• We all know will Smith is going to do a great job, but we’re all just to sad to see someone else fill in for the man... the myth... the legend... Robin Williams
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    • Should’ve been Jack Black
      Aesthae 10d
      234 8
    • Fuck no genie feet
    • The only bad thing Will Smith has ever done is be part of YouTube rewind
    • I'm going to see this just to see his portrayal. And I personally think Jack Black would've been a waaaay better genie
    • Robin Williams was a child predator he deserved to die he today many children including me but I liked it and am gay/ fat now
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    • Ok, the cgi might be shitty, but the acting should be really good
    • How dare you stand where he stood
    • The only reason will fit it is because they had a SJW hole to fill and Will was the token black to fill it.
    • Fuck off
    • Respect
    • We never had a friend like him
    • Sorry that the character design for smith is shit tho
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    • A black guy being blue is just as weird as a white guy being blue. If Robin Williams had been live action Genie, it wouldn't be as weird.
      1 2
    • Not worried about Will Smith’s performance I’m just worried about the animators
    • Should've been Jack Black instead of Will Smith
      7 2
    • I can respect this as he is being self aware and knows what taking the role means
    • Stop giving this man a hard time, he’ll do it. He’ll make it.
    • Unpopular opinion: will we be a great genie even if he won’t be as good as Robin
    • No thanks
    • Without hearing i can tell which one is fuckin black
      1 1
    • Will Smith will be a good Genie, I believe
    • Jack Black should have been the genie. Will Smith had enough movies. Why he gotta fuck up Disney movies
    • I’m not concerned about Will Smith being the actor. I’m concerned about the fucking CGI.
    • Am I the only one who doesn't think will Smith should be playing the roll?
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    • Nope fuck you
    • Will Smith is gonna do great. Everyone is just hating.
    • I'm just realizing that they made genie look like Robin in the cartoon
    • Humanity Restored
    • Jack Black should’ve been the genie
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    • Will smith doesn't act like other character or the people he supposed to be. He acts like Will smith in costume and that's what worries me about the movie
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    • He is gonna “Will Smith” the movie, like he did in suicide squad
    • okay... im not mad about will smith as the genie, i just hope that will smith is the only REDEEMING part of the new Aladdin so disney will see literally everyone hates these reeboots
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    • I feel bad for will here having to play one of the most iconic characters in the Disney line up.
    • Still disgusting compared to Robin’s
    • Will Smith is garbage
      1 1
    • You ain't never had a friend like me
    • No one will ever fill robins shoes, maybe. But 90s Will would be better
    • He redeemed himself.
    • will smith was in the horrid yt rewind but hes still a good actor.
      Z3NN 8d
    • I like that
    • If anybody was to replace robin it would be.....will smith. Name another comedian.... you can’t
      3 12
    • I know Will Smith will do good, but the live action just looks bad. I wish they would stop making the live action remakes
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    • Gotta put chains on the black one to put him in his place
    • You mean “A Lamp to Fill”
    • This art is hella cool tho
    • Tbh I'm not even worried about will Smith's Genie. It's the new Jafar I'm worried about. He doesn't act anyway like Jafar or look like him for that matter.
    • Fuck off with that fucking papa smurf bullshit
      Spegy 8d
    • Ah that’s hot
    • Fine, I guess will Smith being genie isn’t actually that bad
    • Will smith is great, I love him. But the CGI is awful
    • Sorry only room for one
    • Conflicted about new genie , one side I can't stand someone else trying to replace Robin, other hand I know Robin would have wanted us to give him a chance, but regardless I hate that they remaking it with cg and making it look like will, stop that , shark tale couldn't make CG Smith look good
      Shahax 8d
    • At least he understands what he's signing up for. We miss you, Robin. And good luck, Will.
    • Imagine Jack Black though
    • Haha genie's are slaves i get it
    • Will smith genie should be classified as a keter scp
    • He doesn’t look too bad animated tho
    • People are saying they don’t mind will smith but think the genie design is awful. I feel like you should know the trailers for movies almost always have very unfinished cgi, especially this far from the release
    • We'll allow him to do this Good luck Will we've faith in you
    • You best not screw this up, Will
    • For our first wish, being back the dog from I am legend. Uhhhh Sam?
    • Not gonna lie, the new trailer looked pretty good.
    • Much respect
      iMasu 8d
    • Aw this got me. Him blue doesn't look that great but if he has respect for the original you know he is going to try his best.
    • This looks better than the official cgi garbage fire that is in the live action.
    • I'm not hearing on will Smith because he might be able to pull this off,but I think jack black looked the figure
      1 1
    • Alright maybe I will give will a chance
    • I have full faith in Will to do a good job, it's the writers giving him good material I have my doubts about.
    • Will Smith will be fine but still I wanted Jack Black or Danny DeVito
    • I think jack black could do a good genie
    • We need to give him a shot. Will is a great actor and I know he's gonna do great. Well he be better than Robin? No. But we should say the dange thing if there were a remake of Mrs doubtfire or patch Adams
    • Jack black should be new genie, the energy matches
    • Yeah you ain't filling them bud. Nothing against you. Just that Robin Williams was far superior and nobody except one man can come close to filling them. That man is not will smith.
    • He’s gonna do great I’m sure. If I didn’t see him as being genie tho
    • Imagine them singing a friend like me as a duet
    • Will Smith isn't the problem. It's the shitty CGI.
    • I love smith but ... really???? Come on
    • Still think Danny davito makes a better genie
    • Now see if they kept the original animation and made Will look like that, it would be better.
    • Okay... maybe he does deserve to be the genie now
    • At first, seeing Will Smith as the Genie was a big meme. But now, I have full faith in him to be really good
    • With the new trailer I've become a lot more open to him as Genie. Obviously it's not Robin Williams but he's doing the best he can.
    • I’m a lot more comfortable with will smith being the genie now that I’ve seen him but comparing anyone to robin willams genie is to compare them to a near godlike figure. But I think Will Smith will bring a good time with his genie.
    • Rip my boy Robin Williams
    • See, there's a lot of grey area into "make me a prince", I could just... Make you a prince. "Y'all seen my palace?!"
    • No you look stupid. Keep Disney animated
    • Know what, fine I’ll give him a chance
    • I don’t mind Smith as the genie. It’s just that the CGI looks so weird
    • Damn it, he's on the come up
    • I don’t mind will smith being the genie I just think it looks creepy as hell
    • Actually at the end of the first film when Genie was freed, the lamp unshackled him and gave with feet with traditional sultan attire. He has some big feet though😎😍
    • Pls give him a chance
      flyOS 9d
    • Top 2 comments are the 2 types of ppl in this scenario
    • It should’ve been 2D but goddamnit now I feel bad for not giving him a chance
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