• NaudizCubed
      If it smells like trout, get the fuck out
      smile 3.1K reply 51
    • DaBigBoiJake
      smile 2.2K reply 29
    • bumpp
      that smelly smell that smells..... smelly
      bumpp 18d
      smile 534 reply 4
    • SuperLonkHD
      Smells like the heat from the back of the PS4.
      smile 77 reply 6
    • SappyPappy
      Does it smell like a fish? Does she look like a bitch? Does she open her legs without a hitch? If the answer is yes then look at her chest. If her tits are open like a damn treasure chest Then you best bet this bitch has a god-like complexion But also look out for that yeast infection.
      smile 24 reply 1
    • thisOneOtherGuy
      Everyone talks shit about the class hoe until she lets you hit it
      smile 19 reply 6
    • TGIVAN1
      Where's that video of the guy squirting air freshener on a girl's crotch when you need it?
      TGIVAN1 18d
      smile 15
    • Symphonies
      A quick little sex ed lesson. If someone's vagina smells fishy, they PROBABLY have BV. It's not an STD, and it's curable with antibiotics. There's a chance it's trich instead though, which IS an STD. But that's a lot less likely. There you go.
      smile 12 reply 14
    • fellatio
      smile 11 reply 4
    • Red_Butler
      The smell... The smelly smell....
      smile 11 reply 1
    • WallRingBoi
      If it smells like trout get the fuck out
      smile 11
    • eeddii1
      One time I decided to fuck the school slut with a condom on of course. And I'll tell you what best fucking sex I've had! I didnt even ask if I could put it in her ass i just did swallowed the whole thing when I came not one drop was wasted. She had the brightest smile. Ahh good times.
      eeddii1 17d
      smile 10 reply 4
    • FlyinFilipino
      If it smells like salmon, keep on slammin’
      smile 9 reply 3
      teenage boy: *opens legs* everyone else: smells like unwashed DICK IN HERE
      smile 10 reply 1
    • DeadMemesAreTheBest
      Is it just me or is there always a class hoe, or maybe my school is just ghetto.
      smile 9 reply 6
    • Ava_MW
      🦀: I smell something, a smelly smell... that smells.. smelly.... anchovies..... 🦑 : what? 🦀: ANCHOVIES!!!!!!!
      Ava_MW 16d
      smile 8
    • grandeur
      nicotine, alcohol, weed, and caffeine all make you taste and smell like shit down there. as long as you’re hydrated, eat plenty of fruit and don’t eat too much sodium you’re gonna be fine down there. don’t be mad someone won’t go down on you if you’re pumping battery acid into their mouth
      smile 9 reply 8
    • IncognitoHero
      a smell,a smelly smell
      smile 8 reply 2
    • dontcussimfive
      If it smells like cologne leave it alone, if it smells like fish it’s a dish
      smile 8 reply 1
    • Sinjo
      Idk why ya'll bash on girls that sleep around. If it weren't for them 90% of yall would be virgins
      Sinjo 18d
      smile 10 reply 11
    • LuIu
      LuIu 18d
      smile 8
    • thisisastrawberry
      Sadly I was always in honor classes with the same group of people so I never got to know the class hoe
      smile 9
    • MadSnailDisease
      The worst was in middle school when we all fell for the class hoe. Like I remember one time on the bus we hit a bump and she legit holds her tits and go “wow my boobs were bouncing!” And none of us guys were like “wtf is your problem” instead we were like “wow much hot very sex”
      smile 9
    • sarabuggy13
      You can be a hoe and not smell. Just be clean ladies! Pee after sex to prevent UTI and never put soap inside your vagina! But be clean and clean every night and always change your underwear
      smile 8
    • tboyaustin
      Does her clit hang low. Does it drag across the floor. Does it make you want to cry. Well then bro it's time to go.
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Debo
      Debo 16d
      smile 8
    • M3M3_4DD1C7
      Its worse if they been getting sweaty and havent washed...its like piss in a smelly armpit thats been lightly brushed with wet pottery glaze.
      smile 7 reply 3
    • Metal_and_Marines_MHN
      I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure the amount of sex a girl is having doesn't affect her pussy's smell. That just means she generally needs to shower more
      smile 7 reply 5
    • Whenis
      I walked up to these girls I was working with and said "It smells like tuna...ladies??"
      Whenis 18d
      smile 7
    • PrivateClover11
      That smell... that smelly smell... that smelly smell that smells... smelly....
      smile 7
    • Kinkerbelle
      Unfortunate thing I learned online is that some women's pussies just stink it doesn't matter how much they wash it or douche it just some people have stanky genitals and that's so tragic
      smile 9 reply 12
    • Level5Vegan
      if it aint tight it ain’t right
      smile 6 reply 1
    • Sane_Sheogorath
      *big whiff* GOOD MORNING, LADIES!!! Also, PSA to class hoes: Use your cooter to stop a school shooter.
      smile 6
    • Honda175
      I remember how excited I would get when a girl with a skirt would sit in just the right way so I could catch a glimpse of panties. What a magical time.
