• spotlfy gives u all of ur stats at the end of every year and makes you a playlist of urtop lOO songs, makes you six (6) personalized playlists every day, & a playlist every monday of new music based on ur listening history & ur still gonna say apple music is better? Um no

    • FestiveBear
      But even after I tell Spotify I don't like a certain genre, it still recommends me the same fucking artists who I hate
      FestiveBear 12 dec
    • BobbySands
      Spotify is the real homie
      BobbySands 12 dec
    • snoopydog6
      If Spotify actually had the rights to half the music I listen to maybe they’d be better than iTunes. But iTunes is the only app I can consistently find what I’m looking for.
    • Jarted
      Apple Music does the exact same fuckin thing.
      Jarted 11d
    • bryce
      Constantly slams drake down your throat because drake paid them despite you wanting to listen to rock music
      bryce 11d
    • higherthanamericasdebt
      Both suck ass because if you accidentally listen to a shit song that you’ve never heard before, your playlists are now filled with shit that you don’t wanna listen to.
    • NightShade16z
      But bro these AirPods aren’t for Spotify bro. Apple Music bro
    • IceCeeHot
      Shout out to my illegal download crew! Where you at you pirates
    • FoggiestBook
      This message brought to you by: Android gang
    • Future_Feature_Lord
      Apple Music does this same shit
    • EMMR05
      Yeah, it makes me a playlist every 6 days of STUPIDS SONGS from the stupid place I live in (Brazil) even though I have never heard a single Brazilian song in my life. Also Apple Music has full on lyrics instead of that “behind the lyrics” bull crap.
      EMMR05 9d
    • TheAnswerKey
      apple music is better since i get to choose what song i want to play
    • DevilRays
      Apply Music recommends u 16 albums, 4 playlists, and 3 artists A DAY based off your listening habits, as well as a favorites, chill, and new mix playlists once a week. Gtfo😂😂
    • lifehahafunny
      It smells like broke in here
    • ProximaC
      I want to pick exactly what I want to listen to
    • dukesk8r_
      Spotify premium is 110% better then Apple Music. Spotify without premium is nearly unbearable.
    • care
      apple music is way better this was made by someone with a 2008 android
      care 11d
    • timmythenpc
      Okay but Apple Music gives you 9 different playlists daily. Imagine saying anything at all without doing any research whatsoever. Nice try, retards.
    • JamesHardensBigGayBalls
      Apple Music does the playlist thing too dickshit stay broke
    • OGPussifag
      You know why you never see retaliation from Apple Music users, lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep.
    • audiodestruct
      Apple Music does all that shit. Except tell you what you’ve already been listening to all year. I guess they assume you already know since you’re the one clicking on the song 100 times a day
    • matthewboy_12
      I have both, Apple Music just works better
    • The_Turpenator
      But with pandora, you have the option to never hear a song again if you choose. And to avoid running out of skips, you just create stations of the same genre or artists that you like and it will keep the music going. And I like reading the bios they write about the artists.
    • L1L_ANXI3TY
      Except they have a hard time with releasing new music when it comes out, I swear it takes like 2 months for a new song to actually show up on spotify
    • Max_Rockatansky
      I listen to Metal daily but it keeps giving me ads about Hip Hop and R&B, i don't want to hear ads about Lil Pump while i'm listening to Kreator.
    • KarmaIsABirch
      I have YouTube Music lol
    • Anthony verified
      Smells like broke in here
      Anthony 11d
    • Blastissimo_2017
      apple music is better. i know my music taste and don’t need an algorithm to tell me
    • captainshark98
      Apple music is big gay. Airpods are big gay, overpriced garbage
    • DefinitelyNotStalin
      Not gonna lie. Spotify is pretty shit at making me playlists.
    • wjames33
      iTunes means you get to play whatever the fuck you want but if you listen to a Spotify station it slowly turns into the exact opposite of whatever you came for and then it plays 3 ads at a time all for premium
    • eternalmemes999
      At least apple music don’t give you ads 🤷🏽‍♂️
    • therealaaronrodgers
      Spotify just isn’t as user friendly to me. Apple Music is simple. That’s what I want.
    • Blakemcmillan1
      Take your poor Spotify ass somewhere else
    • rose64bit
      If you have Apple devices, Apple Music>Spotify. Apple Music also creates mixes for you if you know how to find them
    • thepersonwhoseesyourposts
      Go to the browse section of Apple Music you lazy shits all of the same features are there except the stats so you can fuck right off
    • WasThatAReference
      Why would I even care about those fucking playlists? Half the songs I don’t care about and usually recommend artists I don’t like
    • dlanod_pmurt
      They all suck. Spotify creates a playlist just because you said you like sound. Pandora plays 7 songs on repeat and Apple music is obsessed with drake
    • SnowViper
      Or just download your fucking music. Spotify is cancer.
    • PatronSaintOfChaos
      I don’t get how people can use Pandora over Spotify.
    • gibitty
      Thanks for the ad disguised as a meme
      gibitty 11d
    • beeetie
      Pirating music
      beeetie 11d
    • IndiaGolfNinerNiner
      I don’t care enough to get Spotify. Too much work. I just have Apple Music if I want to listen to a specific song and I have free pandora if I want to shuffle artists I know I like.
    • ChungusAmungus
      I’m partial to limewire music
    • Morty_nightmare
      SoundCloud anyone? No? Okay.
    • RobertLewandowski9
      Yes. There’s a thing called an opinion and there’s another thing called a preference.
    • daveicaria
      Sorry I can’t hear you my air pods are in oh god oh fuck
    • Apolitical
      I like Apple Music better cause I’m use to it better and it’s just my opinion, you have your opinion that’s great, look at us sharing opinions that aren’t facts but you have to treat them like they are and shit on my opinion, so good on you.
