• teachers: don’t come to class when you’re sickll it’s better for everyone if you stay home also teachers: oh yeah just remember that you will be harshly penalized over missing class for any reason, including physical sickness! every student, ever:

    • Easily_Mundane
      I feel like the education system really wants us to fail
    • Arisegaming
      *forced to attend school when severely sick because one more day off even if doctor excused and I'll lose all credits* Ok.
    • newindian
      Not that I agree with all the pussyfooting, but yes, despite their claims of helping children it seems to me the the general goal of schools is to fuck people up every chance they get.
    • xXSpiderxManXx
      I swear you turn in all your assignments and you’re barely holding on to an A. You miss one assignment because you were absent and your grade drops from like a 90% to an 83% in one day. Then it takes like 2 month to bring that 83% to like an 87%
    • dairyjake
      But you could probably miss class and be just fine if you need a safe space for a day or two
    • LordDND
      The education system is broken and is filled with ignorant people that staff schools that have no idea what children deal with on a regular basis physically and mentally.
    • Rockheart
      School: come to school an hour later on Tuesdays, that's late start Also school: the bus comes at the same time EVERY DAY
    • Tophatmuffinman
      “You need to give a reason for all your absences” *was sick* “not good enough, now catch up on everything”
    • haiimcutie
      "You need to get sleep!" *Gives crap ton of homework* "You need to study hard for finals if you want to bump that grade up!" *Gives other test the day before the final*
    • friendly_KYS_reminder
      I think most teachers and administrators need a swift kick in the ovaries and you can't change my mind
    • OrgasmicMolecule
      I don’t think the system works
    • LibertarianSevenfold
      If I have a 99% in all of my classes and get my work done faster and more efficiently than everyone else, why should I be penalized for missing school if I can get the work done clearly. It’s a terrible system in place. If you have more than 3 unexcused absences at our school then you are penalized
    • NiceAF
      I came to class and sat in the front row looking an inch from death with the flu once, all to spite this cunt teacher who wouldn't give me a pass on the weekly quiz.
      NiceAF 3d
    • LordOops
      My instructor told us first day "if you miss class, never ask me if you missed anything important. I spent years learning this, it's pretty important to me." Like, sorry you can't understand context and intention, but you don't have to go apeshit.
    • Aurora_Azura
      Who is that? Is that “guess I’ll die”?
    • Gannicus_
      Some kid came up behind me n hit me in the head with a metal chair at school and I got a concussion, then the school said I had too many absences
    • johnransom
      I teach HS- I dont assign homework. If you are sick, I stay after school to help you. In return, all work is in class, and I dont accept late work unless you missed a day.
    • StillLameTomorrow
      If I’m sick, I’m sick, fuck your penalty, I work too hard for the institutionalized educational system to fuck me over after missing 2 consecutive days of their 7hours in 261 days of school. Fuck off.
    • ImoralJ
      I legit hate that the school system puts attendance above all else
    • FredFredBurgerz
      And then they shame us for dropping out or getting bad grades
    • Kajovi
      Kajovi 8d
    • NobleKnight
      Awkward moment when you’ve passed all your classes yet get held back because you missed too many days.
    • Jaizo
      The education system favors our education more than our own well being. They want us to live in crippling debt just to go to college, and we get penalized harshly in abscences, and they don’t even teach us how to do taxes, but teach us fuckin pythagorean theorem, which i know damn well ill never use
      Jaizo 8d
    • themechanikus
      My English teacher freshman year would give points based on attendance. If you were missing, even excused you got a 0 for the day and said "this is what the real world is like" like bitch I get sick pay wtf you mean
    • silverbones
      I had a professor that docked a full letter grade per unexcused absence so when I got sick, I shelled out money for a doctor, got a note and the the professor had the audacity to refuse the note saying it didn’t say what was wrong with me like doctor/patient confidentiality isn’t a thing.
    • Zevro_The_Knight
      I remember getting penalized for having to attend my grandma's funeral out of state and my mom didn't have any of that shit
    • historicalmeme
      The education system wants you to fail in life but for retards to succeed in school.
