• Cause homies actually know to flirt back
      w_wirdo 13d
      288 6
    • Because girls will accuse you of rape if they think you're ugly
      Lcdude 13d
      233 9
    • My homies don’t break my heart or tell me my dick small smh
    • Guess aren’t scared of getting rejected from their friends. If they are too bold then it just makes it even funnier
    • Strong words from the rock
    • It's true. Probably because you can try anything on your bro and not worry about fucking up or coming off as a weirdo
    • Why is this true
    • Cause girls are mean
      Bradd 11d
    • Cuz my homies FUCK.
      LarsB 12d
    • Straight guys now straight guys the best
    • Because you're comfortable and nothing is at risk.
    • Was going to make a post on this. Me and the homies are hella gay with eachother but completely straight at the same time.
    • Kiss my homies better too
      Quantum 12d
      3 3
    • True af
      Maquia 12d
    • Finally Its been said, no homo
    • True, I’m strait but I end up getting a lot of dick on accident
    • As I told my English teacher, it's not gay if your socks are on.
    • That’s because they flirt back
    • joshtheboob bro this is so us bro
    • The homies are just cuter 🤷‍♀️
    • Because homies get what a joke/compliment is and females think they shit don’t stink like wtf Karen you have three kids and hemorrhoids
    • True dat
    • My friends girlfriend acts like she's doesn't like me because of how close my homie and I are.
    • Things like this make staight men question their sexuality
      389o 12d
    • Truest thing ever
    • Why do y’all wanna be victims so bad? You have one run in with a woman who doesn’t think you’re attractive and think that all of them are out to get you
    • I’m a straight guy and I great all of my friends with “what’s cookin good lookin”
    • Funny story once I was trying to flirt with this sweet girl next to me in the library and she said that I was very good at being cute and charming and I blew it hard I said “I had a lot of experience with my guys” so yeah I’m a buffoon.
      3 1
    • True 😂😂
    • Because they know you aren’t serious and think it’s funny
    • There are no stakes when I flirt with my homies. It’s not that I can’t be witty, it’s an anxiety thing.
    • I feel attacked
    • Its fucking true
    • This is correct
    • I'm Bi, and I flirt hella hard with my straight friend. It's all in good fun
    • Gay nibba
    • “Ayyy brö lemme succ TÖE”
    • Because we’re not gonna get rejected by our homies
    • Well boys I’m free so 😤
    • Cuz we know what material works.
      JRT14 13d
    • Same with girls. Especially with lesbian friends
      heyo03 13d
    • because i wont get rejected by a homie for small compliments or looked at like a creep. me- "hey man you been lifting? youre lookin good" homie- "thanks" me- "hey you been working out? lookin good" her- *dials 911*
    • Honestly. It feels rude or like harassment to flirt with someone you like. But someone who you know for sure you'll never be interested in? You can make the dirtiest jokes because all parties involved know they're jokes.
    • That’s just how it is
    • There’s less stress involved.
    • TOX1NZ 13d
      2 1
    • Pussy is temporary, my bros are forever
      jdremy6 13d
    • This is true information
    • Its so tru
    • I just can't take that kind of rejection
      Yor3 13d
    • It's redick I want to say you hot. I'm thinking it. My snake be rising up, but I can only stair for three seconds before she gets into that I like her.
      Yor3 13d
    • Yo how many of you guys actually check your subscriptions lmao I know I don't I just scroll through features when im supposed to be doing homework
      uwuLmao 13d
    • That’s cuz my homies don’t curve me 😔
    • The power of bros is so strong. Women just can’t understand it
    • Hey girl are you the millennium falcon because I want to ride you to hyperspace
      uwuLmao 13d
    • Well yeah. I don’t talk to real girls anymore
      Origami 13d
      2 12
    • Yes
    • They flirt back lol
    • Because they are comfortable around them
    • Me honestly. Told my bros they r cute all the time
    • It be like that
    • This is really fucking true
    • I tell my guy friends “I fucking love you” all the time. I gas them up real good. Girls just think you’re trying to hit if you give them a compliment.
    • Wow, the fact that so many guys said "because i wont get charged for assualt" is sad wtf happened to women
    • This is true
    • We are confident with our homies because they love us and won't turn us down or try to say we harrassed them
    • Because my homie will proceed to suck my dick every time while the success rate has been lower when same tactics are used on females
      6 2
    • They won’t be bitches back
    • Because it's a chill joke
    • That’s cause our homies are actually understandable
    • Jokes on you, all my homies ARE girls 😎
      wa0__o 13d
    • You can appreciate the menu, you just can’t order from it ;)
    • r/niceguys in the comments
    • Facts
    • Practice makes perfect
    • Well yeah, cuz there’s no pressure when you’re flirting with your homies, you’re just trying to joke around, when it’s with a girl there are more nerves involved as well as a level of uncertainty that creates awkwardness, some people feel this more strongly, others barely, but this mechanism-
      Raftel 13d
      7 1
    • That's because our homies won't scream sexual harassment and go to the police.
    • Honestly
    • we and my friends always be making gay jokes, like kai`s thick as fuck, or john`s looking like a snack, its funny as hell when you get sent a dick pic because its non-sexual and with the guys
      2 4
    • What happened to typing with
    • I’ve offered to kiss 2 of my homies today
    • I flirt with my main man. And my girl just turns her head and walks away then I catch up and tell her something even better and she says don't you mean he "looks like a snacc"
    • It’s easier to do something like that if you’ve fucked them before
    • It's not gay if you say no homo or if you are underway
    • That's cuz 90% of girls are lesbos
      2 4
    • "yo nibb you be cute as fuck today" *grabs his ass* "thanks mate I got dinner with my grandma" bfff
    • Because you can trust yer homie
      Karrde 13d
    • Bros before hoes
    • Cause ya homie wont reject you
    • That’s true
    • "Straight"
      3 10
    • It's called homoeroticism and it's hilarious for some reason
    • We know our homies, never know when a hoe is gonna go on a #MeToo rant cause you smiled at her.
      9 1
    • If I can act gay and then say "No homo," can I act racist and then say "No racisto?"
      4 1
    • I think my flirting is pretty good either way.
      jtm0017 13d
    • Top comment is open.. GIMMEH
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