. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor they joined WW2. Both times, the US was provoked and driven in
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    • Shuppona
      You know wars don't have a time limit, so really it's not that we joined right before the end, it's that we joined, and the war decided to end
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    • arabicmayhem
      Then you fight on 2 fronts thousands of miles apart and borderline single handedly end it
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    • DytenTheTitan
      Well yeah you’ve gotta make your money selling weapons and supplies to both sides before you endanger your OWN people.
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    • DerpHorseIsBestHorse
      Rule 2, only get involved when someone is stupid enough to fuck with you
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    • DracoMouth
      America was “late” consistently because we tried our best to remain a neutral force at that time
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    • kevy3015
      Fashionably late as always but our allies are always happy to see us
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    • Affiance
      Second of all, nuke the enemy into submission
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    • Jeido
      We weren't really supposed to be in WW2, but those fuckjn japs just had to get their hands on our harbor.
      Jeido 8d
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    • Republisher
      America didn’t want part in either wars but because all you weak ass bitches couldn’t do it alone and we use you for resources we had to save you’re ass twice you’re welcome you almost commie nazis
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    • TheNordicTurtle
      Having allies is awesome! It give the enemy someone else to shoot at
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      It’s called “making an entrance” 🙌
      NOSQUIZ 10d
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    • Time_to_Crusade
      It is actually Step 1: Wait until your allies need supplies. Step 2: Benefit financially for supplying allies with goods. Step 3: Benefit from factories being built and jobs being created. Step 4: Get attacked which makes entire country pissed off. Step 5: declare war on any poor fucker that you are
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    • WorldconTROLLer
      Don’t forget that we also had to catch up on decades of mass war preparation from axis powers and we had to match their numbers or exceed them in manufacturing nearly every war related items , tanks , guns , planes bullets bombs you name it
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    • DADDY_DUCK69
      We were not late we didn’t join until we were attacked because of the Monroe doctoring signed after the war of 1812 which basically told us to mind our own business until it is our business
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    • Father_Mulcahy
      Lmao we get called war cravers if we go in from the beginning but catch flak if we join in later? Lose-Lose situation
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    • papajohns_somalia
      If we showed up to every conflict in Europe we would have taken over the entire world
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    • TheDarkSeraph95
      Well united states tried to stay out of them but got dragged in for one reason or another
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    • sparknation
      Halftime peeps! Lets do this! Sweet Victory!!!!!
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    • RealCanadian_
      Basically wait til all the other countries are low on resources and man power and then get in there and pretend like you did everything
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    • _snail_
      _snail_ 12d
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    • ShuckleMotherfuckle
      Sounds like some sorry ass jap
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    • Rannoch
      First of all, dont start one
      Rannoch 13d
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    • YoungXLurking
      Rule no. 1 should be "If they hurt you, hurt them back 10x harder."
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    • BluePenDrawings
      Its because America swore neutrality but since yall dont know how to fight
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    • A_Doge_Named_jojo
      I mean the US was not entitled to get involved in a war across the ocean that was none of their business... it shocks me how people think the US joining late is a bad thing.
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    • Nativeking007
      Then nuke the shit out of everything
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    • gayyyylmao
      America doesn't start World Wars, we end them.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    • WarbearWilliam
      Did it work? Because I strictly remember it working!
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    • Detective_Hotpants
      Its not a world war until America joins
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    • Buckaroo131
      And have oil
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    • Daltonash_3
      But show up at the time where everyone is losing to turn the tide cause 'Merica
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    • Morthal_Guard
      We didn't show up on time because we didn't want to even be a part of the wars in general. Then some fuck heads changed that and we had to get involved
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    • MyBad
      We were isolationists, y’all would’ve been dead if it weren’t for Pearl Harbor.
      MyBad 13d
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    • thes7274473
      Next time we’ll be the ones who started it because the Military Industrial Complex loves war.
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    • irik
      . . . Oh and win every time 👍🏼😎
      irik 8d
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    • EdgyKeeper
      Lol imagine how many of these cunts hating on the USA for the world wars wouldn’t exist if more US soldiers had died in those wars. No great grandpa=no liberal descendants.
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    • WoodenLegacy
      Jump into a war that you have no current reason to really jump into? How idiotic!
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    • The315Plug
      We would of stomped them anyways
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    • semper_wing
      Rule three: Nuke Japan
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    • Andres
      #1, don’t show up on time. #2, never leave.
      Andres 10d
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    • CirceDeVeaux
      Let everybody else kill each other and then come in last minute and stomp the weakened and weary forces
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    • TheForgottenMeme
      Rule 1: WIN
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    • jakey08
      The Monroe doctrine basically says that we wont attack until you fuck with either of the Americas
      jakey08 11d
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    • BeautifulBooty
      The US only joined because the got some of their submarines destroyed
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    • ChristopherLepone
      It's not showing up late if you weren't supposed to be there in the first place but Europe couldn't handle it.
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    • eeeeeee101
      We were isolationists, we never wanted to be a part of any war, WW1: Germany sunk American ships with civilians and merchants, WW2: Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Vietnam War: communism was spreading and we really wanted to keep it contained
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    • FN_2169
      Nukes are also very helpful
      FN_2169 11d
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    • Luci_
      It's like when the parents let the kiddies Duke it out for a min then step in before any real damage is done. What about the Jews you say? Well they didn't get them all so I'll consider that a job well done. 'Merica
      Luci_ 11d
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    • crusading_viking
      We were not late we just did not join a war we did not need to waste lives until they attacked us
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    • Chefboyardee77
      At least we showed up *cough cough* every European country that’s not Russian or Britain
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    • ChrisBiggs
      All that shit talking about us being late for wars is why we're in every single one now
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    • cyberdwarf
      It's more like Europe fighting and us goes if you guys dont stop I'm going over there and swooping all yal asses
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    • brady_gaming
      We 2-0 tho
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    • johnbullet
      For the most part America wanted to stay neutral, they did not want to be a part of another foreign war, however, the United States sold arms to her allies who were threatened by the Germans, Pearl harbor happened and we joined, every war after, the US shouldn't have been in.
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    • The_RealSkippyDingleChalk
      We just wait until everyone is tired as fuck
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