    • ZColisha
      My brothers high school nearly flunked him because he had cancer (he only missed a few weeks, and his treatments were mostly over the summer)
    • yellow
      one time I missed school because my grandma was in the hospital, and i didn’t have an “actual” excuse (doctors note, funeral reception paper thing) and so they didn’t excuse it. I remember the front desk lady telling me “well, she didn’t die did she?” Like wtf
      yellow 9d
    • Shadowmaker108
      At my school, I can get penalized for showing up late, but, if I just skip a day of school then nothing happens. If I do miss enough school I have to make up hours but it’s still stupid how they try and punish you over everything
    • BatsyBatsyBatsy
      You know what's really fucked up? A girl from my high school was hit by on of the schools own buses. She had to miss a few days or more. The school threatened to drop all of her credits and expell her because she had to wear backless shirts because she had to get skin graphs due to being hit
    • FoodOverPeople
      Foodporn here
    • dcwanec
      That's preparing you for a shitty job that marks you down for taking any of your limited sick days
    • hiresman27
      This applies after school when you work except it's they will fire your ass for being sick and even a doctors note can't save you
    • rasbii
      ‘tis true. my new professor doesn’t do makeup work so if you absolutely cannot make it to one of her classes, you’re fucked.
      rasbii 7d
    • ACDCRocker
      Unvaccinated kids=Highschool dropouts
    • MasterTroleKid
      Most of my college professors said in the syllabus that “sickness is not an excused absence”
    • dc9907
      I got over a 95% in Geometry without studying, and I wasn't allowed into Honors Algebra 2 because "algebra's hard". I also couldn't get into Honors Geometry because I got an 84% in Algebra I and needed an 85%, and getting a perfect entry test score wouldn't raise it... I honestly hated grade school
      dc9907 8d
    • Seoigh
      i had a professor once who threatened to drop me from her class because I was sick ONE day (fever and throwing up) and she claimed I was lying because i didn’t produce a doctors note. when I told her I couldn’t afford going the the doctor for every stomach flu she got even more angry
      Seoigh 8d
    • ThePorkchopExpress
      Guess I'll die
    • __Amon__
      Perfect example how memes are hieroglyphic, like pretty much everyone here knows what that means even though the photo is completely unexplained
    • chiken_mcnugger
      Guess I'll die
    • KReine
      If we’re sick and don’t go to school, even with a note, it doesn’t count as medical absence and we get penalized for it during finals/midterms. My friend fucked up his leg on campus and had to get surgery and stay in the hospital for about a week and he couldn’t exempt any of his mids.
      KReine 8d
    • DeadliestSnowman
      Some teachers actually care about your education though and I hugely respect them
    • MuslimMinarchist
      What? You don’t get penalized you just have to make up homework and tests
    • TallBoi6969
      Guess I’ll die
    • thardin123
      I've had chronic migraines for the past few months and I've missed about 2-3 weeks worth of school including how I've missed almost this entire week and possible (hopefully not) tomorrow and I've started getting farther and farther behind and my teachers say oh I'm sorry your stressed but you still
    • XenosGravity
      I hated when they required doctors notes. Who the fuck goes to a doctor everytime they get sick
    • SonOfSkywalker
      The best kind of professors are the ones who don't care about attendance
    • OriLordOrnstein
      Power move: Come into class and get the teacher sick so they’re penalized instead.
