• they said being too nice not because they couldnt smell drugs
      2.7K 40
    • Let’s play a game of spot the drug dealer
      1.8K 55
    • I know a lady who trains service dogs and has only had one fail because he was too friendly, they are not supposed to get pet by strangers but this dog would always approach strangers for a pet and they couldn’t break him of it. They kept him as their pet.
    • They don't train many dogs to sniff out weed anymore, more often they train them for bombs and/or more hardcore drugs which doesn't bother me at all
    • >snitches
    • Let’s play spot the /\/igger
    • Oh look the black person doesn’t like drug smelling police dogs, shocker.
    • Can someone tell me where I can get one of these dogs
    • But also give those who did decide to be narcs and snitches a good home
    • That dog ain't black for nothin
    • No way these dogs were way too good boys, no such thing
    • My dog is a German Sheppard that failed police dog training for being too nice, she's the sweetest and gentlest dog I've I've encountered
      1 1
      4014 8d
    • I’ll take three
    • Snitching is just thugs tired of getting in trouble
    • My grandpa had a german Shepherd that failed the drug test, kinda Ironic.
    • I would but im not old enough to sign a binding contract to own/buy a dog. I'll try and keep this in mind for four years tho
    • Ye and there free all you have to pay is transportation I’m planning on this when I move out can’t wait
    • These are failed attack dogs not drug dogs. A drug dog can be the sweetest little baby as long as he sniff drug.
    • how do i adopt?
    • Once again people think they’re hot shit doing drugs and anybody always snitches bitch idgaf what gang you’re in everyone snitches
    • Yeah because getting away with drug crimes is great
      2 2
    • One of my dogs was a failed care dog, I don’t remember the reasoning but he was the sweetest baby ever. He always made these funny noises too whenever he was super happy and he slobbered a lot, I miss you Danny
      6 2
    • My friend has one
    • Get aids
    • They were probably k9 units. Attack dogs, and the like. Drug sniffers can be as nice as they want.
    • Oh shit I got featured
    • Fuck people and their goddamn addictions, my piece of shit uncle is an addict to heroin and all that shit, and keeps blaming the cops and the rest of us for his downfalls, like gee maybe if you'd actually quite doin drugs an stop fuckin kids you wouldn't be goin to prison, fuckin scum 😡
      12 5
    • My neighbor has a failed seeing eye dog, and she knows all the commands and stuff but likes people so much she would drag the blind guy all over the place. So she failed out, and now I housesit and take care of her. She's so good
    • Get my dog to find drug dealers for me to rob lol
    • Um working dogs are the goodest boyes...
    • Yeah my neighbor has a dog that was trained to be a rescue dog, like they find people in rubble and the dog failed by one point because he hesitated for like 2 seconds to climb on one piece of broken concrete. He’s such a good boy tho
    • ill take 10
    • They were overqualified
    • there really be some people in this comment section who don't know what hard times are
    • Reminder that witnessing a crime and not reporting it is illegal
      4 3
    • #bluedoglivesmatter don’t insult the animals that give their lives for our country
      2 2
    • Haha yes drugs good
    • The snitches get stitches mentality honestly pisses me off. If I report someone for breaking a rule, its just doing my part. Its not that hard to not do stupid shit. Smh. Im looking at all yall druggies out there. Theres more ways to have fun than getting high as fuck
      7 6
    • People who hate police are honestly just the biggest pussies. Like, you'd rather run away or be rude and risk getting arrested or shot? Instead of sitting there and being polite for once in ur miserable life and getting away scot free if you've done nothing wrong?
      3 3
    • Druggies are annoying af
    • “Hurr durr bootlickers” - this dickhead
    • But their job is to find illegal substances
    • Guys comment ruined it
    • Hopefully they’re good enough to find my weed when I lose it in my house
    • Daily reminder that marijuana should be legal
      2 2
    • Where
    • Imma call ice on his ass
    • Gimmie them
    • Those are the dogs you can yell ‘STOP! NO!!’ At and they’ll get confused and check with the handler before wrecking you
      bcaapi 9d
    • Absolutely not rats
    • Oh no the criminals are getting away"
    • I want one
    • y'all know they pretty much beat police dogs to train them right
    • Got drugs on the mind huh? You know they look for bombs and bodies as well, right?
      3 1
    • Or don’t break the law blacky
    • Perfect
    • Hey.....
    • “Because they aren’t narcs and snitches”.. people say that like the dogs are in the wrong for getting your drug addicted ass caught.
      10 1
    • My parents owned a failed police dog she was aggressive out of fear and was the stupidest dog on the planet
    • Because there good boys Brent
    • There is such a high demand for the dogs they stopped taking applications for adoption
    • “Narcs and snitches” = law abiding citizens
    • In all seriousness, I definitely would if I could
    • Good boys fail training, great boys get into the field and are more interested in the hamburger in my fridge than the kilo in the cupboards
    • Sounds like this response was made by a drug addict
    • I hate when people call others narcs and snitches. It's called doing the right thing
      13 5
    • I can understand why the black one didn’t get hired
    • People that still give a shit about someone smoking weed in this day and age are just as retarded as the people who obsess over smoking weed
    • So police dogs are not good dogs?
      3 1
    • My dog Heidi is a would-be K9 but she failed the aggression test
    • Botnfirst
      Micky_ 9d
    • Imagine actually thinking like that retard Jesus Christ
    • "That's a good boy! Now go get Daddy some weed!"
    • The nicer the dog, the better.
    • What if they’re just undercover doggos
    • It’s all fun and games until a dog doesn’t stiff out a bomb that’s on the plane you’re boarding
    • I like smoking weed am I a bad person? Oh wait idc fuck y’all 🤷🏻‍♂️
      1 10
    • That’s my dog he failed so we odipted him
    • I spy with my little eye....A FUCKING INGRATE
    • Those dogs look pretty nice
      Hijakk 9d
    • They are still good dogs
    • The snitches rule only applies to 4th graders or the ghetto.
    • I have one. He’s a deformed German Shepard names Maverick. He was a drug dog but because of his skull deformities he’s smeller ain’t too good. He’s really derpy and scared of sulfuric smells and loud noises.
    • But how much are u paying the cops for these dogs. Theirs always a catch
    • Ill take your entire stock
    • The snitches rule is why we have the ghetto
      acedce 9d
    • Lol. If you want one it's probably gonna cost you like 10k
    • So I guess protecting people is pretty much a bad thing now
    • When the retards of this community would rather you lie and keep a criminal on the streets and its bad to do the lawful thing and turn em in
      6 16
    • What's wrong with snitches? Isn't that called being a good citizen and reporting crime when you see it?
      Ijace 9d
      5 3
    • Nah they’re spies
    • Snitches get stitches
    • Fuck a snitch
    • Personally I'm cool with the dogs snitching on people carrying explosives. I feel that's the one time it's acceptable.
      joat97 9d
      2 2
    • Am I the only one that thought of the twix commercial when she said narc and snitch?
    • You guys are taking this way too seriously. Like it’s a stupid post on Twitter. Y’all just need to chill and have a laugh for fucks sake.
    • So the government just abandons good dogs?
    • Maybe if yall wasnt pushing 9 lbs of pcp around they wouldnt have to be narcs
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