• Sol asked papa johns to write a joke on our pizza
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    • Nemutai
      Sad yet comedic
      Nemutai 15 dec
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    • MetalCats
      MetalCats 15 dec
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    • Phaage
      Caption is a lie and this is a stolen picture. In reality someone posted this online because they were a pussy and got upset about the joke. Ended up getting the employee fired.
      Phaage 16 dec
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    • Fucking_Kidding_Me
      Correction: I may have asked papa johns to write a joke on our pizza, but they didn’t so I did instead
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    • Cigar_Aficionado
      Sweetie, why are you writing on the pizza box, I'm hungry. "Shhhh... it'll be funny for Internet points"
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    • sausdaddy
      Honestly most of the pussy that gynecologists see is nasty and fucked up
      sausdaddy 16 dec
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    • Slaved
      what’s the difference between jesus and the baby in my basement? jesus died a virgin.
      Slaved 16 dec
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    • TitaniumPopcorn
      No you fucking didn’t, this was a news article 6 months ago because the employee who wrote it got fired
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    • fellatio
      fellatio 16 dec
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    • repost__central
      Well... if a gynocologist can smell it they might not exactly want to eat it.
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    • blkshp68
      Whoever asked "What's an gynecologist?" It's a person who sees more pussy in one day than you will in your entire life....
      blkshp68 16 dec
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    • Jtrain620
      I would have also accepted that they both handle pies for a living.
      Jtrain620 18 dec
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    • porkycloset
      “Why are you writing on the pizza box after it got delivered?” “Shut up mom I’m tryna get featured on iFunny!”
      porkycloset 16 dec
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    • freezing
      freezing 16 dec
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    • TheJuic3
      i asked pizza hut for a joke and this is what they said
      TheJuic3 16 dec
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    • darkhelmet03
      Costumer asked for a joke and then when she saw the joke she complained and the guy got fired. It sucks. Look it up.
      darkhelmet03 15 dec
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    • MrMemer23
      That’s not the case, they both bang my wife
      MrMemer23 15 dec
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    • MasterPanda
      The story behind this sucks. Guy wrote this on the box and the people got offended and he got fired. Sensitive ass generation
      MasterPanda 15 dec
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    • Dracmus
      Wife-“What are you doing to the pizza box?” Husband-“Wait, it’ll be on iFunny.”
      Dracmus 18 dec
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    • AnimeSkrub
      AnimeSkrub 16 dec
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    • Babydino96
      I work for a Papa John's and I can tell u one there are too many pepperonis on that pizza and second my managers do jokes like that all the time while making the pizzas
      Babydino96 16 dec
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    • BrandyHein
      *gets delivered to a very religious Family*
      BrandyHein 16 dec
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    • MrMisty_Eyed
      Jk, I can't get laid
      MrMisty_Eyed 15 dec
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      Yall wouldn't want me to work at papa John's
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    • youidiot
      The employees actually got fired for that joke.
      youidiot 16 dec
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    • ToxicTrillium
      I’m a pizza delivery driver and I’m studying to be a gyno! Haha
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    • cmendr01
      Wow they are sooooo freakin lucky the customer wasn’t some crazy ass #metoo bitch who would’ve tweeted that guys life away
      cmendr01 16 dec
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    • menfearme
      Ten bucks says some asshole called this in and got them fired
      menfearme 16 dec
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    • Backgrounds
      Backgrounds 16 dec
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    • Bogwandii
      I feel like being a gynecologist would suck cause you’d have to deal with some pretty disgusting pussies at one point or another
      Bogwandii 16 dec
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    • Alexiskisses
      Alexiskisses 16 dec
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    • Irbnxo
      Irbnxo 16 dec
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    • jennifera5320
      One of my closest guy friends is a gynecologist, I asked him if he gets turned on by seeing vaginas and told me not once, a lot of the time if women are seeing a gynecologist there’s something wrong, he did say though that he thinks attractive women have better looking vaginas, lol
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    • All4OneAndOne4Incest
      Lol imma write this lame ass joke on the box and try to get a feature.
