• YuhYert
      I got a project due the day we came back so I ended up being responsible and not doing any of it.
      YuhYert 11d
    • DemonPrincess3
      Students: “Why aren’t our tests graded yet?” Teacher: “I was on vacation.”
    • GreenMemeQueen
      welcome to AP classes where teachers could give less of a shit if you’re on any type of vacation
    • XephyrEXE
      I always thought it was bullshit that teachers have the gall to give students homework on a well earned break.
    • OriginalPotato23
      Like why the fuck do they say no sleeping in class you can do that at home, but then continue to give you homework. What kind of double standard bullshit is that
    • Cockhouse
      Winter break and spring break are meant to be breaks from all the shit. It should be illegal to give people work over a time they’re meant to give their mind a rest.
    • MasterTroleKid
      Rachel: *breaks up with Ross* Ross: *sad so gets drunk and hooks up* Rachel: *changes her mind* Rachel, again: *finds out about the hook-up* Rachel: boohoo I cant trust you we’re for real breaking up
    • RapeMyFuckingAsshole
      In college your classes end before christmas break so that aint an issue anymore thank God
    • _iSmoke_
      I’m so glad that my high school, with exception to one year, always ended the first semester the day before Christmas break. It was a lot more enjoyable and didn’t hurt the academic performance of the school. Surprisingly, it actually improved it.
    • yeet_meister_27
      If you're a teacher and you give students even a little bit of homework over any the short ass breaks we get consider p e r I s h
    • GraysonBoles
      My mom is a high school teacher and even she doesn't understand why other teachers do that. She's been teaching for 10 years
    • Asian_Headass
      It's called break for a reason. fuck off with the homework for once
    • abking11
      Imagine if everyone in a class grouped together and just didnt do it, then the teacher would prolly not count it
    • margster
      This is why I love semester courses. The winter break is actually a break.
    • OrangeCrizp
      If you assign homework over break its not a break anymore, its just working at home for a couple weeks
    • clsmith97
      I feel like most students would rather have more work leading up to the break than to not actually get a break
    • Jakobwoodz
      Bitch, our teachers went on a fuckin strike and it cut all of our vacations down... I had a week of vacation
      God I love college, I got over a month off....AND ITS STILL GOING FOR ANOTHER 9 DAYS
    • babbit09
      Teachers after having an entire semester to grade your work: “I have other students work to grade”
    • no_name_20
      As a woman, I can still take Ross’ side. They were on a break, and all that Rachel did was fuck with him until the end
    • _I_Like_Jazz_
      They were on a break tho
    • Pxjupiter
      2 weeks? I got 8 days
    • BlondeBotanist
      As a former high school teacher, teachers who schedule homework over break suck.
    • pussydickduck
      Why can I hear this picture
    • pickleshins
      i have to present an oral german exam tomorrow (get up and talk about myself in german) but i just don’t feel like doing it ✌️
    • iiLuciel
      Fr tho Rachel said that they went on a break and Ross ain’t in the wrong for what he did. I’m with Ross
    • Spicy_Memer
      if you give me homework on a weekend/break, im not doing it
    • Switcharoo
      Ok but who tf was on Rachel's side of that argument? Her point was stoopid
    • weedmom
      my school made it against the rules to assign hw over break and tests the first two days back from break
      weedmom 10d
    • Cornelius_hakl
      Good thing about college. That shit doesn't fly. In my universities rules it actually says that professors can't assign work over breaks
    • repost__central
      I never understood why teachers actually really expected people to do vacation homework
    • IDontPostAnythingGoAway
      My dumbass high school has finals after break. Fucking ridiculous.
    • LordSteve
      The worst part was when the teacher made it worth 1/4 of your grade. Go to hell, Mrs. Berman!!
    • ICantThinkOfAGoodName
      Why even give us a break if you’re just gonna give us more shit to do?
    • Starwolf22
      Ross is in the right, prove me wrong
    • FridayThe13thGeek
      Eh...I work in a school, not a teacher, but I help kids get SPED services. I have to write testing reports about kids. Had to do three over the break...I didn’t.
    • D3RCM3RRT3R
      My friend was absent cuz she broke her legs and her dominant hand and was in the hospital for last week of the semester, but my history teacher did not do her job when she, her mom, and her dad physically asked and emailed the teacher about anything important. (Read on next comment)
    • SmolJevil
      Teachers who assign homework over breaks are the real villains.
    • Jaizo
      The teachers who gave homework packets right before week long breaks are in hell now.
      Jaizo 10d
    • Howyadoinbich
      You should be ashamed of yourself as a teacher if you someone work over a fuckin 2 week break.
    • BeakerPD
      Don't worry. In a few years you will enter the work force where you'll be lucky to get 5 days of vacation a year
    • Corey_J
      Ross was definitely not guilty there. Rachel was trippin.
