• Students are taking their Physics Midterm exam today. I said no cell phones, not even for music since they could be used to cheat. This student brought in a record player and is bumping Kanye in his headphones right now...
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    • Gibsanity
      Gibsanity 20 dec
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    • ProfessorSolaire
      All these morons thirsty for top comment is sickening
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    • ItsTheFarSide
      Jokes on you he's playing all of the class notes on a record
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    • RonJABurgundy1
      Imagine putting like 30 seconds of a song on there for the professor to listen to to make sure then just you telling answers for the test the rest of the time
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    • TaztyPizzaRollz
      Why would you waste your money on a Kanye vinyl, get a real vinyl
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    • XxFriedFunnyxXe
      Why is no one mentioning the fact that they are allowed to listen to music while taking a test like what when did this become a thing
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    • Kilroy_was_here_biatch
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    • RedRussianKernov
      I brought in a walk man. Made my own tape. They allowed it, side a was music. Side b however was just a recording of the cheat sheet we all went over a few days before the tax test.
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    • heatlergurl
      Freaking idiot. Because a MP3 player, CD player or cassette player wouldn’t have been easier?? Attention whore hipster!
      heatlergurl 21 dec
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    • AntJoseph
      Step 1: Record notes on vinyl Step 2: add Kanye sticker. Step 3: Pass
      AntJoseph 21 dec
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    • joknowsjojo
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
      joknowsjojo 20 dec
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    • Incinerate1946
      Modern problems require vintage solutions
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    • usmcsimmister
      Plot twist he made the record and it has the formulas. That’s like cheating soooo old school that the school doesn’t know what to do. Maybe in the future where they stop teaching handwriting and it’s all computers. Writing a cheat sheet will be the god heist
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    • tasaraskam
      Plot twist: he made the answers into a vinyl
      tasaraskam 21 dec
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    • QuietIy
      *has the answers written under the record*
      QuietIy 20 dec
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    • NationalCrafter68
      The record contains the answers.
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    • GarfieldFunny
      Plot twist, he put all the test answers on vinyl.
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    • Polarbearlord
      What if he recorded the test answers onto the vinyl.
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    • The_State_Ohio
      Modern problems require vintage solutions
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    • leftMeHarderDaddy
      Its actually an album with all the answers in them
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    • logantheawesome
      He just got the answers and got a vinyl pressed
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    • supereagle
      Funny thing is.... That's something my physics teacher would do. For all I know he might have.
      supereagle 21 dec
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    • xXEchoRomeoXx
      Modern problems require vintage solutions
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    • Mcqueens
      Lol our teacher said no laptoos allowed in class so i brought in my dads old typewriter and it was so loud and the whole class stared at me while i took down notes
      Mcqueens 20 dec
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    • ironicallyhonest
      see i just let my students do whatever the fuck they want as long as their phones aren't physically out. If you're resourceful enough to use your headphones to cheat, you're resourceful enough to figure out accounting at work
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    • Dracorex22
      The record actually contains the answers and he’s cheating
      Dracorex22 20 dec
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    • QuillPicksFavorites
      How do you hook headphones up to a record player
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    • famoustex
      I haven’t seen anyone put up folders during tests since elementary school.
      famoustex 20 dec
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    • _Montana
      Nah he made a record with all the answers on it and labeled it as Kanye West
      _Montana 20 dec
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    • MadSnailDisease
      Jokes on you the record is actually playing an audio of all the answers
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    • mrcomedy11
      If he didnt post those pictures you know damn well you and a hundred other million idiots would have posted that stupid pie chart and in original shit like, did it happen? No and no
      mrcomedy11 20 dec
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    • darealstiffler
      The first track was Kanye, the rest was actually answers to test he stole and then printed on the record.
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    • SomeDumb
      Modern problems require not so modern solutions
      SomeDumb 20 dec
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    • Joker_o
      What king of soft ass teacher let students listen to music while doing an exam
      Joker_o 21 dec
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    • hawkseye17
      hawkseye17 21 dec
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    • HisMajestyLelouch
      Are there actually schools or teachers out there who will let you have a cellphone out “for music” during an exam??
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    • American_Made_Memes
      Gen Z master race
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    • coldestshark
      Modern problems require old solutions
      coldestshark 20 dec
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    • Merasmus
      Merasmus 20 dec
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    • Feytey
      Jokes on you, he made a vinyl disc with the test answers engraved on it and threw on the first generic rapper logo he could find
      Feytey 20 dec
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    • PersonaCode
      Modern problems require modern solutions
      PersonaCode 20 dec
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    • Drcool_52
      Damn, if if a kid goes through the trouble of recording a bunch of answers let them listen to it. Jeeze, it's not really that big of a deal.
      Drcool_52 20 dec
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    • MemeconGold
      Ironically he’s listening to The College Dropout
      MemeconGold 20 dec
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    • I_dont_get_it_
      You’d think he’d have better taste in music, owning a record player
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    • Evdude
      "Not even for music"? Since when were you allowed to listen to music during an exam??!
