• The Truth about Gender
Mars-Venus sex differences appear to be as mythical
as the Man in the Moon. A 2005 analysis of 46 meta-
analyses that were conducted during the last two
decades of the 20th century underscores that men
and women are basically alike in terms of personality,
cognitive ability and leadership. Psychologist Janet
Shibley Hyde, PhD, of the University of Wisconsin in
Madison, discovered that males and females from
childhood to adulthood are more alike than different
on most psychological variables, resulting in what she
calls a gender similarities hypothesis. Using meta-
analytical techniques that revolutionized the study of
gender differences starting in the 19805, she analyzed
how prior research assessed the impact of gender on
many psychological traits and abilities, including
cognitive abilities, verbal and nonverbal
communication, aggression, leadership, seIf-esteem,
moral reasoning and motor behaviors.
Hyde observed that across the dozens of studies,
consistent with the gender similarities hypothesis,
gender differences had either no or a very small effect
on most of the psychological variables examined. Only
a few main differences appeared: Compared with
women, men could throw farther, were more
physically aggressive, masturbated more, and held
more positive attitudes about sex in uncommitted
Furthermore, Hyde found that gender differences
seem to depend on the context in which they were
measured. In studies designed to eliminate gender
norms, researchers demonstrated that gender roles
and social context strongly determined a person‘s
actions. For example, after participants in one
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    • Men can throw further. Nuff said.
      ceryne 24 may
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    • I guarantee you that your average man and your average woman, are very much alike. However, there is a small difference in levels of agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and extraversion. In other words: the Big Five.
      Zaster 24 may
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    • Also the criteria they used, personality, cognitive ability and leadership skills is flawed. I don’t think a lot of people have those traits in mind when they think about the differences from men and women.
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    • 46 studies in the last two decades kinda seems like a cherry picked data set.
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    • Also does this just look into European descents or does it also include other groups. I'm mostly asking due to the fact that gender roles impact groups at different rates
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    • For the last paragraph you just have to look at Dobbs work in smiling rates of school kids. The line is all over the place
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    • I can post the tables from the report if you need actual numbers, btw
      Devianse 24 may
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    • Huh, cool
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