• The shrimp touching the cinnamon roll is giving me stress
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    • chinbothy
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    • Shirgo
      Niggas who post hentai for tc:
      Shirgo 25d
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    • First_Gen_Audi_TT
      The fact that shrimp and cinnamon rolls are on the same plate annoys me
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    • Pillar
      I don't care if some foods touch but if they're 2 completely different foods then no
      Pillar 25d
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    • ColonelFlanders
      Who the fuck eats shrimp and a cinnamon roll in the same meal on the same plate?
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    • tannert1
      The fact that someone having shrimp in the same meal as a cinnamon roll is stressing me.
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    • V_For_Vendetta_
      I hate when food mixes on a plate. Sometimes I'll let it slide, but that is unacceptable.
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    • mcckk
      Who tf eats shrimp with cinnamon rolls
      mcckk 25d
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    • 3spicy5U
      What kind of monster puts dessert and seafood on the same plate
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    • Sea_Of_Darkness
      I don't want my cinnamon roll to taste like my shrimp and vise versa. I'll still eat both though, just slightly displeased.
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    • Vampire_21
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    • Hunter618
      Who tf eats shrimp and cinnamon rolls together
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    • MASC0T
      yet you feed us lies from the table cloth
      MASC0T 25d
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    • coolgirl3771
      Why TF are they on the same fucking plate and the cinnamon roll is touching the fucking shrimp throw it all away bitch.
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    • Brosuff
      Seeing shrimp and a cinnamon roll on the same plate is stressing me out
      Brosuff 25d
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    • SenorTHICC
      my fatass thought it was lasagna
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    • DanBTD
      Sweets and meat shouldn’t touch
      DanBTD 23d
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    • WeOwnIt_17
      Cinnamon rolls and shrimp on the same damn plate it bothering me💀💀
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    • dangodumpling
      Same honestly. I couldn’t stop staring at it.
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    • Cacaonut
      What kind of animal eats cinnamon rolls in the same meal as shrimp?
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    • CastleWest
      I thought I was one of few who only allow certain foods to touch
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    • SapphireSphynx
      I like to play this game when I’m drunk that I have to comment SOMETHING on EVERY meme I come across until I cannot think of anything else. I couldn’t think of anything for this one so figured I’d leave this comment for someone else to carry on from here and pass it on to the next drunk person.
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    • Valen
      Why tf you eatin shrimp and cinnamon rolls together anyway
      Valen 25d
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    • Billothy
      Why are those cinnamon rolls even on the same plate as the rest of the food
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    • Mad_Hatter49
      The fuck is you on, when you let FISH touch the Jesus of desserts
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    • SwimmableTomb
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    • Pirate_Geno
      Is just food chill out, your stomach is not separated all food goes there
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    • imalreadytacer
      Shrimp and cinnamon rolls what the fuck!
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    • Andy215
      I’m not worried about the shrimp, what I AM worried about is the egg salad on the right touching the cinnamon roll! Seriously dude, you’re gonna get egg and mayo all over your roll!
      Andy215 25d
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    • jhonnyredass
      Whoever put cinnamon rolls on the same plate as shrimp needs to die in a hole.
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    • Bigtarts2025
      Who the fuck eats shrimp with cinnamon rolls?
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    • lapis_life
      Dessert and the main meal on the same plate is a sin in and of itself
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    • msigler1990
      The fact that they’re being served in the same meal is blasphemy
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    • That_onegay
      The fact that shrimp is on the same plate as a cinnamon roll is stressing me out
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    • Strandburger
      Who the heck has shrimp alongside cinnamon rolls?
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    • ShadowMetal
      When I saw that... all I could do was breath deeply and scratch my head
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    • _Gravity__Universe_
      Nigga fr I hate people who let they food touch like I scoop everything into sections, thanksgiving, outings, potluck, putlock, etc
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    • TimTheTimeMan
      The fact that they are being served together is a problem in itself
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    • SmoshSwag
      U saying ur gonna eat the tail of tht shrimp?
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    • Melisa820
      It makes me angry
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    • Deatholme
      I want my food quarantined, I like a little wall around my mashed potatoes and gravy so my MEATLOAF doesnt invade my mashed potatoes! I hate it when food touches.
