• The next few days for Hiro has been both interesting and awkward. Mostly because of how his friends and aunt reacted to this new change. Aunt Cass was of course shocked and conerned greatly about the risk Hiro took teleporting but at the same time she was impressed on how Hiro ended up looking amazing interested how making Hiro not feel it. any less akward, His Lemon cother friends were equally stunned on tis incident but alo interested on how Gogos taking it. Baymax and Honey Lemon
'especialy showed interest since for Baymaxit gave him more to think about how human biology can change with the right type of science while Honey was king the fact that she now has two Gogos to be friends with
All of this was alot for Hiro to be adjusted to but thankfully her peers were understanding his plight so they suggested that she takes it easy while they work on a way to reverse the process. Hiro was thankful about the whole thing however there was still her her life to think about. She couldn't of course go into her old suit since her body wouldn't allow fort
So she decided nervous at the to go to Honey time Lemon for help. Honey was more then happy too which made Hiro both relieved and abit nervous at the same time
'They met at Hiro's other lab at home where they got to work on figuring out how they'll keep Hiro's hero life going without raising any confusion and suspicion about why the purple garbed leader is suddenly female. Hiro suggested that if anyone were to ask that question she'll simply say that she's the twin sister of him and that she's filing in for him tll he
gets back Honey agreed to that then she figured that to start figuring out how they'll design the suit to better suit Hro's
iew body needed to use Gogo's armor and suit as a base to stat on.
Hiro starts putting on Gogo's spare bodysult that she wears under her armor liking how it feels pressed on her skin. Hiro then looks ata mirror ,making her blush on how the sult hugs her body so tighty.making her look so sexy. Before she can respond Honey went over and started to grab her butt saying that a specic area inher butt needs more durable fabric.
Hiro would've told Honey to not do that but she was taken aback on how great being groped ike that felt that she llet out surprise to the moan of delight. Honey almost was surprised dough being at this too since around. she After never knew anyone who had skin that was so mushy to the point of being almost like dough being mushed around. After some thinkign Ho wondered if this meant that her body can withstand certain objects thrown at her. Honey suggested before moving on to the armor they can test her body limit:
Using what they have ,Hiro had things suchas balls and even bricks thrown at her body by Honey. Allof them bounced off her lke jello, Amazed,Hiro wanted more tess. Honey then got outa roller that when rolled on iro's handt flattened ike paper but grew back to norma siz ikea cartoon. Finally Honey used her scooter and ran Hiro all over,making Hiro's
'entire she body flat as paper. to Hiro loved every moment excited of having ever her body be flat amking her aroused that can funny enough. Finally she blew herself up to normal being more excited then ever upon having a gummy body that can withstand anything
In the end Hiro and Honey made a new bodysuit that can better withstand being smushed and groped, while she has
'armor that was basically purple version beginning of Gogo's feel regular suit but al of with elements ince can of Hio's do original suit such asthe gummy side body.
on her helmet. Hito was beginning to feel better about all of ths ince she can do more with her new gummy body.
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