• Had to if he's Jewish
      Sal_Vulcano 16 feb
      2K 180
    • Why would I cut off my storage flap, where else would I store my Altoids?
      VALENC3 17 feb
      721 63
    • Like if youre uncircumcised
      DankAsian41 17 feb
    • Circumcising infants should definitely be illegal
      OB1Kenobi 17 feb
      15 10
    • #Foreskinclub
    • Natural niggas rise up
    • Honestly what’s wrong with circumcision? It prevents lots of diseases and bacteria from formulating under the skin, and it looks nicer without foreskin. And calling it genital mutilation is a stretch, as you aren’t cutting off your entire dick with a hatchet.
      BigBoi_ 17 feb
      9 9
    • I dont wear condoms i just tie my foreskin
      Analfister69 16 feb
      9 4
    • Uncircumcised penises look better tbh
      Reece07 17 feb
      9 5
    • Here’s a whacky fact: non-religious circumcision isn’t practiced outside the US, so if you have any male relatives from another country that aren’t Jewish or Muslim, they probably aren’t circumcised.
      8 4
    • I wonder where all our foreskins are.
      efun 17 feb
      8 2
    • I’m gonna sue my hospital for cutting off my foreskin without MY consent. #mybodymychoice
      ccccx 17 feb
      9 1
    • Why are non circumcised nibbas hating on circumcised nibbas and vice versa. Neither of us chose to be or not to be circumcised my everyone calm down and let’s just all be friends.
      8 3
    • Never had problems with my uncircumcised dick, never had smegma, neither do I have any STD. It's really just about hygiene.
      DarkChrono 18 feb
      8 25
    • Nobody asked me if I wanted my shit cut
    • To all you uncertain people out there, girls don’t care if you got dick skin or if you don’t. And the ones that do aren’t the kind you want to be with anyways
      8 9
    • I still have my cheese maker.
      BigOunce305 17 feb
      7 2
    • Holy shit I’m getting a ton of random likes did this get featured?
      7 5
    • Team uncut
      Mypost 16 feb
      8 3
    • I remember reading this TIFU post on reddit and this uncircumcised dude never realized he had to pull back his foreskin which meant he never cleaned it so he pulled it back and there was just a fuck ton of dick cheese that smelled like shit
      6 3
    • foreskin: am i a joke to you?
      hodido 17 feb
    • I find uncut dicks gross
      BitchPudding 17 feb
      6 6
    • God: gives men foreskin. Men:.......................................................God: that’s it cut that disgusting shit off
      7 1
    • Circumcision is genital mutilation
      noah98 17 feb
      7 1
    • Who the fuck cares if it's cut off or not. Most girls don't give a shit and ppl need to stop arguing that circumcision should be illegal because I can guarantee most guys that are will say they're thankful it's cut
      6 10
    • red_reign 16 feb
    • Foreskin gang here 👌👌
      BangoKong 16 feb
    • The amount of pixels....
      smess 16 feb
    • NiggyBiggie 18 feb
    • Like dudes actually have a say whether they get a choice or not
      King_Nobody 17 feb
    • It wasnt my choice, my parents made a permanent alteration to one of the most personal parts of my body without my consent
      PandaPickle 17 feb
      5 1
    • This dude dropped one hit song in 2012 and dipped
    • I’m glad I got circumcised, foreskin is fucking disgusting
      realFiction 17 feb
      7 10
    • As a girl, I find penis jokes hilarious. Like the one a while ago about circumcision where it’s Patrick Star saying “may I take your hat sir?” I fucking lost it okay. Fucking Golden
      whoisalexiss 17 feb
      5 5
    • Where the uncircumcised people at??
    • They took my foreskin, I'll take their nose
      Rabid_schism 16 feb
    • If yal would clean it you could keep your foreskin
      Shel4Peace 18 feb
      4 2
    • All you uncircumcised mfs saying “oh well I don’t need lube” nigga I’d rather have to use jet fuel as lube than have a dick that look like a slug with a turtle neck on
      6 1
    • Am I the only one who gets chills by the thought of having no foreskin? Like, that shit would be so sensetive the whole focking time, sounds unpleasand
      6 6
    • SOMEBODY! *whispers* that i used to knooow
      Alex1418 17 feb
      4 2
    • It prevents HPV, most defends against AIDS, and completely eliminates foreskin born UTIs, and culturally is more appreciated
      Msid 17 feb
      7 13
    • Niggas with mutilated penises
      5 4
    • I'm currently restoring using a DTR(have been since December 1st), and I have to say, if you are cut and wished you had a choice, or a chance to get it back, this option legitimately works, and I am already seeing results.
