• The look of horror on every passenger's face when children & infants start boarding the plane.
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    • Czech_
      Honestly fucking ruin the trip
      Czech_ 15d
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    • baconishappiness_
      I'd rather a baby crocodile
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    • PrincessBoobsAss
      Send help
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    • sturges
      I'd rather be next to a baby crocodile
      sturges 15d
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    • EloTheWild
      Then they see the baby crocodile get on
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    • urdisturbed
      Wouldn’t be a problem if they were baby crocodiles
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    • watsagoodusername
      Wait until they see the baby alligator
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      Too bad it wasn’t a baby crocodile
      smile 14
    • Matthewf39
      But what if it was a baby crocodile
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    • Aydenaroo
      Where’s the fucking Crocodile when you need him
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    • Comicalraptor28
      - a baby CROCODILE!!!!!
      smile 13 reply 2
    • Thorolf25
      But what if it was a baby crocodile?
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    • oofgod1
      Unless it’s a baby crocodile
      oofgod1 15d
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    • Finn_the_african
      They should make a cabin area at the back where babies can play and shit , and making it sound proof
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    • mrosefisher
      they wanted to sit next to a baby crocodile
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    • 7DrReaper7
      Should have brought a baby crocodile
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    • matthep
      But when the baby crocodiles come on board everyone’s ovaries start to explode
      matthep 15d
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    • ChrisPeefeArt
      But if it was baby crocodiles it would be a completely different experience. Do you know why? Crocodiles don't make any FUCKING NOISE!
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    • dangitdang
      Unless it’s a baby crocodile
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    • Didgeridoo_Union
      I remember last time I flew, there was a loud ass child behind me kicking my seat and a child next to me was a child on a sugar rush, but luckily, I was in a REALLY good mood so I wasn’t bothered and just looked at how cute the kids were. Anybody else would’ve ripped those little shits in half tho
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    • EightyD
      They should have brought a baby crocodile
      EightyD 15d
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    • bipolar_motherfucker
      The post before this one was Litterly about this
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    • unknownmaster
      Then it turns out there’s a baby crocodile.
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    • Paroro
      Rather have a baby crocodile so I can feed it rashers throughout the flight
      Paroro 15d
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    • 5born2
      Unless it’s a baby crocodile
      5born2 15d
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    • Astrid
      Would rather sit next to a baby crocodile
      Astrid 15d
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    • Rudasae
      Baby crocodiles
      Rudasae 15d
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    • Kuledud350
      And then you see a baby crocodile
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    • TheOneTrueGodDannyDeVito
      How about a baby crocodile?
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    • jonbong
      Oh yeah, fuck those people, they should just leave their kids at home like everyone else so they dont annoy people who they dont know or shouldn't have to worry about in a day and age when everyone has headphones and can easily ignore some crying kids
      jonbong 11d
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    • technical_difficultie
      Would you prefer a baby crocodile
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    • Sean_Lucas
      Considering the previous feature is about how we find baby animals cuter than our own babies, and he uses babies on flights as an example, i appreciate the placing of this feature right here
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    • Ninjapro25
      If they brought on a baby crocodile, it’d be a different story
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    • mr_usernameisalreadytaken
      I’d rather sit next to a baby crocodile
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    • Dortzenbacher
      Then they find out it is a baby crocodile
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    • VonvernaV2
      I see what you did there ifunny
      smile 9 reply 1
    • pandanuts2
      If it was a crocodile no one would be complaining
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    • YungSpermCell
      What about a baby fucking crocodile
      smile 9
    • Papaya
      this fits the last feature perfectly
      Papaya 15d
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    • Light_Bringer
      It should’ve been a baby crocodile
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    • kevinmaloneishot
      But a baby crocodile on the other hand....
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    • lncineroar
      If it’s not a fuckin baby crocodile then fuck off
      smile 9
    • iSsj2Gohan
      smile 9
    • LitAsDuck
      But if it was a baby crocodile
      smile 9
    • Wagonball_Z
      If only it was a crocodile
      smile 9
    • AetherPriest
      If only it was a baby crocodile
      smile 9
    • Spartan42706
      Unless it's a crocodile
      smile 9
    • Thiccest_Legion
      I get there are situations in which you must fly with your young children, but you might as well expect the *Everyone disliked that* message to appear as soon as you board. No one wants to listen to your flesh bag of lungs scream for 6 hours.
      smile 8 reply 5
    • gagenors
      Then you see the baby crocodile
      smile 8
    • trixietang
      Only if there was a kitten instead...
      smile 8
    • BosnianBaguette
      Is there a baby crocodile as well?
