• SpicySaucee
      SpicySaucee 14 jan
      smile 3.2K reply 53
    • Duke
      content not available more
      Duke 14 jan
      smile 492 reply 34
    • General_Tucker_REFF
      This meme format is one of the only relevant things PETA has ever produced
      smile 9
    • Swift_Phil
      Somebody probably actually believes this
      Swift_Phil 14 jan
      smile 7 reply 1
    • Proud_Lutheran
      Ya ever wonder if one of these absolutely absurd conspiracy theories that get popular are actually true and then the government makes them into a meme to cover up how close to the truth they actually get?
      smile 6 reply 1
    • DonaldJ_Trump_
      What about people who have pet birds??
      smile 6 reply 1
      Oh no the birds are closing in on him OH GOD HE HAS AIRPODS IN OH GOD OH FUK
      CAPTAINIDK 16 jan
      smile 5
    • JustCallMeAlpha
      Since the government shutdown I haven’t seen any birds
      smile 5 reply 2
    • Blanus
      i haven’t seen a bird since the government shutdown
      Blanus 15 jan
      smile 5
    • TheCrafter5588
      Bruh we haven’t seen any birds since the government shut down
      smile 5
    • Barnacle_Man_1
      Is the new meme the propaganda meme or the fake bird meme
      smile 5
    • WhirlyLad
      Hey guys hear me out, but maybe the sudden disappearance of birds has nothing to do with the government shutting down, but the fact that it’s winter? Crazy theory I know.
      WhirlyLad 14 jan
      smile 5 reply 1
    • DonaldJinioTrumperino
      It's been over three weeks since the government shut down and I still haven't seen a bird
      smile 5 reply 1
    • SimplyToon
      My cat ate a drone with real organs and blood? Damn they are really realistic drones.
      SimplyToon 17 jan
      smile 4 reply 1
    • PapasFritass
      All government shutdowns happen when it starts to get cold, also when birds “migrate” coincidence? I think not
      PapasFritass 16 jan
      smile 4
    • idecwhatmynameis
      It would be a believable theory except that my dog and cat have both eaten birds and I assure you there are no robotic parts inside
      smile 4 reply 2
    • BarrelOfLewds
      For real, have you ever seen a baby pigeon
      smile 5
    • mrligmaupdog
      Conspiracy in a conspiracy: the government has infiltrated our memes and started the “birds are government surveillance drones” to make us laugh at it and not take it seriously so they can roll out their new project of bird drones and no one will think a thing they’ll assume it’s nothing but fun
      mrligmaupdog 15 jan
      smile 4 reply 1
    • ThinkingSpecies
      The world was created last Thursday and all evidence that made us believe the world was older than that was programmed into our minds last Thursday at the beginning of this world. Everything you remeber before this date is just an illusion. Prove me wrong.
      smile 4 reply 7
    • StickyPot
      As a bird owner, I can confirm that it does not exist.
      StickyPot 14 jan
      smile 4
    • sasquatch129
      I haven't seen birds since the shutdown
      sasquatch129 14 jan
      smile 4
    • premium_pornhub_comments
      Idk I just killed and cut one open and it seemed pretty legit
      smile 4 reply 3
    • HeroPvPz
      But for real tho has anyone seen a bird after the government shutdown for like a week
      HeroPvPz 14 jan
      smile 4 reply 8
    • agent0008
      Legit, I still haven't seen a bird since the shutdown
      agent0008 14 jan
      smile 4 reply 5
    • AnAnonymousFemale
      If you’ve ever shot a bird, you’d realize they’re not government surveillance cameras
      smile 3 reply 2
    • hhhmmMM
      I saw the first bird since the government shutdown - It was a Bald Eagle
      hhhmmMM 17 jan
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Professor_Luiga
      Real talk I haven't seen any birds since the government shut down 👀
      smile 3 reply 5
    • romanticgolem
      So doesn't that mean lizards are drones too?
      smile 3
    • me55
      @ people who’ve never eaten a bird, you’re a fucking retard
      me55 15 jan
      smile 3
    • Skylerschillinger
      So if this was true then that means every historical book, painting, story passed down by generations, and movies have been altered by the government to make people thing birds are real. Correct me if I'm wrong but that sounds stupid as fuck.
      smile 4 reply 1
    • bleachruby
      Yesterday I saw a gang of them on top of a natural grocers. They're planning something I know it
      bleachruby 15 jan
      smile 3
    • JewcciGang
      This meme was started by the government to get us ready for a time when there are actually birds that are drones.
