• you know woman love to show off their bodies with skin tight clothing, but if they dont like you...it’s harassment for staring.
      k4l3 20 dec
      6.4K 1.4K
    • Looks like the right way to me
      Jtown1990 18 dec
      4.2K 15
    • No this is right
      1.1K 15
    • Boeing 20 dec
    • ew
      Details 20 dec
      16 1
    • israeI 20 dec
    • Why is this featured? This isn't fucking funny.
      _GlamDamnit_ 20 dec
      15 4
    • yonc 20 dec
    • KingofComedy 21 dec
    • 12
    • That bitch is even wearing a thong so her panty lines don’t show. She’s 100% trying to show people
      Zaephix 20 dec
    • When you let a porn account get featured
      Justacheeto 20 dec
      13 1
    • content not available more
    • Brawl501 20 dec
    • Isn’t it weird that the dude took a pic tho?
      Dumbuldork 20 dec
      10 5
    • Why was this featured?
      BasedFaqqot 20 dec
      10 1
    • You all are idiots, it says “I suddenly realized I was going the wrong way” as in he turned to go THIS direction to watch this girls ass and his EXCUSE that he turned around was that he suddenly realized he was going the wrong way, with the RIGHT way being walking behind the girl
      rockinrollr 20 dec
      11 1
    • diZZy0 20 dec
    • *dude wears clothes that show dick print* women: what a fucking sicko creep
      Toojuicys 21 dec
      9 1
    • So we get all triggered about the girl who took pics of a police man across the street but we’re all okay with this huh?? What did I expect, it’s iFunny
      DunnoMan 20 dec
      9 3
    • 9 3
    • W H Y T H E F U C K I S A T H O T B E I N G F E A T U R E D????? It’s not even a joke
      LordTaterTot 23 dec
      10 3
    • Get this garbage off featured. We want memes
      joeygyo 21 dec
      9 1
    • Hahahaha so funny hahahaa butt sexy lollloloo comedy!!!!!!
      9 5
    • So we've gone from thot tcs to thot features?
      8 1
    • She photoshopped it. You can see the other legs bend and stuff
      SunBleached 20 dec
      8 5
    • Hey guys just here to let you know that you shouldn't fuck a dolphin and a shark at the same time
      8 8
    • Wait a sec so she wasn't at chick fil a for past 2 hours
      DavidlL 22 dec
    • Thots who wear leggings and drink star bucks like water < girls who wear sweatpants and are chill af
      Nachoyoda 21 dec
    • RoboNigga 20 dec
    • Fantasia2000 20 dec
      9 2
    • Women dress super provocative nowadays but you so much as glance in their general direction and its harrasment
      i_am_vide 20 dec
    • I wanna eat her ass like a reese's peanut butter cup
      6 4
    • kinda creepy
      Chaloopa 20 dec
      6 4
    • Pattwick 20 dec
    • zilla70 20 dec
    • Hah a butt! That’s comedy gold
      LAXBROx52x 20 dec
    • "Nng girl has n...n..nice butt" " huhuhuh thicc..."
      8 4
    • Nah bro you know da wae
    • What's the joke here?
    • Theres a point when i dont wanna see a bitch naked anymore i just want a hug and some love
      emanonrm 20 dec
      7 4
    • I hav foond de wey my bruthas CLICK* CLICK* CLICK* CLICK*
      HotDonny 20 dec
      8 1
    • Mods are fucking retarded. We need new mods who aren't going to feature dumb shit like this
      EdgySnek 20 dec
      6 2
    • Wyd when a porn account gets a feature? Do I just angrily type "be gone thot" here or...?