      smile 6 reply 4
    • GayObsessionAndDepression
      Have any of you actually dealt with fishy pussy? I’ve never experienced this
      smile 6 reply 4
    • ManWithBagels
      I smell a smell, a smelly smell, a smelly smell that smells... smelly...
      smile 6
    • ziggygreen123
      You guys act like you wouldn’t smash if she asked
      smile 6 reply 5
    • ghostiie
      if it smells like trout, get the fuck out
      smile 5
    • CrissCross
      The cleanliness of your vaginal has little to do with how many guys you sleep with. You can have sex with 50 guys in 3 days and after you shower like a lady should, it will go back to being fresh asf
      smile 5 reply 6
    • ElectroPix
      smile 5
    • ChiefSauce
      *Entire class either leaps into rafters or runs out door *
      smile 5
    • cheeseburgersalad
      If it taste like chicken keep on lickin
      smile 5
    • Veteranguy89
      Can smell it through the phone all these damn instathots
      smile 5
    • enileuqaJ
      Dudes balls be smellin like cheese sometimes too
      smile 5 reply 1
    • Antitoast
      smile 6 reply 5
    • Cherriys
      *every 17 year old virgin* THOT! THOT LOL THOTS! BEGONE THOT!
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Fedora_The_Explorer_
      Forgot the "s" at the end of hoe
      smile 4
    • LinkHill
      smile 4
    • I_be_hilarious
      Just saying if she washes that stank stank you wouldn't turn down that pussy
      smile 4
    • thonking
      my friend fucked the ho in our grade and now hes got aids
      smile 5
    • Demolition_Soldier
      Oooooooh that smell, Can't you smell that smell?
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Quinnp
      We need the kid with the axe body spray
      Quinnp 17d
      smile 4 reply 1
    • HandOfBlood
      Guys don't know shit about anatomy apparently jesus christ lmao
      smile 6
    • Dictatortot
      When I was at work I was working with this chick and she smelt like dead fish but I couldn’t tell it sass her so I asked her if she smelt it
      smile 4
    • TheSupremeUltraMegaDick
      A* class hoe. There ain’t just 1
      smile 4
    • Chewbacca_w1th_good_hair
      Bruh that dead fish smell ain’t no joke I legit left a girls dorm in the middle of sexy time cause that shit smelled so bad
      smile 5
    • EddySissorhands
      When your too old to relate to lame ass high school memes
      smile 4 reply 3
    • drake4343
      Why do the sluttiest girls never clean the bean?
      smile 4
    • Jenruax
      She needs to fucking bathe. I was the class hoe and people use to joke that they smell candy. I don’t need to explain why. If you have a naughty bitch in your life you get why
      Jenruax 18d
      smile 5 reply 9
    • TheStainSpecialist
      I took a breath, I said wooooh good morning ladies
      smile 4 reply 1
    • DanieltacoRich
      In my school I used to eat where my classroom was and the girls from my class will come and do their dance practices let's just say one of them forgot she didn't had another layer of pants after pulling the uniform pants down
      smile 4 reply 2
    • The0Bandit
      We had one girl in highschool who smelled so bad, one day in class she lifted her leg and a freshman gagged. She didnt even mean to. But that thot went home that night and scrubbed and scrubbed.
      smile 5
    • dunno8888
      Yo ugly dudes used to do shit like this in high school to girls that were “hoes” solely because they wouldn’t fuck them lol they’re not hoes, they just have eyes.
      smile 5 reply 1
    • PartTimeMonk
      "That smelly smell that smells"
      smile 4 reply 1
    • Freddude
      smile 4
    • HawaiianLePerCo
      Tastes like chicken keep on lickin. Tastes like trout get the hell out.
      smile 5
    • Yoshee
      Coaches be like
      Yoshee 18d
      smile 4 reply 1
    • AIva
      AIva 18d
      smile 4
    • usapilot
      Wrong there is more than one in every class.
      smile 3
    • Big_greasy
      Bro I still remember being in class and when a mega thot would walk by you could just smell rank vag
      smile 3
    • GenericNameGenericGuy
      That's how we get air aids
      smile 3
    • Dave123451
      Why do you scream anchovy’s
      smile 3 reply 3
    • ColdPoptart
      Fuck I featured?
      smile 4
    • yesthatsrigh
      You guys act like you can get girls but everyone on Ifunny knows that No one on this app can get girls
      smile 5 reply 8
    • XetroV
      That smelly smell
      XetroV 18d
      smile 3
    • BisneyLunior
      *boner intensifies*
      smile 3 reply 1
    • PeanutButterAndDicc
      Smellin' like the crusty shit on the edge of the Mac n cheese
      smile 2
    • angel5296
      Any body else notice how how in this episode his eye color doesn’t match the rest of him?
      smile 2
    • huntermercer
      I got the class how pregnant
      smile 2
    • xxlostintheforestxx
      A hole is a hole.
      smile 2
    • rdcoleslaw
      Congrats you made me die
      smile 2
    • orangesliced
      If you like caesar dressing or Wiltshire sauce. Psst boi you like anchovies
      smile 2
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