      Evdude 20 dec
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    • awdf
      awdf 20 dec
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    • Meme_Academic
      Except he scratched notes and answers into the record. He's not disk scratching the record like a badass dj. He's rewinding to make sure he got that quadratic formula right.
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    • epicgirl8
      I haven't had to use a binder as a fucking cheater shield since 3rd grade what is this
      epicgirl8 20 dec
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    • TheFalloutHandbook
      Modern problems require modern solutions
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    • CordellStauffer
      Jokes on the prefessor. The record was actually playing the answers to the exam.
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    • Paradox_Guardian
      *Puts cheatnotes on vinyl*
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    • wellthen01
      Ironic thing is that album is called college dropout
      wellthen01 21 dec
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    • bromizer247
      bromizer247 21 dec
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    • GodMe7o
      That's what you think but he actually recorded the answers on a vinyl
      GodMe7o 20 dec
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    • RitzandPitz
      he went through that effort to listen to shit music
      RitzandPitz 20 dec
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    • Misterwest_
      That’s the college dropout. What a perfect album choice
      Misterwest_ 20 dec
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    • hades69
      Kanye sucks just as much as this kid
      hades69 20 dec
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    • HybridD
      HybridD 20 dec
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    • LeSnuggleMuffin
      You know it’s bad when they make everyone use their binders as privacy folders
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    • CommanderChromosome
      You fool. He hand carved his notes into a vinyl record. Hes already won. Well played.
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    • MASC0T
      modern problems require modern solutions
      MASC0T 20 dec
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    • Blupolarbear
      Play that shit backwards it may have the answers
      Blupolarbear 20 dec
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    • Orphaned
      Little do they know that thanks to his physics class he engineered a record player that can decipher any mathematical problem known to man.
      Orphaned 20 dec
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    • Solidricecake
      It’s not actually Kanye professor. It was the answers to the exam.
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    • The_Pirate_Bay
      You could still cheat with that
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    • KnowYoureMemes
      Plot twist, he made a mix record with he answers on it
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    • darksiders_death
      Kayne... ? Not even worth it
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    • A_Dog_Person
      Little do they know it’s actually all of the answers to the exam being sung by Kanye
      A_Dog_Person 20 dec
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    • TheJokeEngineer
      Modern problems require modern solutions
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    • zack_the_ghost
      Without the actual photo. Someone probably would’ve doubted in yellow as top comment
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    • TheChurchOfChaosTheory
      Plot twist: it was a vinyl copy of the test answers
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    • BossManEmerald
      Improvise, adapt, overcome
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    • Meix
      I have a friend who does that every day in high school. I’ll show proof
      Meix 20 dec
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    • JerryFucker
      I think the fact it’s the College Dropout album makes it even better
      JerryFucker 20 dec
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    • BillButtlicker
      It's a custom record with answers
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    • _Quote_
      Nah bro he recorded the answers on the record player stop him
      _Quote_ 20 dec
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    • JoesRoady
      He’s playing the college drop out album too
      JoesRoady a month
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    • LeafOnTheWind101
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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    • J53ioO
      He put the answers on the record
      J53ioO 22 dec
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    • Oscarb310
      I fucking hate teachers who make you put your phone in a basket before the exam starts.
      Oscarb310 21 dec
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    • 1889
      The college dropout 👌🏻
      1889 21 dec
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    • KeroKero
      You a bich if you dont let students listen to music
      KeroKero 21 dec
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    • Begging__For__Death
      Dude respect
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    • VALENC3
      Ha, my AP Physics teacher is in court for sleeping with a student
      VALENC3 20 dec
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    • BillyBoTV
      Improvise. Adapt. Survive.
      BillyBoTV 20 dec
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    • Pink_Omega
      Modern problems need historical solutions
      Pink_Omega 20 dec
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    • ChristopherCandoll
      Can still be used to cheat
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    • EaglesEnvy
      The 2000s has this modern miracle called an MP3 player. Should look into it. They’re like, $10 now
      EaglesEnvy 20 dec
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    • JonChristopher
      It's actually a machine made in Germany that decripts tests and gives you the correct answers
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    • SumasAroon
      We get detention if we have a phone ever in class.Our school is stupid by thinking why change our ways to fit modern day when you could just remove it all together.
      SumasAroon 20 dec
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    • babaganoosh2
      Plot twist he made his own record of notes for the exam
      babaganoosh2 20 dec
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    • Ifeltapresenceihaventfelt
      There could be answers on that record
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    • JainaProudmore
      Wouldn't that be distracting as shit tho
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    • _YoRHa_
      The answers are recorded on the vinyl.
      _YoRHa_ 20 dec
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      Modern problems require a classic solution
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    • Nickizacalinative
      Adapt improvise overcome
      smile 3
    • NonsenseRealistically
      Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
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    • johnathan11
      Record the answers and put it on vinyl
      johnathan11 20 dec
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