• The rest of the world: Chicago is colder than MARS today!
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    • Markly
      I live near Chicago and our school didn’t cancel even when the temperature was -25
      Markly 16d
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    • SnowPuncake
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    • Cosplay____Imiko
      Literally the whole Midwest was. Minnesota hit -70. You aren't special just because you have gang violence.
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    • gkpm9011
      People in minnesota had to deal with -60, but yeah poor Chicago
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    • StagfitMemes
      Funny how people are freaking out about Chicago when it was -65 in Wisconsin
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    • HokageDattebayo
      I live in Chicago for the love of god someone help us
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    • AmazingV
      Haha here in Alabama they canceled school last Tuesday because it “might” have snowed but Wednesday ended up being colder
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    • AstroMemez
      Where did you get that stuffed animal I need to know
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    • honey_badger959
      Fun fact, Chicago isn’t the only cold city
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    • 00w00
      Why is chicago the center of attention other states around it are much colder
      00w00 15d
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    • jollykiller666
      Yall shut the fuck up schools and pretty much everything was cancelled cause it was almost -50 without windchill with windchill felt like almost -70 here in MN
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    • TreTurner
      Minnesota was colder than Chicago
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    • youbetterstopppp
      Everyone complaining when it's been -50's for three days here In Wisconsin
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    • Ryan___Ryan
      I want a "this is fine" plush dog to put in not-fine conditions.
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    • DanMan54321
      When you realize in 5 days the temperature changed almost 100 degrees in Chicago
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    • LordSaladBar
      It was actually 50° here in Chicago today. A full 95° above where it was on Tuesday
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    • gearcrush
      Put a coat on him he’s gonna get sick
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    • Socially_Anxietic_Wierdo
      *Psst* ya ever heard about Wisconsin, buddy?
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    • Millerz
      Minnesota was literally -60 wind chill
      Millerz 15d
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    • Proud_Lutheran
      Chicago wasn’t any colder than the rest of the midwest
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    • zaneoman
      Chicago!? Talk to me when it's 60° below zero like in minnesota
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    • BrooklynTheShadowCloud
      Everyone forgets about the other states affected
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    • Gerod
      Meanwhile, here in central Texas, most of the week has been shorts and t-shirt weather.
      Gerod 15d
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    • OnlyTheBestGurls
      Not last night but the night before it was -68 in Austin, Minnesota before wind chill, Chicago was -53 with wind chill so Chicago didn’t even have it that bad
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    • BigFork
      mars is -63C on average, y’all exaggerate
      BigFork 15d
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    • JonathanYuivar
      You all laugh now, but when a new Ice Age comes, we will survive.
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    • Cubed_Mayhem
      If it's below 70°F(20°C), it's "colder than Mars" mind you Mars does drop to -195°F(-125°C) at times
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    • Relix
      Why couldn’t iFunny fuck up with this feature set and have my photo on the front for like 4 weeks 😔
      Relix 15d
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    • MainDrain
      Martian summers around the equator can reach ~70 F .
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    • RaptorMaverick
      The North adapts to the cold. The South adapts to the Heat. The Midwest (especially Kansas) adapts to everything
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    • TheSurrealCrusader
      The surface of mars is -80. Unless we’re drinking oxygen in Chicago don’t say that shit
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    • TheBadHalfOfAFandom
      My dad drives for Uber and he told me when he dropped someone off yesterday, he saw a guy with no hat/gloves just chilling with a phone
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    • im_YETI
      This is fine
      im_YETI 15d
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    • BunnyBond
      It's so cold here that the nigs are actually pulling up their pants
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    • Alice5150
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    • 5HADE
      5HADE 10d
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    • OneLoweredBoi
      *gunshots in the distance*
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    • TheWolfWallSt
      Try Minnesota
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    • iSack
      Minnesota has been about -60 after windchill for the last few days
      iSack 13d
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    • Hormy
      I want that plushie
      Hormy 14d
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    • andrew_compall
      I live near Chicago and I had 2 days of school this week
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    • OogaBoogaBack2Africa
      Lol come to Upper Michigan
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    • SeppoBoii
      I live in finland and you'd still have to go to school even if it was -40 celsius
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    • legitninja
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    • BiggDee69
      I got four days off school for severe wind chill and I live in Ohio
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    • Rulford
      Yo is anyone dead yet?