      MCHolly7 17 feb
      4 6
    • Foreskin is the best
      Feet24 17 feb
    • One time, I was at my aunts house, and idk how we got to this conversation, but she told me that my cousin wasn’t circumcised till he was 15. I asked him about it, and he just said “I don’t wanna talk about it.”
      Murfph 17 feb
      4 2
    • Who else got dick skin :)
      4 5
    • Like this comment if you were circumcised to show we are superior
      I_Cant_Art 17 feb
      10 2
    • Dont touch my foreskin. Genital mutilation is wrong.
      Enigmata 17 feb
    • Fr. Without my foreskin, where would i keep my loose change
    • I like tying my foreskin into a knot, that way I don't have to pull out
      4 1
    • Nobody would do that to themselves. (Apart from jews) it was my parents who mutilated my genitals
      swempley 16 feb
    • Me: *is born* My foreskin: 😨
    • It's a useless piece of skin that makes personal hygeine much harder.
      gamedos 16 feb
      6 12
    • If you deadass still have foreskin sex feels better
      simmysfm 16 feb
      4 2
    • Why do people like foreskin? Makes your dick look even more repelling than it already is
      5 1
    • Circumcision is genital mutilation
      TharealBigD 16 feb
    • Actually i did, apparently my penis was very swelled to the point where i couldnt pee without crying
      3 3
    • You can thank the Jews for their need of a foreskin collection
      texas663 17 feb
      3 1
    • Uncircumcised niggas are nasty
      nute 17 feb
      6 1
    • I heard uncircumcised wieners feel better for sex.. cuz extra skin... extra Thicc?
      dsrryo 17 feb
      3 1
    • Because jews need more foreskins to make skincare products from
      Groog 17 feb
    • Kelloggs cereal is the reason your dick looks like it does.. let that sink in
      Cdawgthree 17 feb
      3 4
    • Since no one will see this When I was lil I pinched my foreskin closed and took a piss to see how long I could hold it in before it just overflowed out
      3 4
    • Where else would I store my cum once I'm finished. I just pull the skin over and when I shoot it fills up like a water-balloon
    • What do you call a cheap circumcision?..... A rip off
      4 1
    • But I mean my dick would look weird uncut
      4 1
    • I wish I had been allowed to choose. I wish I had my foreskin.
      watary 17 feb
      5 12
    • I’m glad they did
    • I feel bad for boys who have been snipped
      3 2
    • fr though, uncircumcised dicks look weird
    • Sorry but you look gross
    • I’m glad it’s gone
      yoldfish 17 feb
    • F to all the niggas who got their foreskin cut off when they were kids, I’m not in your boat lmao but F
      MrSpitFire 17 feb
      3 7
    • So my friend is uncircumcised and he told his doctor it hurts when he gets an erection and turns out its because his foreskin strangles his penis when it swells so now he has to get circumcised at 23 years old anyway
      anovice 17 feb
      4 6
      Remo__DooM 17 feb
      3 4
    • I wish I wouldn’t have been cut. Don’t say it’s healthy because upon further research, it really doesn’t have application in modern day. Some websites and people will claim, but it’s been debunked at this point.
      MilesOff 17 feb
      3 7
    • I didn't have a choice, but i honestly it doen't matter to me at all.
    • Uncircumcised ppl be like: I found a quarter
      HeyBlue 17 feb
      4 2
    • Yea but it looks way better without you
    • imagine having to use lube to masturbate (this comment was brought to you by: foreskin gang)
      _Miko 17 feb
      4 3
    • I was circumcised but my dick so small it looks like I wasn’t
      3 1
    • I read it exactly in his voice 😂
      yeen 17 feb
    • “FoReSkiN chEEsE”🤦🏽‍♂️ breh just wash yo dick u sick fuck
      Maharba 17 feb
    • I did cause I want girls to have a good time sucking my dick
      brysi_141 17 feb
    • i label circumcision as body mutilation and completely unnecessary.
      RaulPissler 17 feb
      3 58
    • Glad I'm uncut <3
      lcePoseidon 17 feb
    • Uncircumcised wieners are ugly
      3 2
    • Cue controversial opinionated comments
    • I’m not Jewish and I was circumcised. Same goes for about 3/4 of American men
      3 3
    • Forskin gang where ya at?
      Shabbasss 16 feb
    • Well, I'm sorry I had my foreskin removed at birth. Asshole.
      Depresso___ 16 feb
    • Yall should look up smegma
      3 5
    • Honestly who cares
      funny_guy97 16 feb
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