      Corey_J 10d
    • twosandalsthetreacherous
      If you think they weren't on a break, u just dumb
    • spooky_kush_krusader
      Fuck American schooling system
    • UpsideUnknowns
      I thought you weren’t allowed to give homework over Christmas break because your saposed to spend time with family and love ones instead of worrying about work(in Texas idk about the rest of y’all)
    • ThatWarlockDoggo
      I have tonight to read the entire great Gatsby and write notes and a 5 paragraph essay but instead I'm at a Chinese takeout restaurant getting food, man I love procrastination
    • LDarkbow
      Yo but for real, they were on a break
    • Raiin
      Why can’t break ever just be about having a break
      Raiin 10d
    • Willtpug
      My school district banned homework over vacation
    • Jmcgee1125
      My school doesn't allow homework over break. That didn't stop my history, math, chem, or english teachers.
    • UnPC
      Straight A student: " bwaahahaha... You fools!"
      UnPC 11d
    • WhiteSparrowGaming
      Bitches dumb af if they think im doing a damn thing on my break
    • dsmokeys
      I never understood this shit in school... never made fucking sense.
    • BernieSanders
      Teachers that hand out work to be done over breaks shouldn’t be surprised
    • NickJelly
      OK so Rachel clearly did break up with Ross. Also Rachel didn’t even try to explain why Mark was at her apartment. Ross was 100% right for what he did. THEY WERE ON A BREAK
    • bobnugget94
      I’m on Ross’s side
    • jackboyh29
      Me to my mom when she tries to make me do something
    • Screeching
      Oh shit thanks for reminding me, i have a major grade in art I haven’t finished
    • CamijF
      Hilarious cause I'm a teacher who didn't assign my kids any work over the break but some kids turned in late work after school the last day before break and the day we got back I had angry parent emails that I hadn't graded them...over the break
      CamijF 9d
    • sovietfluff
      I guess I was blessed growing up, none of my schools ever gave homework between semesters
    • Clash_of_Clams
      College is better, no hw over xmas break
    • EmperorSaladin
      They were on a break tho
    • ithinkimhollow
    • MrTaxFraudYoshi
      No ExCuSeS
    • ccccx
      My teacher made us turn everything in before break because they didn’t want to grade anything during break but then they just give us stack fulls if homework so we don’t forget anything
      ccccx 10d
    • Boobie
      If any of you are in school and haven't done it tell your teachers to go fuck themselves because the majority of everyone else didn't either
      Boobie 10d
    • NagNago
      Then do the shit within the first few days. Problem solved. It's what I used to do
      NagNago 10d
    • Syncretist
      We have finals before break so we don’t get homework
    • kinglolzorz
      just wait till college fam
    • TheFakeKenzo
      Lol I'm watching friends right now. Season 8 episode 28
    • Laska
      I had to record a play for my English class over break. They were due the day we got back
      Laska 10d
    • taltizer2
      Oh my god if you say that again IM gonna break up with you
    • No_brain
      Homework or projects on break or the weekend is ridiculous dude it's days off from school
      Who tf assigns project over BREAK. Let that sink in. Winter BREAK, Summer BREAK, spring BREAK, fall BREAK.
    • God_of_laugh
      This happened every year in high school. Oh you have 2 weeks off to enjoy the holidays and relax and spend time with family. Lmao not on my watch. Here’s 2 weeks worth of homework due the second you get back.
    • Fili_mex_trash
      Thats shit pisses me off
    • LizzySandy
      I'm a teacher and even I think assigning homework over break is bs.
    • FrenchResistanc
      I hate when they say that to me because I didn’t dedicate 2 weeks of my free time to your demon summoning that you call “math” ok?
    • master_pancake
      In middle school I had a teacher give everybody homework over summer break
    • Lady_Ren
      Winter break in college is awesome for this reason, plus it’s a whole month, not two lil weeks
    • Havel_The_Rock_Johnson
      "I'd rather spend my vacation time with my friends and family than doing a project you'll just give me a D on"
    • ItsMeBoi12
      My district policy is that teachers can’t give us homework
    • wait_for
      So do teachers have to work on holiday breaks. Because if they don't then they should not complain about us doing their projects
    • I_Post_Depressed_Cats
      content not available more
    • TheFluff89
      Either do it early or not at all. Homework is nothing for your grade. Test and attendance are the bigger factors to worry about
    • KKoner
      Kinda like how English teachers, who are currently not your teacher, expect you to read 4 mandatorily boring books and write a report on each of them due on the first day of class.
      KKoner 11d
    • Xarxes
      But was Ross in the wrong, or Rachel?
      Xarxes 11d
    • dooces
      Dumb high school kids already having to go back
      dooces 11d
    • aproy
      I didn't get summer and winter break work and I thought people were crazy growing up.
      aproy 11d
    • MrJauneArc
      High school Christmas break was 1 week. College break is 4.5 weeks.
    • FredrykPhox
      Teachers who give out work over "B R E A K" need to be hanged. It's called break for a reason ffs.
    • NickFerrum
      “Hope you all enjoy your long summer vacation, also we’re giving you a science project for you to work on, I know you’ll all get I done while you’re happily relaxing and not thinking about school whatsoever
    • SupernaturalNurd
      I feel like ross was in the right they were broken up
    • Mr0range
      At least you gets breaks in school. Wait til you get a job.
    • Daddythirdlegxz
      Some folks have jobs. I know when I come home from work I don't want to start doing some bullshit worksheet. Bitch I'm tired
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