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    • wednesday00
      Just gross
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    • Blackrose911911
      That macaroni touching the other cinnamon roll is giving me bigger stress, you probably won't get a lotta shrimp residue on your roll but macaroni and cheese on the other hand oh lawd don't mix the two on the same plate
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    • Eat_Poop_Die
      Let me guess? Someone-
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    • Butters__Stotch
      Mmmm cinnamon scampi
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    • JennyFromDaGlock
      Jesus was not born to a virgin in a manger for you to degrade him like this.
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    • McSwift
      I’d eat the stuffed inside each other
      McSwift 25d
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    • rfc226
      I hate the energy this image gives off
      rfc226 25d
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    • Donald_trumpty
      Why are the top comments so bad, they’re ether porn or someone criticizing the top comments or something unrelated to the post
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    • JosephTenD
      Like this comment to change tha name of shrimp to Curly Bois
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    • FoodOverPeople
      Foodporn > real porn
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    • DJRealDyl
      Why the FUCK is Shrimp and cinnamon rolls being served in the SAME GODDAMN MEAL
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    • TravisTheDog
      Nothing wrong with that
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    • Justo_Seagull
      I thought it was Hamsters eating dinner I was fooled
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    • DaddyKush14
      Seriously America . Get it together
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    • Holy_Shitsnacks
      That’s so fucking disgusting
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    • pedohater24t
      Who the fuck eats shrimp and cinnamon rolls
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    • UhYourMom
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    • Drake_BeII
      I'd make a cinnamon roll shrimp sandwich
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    • ZachElston
      My uncle touching me gives me stress
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    • Tepig_Mimikyu
      There needs to be more room on the plate, to many things touching
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    • CameronHarming
      Don't you just hate it when your foods mix with each other
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    • JohnnyGriffen21
      Same tho
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    • BlocBoyJB
      eat them at the same time
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    • Sensei_Saitama
      Ha ha ha ha!! I'll die if I eat shrimp!
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    • Sean_Martin89
      It's the part you dont eat though
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    • PleasentTree_potato
      What about the eggs touching the cinnamon rolls?
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    • That_0n3_Guy0711
      The fact that the cinnamon roll is on that plate is stressing me out
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    • MetaMemeBoi
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    • AverageChildPredator
      I get the same feeling when my pancakes touch egg yolk
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    • blame_the_rest
      Wait... but cinnamon rolls and shrimp on the same fucking plate isnt the issue?
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    • Chance726
      So Funny. Absoloute Kneeslapper
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    • SKELETOR666
      Me to
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    • Bat_Cow
      I disagree with that plate
      Bat_Cow 24d
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    • Urboi25
      Does anybody else see that damn dog in the frickin cinnamon roll
      Urboi25 24d
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    • D347hG0d
      Its actually a rolled salmon with mayo over it
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    • extremely_CORNY
      Sweet and salty night be like
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    • ladybuglala
      Lol me too
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    • BlueMotherfuckinOak
      This isn’t even funny
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    • anon880
      You just eat that part of it first
      anon880 24d
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    • lil_spicy_soi_boi
      Nah that shit looks like heaven on a plate
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    • Dubs1620
      Eww wtf
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    • AliAsBigFatPeePee
      What the fuck goes through your mind not thinking, “hey let me not move this shrimp that is touching my cinnamon roll”
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    • rye_kennedy
      Who tf puts dessert on same plate as dinner
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    • Skware
      Speaking of shrimp, I just heard that there’s a recall on Kroger cocktail shrimp platters, and it’s funny because the night before I heard about the recall, I went to my neighbors house and SLAYED all of their shrimp, then I left. I wish I would’ve known a day sooner😂 cuz I’ve been having the shits
      Skware 24d
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    • memedojo813
      Holiday meals all mesh together on one big ass plate... these are the rules
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    • Korrina
      i really want shrimp now
      Korrina 24d
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    • CNN_News
      This must have been a Louisiana breakfast buffet
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    • fructose_father
      Looks yum tho
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    • enth
      im going to Chick-fil-A for the first time what would u recommend i get
      enth 24d
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    • P0SIEDON
      anyone else notice that before reading the comment😂
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