Huge dragon (elder), unaligned
Armor Class 19 (natural armor)
Hit Points 243 (18d12 126)
Speed 50 ft, fly 60 ft
Skills Perception +8
Damage Resistances bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing
damage from nonmagical attacks
Damage Immunities fire
Condition Immunities charmed, frightened, poisoned
Senses blindsight 60 Ft., darkvision 120 ft, passive
Perception 18
ages Draconic
Challenge 20 (25,000 XP)
Fire Aura. At the start of each of
the teostra's turns, each
creature within 5 feet of it takes 7 (2d6) fire damage,
flammable objects in
the aura
that aren't being worn
or carried
ignite. A creature that touches the teostra or
hits it with a melee attack while within 5 feet of it takes
7 (2d6) fire damage.
Explosive Cloud. At the start of
the teostra's turn, it beats
its wings and four clouds of explosive powder appear in
unoccupied 5-foot cubes of air within 60 feet of the
teostra. Additionally every 15 feet the teostra moves, it
leaves a
cloud of explosive powder in a
5-foot cube. The
clouds remain
until detonation, until a
wind of moderate
or greater speed (at least 10 miles per hour) disperses
it, or when the teostra dies.
As a Bonus action, the teostra can move up to three of
these clouds 20 feet in any
Resistance (3/Day). If the teostra fails a
throw, it can
choose to succeed instead.
Standing Leap. The teostra's long jump is up to 30 feet
its high jump is up to 15 feet, with or
without a
running start.
Multiattack. The teostra makes three attacks: two with
its claw and one
with its bite or tail.
Bite. Melee Weapon Attack. +13 to hit, reach 10 ft, one
target. Hit: 20 (3d8 7) piercing damage.
Claws. Melee Weapon Attack. +13 to hit, reach 5 ft, one
7) slashing damage.
Tail. Melee Weapon Attack. +13 to hit, reach 10 ft, one
7) bludgeoning damage. On hit,
the target must make a DC 21 Strength saving throw or
be knocked prone.
Deadly Leap. If the teostra jumps at least 15 feet as part
of its movement, it can then use this action to land on
its feet in a space that contains one or more
creatures. Each of
those creatures must succeed on a
DC 21 Strength or Dexterity saving throw (target's
choice) or be knocked prone and take 33 (6d8 bludgeoning damage. On a
successful save, the creature
takes only half the damage, isn't knocked prone, and
pushed 5 feet out of the teostra's space into an
unoccupied space of
the creature's choice. Ifno
unoccupied space is within range, the creature instead
falls prone in
the teostra's space.
Fire Breath (Recharge 5-6). The teostra exhales fire in a
90-foot cone. Each creature in
that area must make a
DC 21 Dexterity saving throw, taking 38 (11d6) fire
damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful
Supernova (1/day). The teostra beats its wings rising 20
feet into the air
and releases a
large burst of fire all
it. Each creature within a
40-foot-radius sphere
the teostra must succeed on a DC 21 Dexterity
saving throw, taking 63 (14d8) fire damage and are
pushed back 10 feet on a
failed save, or
half as
much on
successful one
and not
pushed back.
Legendary Actions
The teostra can
take 2 legendary actions, choosing from
the options below. Only one
legendary action option
be used at a time and
only at the end of another
creature's turn. The teostra regains spent legendary
actions at
the start of
its turn.
Move. The teostra moves up to its speed without
provoking opportunity attacks.
Attack. The teostra makes a
bite attack.
Detonate (Costs 2 Actions). All Explosive Clouds
detonate and burst into flames. Each creature within 10-
feet of an explosive cloud must make a DC 21 Dexterity
saving throw, 'aking 22 (4d10) fire damage on
save or
half as much on a
successful one.
If a creature is
within range of more than one
explosive cloud, they
take an additional 22 (4d10) fire damage for each
additional cloud.
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    • “Supernova (1/day)” have you SEEN how often a Tempered Teostra supernovas in a single hunt?!
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