• The Spartan Council when Leonidas says he can hold off 1 million men with just ano
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    • snorty
      snorty 21 dec
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    • Insert_Creative_UsernameK
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    • MtnStExplorer
      Common misconception. There was about 3000 which is still alot vs 180,000 persian ground forces, although leonidas sent small armies of men home for showing fear. This battle didnt influence the Greek world as much as pop culture gives it credit for, that came within the days after when the Greek
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    • JimDude
      Yes... but... He actually didn't. He and his 300 were killed... Xerxies overran over 2 thirds of the Greek states. It took Phillip of Macedon and his son Alexander to turn it all back around centuries later.
      JimDude 21 dec
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    • Yanameen_my_wEEN
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    • Cooler_Jesus
      Leonidas lead a combined force of 6000 thebans, athenians, thespians, and other Greeks, led by his guard of 300 Spartans, against a Persian army of between 100,000-350,000 men. The Greeks, thanks to their heavy armor, geography of the battlefield, and phalanx formation, held out against the best...
      Cooler_Jesus 21 dec
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      TBR2 21 dec
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    • Dick_lips
      Dick_lips 21 dec
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    • True_Korea
      True_Korea 21 dec
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    • xT3RM1NALxB00Tx
      Historically he was backed with 7000-10000 other Greeks from other city states
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    • DoctorRobert
      The Spartans each had a KD of like 150 tho
      DoctorRobert 22 dec
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    • trollhead13
      trollhead13 21 dec
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    • DefyTheRighteous
      It was actually 298. One got injured in the eye and sent home. The other fell behind in the march and missed the fight. However one commited suicide because they saw themselves as a disgrace for not being allowed to defend Thermopylae, and the other regained glory when he died in a diffrent battle.
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    • NoForMeDawg
      Persians when Leonidas thinks he can hold off an entire 1 million Man Army with only 300 soldiers
      NoForMeDawg 21 dec
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    • Can_you_fucking_not
      How the FUCK is Christmas next week
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    • darknesslurking
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    • vieve_empereur_memes
      When a historical post get featured on iFunny all of the comments are people who’ve taken one year of AP World history saying: Uhhh actually *snorts and pushes up glasses* that’s not true.
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    • Monday_Brain
      He didn’t actually hold them off. That and, yes, there were only 300 Spartans, but they led thousands of Greeks from different city states
      Monday_Brain 21 dec
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    • kevy3015
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    • Knife_Review
      Yall are scared that when you die, you will be forgotten? Well not to make things worse, but this is the kind of shit you have to pull to get remembered. Good luck.
      Knife_Review 21 dec
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    • 1320BK1
      To be fair his warriors were some of the most top trained killers out their
      1320BK1 21 dec
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    • Yak_Famous
      Herodotus says the Persians were 300 myriad, which is 10,000, so that would be 3,000,000, but he probably mistook a myriarchy for a chiliarchy, which is 1000. 300,000 is a much more likely number
      Yak_Famous 21 dec
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    • _Volunteer_
      He would’ve succeeded if it wasn’t for that traitor
      _Volunteer_ 21 dec
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    • TheBumbleBeeTrap
      Tfw you watched a documentary over the battle and completely debunks all spartan-badassery that 300 painted them in.
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    • thardin123
      And he almost fucking did
      thardin123 21 dec
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    • fetuschef
      Actually, he had a bunch of helots (slaves) and many soldiers from other city-states. Inffact, Leonidas was planning to retreat, but ended up being encircled and was like "fuck it".
      fetuschef 21 dec
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    • therealaaronrodgers
      When the American people say we’re gonna crowdfund the wall ourselves
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    • LordProtectorCorvo
      And then he fucking did
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    • rangerjl
      That is beyond wrong. First off there was only 25000 Persians. Second while there were only 300 Spartans under Leonidas there were about 5700 other Greeks from spartan allies. Finally Leonidas did not anticipate winning, he only tried to hold them off long enough for the Athenians to prep their trap
      rangerjl 21 dec
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    • theboss9753
      Ok but they weren’t supposed to win, this was called the battle of Thermopylae, depicted in movies like “300” on Netflix and such, but they were meant to give Athens and other members of the Delian league time to prepare and time to arm. They actually were successful in that aspect and won the war
      theboss9753 21 dec
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    • I_Love_Hiking
      Fun fact: the Greeks recorded that Persia had 1 million soldiers but they liked to hugely exaggerate numbers to make themselves look better. It’s more likely it was only around ~150,000-200,000
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    • CattFoxx
      There wasn't just 300 Spartans, they had 7-8 thousand troops from all across Greece and the persians didn't have one million troops, they had 120-300 thousand.
      CattFoxx 21 dec
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    • Brocwadsworth
      Numbers were closer to 2,000-4,000 grecians vs 40,000-80,000 Persians. Still just as incredible.