    • GeoffFromAchievementHunte
      the US education system is absolutely fucked, cunt
    • IlIlI
      In college now. Decided that the next time the school forces a really sick person into a small classroom with me I’m leaving and suing for unsafe environment
      IlIlI 9d
    • Dragonqueen09
      My school recently started a thing where if you miss like 5 days worth of school you have to go to court. That includes being late to classes. Fucking bs, someone shouldn’t get the same punishment for skipping classes as someone whos really sick, or someone coming in 10 secs late vs 10+ minutes late
    • RemSaysHi
      Saw a poster in the facs halway saying shit like "if you can watch tv you can come to school" like no Carol, Im shidding red im gonna stay home if thats okay with you C A R O L
    • wens1178
      See I figured out school prepares you for life, and it’s not threw teaching or anything no, they show you at an early age that life is nothing but bull shit and once you finish school it doesn’t stop the bull shit just continues
    • socalkush
      Guess I'll die
    • ThatGeneral
      System’s stacked against the student
    • rijarto
      I’m going to classes the first week with bronchitis because of this
    • jackcolman
      Lol this is another example how memes are hieroglyphic, nobody will get this in 30 years
    • Powersteerin
      It's just robbery. Schools get more rewarded-seized tax money if they have full attendance
    • SuperTumor
      All modern schools are too hellbent over rules both private and public
    • TCshifter
      I had to do an egg baby project once. We all had to show the teacher twice a day for a week that our eggs weren’t damaged. I had to leave school early (felt like I was going to vomit) and had to redo everything next week
    • BlueLineCaptain
      iM faiLinG mY cLaSeS sO iT mUsT bE tHe cOrRuPt SyStEm
    • The_Guy_That_Says_Stuff
      I feel like shit but I'm still going to school because I know if I miss one day I'll be behind
    • exponenteel
      Guess I'll die
    • MooseGroove
      I missed atleast 18-20 days of school in every grade I was in past second grade and not once did I suffer any actual consequences besides getting bitched at by the principal for 5 minutes
    • Phantasmal
      Even PE at my school is like this. You have to read an article of their choosing and then write a half page paper on it.
    • Johnneazy
      Funny how just looking at his eyes you can tell "guess I'll just die then" is what's hes saying
      They gave fucking awards to kids who never missed a day of school, like okay, but that bitch is the reason we're all sick.
    • k2villain
      This applies to adults at work as well.
    • Dman421
      I was in the ER during an exam one time and I told my teacher and she just said “that’s too bad” and gave me a 0. And my grade suffered for the rest of the semester.
    • BLU3Boi
      Education system needs to restart. This aint 1864 anymore
    • TheKobro
      Why don't schools treat time similar to how jobs do? You get a certain amount of days you can have off or something
    • TheUndeadArtist666
      I hate that I actually understand this fml
    • hot_creamy_nut69
      Guess I’ll die
    • Purest_Light
      Man y’all gonna hate college and jobs then if you complaining this much about high school.
    • RobinHood113
      For real though. I got mono my senior year of high school. Knocked me out for 2 weeks. My grades went from As to Fs in about 3 days. I barely managed to graduate.
    • semeMdaeD
      Isn’t America great?
    • German_Patriot_1933
      This is why I sneeze and cough on my papers The sick day bullshit is so bad i literally had a severe concussion playing football and missed 2 weeks if class and had a note from the hospital saying that 2 weeks was the MINIMUM of days I’d need off and i got penalized and had to take all my finals
    • Waltimate
      Just go to class drunk af. The alcohol kills all the germs so you're not contagious.
    • BuggsMoney
      I’ve never had a teacher that didn’t work with me if I was sick lmao yall are plebs
    • TostyToastV431
      Guess I'll just die
    • HideyFish
      This and common core will be the death of a good education, smh
    • dominatorv380
      Guess I'll die
    • 69_GoFuckMyself_69
      And now if we wanna do absolutely nothing at the end of a semester we gotta come basically every single day so those of us who were here every day can exempt the finals, giving us two whole weeks of basically doing 100% nothing and whatever we want 😎 except band, it sucks ass because we had to play
    • KostaSakas
      I like how every time I’m sick, THATS the day I get the most amount of homework and one time my teacher took my grade down from an A- that I worked super hard for down to a B-, so screw off education system
    • ProfessorPunk
      I literally Lost a semester of credits at my high school because of this.
    • Crumbeard
      So it’s like having a job.
    • MatoroRocks
      I missed one chemistry class, and now I have no idea what I'm doing in this chapter. Out of the 24 people in our class, 2 people scored above an 80% on our last quiz. I got 76
    • Strawberry_blue
      Yo so my best friend actually had horrible health problems when we were in junior high and he missed like a week of school because he was literally hospitalized and when he came back for the next three fucking weeks he had to do all the missing work from that missed week. I helped him but holy shit!
    • snuffy6015
      They're just preparing you for real life cause work does the same shit
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