• that's the most disrespectful shit I‘ve ever seen
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    • Qwerty2013
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    • SpecialBrownie17
      Honestly I listen to every song sent even if I know I'm gonna dislike it because you know that person really wanted to share something they like,
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    • TheOneTrueOstrich
      There’s a limit. If your bitch ass is sending me 10 songs a day, you better fuckin believe I ain’t listening to ‘em.
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    • Sukuren
      If it's ghetto rap music where the "artist" pauses to say bruh or some other silly slang every 3 beats then same
      Sukuren 11d
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    • Fetus_Tickler
      Maybe don't spam me with every single song you ever listen to
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    • Cacttii
      Idk, if I send you songs and you don’t have the time/energy to listen to them all the time I’d rather you just told me honestly than try to pretend you listened and liked it.
      Cacttii 12d
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    • LoafOfSandwich
      Im a beatboxer and I send beatbox stuff to my friends and it means the world to me when they actually listen to it
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    • HereToFuckShitUp
      If anyone would ever text me I would listen. But my phone might as well be an ipod because ain’t nobody calling/texting me
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    • HawkReynolds
      A good sign that a person does not respect you is that they don’t respect your music taste
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    • NotSoFun
      Fun fact: not all couples have the same taste in music
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    • RandomHero
      Nah man that's honesty. She could lie and say she listened like everyone else in the world does but no she was honest. Fuck wife material in my book.
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    • REEEEtarded
      Ew wtf no? Don't send people songs just because you like them. She's in the right, I hate it when I'm busy and someone's like "listen to this it really explains how I feel" I don't fucking care how this song saved your life or whatever post off
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    • PetrichorProblems
      I tried to listen to something a boy sent me once, but his taste in music was just so wth. Like it was metal with vocals but the vocals were like screaming in the distance and were more like whispering???? He kept saying how the lyrics really resonated with him too??? But you couldn't hear it????
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    • Garfiere
      I showed my GF my old Red Hot Chili Peppers album yesterday that I found while cleaning out the attic, and she tried to pause it to show me an Ariana Grande song in the middle of it. I seriously considered ending our 5-year relationship at that moment.
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    • elisa
      My boyfriend would send me quite a few songs throughout the day and if I was busy I would just wait to listen to them on my drive home
      elisa 13d
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    • meth_lab_
      I'll listen, but if its shit I'm not going to lie
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    • Stackm
      She’s joking that for how many songs this person is sending, she doesn’t have enough time to be able to listen to all of these. Like playing around or poking fun at how much this person likes to send her songs.
      Stackm 14d
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      Yo I've had an ex who said that she honestly didn't have time to read all of the nice, and sweet long messages I would send her
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    • Solongaibowser
      content not available more
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    • TheRedBeardedBastard
      I’d never talk to that bitch again, like fuck that. You don’t got 2 minutes? No wonder why you’re always having to delete random male friend requests while complaining “there aren’t any guys for me”
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    • tri_memes_
      No honestly it’s annoying as hell when someone keeps telling you to watch or listen to something when u just don’t like their style
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    • Tumbles10
      We gonna ignore he has that shit at max volume?
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    • EvilSet_7
      Honestly though it’s kinda rude to expect someone to just drop whatever they’re doing to listen to a song
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      How about quit sending me your shitty music
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    • gibitty
      People who constantly push their music on other people are annoying, good for her
      gibitty 14d
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    • cordlesscandy
      You can think that but you don’t say it damn.
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    • JEDIorSITH
      She right tho. Imagine someone bombarding you with a ton of songs that you’ve never heard before and don’t care about. I guess it might be different if you truly love and care for the person tho.
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    • RickyLuther
      No for real this shit happens to me too, tbh. I work 75-80 hours a week and one my friends constantly sends me things to watch and read and listen too and gets mad when I don't... Like I don't have time and my free time is spent sleeping or watching what I want to watch.
