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nig/ Nexpo Incident General Anonymous
ur respected jantrs, his Please thread isnot tol, for discussion ofan actual event Please consider ths, and alow us to have thread
Ithas been shack, estabisned that animals, it involved: Nexpo and his tends, @ shack, cametery, One animals, an and children. There are at east fteen videes. One We was shot on an iPhone the camera, others disturbing aren detals here, higher fel
{ualty, free to We cannat read the go ino archived the more disturbing detals here, bUt fel free to read the archived tnreads,
More discussion of he evens breaks no law. However, you happen tobe in possession of any ofthe footage, please tun yours in the authoties,
expo is cooperating vith the Faderal Bureau of Investigation, to get the videos of the deep web.
expo has paid shils patting now anyone in his threads is here solely to ac posters of Wing,
ignore them.
Dicagreement is unavoidable, many anone were exposed tothe videos and remember diferent things
'AS was said pt his, before, and together, we can put fogetner we an accurate understanding urge you to tum of what happened
'AS was said before, you have any footage, we strongly urge you to tum yourset into the autnortes
posters of hing,
Reminder: this thread isnot intended to harass any indWviduas, regardless of how vie thelr actions may be, People start
'Anonymous No27134370
This treae wil NOT LAST It willbe censore
'Anonymous No.27134512
Fle: breakin jog KB,
actualy nave from my a tew snippets for of one some video reason. saved, Give me No audio though, nd them, GeForce Experience likes to ip the 'Whats inthe video
'uio from my captures for some reason. Give me abit o nd them,
epe tol
'Anonymous No.27134279 "
Fuck of my board
ifs not real hel ust el me you's "to disturbing brat reply to me caling me a sil or "yan
'Anonymous No.27134676
The Thread
and what is this image exactly proving or showing
'Anonymous No.27134310
'Stop advertising that stupid fucking youtube chan shitter lrp
'Anonymous No.27134324
File: (31 KB,
saw one of the videos, pic related. most fucked up thing I ever saw
'Anonymous No.27134341
'Whats in the video
Anonymous No.27134405
ow you get his? God, that screenshot bringing back some unwanted memories,
am sory it tok so long but I actualy found the ip I managed to snag, Shows Nexpo breaking into the cemetery
'Anonymous No.27134711
descrpe this in case deleted. Looks tke someone waking upto cemetery gate, sliding in, and walking
AAnonymous 52 No.27134485
saw he one win the
Thread is
deleted after
footage surfaces
thread been
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