• Teeny tintyi‘b‘aby coffins. You can get hem in fro green or fire enine re . years later House is still as relevant as he ever was
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    • Airheadbunny
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    • MLG2000
      MLG2000 17d
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    • ufunny10
      God people stupid af do people even know what a vaccine is? It is a dead virus your body identifies it and kills it. This makes the percentage that you don’t die much higher since your body knows how to kill it. That’s all you dumbasses who don’t vaccinate
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    • wittynamehere
      I’ll take every vaccine you got. You can get a vaccine now to prevent cervical CANCER. I wish that was mandatory when I was younger.
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      Theres a 7 Month Old who had Measles because she is too young to get a vaccine. Not only are the children of anti vaxxers being effected, but also new parents whose babies can be exposed to the virus in the hospital. This was COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE. Its not like the flu shot. This never needed to
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    • univprofessor
      We didn’t vaccinate our children and the one that lived is doing fine
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    • Hawksbill
      Try telling your kids that the reason their legs don’t work is because you didn’t want to vaccinate because you thought it would cause autism. Then you’ll have to admit how stupid you are that you thought autism is a contagious disease instead of a genetic one.
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    • marbezy11
      You know what's worse than vaccines? Mumps, measels/rubella, hepatitis, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis... do you see what I'm getting at here?
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    • Zombiedude101
      Guys remember when we had polio? Oh wait....oh! Remember tuberculosis? Oh wait...remember whooping cough? Oh wait....remember smallpox??? Oh wait... Anybody else see where I’m getting at here? 😐
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    • memeloversanonymous
      As someone with a compromised immune system I hate antivaxxers. Youre supposed to protect one another with herd immunity and let us weaker ones survive due to blanket protection, but no everyone thinks they know better than every doctor. Fuck all of y’all.
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    • BeefyBurger
      The guy who published the study finding vaccines to cause autism is now in jail because he made it up.
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    • Azuraz
      vaccines should be mandatory in public and private schools. if you still dont want to vaxx them, you have to send them to an all No-Vaxx school.
      Azuraz 16d
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    • Gomenasaike
      Why go to a doctor at this point? Clearly you don't believe in any of the advancements made.
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    • artistwithouttalent
      OK, I know this is supposed to be comedic and I would normally never infringe upon the freedoms of the individual, especially the brainless ones, but the fact that there are measles outbreaks (i.e. more than one person has them) makes me consider making vaccinations mandatory.
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    • chaostheoryexe
      Best medical drama ever change my mind.
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    • ThyySavage
      Parents who dont let their children get vaccinated are a liability to the entire human race
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    • Str8Spooked
      Lol before vaccines people would just have like 10-15 kids and hope a couple of them survive to adulthood, you know to go fight in the war n shit
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    • imnotapipe
      We should bring back segregation in schools. But just to keep unvaccinated kids away from mine
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    • A_F_K
      House was flawed, but that's what made him one of the realest motherfuckers on TV
      A_F_K 17d
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    • LizardLorde
      Medicinal companies that produce vaccinations make little to no money off them so saying that it's just a business scheme is blatantly false
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    • ThatClosetnaruto
      That’s it. I’m rewatching House. Again.
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    • PineappleOnPizzaDaddy
      I’d knock up an anti vaxxer if she was that hot tbh. Only gotta worry about a few years of child support
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    • PutinsPuppet
      It’s fun to joke about unvaccinated kids but most people who don’t vaccinate don’t understand that they can literally lose their child to a disease that has been eradicated for hundreds of years and that’s scary
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    • GregHouse
      Damn right I am
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    • Iwannabuysomedeathsticks
      The only anti vax parents that are defendable in the slightest are the early 90’s when the flue Shot was killing babies and giving them pneumonia. But even that didn’t last that long.
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    • BigL
      House is a brainwashed retard
      BigL 16d
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    • Desmond_TheMooningBear
      Saying you dont want a vaccine in case it gives you an unrelated illness is like saying you wont train self defence on a punch bag in case it pulls out a knife and mugs you.