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    • whospanda
      If there’s no tc, I just read the first two comments and pretend like they’re the top two
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    • Androiid69
      The nerve of some people
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    • Taurusaries
      I live for music, I think it's one of the most beautiful ways that humanity had found to Express itself. my boyfriend thinks it's just ok, like he'd rather lexmark to a podcast than listen to music and
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    • BXRSkiller
      Sending someone a song is a gambit. Especially to a crush. It's like sending a piece of your soul so that response is pretty rude
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    • killerinthejungle
      Way to creep a chick out,just be an asshole instead
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    • Tiffapotomus
      A friend once sent me 17 break up songs in a row after her 1 night stand ghosted out. That's at least an hour of crap music I can't relate to. Keep your emotions in the shower like a lady, people!
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    • SirSkitter
      If you’re spamming someone of corse eventually they’re gonna get annoyed
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    • yungIean
      If you send it personally I’ll listen, but if it’s on your story then go fuck yourself loop
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    • DG_EpicPenguin
      I've never sent a song to anyone, nor have I ever received one. I didn't realize people even did this.
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    • Holysmokesss
      What a shit hole of a friend
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    • Gomenasaike
      I refuse to believe that. Cooking, cleaning, studiying, working out, on the bus, in the car, while eating, walking and many other things that can be done with headphones in.
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    • Thedustyroad10
      Man, don't fuck her. More like leave her
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    • maxiemart
      I don't mind songs. but if he sends me a list of movies longer than 5, I'm probably not watching them...
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    • ChiLanta
      I hate when people force me to listen to music. Also I'm a hypocrite
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    • IndianaStoned
      That shit be mad annoying tho
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    • BlusterKong
      Y'all actually get replies?
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    • Pineappleboy
      Most songs are legit 3 minutes 5 max if you dont have that time you dont have time to breathe
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    • adpanther
      Music is the best guide to someone’s deeper self don’t take it for granted.
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    • realtacobell
      Even if you don't listen to all the songs you don't gotta tell them that, it sounds rude.
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    • PYR0333_GHiF_WIF_S_S_S
      Drop her like a scalding hot piece of shit.
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    • Zaggey
      Zaggey 14d
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    • SoulSkittle
      Drop her. Ain’t nobody got time for that negativity.
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    • Krueganator
      One song? I send people full albums.
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    • DiscordIsntDead
      Maybe stop sending songs needy
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    • Thebomb_funny
      It's not funny. Her boyfriend is retarded.
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    • lmperialCityGuard
      I’d have left my fiancé the moment she sent that
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    • StankSinatra
      You can literally do anything while you listen to like a 3 minute song
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    • BiMyself
      Oh hell no id never do that shit to somebody. If somebody liked a song and sent it to me, you better fucking believe I’ll listen to it and like it.
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    • Jamortt
      I hate people who share music as if I have any interest in their taste
      Jamortt 14d
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    • TheJudgeAt425
      Be truthful though how many times have you listened to a song someone’s sent
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    • Apparition
      Who sends songs to each other? You think we live in some Shakespearean world?
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    • opparpupper
      My friend sends terrible songs all the time, so I exit for the around the length of the video and say "haha good song". Ik she doesn't listen to anything I send so I'm not to hers either.
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    • Electric_Bacon
      I mean, she’s being honest , oh so what, you’d prefer to be lied to ? Nobody wants to be lied to. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t want to be lied to .
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    • Stormbreaker
      Niggas want a girl who likes video games, same taste in music, and they can hang out with on the weekends. Y’all sure you don’t want a boyfriend
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    • beans_n_shit
      My friend keeps trying to make me listen to PATD and I listen to it, then I suggest Sublime and they are like “hell naw fuck you” let’s just say we aren’t friends anymore
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    • CosmicCosmix
      Overthrow the white, rise with the red!
      smile 2 reply 1
    • MultipleTwigs
      That's honestly so rude, songs are usually pretty personal (especially if you took the time to send it) and that's like saying you don't have 3 minutes to get to know a part of them
      smile 2 reply 3
    • Nobussy
      If you spam someone with songs, remember that no one likes you.