      smile 8
    • beans_n_shit
      Was it a baby crocodile?
      smile 8
    • DailySmiles_
      But not baby crocodiles.
      smile 8
    • GenuineConcern
      or baby alligator ayyyyyyy up top
      smile 8
    • Magicae
      People are such assholes. You were once an obnoxious baby too. It’s not the babies fault that the pressure hurts their ears. It’s not the kids fault that they have to attempt to sit still for several hours and that they probably JUST woke up from a nap and have enough energy to power NYC
      Magicae 15d
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    • BitBitYowzer
      What about a baby crocodile ?
      smile 8
    • MoonMoon06
      But it turns out it's a baby crocodile
      smile 8
    • GaspingMoans
      But what about baby crocodiles?
      smile 8
    • jprime464
      If it was a baby of some other species it’d be fine
      smile 8
    • elanthegreat
      But what about the crocs
      smile 8
    • Th3Slith3therySn4ke
      ...a baby CROCODILE
      smile 8
    • KingPringles
      Where’s the baby crocodile?
      smile 8
    • SamKennedy01
      Then she says "Baby... crocodile!" And your all like "Eyyyyyyy!"
      smile 9
    • TheLoneTraveler
      So 2 memes about this in a row? One of the mods got on a plane today with a baby
      smile 8
    • iknowaguy808
      Imagine their faces if it was a baby crocodile
      smile 8
    • Banana_doggo
      But if it was a baby crocodile .....
      smile 8
    • Quasar
      A baby crocodile?
      Quasar 15d
      smile 8
    • superskyman64
      I bet they were hoping for a baby crocodile
      smile 8
    • Sylens
      Ikr, wish they were kittens instead. Or puppies, lambs, ducklins... Hell, even baby crocodiles!
      Sylens 15d
      smile 9
    • BlusterKong
      [sounds of ovaries exploding]
      smile 8
    • _justaquickfact_
      I would prefer a baby crocodile
      smile 8
    • HerbUttsmells
      Wouldn’t be the same reaction with baby crocodiles. They’d be feeding the croc rashers the whole flight.
      smile 7
    • friendly_KYS_reminder
      Make them travel in the luggage compartment
      smile 8
    • The_Autistic_Spoon
      *insert reference to previous feature*
      smile 7
    • NindseyPuckingham
      People have kids...just put your headphones in and go back to being a phone zombie . .
      smile 7 reply 1
    • ThetwistedGrim
      Wheres the baby crocodile
      smile 7
    • NotPogo
      But what if it was a baby crocodile?
      NotPogo 15d
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    • _FeEgOaT_
      That’s not a fucking baby crocodile fucking liar
      smile 7
    • Pixer
      Babies on airplanes should be treated like terrorists
      Pixer 15d
      smile 7
    • Swore
      Wouldn’t happen with a baby crocodile
      Swore 15d
      smile 7
    • Jmcgee1125
      Babies < Baby crocodiles
      smile 7
      If only it was a crocodile
      smile 7
    • JayGardner
      But if it's a baby crocodile everyone's ovaries explode
      smile 7 reply 1
    • koto
      But what if it was a baby crocodile
      koto 15d
      smile 7
    • UnnecessaryThought
      What if it were a baby crocodile?
      smile 7
    • Al_Foil
      But if it was a baby crocodile tho
      Al_Foil 15d
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    • SgtFoxtrot
      Holy shit this aligns perfectly with the last feature
      smile 7
    • smol_kenny
      Too bad it's not a baby crocodile
      smile 8
    • gavin1245
      To bad it's not a baby crocodile
      smile 7
    • idontknowwhatmynamewillbe
      They would rather have a baby crocodile
      smile 7
    • LaughYouHard
      I wish it was a baby crocodile
      smile 7
    • True_Loser
      Not unless it’s a BABY CROCODILE!!
      smile 7
    • GreaterTomorrow
      “It’s not the babies fault!” The say. You’re right. It’s your fucking fault for being a shitty parent and not acknowledging you’re now on a plane for a while and naturally this kids going to need entertainment. If you were smart you wouldve prepared, and now we’re all subjected to your trash
      smile 7
    • RealRowleyJefferson
      This is perfect with the other post
      smile 8
    • The_mighty_Cthulhu
      There better be a baby crocodile.
      smile 7
    • Bandit_Wusky
      But if it was a baby crocodile...
      smile 7
    • Sherlux
      but how about a baby crocodile
      Sherlux 15d
      smile 7
    • Aqua91
      A infant CROCODILE
      Aqua91 15d
      smile 7
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