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    • Eldin
      He tore her a new one after rake said that
      Eldin 16d
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    • RoidedUpFerret
      Please never let anti vaccine memes die like the kids!
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    • Mad_Hatter49
      All the medical shows now are like "ooh look at the hot doctor. He doesn't care about the rules just the patients and romance and love." House fuckin killed a 9 year old with cancer to perform surgery, just so she could live a year longer, and then was like "fuck you pretty boy" to his helper
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    • Sinister_Sunflower
      Finally got vaccinated
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    • MangaCaps
      If you don't vaccinate your kid you clearly don't love your kid
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    • AHumbleOatmealMerchant
      White Liberals are the bane of humanity.
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    • FaceInThePlace
      If you don’t know how vaccines improve your immune system against pathogens then please do like 10 minutes of research and educate yourself
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    • Jarl_Ulfric_Stormcloak_
      You know how when a dog doesn't have their shots they're treated worse when something happens? Let's start doing this with anti-vaxxers
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    • pigeon12
      House was the best
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    • The_Almighty_Woobie_VOI
      Shit, I’ve been vaccinated for everything from anthrax to smallpox, and I definitely have not suffered any mental or physical defects from any of it (minus a small scar from smallpox).
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    • MynameisPaul
      How is antivax not illegal?
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    • JonhaWalt227
      House was always a straight up savage to idiots.
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    • SokkaWave
      oh my, look vaccines don't cause autism and are actually very safe for you. They actually help you out a lot and make you healthier it's super crazy I know.
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    • TheSouthernGamer
      When the anti vax mom’s bloodlust isn’t satisfied so she tries to remove everyone else’s vaccinations to watch them die as well
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    • Dovencio
      *scientist decreases chance from 1/10 injury due to vaccination to 1/1000000.* anti-vaccine: *don't vaccinate.* scientist: am I just a joke to you?
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    • DarkAnime_
      Remember guys, it’s perfectly legal to sue the parents who didn’t vaccinate their child, which resulted in the measles outbreak.
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    • Ambitious_Iron
      The measles have spread through 3 states already because of unvaccinated children. They should make it a law to vaccinate or have CPS take the child
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    • Munchies4Crunchies
      Dude house was, still is and always will be the fucking shit
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    • TAlexFallout
      The way I see it, even IF vaccinations caused autism, they still save your kids life right? So you're really risking the human race and your own CHILDS life because you don't want your kid to have a few less IQ points that don't even honsetly matter in this society? Good choice dude.
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    • Cisheaven
      Government mandated pro-vax meme
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    • Madam_Mortem
      “We”, nah bitch, you. Odds are when that kid grows up they’ll probably get vaccinated for stuff or at least vaccinate their baby. And you were probably vaccinated for shit when you were a baby, too. That’s why you never got one of the horrific diseases we vaccinate for
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    • Sir__Thomas
      Not even kidding about this, I saw a post that said: "If vaccines are so useful and beneficial to everyone, then why do vaccinated people die anyways?"
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    • NoMeGustaSoldier
      House could destroy a world without batting an eye. Shaggy may use up to 10% of his power, but House has never used more than 2%, and it was terrifying
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    • dancinglizard
      I just hit 10 thousands subs, could I get top comment to thank my subs
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    • PassionFire
      My nicotine addicted dad talks shit about me since I like to smoke weed maybe twice a month, yet he can't go 5 minutes without hitting his "rig"
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    • EvilDeadAshe
      buT mY BabY WiLL GeT ReTaRd
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    • Jonesie
      Coffin? Why pay a shit ton for a coffin, shoe box will work. The child wasnt around that long how attached could you be? Cmon. Lmao im going to hell
      Jonesie 15d
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    • Truckie1
      This is what happens when stupid people make decisions about things and spread it on social media. Other stupid people see it and think it’s a great idea and then before you know it....measles are a thing again and before we know it polio will be back.