    • doggert
      seeing by the end of the sentence you can tell this was written by a pale white girl whos 19 or younger who never goes on instagram without her trusty pumpkin spice latte from her local starbucks
      doggert 11d
    • bihhhh
      I just download all my shit illegally (don't call the cops on me)
      bihhhh 11d
    • potatoooess
      tell me where those full lyrics are bitch
    • reducto
      What's the point of arguing over which music app is best? Or phone/gaming system/tv show/etc is the best? Thank GOD we don't all like the same things or life would be boring af. Just enjoy what you like and leave others to enjoy theirs
      reducto 11d
    • justaniggawitharpg
      Can’t skip songs or choose them or go backwards SoundCloud better
    • Extensions
      I had to switch to Apple Music because you can only download 3,333 songs on a device on Spotify, Apple Music doesn’t have a limit I’ve reached yet
    • IMowLawns
      Sniff snifff sorry smells like a broke person
    • VapeWhiskey21
      Apple Music does this everyday automatically tho
    • The_Guy_Who_Loves_Pie
      Apple makes me specialized music every Monday,Thursday and Sunday,They also make me Personalized radio stations based on the the song that I want (bet you didn’t notice the second the)
    • Thetimelordz
      Smell like broke in here
    • BeesAnkles
    • Marlito_Burrito
      Yeah but Apple does the exact same thing except on friday instead of Monday and 2 playlists instead of 6. Also, only one person can use a Spotify account at a time, while my entire family can use Apple Music simultaneouslyp
    • warner0032
      Apple Music does the exact same thing. Except on Friday instead of Monday and 2 playlists instead of 6. Not to mention I can share it with 5 other accounts.
    • DytenTheTitan
      I just like Apple Music because the songs that I’ve already payed for were already there, and I don’t use all those playlist features. I just download music whenever I feel like it.
    • DevinCannon0807
      It’s too late to switch, all my music is on Apple
    • Metal_memester
      Spotify is better because the amount of songs you have does not determine the amount of money you spend. Case closed
    • Reddiwhipp
      Also Spotify student discount gives you Hulu and showtime for free w the already low price
    • _umopapisdn_
      Nobody gives Amazon Music the love it deserves.
    • DuneDog
      Downloading songs to a CD from some sketchy Russian website for just a few cents each is obviously superior.
      DuneDog 11d
    • ODST_Parker
      I just listen to the fucking music I like. I don't need some fucking app to tell me what I like. Just make a few playlists on whatever default shit you have, and listen to it. Y'all make it too complicated
    • Volunteer_
      Apple Music literally does the same thing
    • testin
      Spotify adds songs to ur playlist that u dont even like
      testin 11d
      You mean randomly ads shit tier songs to my otherwise good playlist
    • Fukuo
      I’m sorry I don’t speak b r o k e
      Fukuo 11d
    • MLBMannyfresh
      Who even argues over which service is better? As long as you listen to your song, who cares?
    • Flamin_Fox
      I’ll just stick to downloading YouTube videos
    • MemeSupremeDeluxe
      I have so many songs on Apple Music I’m not gonna take the time to write down all of them to switch over
    • btash96
      But you can get your Apple Music stats at any time..not just end of the year..
    • goliathteam
      Smells like broke in the comments
    • BrandonLucus
      apple gives better royalties to the artist
    • cr0295560
      I use pandora
    • JarrettBender
      The big thing that makes Spotify better is that you can use it on consoles
    • kankri
      I mean. Apple music is just convenient for me, considering how easy it is to get mp3s onto my phone through my computer. It’s just the sheer convenience of it
      kankri 9d
    • SourGummyWorm
      Google music is the real shit Its eveything in one and you get youtube premium with your subscription.
    • toefish47
      Two words- no ads
    • badgersbball
    • lambchvps
      Google play music is best. Streaming quality is the best you can find, and if theres a song by an artist they dont have theyll pull it from YouTube so you dont have to go searching. Plus, it comes with YouTube Red for free.
    • Griff_2016
      I like both for different reasons. Spotify for the curated playlists and Apple Music for the ease of access.
    • CoolBeans42700
      I’ve never added a single recommendation Spotify song to my playlists LOL. Their “personalized suggestions” aren’t accurate at all
    • rstarkey5
      I mean you have unlimited skips and it does recommend music and I don’t need people telling me what to listen to. I listen to whatever I want
    • Noxify
      Except that no matter how many times I skip these four songs I don't like, they show up again in every playlist.
      Noxify 10d
    • jakethedawgg
      But you listen to a song like country roads three times and you got yourself a fucked up playlist
    • Uncle_justyce
      Ok but on Spotify if you look up the name of a song there’s a 99% chance that the top 5 results are a shitty remix made from some bitch boy with no job
    • OvenBakedAvianBehind
      Spotify doesn’t have rights to a lot of artists people want to listen to, they just get what’s popular which is shitty music
      Sorry I don’t speak broke 🙅🏻‍♂️
    • bilboTBAGginss
      Those personalized playlists are always trash and a lot of songs they only have the acoustic versions for. Spotify is garbage Apple Music is better
    • makin_pancakes
      Wheres my google play niggas
    • CertifiedTardHandler
      Imagine paying for premium this post was made by the illegally pirating gang
    • TCandIWillPostMyDogs
      Or you can just make a fucking playlist yourself? I mean why would I need so many playlist? I know what songs I like and that doesn’t change day to day hell doesn’t even change year to year so seems kinda pointless to me.
    • Alpha_5640
      Imagine having to pay money to play one random song
    • Bullwag
      Spotify is basically a communist company
      Bullwag 11d
    • _Kiwi
      Real niggas use YouTube playlists because paying to remove ads is stupid
      _Kiwi 11d
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