      Rulford 15d
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    • Collie12
      I’ve seen this raw strength only once before
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    • Aiur
      Aiur 15d
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    • Stariidust
      Yeah Minnesota kinda died, last night was around -60
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    • CyalFunnyisTRASH
      When you realize we’re destroying our ozone layer so that’s why it’s getting cold af with all the cold space air coming in
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    • AntiVaxBlyat
      When college campuses close two days in a row you know it’s bad
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    • CarlosA777
      I live in Chicago and I can confirm this
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    • Nicolio
      Ayyy Chicagoan
      Nicolio 15d
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    • BakedPotato565
      *laughs in Canadian*
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    • SemperFortis
      Oh boo Chicago. In Minnesota it was colder.
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    • myownhero
      Meanwhile—in Alaska, we have a heat wave that’s between 20-40 degrees. Yep...weathers a changing
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    • Kirbro877
      Wisconsin is -50 w/ wind chill
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    • PokemonRemix
      SC over here saying fuck y’all weather we chilling at 60 degrees
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    • Flake0
      It was -60 where I lived (Minnesota)
      Flake0 15d
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    • ForwardForAmerica
      Meanwhile in Wisconsin it was -55
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    • Zero_Calorie_Tea
      It's fucking -40 here in Alaska and we still get shit done
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    • reddot3
      "The rest of the world". It gets that cold on a daily basis where I live.
      reddot3 15d
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    • Solongaibowser
      I won’t lie, this is definitely me when I’m driving
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    • Kwise2415
      I don't mean to brag... but us in Texas would shut down the whole city at so much as a "watch"
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    • theirony23
      The fuck you talking about it was -35 in ohio
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    • reallyclapped
      Minnesota > anywhere else
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    • Boo_the_Magician
      Yes well you must also realize, -3 with a -22 degree wind chill is A FUCK TON different than a -22 degree day with a -3 wind chill.
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    • SCPemployee019
      This is fine
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    • Candle_right
      Chicago had nothing, shut up about it.
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    • Bill_Cosby_TheProphet
      Midwest gang
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    • NotTheFBI
      I've never been in weather below 25 degrees. However i have been in 130 degree weather, and i'd rather take that than to live in a place where it's regularly below freezing
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    • rebelgunman
      Feel like watching “Day After Tomorrow” anyone?
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    • PainPerdu
      Everyone forgot about Minnesota
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    • MyBad
      It’s kinda funny to think about what we’ve done to earth
      MyBad 15d
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    • DeaconVallad
      -40 wind-chill the other day up here...
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    • _CAOS_
      This is not fine
      _CAOS_ 15d
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    • breezey913
      Live in Minneapolis. Thermometer temp was -36 wind chill was -59 yesterday. The air hurt my face
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    • PeridotPie
      Hmmmmmm global warming perhaps
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    • reinoh
      In Kansas it was literally colder than the surface of the sun
      reinoh 15d
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    • WhirlyLad
      When you live in an area where it’s lower than -25 on a regular basis every winter, it’s funny seeing southern states debating on who has to deal with the cold the most.
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    • Number13
      It was -40 windchill in Minneapolis yesterday. Today's pretty warm though. It's -8.
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    • Hamilhoe_
      Hi, I live in Michigan and I'm fucking snowed in
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    • SgtSarcasm77
      Try living in North Dakota. It was -52 a few days ago
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    • BurBear
      Umm the temperature here in Minnesota is -40 to -50
      BurBear 15d
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    • MetaNinja
      Chicago is a frozen anarchist wasteland filled with armed criminals. I can’t wait to move there.
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    • SouthChi
      This isn't fine. Like 8 people died from exposure as of this morning.
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    • VeroC
      I live in Chicago and i can confirm this is true
      VeroC 15d
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    • AdolphScoutler
      It was like -50 where i live near chicago and i work outside :(
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    • WyMatCheck
      Bruh here in Wisconsin it was -50 last night and no joke saw some guy walking home in cargo shorts and a sweatshirt with groceries
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    • Bitch_Be_Gone_Spray
      Everyone talking about Chicago when Minnesota is like 30 degrees colder
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    • BittosTruth
      I’m a little south of Chicago, and it’s fucking brutal
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    • joseinspace
      And over here in Vancouver WA its 46° and sunny. Almost 100° difference. Fucking crazy. Stay warm and safe fellow memers
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    • Not_illuminati
      Sub to pewdiepie or I will anally rape you
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    • lilmisspanda
      Are you pussies forgetting Alaska
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