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    • FrenchZulu2512
      My ex
      smile 1
    • PaperMatic
      Everyone saying how that’s disrespectful have made shit songs before. I have better things to do than listen to your generic edm pos
      smile 1
    • GroundZer0
      This one kid is always trying to get me to listen to songs, and honestly I can’t do that
      smile 1
    • InternetGuide
      Just being honest but okay
      smile 2
    • Papaya_Messiah
      I am literally doing this with a girl right now. I have sent her a bunch of songs and she listens to every one and tells me what she likes about them.
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    • uhwhyisthisssohard
      Fuck. That. Bitch . If I send you a song or video you better watch that shit ! It means I like you!
      smile 1
    • HalfAssDevil
      Hold up. Lets get the full story. Does he send like a song a day or does he send 100 every hour?
      smile 1 reply 2
    • mjh72996
      I've had friends send me videos and i watched and reply the funniest part. And they tell me they didn't watch it and wanted to know if it was any good. The disrespect i felt that day
      smile 1
    • Spanooki_Films
      No, the most disrespectful thing I've seen was them RUINING the name of SpongeBob this year at the super bowl
      smile 2
    • The_Cat3
      Depends on how many songs and if by the same artist
      smile 1
      I stopped sending my friends songs because they would either not listen to it or rate it from 1 to 10
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    • maniac_
      maniac_ 13d
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    • DirtyRay
      Everyone go subscribe to pewdiepie right now
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    • elisa
      Such disrespect I love listening to songs my boyfriends sends me
      elisa 13d
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    • captainWubblz
      His fault for being a soundcloud rapper
      smile 1 reply 1
    • Nachtmara1911
      I dont listen to music, or watch any videos I'm sent unless I asked for them. To me, that's like someone saying "Hey, here's some homework". Like bitch, I got shit to do.
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    • MalevolentArtichoke
      Actually there's a limit between sharing and basically asigning homework to people
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    • itstimetoupgrade
      The type of music someone listens to can say a lot about them, chances are if they want you to hear it then they want to show a part of themselves. Or it sounds cool idk.
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    • Vapingdouche
      Man my girl will not only listen to the songs I send her she will legit put them on her phone in a special playlist, she personally doesn’t like the same type of music I do, but she knows I care about them and when she misses me she’ll listen to the playlist cuz it reminds her of me
      smile 1
    • SaiiyanGod
      My best friend does this to me all the time. She doesn't understand how much that hurts a man.
      smile 1
    • Alexandria31xo
      I always listen unless it's a list of top ten and the first couple suck
      smile 1
    • Toodledoot
      I don't send music and I expect the same courtesy.
      smile 1
    • The_unkindledone
      I always listen to music people suggest. Because people suggest music that resonates with them. Even if it doesnt have the same effect on me, it's like I've just viewed a part of their soul
      smile 1 reply 2
    • snowplow59
      smile 1
    • Jenna_Betti
      If she doesn't have time she doesn't have time. Especially if he sends a lot of songs, or if his taste is bad
      smile 1 reply 1
    • CrazyFuzzy
      Bitch, I’m sharing something personal. You know how hard it is to like “It’s raining men.” And not feel like a flaming homo hat would put the human torch to shame.
      smile 1
    • ImoralJ
      My gf was questioning me about if I listened to someone of the songs she sends me and was surprised that I mentioned something in the comments
      ImoralJ 14d
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    • Creepyfish
      Nobody likes your shit music
      smile 1
    • Daily_Dose_Of_Deutschland
      Who dosnt have time to listen to fucking music?
      smile 1
    • CRLM107
      CRLM107 14d
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    • I_subbed_if_youre_a_nibba
      I guess people cant have preferance anymore, time to start another plauge
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