      ArtimerJay 20 dec
      6 2
    • No you going the right way, she mad thicc
      Gcat18 23 dec
    • NomNomBirdo 22 dec
    • It's meant as in he realized he was going the wrong way because he was following her ass and not his original destination for those of you who arnt understanding it lol
      bluefire1016 21 dec
      5 1
    • PoTaToEb0i 21 dec
    • Look... I don't care what the fuck you think... if you are wearing skin tight clothes in a public place, staring is not harrassment... as long as that's all they do. Like seriously... if you don't wanna be stared at, don't show off
      Verdo 21 dec
      6 1
    • I dont get it, women are property, hippity hoppity women are property anyone?
      Mothyman 20 dec
    • Is there supposed to be a joke here or something
      SwearWord 20 dec
    • SLUT GOT A FEATURE? damn...iFunny crazy yall
      BepisSoda 20 dec
    • How to be a creep 101: Step 1 - sceretly follow a girl you don't know. Step 2 - take picture of the stranger you followed and post it on the internet
    • IFunny as an app can easily be one of the best sources for comedy. But instead they decide to feature shit like this.
      AutismFuel 20 dec
      6 4
    • Haha guys there’s a giant BUTT in the pic but let’s not focus on the BUTT let’s focus on an unfunny joke hahahahahahaha
      cholos 20 dec
      6 2
    • Do me a heck and takem off
    • I don’t get it
      6 1
    • Response to the girl taking pic of a hot cop: “if the genders were reversed everyone would be pissed. This kind of creepy behavior is not ok.” Response to this post: hehe ass
      Tigris102 20 dec
    • SprinkIe 20 dec
      5 2
    • I hate when girls pack their titties away for the winter
    • When is this gonna stop being an app run by virgins
      MaeL 20 dec
      8 1
    • ahh yes, the good ol’ show a nice ass with a caption over it
    • @
    • Where is the funny. This is called ifunny and not islutty
    • I... I don’t... I don’t see the point in this besides the butt. Is that the point? It seems far too simple though, what is happening?
      5 1
    • I’m more interested in the redhead further ahead
      Khyillics 21 dec
      5 4
    • Why do you virgins like these posts?
      _PERIPHERY_ 20 dec
      4 3
    • Say hi to the IRS
    • You are absolute shit at making memes
      Smellmypinky 20 dec
    • In high school I literally got lost and had to retrace my steps cuz I followed an ass for 4 blocks.. was the correct way but she turned, and my friend and I were talking and absentmindedly turned to follow the ass. This was like 10 years ago now, in Miami Beach. Brazilians 😩
      Tiersen 20 dec
      4 1
    • I love how it’s banned for posting shit like this but then it’s featrued
      jdarcy1003 20 dec
    • I hate people saying it's just confy be this women is just being a thot, its cloudy, has a belly showing shirt tanktop, has suuuper tight pants. The thot in this picture a thot lmao stfu
      Hecc2 20 dec
      4 2
    • This looks like the first person perspective of that meme where the guy is walking with his girlfriend and is looking at another girl walk by. Neat.
    • That caption makes no sense
      Quadeca 20 dec
    • Saber1347 20 dec
    • If you’re hot its a flirt, if you’re ugly its sexual harassment
      fuccubus 20 dec
      4 4
    • Shake that ass in a Srko
      amarissa 20 dec
    • i hate that this profile gets featured
      BANDlT 20 dec
    • Is that attractive? Cus it really just looks like her pants are shoved so far up her ass so she can achieve a look
      CalderaWolf 20 dec
    • What happened to all the guys saying white girls don’t have ass?¿
      Feet_by_D 20 dec
      4 3
    • Women always get offended when you stare at their ass. But it’s their fault for making it the most noticeable thing around.
      ArcticIII 20 dec
      4 10
    • I'm gonna tell myself she's a butterface to make myself feel better.
    • It's always amazing to listen to a woman to tell you to stop staring at her, and then you say you're not staring at her, but rather her boyfriend. Now, if you're a trouble maker, say that to a lesbian couple.
      Ray_Clocks 20 dec
    • Y’all report the bot hotsoophie272 for spam
      4 1
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