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    • Mikescool16
      That movie was inaccurate. There were 300 Spartans but they each had at least two servants who occasionally followed them into battle. Also there were several thousand other Greeks from different regions who fought alongside King Leonidas and the 300 who get virtually no credit
      Mikescool16 21 dec
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    • ItsFrenzius
      If I can hold off all 4 houses of the Roman Empire with just 10 units of pikes, archers and Calvary and come out with minimal casualties you bet your ass I can hold off one million men with a mere 300
      ItsFrenzius 21 dec
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    • theandrominator
      Too bad he was actually trying to hold off 500,000 with around 6,000
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    • _Kiwi
      There were actually 298 Spartans. One named Aristodemus just ran back home, and another named Pantites was sent to Thessaly to get reinforcements. Pantites was so upset he hung himself, and Aristodemus was named “the coward” and was treated as such (it’s kinda neat if you look it up)
      _Kiwi 21 dec
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    • tmacalitious
      It was 50,000 but ok
      tmacalitious 21 dec
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    • Lewd_Knight_
      80% of stories in snap maps are Muslims listening too Muslim rap
      Lewd_Knight_ 21 dec
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    • TopTopComments
      I’m very sick at the moment and I’m using the bathroom for the 20th time today and I was just thinking my piss is starting to burn, then I saw that top comment, crazy ass coincidence
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    • The_MfLorax
      Every time a historical meme comes out it has to do with what km learning in world civ. Funky
      The_MfLorax 21 dec
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    • raspbairy
      raspbairy 21 dec
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    • thecommunistreactionguy
      300 spartans and there 6700 friends.
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    • Inusta
      It may not have been 300 initially, but when those that wished to left when the betrayal of Ephialtes was discovered, I'm pretty sure around 300 Spartans were left.
      Inusta 21 dec
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    • TrueNosferatu
      I mean, it was significantly more than 300 men, but "Around 7,000" probably wouldn't have been as good a movie title
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    • cause_yes_means_yes
      The weren't men they were Persians
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    • StitchNeedsDesserts
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    • OctavianX
      You know what shocks me is that some guy had to witness all of this and write it down for record keeping in hopes someone in the future finds it.
      OctavianX 21 dec
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    • ChaseFortosis
      And he would have gotten away with it too! If it wasn’t for that meddling Ephialtes and his TrEAsOn
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    • JohnnySkeletman
      Well truthfully, Leonidas led an army of 6-7k greeks that included 300 spartans. Still got his ass beat though.
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    • losersOriginals
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    • Foxault
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      Foxault 21 dec
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    • Branthoover
      Yeah so real quick he didn’t tell the council, that’s why he could only take 300 okay thanks
      Branthoover 21 dec
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    • CruSadist
      CruSadist 21 dec
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    • Bruh
      Bruh 21 dec
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    • _Mango
      _Mango 21 dec
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    • negligence
      why does no one talk about the Battle of Marathon where 10,000 Athenians decimated 130,000 Persians and only suffered around 200 loses.
      negligence 21 dec
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    • Sarcastic_Chap
      Condoms are for fucking pussies
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    • montyt
      Fun fact: the Spartans were actually sadistic slavers who were merciless and brutal. The Persians were a forward thinking, religiously and ethnically tolerant, and detested slavery. Wack how history is remembered
      montyt 21 dec
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    • oPosiidon
      I failed the fuck outta my Spanish exam fellas.
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    • Stephoag
      I can’t wait for this week to be over
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    • ThankGodForCapitalism
      so many fucking bots and crashes, I'm about fucking done with this app
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    • geoffstabem
      Lmao this meme dumb as fuck the spartan council was highly against it
      geoffstabem 21 dec
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    • oracle056
      But those were no mere men they were 300 lacedaemonian warriors
      oracle056 21 dec
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    • ThirdReichwitcher
      It was 300 against the 10,000 immortals but whatever
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    • 12345839
      It was actually like 100,000
      12345839 21 dec
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    • OptimusPrimeCommander
      Have you ever smoked a cigarette in your car and tried to throw it out the window and a minute later you smell something and turn around to find your grandma fingering herself in the back seat?
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    • PurpleStuph
      He was leading an army of many more Greeks from various cities like Thessalonia and Corinth, but the last bastion fell on the 300 of his original Spartans that he commanded. They defended against Persia at Thermopylae in time to let Themistocles position his fleet
      PurpleStuph 22 dec
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    • bbbbbbbb999
      The phalanx was like bringing a nuke to a stick fight in its time
      bbbbbbbb999 22 dec
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    • I_dont_know_what_to_write
      And they would have one too if xerxes wasn't a dishonorable little bitch. Not only did he use a hidden path told to him by a traitor to surround the Greeks, by he was still losing that regardless so he pulled his army away and rained a cloud of arrows that blacked out the sun
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    • Laithoassaf
      Laithoassaf 21 dec
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    • Redneckknight
      that movie had some actual quotes from the real Spartans, they loved one liners I guess
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    • ALavaLamp
      Don’t forget the 700 other Greek soldiers
      ALavaLamp 21 dec
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    • FricksTough
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      FricksTough 21 dec
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    • thewokenone
      We watched the 300 earlier this year in my social studies class
      thewokenone 21 dec
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    • GerbilKing
      200,000, but okay
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    • iBait
      My ifunny got the hat and my shit didn’t crash👏👏 good job ifunny
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    • CardinalCopiaBC
      300,000 Persians vs 7,000 Greek soldiers fronted by 300 Spartans and led by Leonidas
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    • _American_Patriot_
      And he almost did
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    • Lisztomaniaccc
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    • Catholic
      Damn good day to be an American
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    • DragonRune
      Only 490 BC kids who fought in the Greco-Persian wars will get this
      DragonRune 21 dec
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    • Pacman01
      “I never said any of that shit” -Albert Einstein
      Pacman01 21 dec
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    • youcanchangeyourname
      300,000* not one million
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