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    • AllWhitePeopleAreyesterday
      I think the reason this anti vaxx shit hasnt died yet is because you have all of these dumbass people in the meme community who are used to feeling stupid irl, finally getting a chance to feel superior to a smaller group of bigger dumbasses, when they're just confusing common sense for intellect.🤔
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    • DonkeyKongLover
      If you don’t get your kid vaccinated not only are you dumbass but you’re a piece of shit cuz that kid is gonna catch something that’ll ruin their life (polio niggas be like, mind if I stand up on my own? Oh wait )
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    • EmperorCharlemagne
      This post has more comments than the number of days an anti vax kid lives
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    • House_Gregory
      She wasn't an anti vaxxer coz of "ethical reasons" or similar BS. She just didn't want to cough up 50 bucks for a vaccine. EVERYBODY LIES
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    • JessicaMaria
      I like house
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    • LeastSupportive_Potato
      Vax your baby. That doesn’t mean let the doctor give them 200 shots unattended and sign blindly. It means so your research know what they are putting in your kid and choose according to what is important and skip the fluff shots. I got 12 when I was born. Babies today get over 200 in 48 hrs.
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    • RAZ0R258
      You ever talk to someone you've know for a while and they something about vaccines bein bad and you look at em like "what the fuck..."
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    • jawdung
      Anti vaccers are just raising organic for cannibals. That's all
      jawdung 17d
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    • SpaztasticMan
      Child coffin manufacturers when they read anti-vaxxer tweets
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    • fuckingShithead
      Tbh if you don’t vaccinate your kids then you deserve to feel the pain when they die.
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    • Kalos_Fennekin
      Get your children vaccinated. I don't think your insurance covers stupidity
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    • neogermany
      Remember, this meme is being forced longer because the Jews want to start putting gay juice in your vaccines
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    • BigOlGoon
      Daily government mandated pro vax meme
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    • BakaEcchiHentai
      cue the anti-vax retard comments
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    • rcmaddogs
      That comic skips like the entire scene everyone should go look it up its a great scene
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    • OzzieTheStoreManager
      Do y’all ever live past the age of 4 to flex on unvaccinated niggas
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    • VenomKermit
      Send this to antivax fags
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    • Changief
      Did you check her butthole for toothpicks?
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    • Benson388
      The Democrats in Virginia are trying to make it legal to abort 3rd trimester babies if the mother thinks her mental health would be at risk... Watch Virginia governor Ralph Northam talk about delivering a baby and discuss killing it after, it’s on YouTube.
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    • EtherealMalice
      Is it just me or can ya'll hear Dr. house saying that in his low tone voice
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    • stick77
      Don’t vaccinate it will reduce the number of dumb fucks in the world!
      stick77 13d
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    • __William__
      Well it sucks but I guess natural selection will take its course
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    • KingKomrade
      In my shop class at school we are making baby coffins as a community project
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      House is quality crude humor and its underrated af
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    • PapaKirby
      I'm pro-vax and still find these memes preachy and annoying
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    • IIllII
      Im suing the school for mental damages
      IIllII 15d
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    • BabyJaye
      Also available, sky blue and powder pink
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    • TanoSakgree
      Guess what I’m watching right now lmao
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    • midknight15
      If you no vaccine, then u big gay
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    • SerjTheTankianEngine
      Vaccine feature vaccine feature
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    • BillOReilly
      Vaccine feature vaccine feature
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    • Hatch
      Government mandated provax meme
      Hatch 16d
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    • Nederz
      loving my daily pro vaccine memes
      Nederz 16d
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    • ahmet05
      Getting vaccines not only helps you but also helps the people around you that actually can’t get vaccines because of medical reasons. It helps the ones that can’t vaccinate because the virus can’t travel through you, the vaccinated individual, to the unvaccinated individual.
      ahmet05 16d
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    • OkSoXD
      house md is a great show
      OkSoXD 16d
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    • Pangolin_Tamer
      The only people who die from vaccines are the people who would die if they caught the real thing in the first place, so...
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