      JewcciGang 15 jan
      smile 3
    • Samantha_Winchester
      Birds are obviously drones, that’s why when they get run over by cars you can see the red wires that were crushed sticking out
      smile 3
    • LuciferEffect
      I'd agree with this if birds didn't fucken die hitting my window at full speed.
      smile 3
    • hi1sup
      Yall believe this crap but don't believe that Julius Ceasar caused the Titanic to sink.
      hi1sup 14 jan
      smile 3
    • FriendlyButHostileAdvice
      I saw some drones eating the bird seed I put out. The shutdown is making times hard
      smile 3
    • Ultrakill342xx
      When was the last time you saw a bird since the government shut down
      smile 4 reply 4
    • abcdefghijxxx
      content not available more
      smile 3
    • _TrapsArentGay
      Flat Earth 2: Electric Boogaloo
      smile 3
    • Thatcher_The_Snatcher
      It's not gonna be long until this gets on Facebook and the retards there actually believe this and we are gonna have another flat earth bulls hit conspiracy
      smile 3
    • _Edgy_Memez_
      What if this meme unwinds a conspiracy that has been in play for hundreds of years
      _Edgy_Memez_ 14 jan
      smile 3
    • HomieTheClown
      What shutdown
      smile 4
    • Alfonso_Escobar
      Has anyone seen a bird outside since the government shutdown started?
      smile 3
    • BoobsForHire
      You fools. The birds were a distraction. The true conspiracy is the TREES. You think those things grow out of the ground?? Wake up sheeple!!
      BoobsForHire 14 jan
      smile 3 reply 1
    • Imma_Eat_You
      Has anybody actually seen a bird since the government shut down?
      Imma_Eat_You a month
      smile 2 reply 3
    • stevfed
      Imagine people who actually don't believe in birds
      stevfed a month
      smile 2
    • Shlock_Hems
      Then why did my pet bird die
      Shlock_Hems a month
      smile 2 reply 2
    • HandsomeNigward
      Women arnt real, i bet youve never seen one
      smile 2
    • Joeey
      Florida is filled with all the flocking birds 🤔 fl is a government experiment as well
      Joeey 15 jan
      smile 2
    • UltramanZero
      But I just went dove hunting
      UltramanZero 15 jan
      smile 2
    • SulVur
      I've literally seen baby birds before tho.
      SulVur 15 jan
      smile 2 reply 4
    • Leaderoftheteam
      That was the fastest I've cumed ever. My new record is 5.45. cuase I'm finna be late for the bus but I wanted to cum tho. Know what I'm sayn. So real quick yedig ?
      smile 2
    • firefly1
      Wait a minute..... what about ancient history talking about birds.... THE GOVERNMENT IS DOCTORING HISTORY!
      firefly1 15 jan
      smile 2
    • LillySingh
      i’m starting to believe this lowkey
      LillySingh 15 jan
      smile 2
    • originaltrew93
      I'm about to perform surgery on a bird so y'all can see
      smile 2
    • Kazgrenrik
      I caught a bird the other day and lemme tell u, they rly put a lot of work into making them look real, had a heart, guts, even little lungs
      Kazgrenrik 15 jan
      smile 2
    • D4nnyV2
      There are people who enjoy watching these drones and they try to find the rarest models
      D4nnyV2 15 jan
      smile 2
    • WBtheMemeBoy
      Seen this 3 times today... i think im trying to get told something but I cant put my finger on it
      WBtheMemeBoy 15 jan
      smile 2
    • Pyromaniacalsinner
      So how bout this. Birds are real but, they were created by the government as active camouflage for the fake bird drones so that way some are biological and fool people easier
      smile 2 reply 1
    • PaintingLikeMozart
      Haven't seen a single bird since the shutdown
      smile 2
      IAMGOATMAN 14 jan
      smile 2 reply 2
    • The_Nautili
      Does anyone legitimately believe this??? Or is it just a meme?
      The_Nautili 14 jan
      smile 2 reply 1
    • StLouis94
      Surveillance drones taste good
      StLouis94 14 jan
      smile 2
    • Prometheus
      I haven’t seen a single “”BIRD”” since the govt shutdown
      Prometheus 14 jan
      smile 2 reply 3
    • sirmcspicy
      Yall niggas seen a bird since the government shut down
      sirmcspicy 14 jan
      smile 2 reply 2
    • Some_dood
      If you haven’t seen any birds it’s cause you fuckers don’t go outside 😂
      Some_dood 14 jan
      smile 2
    • Pena_colada
      If birds aren't real thoes that mean we been eating frieds drones and not fried chicken
      Pena_colada 14 jan
      smile 2 reply 2
    • DidNotDeny
      Knowing the world we live in, there are people who are dumb enough to believe this shit
      DidNotDeny 14 jan
      smile 2 reply 3
    • RiySpy
      "a little birdie told" Wrong. "The FBI guy said so" Correct
      RiySpy 14 jan
      smile 2
    • Texas_Crusader
      If you think birds are real, I don't know what to tell you.
      smile 2
    • Lyfe
      Have you seen a bird since the government shut down?
      Lyfe 14 jan
      smile 2 reply 6
    • Artiemis
      Birds were real until 2001 when the last one died
      Artiemis 14 jan
      smile 2
    • Ram_0s
      Ram_0s 14 jan
      smile 2
    • End_Mii_
      Guys im sure my birds arent drones considering how dumb they are
      End_Mii_ 14 jan
      smile 2
    • ShelSilverstein
      This post may sound crazy, but I haven’t seen a bird since that government shutdown... 🤔
      smile 2
    • youngso
      youngso 14 jan
      smile 2
    • RandomHero
      I mean I haven't seen any birds since the government shutdown.
      RandomHero 14 jan
      smile 2
    • Ucantforgetme
      What about me I own two of them? Have I been infiltrated?
      smile 2 reply 2
    • savv_smith
      I haven’t seen a single bird since the shutdown
      savv_smith 14 jan
      smile 2
    • ablankpic
      ablankpic 14 jan
      smile 2
    • UNILAD verified
      UNILAD 14 jan
      smile 2
    • ThaFeds
      Here's one to try; if birds are surveillance drones( which they are) why would we be allowed to hunt and kill them?
      ThaFeds a month
      smile 1 reply 1
    • Thethiccbooty
      Thethiccbooty a month
      smile 1
    • jackscrack69
      Y’all need to cut a bird open and tell me if you still think it’s a drone
      jackscrack69 a month
      smile 1 reply 1
    • Weaponized_Soul
      What if the government is creating this meme and making it widely known so that we become passive of the actual idea that birds are drones, so that they can actually start implementing this idea under the noses of everyone and their “meme culture”.
      smile 1 reply 1
    • nakedthanos
      nakedthanos 18 jan
      smile 1
    • JupiterGotClout
      K but how did Darwin write about natural selection if he didn’t have any finches (type of bird if u don’t know) to write about. And he was born in the 1800’s. And I hope you know that I know that this image is a joke making fun of retards who believe that birds at gov’t surveillance cameras.
      smile 1 reply 2
    • Amadayo
      i saw a bird today and it was surreal
      Amadayo 17 jan
      smile 1
    • Omega1558
      Sees an American eagle... realizes that our American animal is a drone. AMEN TO OUR ROBOT OVERLORDS!!!!!
      Omega1558 17 jan
      smile 1
    • someguyorisit
      Y’all got me so paranoid with this bird shit I actually looked out my window in winter to hope to find a bird
      smile 1
    • SparxTheBird
      So what you're saying is that my pet bird is a government spy probe?
      SparxTheBird 16 jan
      smile 1 reply 2
    • Bluebird7509
      excuse me what the fuck
      Bluebird7509 16 jan
      smile 1
    • hirogen
      You sheep! You believe in the government!!
      hirogen 16 jan
      smile 1
    • TheOfficialMojoman
      The wall isn't meant to keep immigration out it's meant to keep us in. NWO people
      smile 1
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