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    • tspider
      If you’re telling me that the pizza driver never snags a pepperoni or two off a pizza, I’ll call you a fucking liar
      tspider 16 dec
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    • ErectAss
      ErectAss 16 dec
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    • lelle2
      Wanna hear a joke? Your life
      lelle2 15 dec
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    • Semsa
      Semsa 15 dec
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    • Svengoolie
      That... That's fucked up
      Svengoolie 15 dec
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    • _Ubiquitous_
      One time I got asked to write a joke on the box and I wasn’t gonna do it but when I pulled up to their house they had a bunch of Texans decorations so I just wrote “the Texans” on the box.
      _Ubiquitous_ 15 dec
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    • StrangestQuestions
      Id never be a gynecologist. Half the time they come in there is because theres something wrong with it. Butch full of pus looking like a half eaten ham and cheese hot pocket. No thanks.
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    • xCavalier
      No pizza guy would write that on the box because he'd probably get fired, and I doubt any pizza guy has handwriting that feminine.
      xCavalier 18 dec
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    • SirWoodie
      Uh.. 👏🏻🤢
      SirWoodie 17 dec
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    • Suplex_City_
      This is old and the guy who wrote it got fired
      Suplex_City_ 17 dec
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    • koolkidv7
      koolkidv7 17 dec
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    • Spoogley
      *orders pizza and writes own shitty joke on the box* hehe hey guys this funny thing totally just happened
      Spoogley 16 dec
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    • SillyDrifloon
      FALSE: I worked at Papa John’s, and orders would get cancelled by the dozens. I’m talking 20 boxes of perfectly fresh pizza that the managers were ready to throw away, so employees would save that shit by eating it instead or taking it home.
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    • rangerjk8
      “Why are you writing on the pizza box?” “Trust me mom it will be funny on ifunny”
      rangerjk8 16 dec
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    • brashing
      I don’t know if an OBGYN gets to look at hot delicious vag all day. I am guessing people come in with issues and well im going to stop there actually
      brashing 16 dec
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    • LordSetherias
      Yeahhhhh this didn't happen. The person who bought the pizza wrote this. Big (X)
      smile 3 reply 2
    • keeling18
      (X) Doubt
      keeling18 16 dec
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    • Colonel_Meme
      How much you want to bet this dude gets fired
      Colonel_Meme 16 dec
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    • Padro
      This is old news, employee got fired a long time ago for writing this. Look up Papa Johns Employee Fired for Inappropriate Joke, happened last year I believe
      Padro 16 dec
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    • Bantelope
      Imagine doing this and it goes to some bitch family with a cunt of a mother who then gets you fired
      Bantelope 16 dec
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    • GATORAD3
      Stfu this was on the news like a year ago, the pizza guy was fired over this shit
      GATORAD3 16 dec
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    • Camontes731
      Didn't a girl at Pizza hut do this and get fired for it.
      Camontes731 16 dec
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    • i_cri_evrytiem
      Sharpies fumes all up in that pizza now. You will have cancer in a few years. 👌
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    • NikoKun
      Didn’t that get the guy fired when the lady complained about the “inappropriate” joke after specifically asking for a joke on the box
      NikoKun 16 dec
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    • Khajyeet
      That’s a risky joke to make in 2018
      Khajyeet 16 dec
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    • MericanSkull
      Why is the pizza guy sniffing my vagina?
      MericanSkull 16 dec
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    • EdgyPriest
      EdgyPriest 15 dec
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    • DynaMoChen
      As dirty as their pizza
      DynaMoChen 15 dec
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    • Actual_Satan
      Yes, except the pizza maker isn’t looking at diseased pizza.
      Actual_Satan 15 dec
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    • Marshadow
      What's 6.9? A great thing ruined by a period.
      Marshadow 15 dec
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    • WafflesattheZoo
      Hit me with that fuckin garlic butter sauce
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    • DrObviousMD
      Fun fact: this is an old story and the driver who wrote the joke, a woman, was fired for it. Two kids orders the pizza and mom saw the box and got the chick fired.
      DrObviousMD 15 dec
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    • Tyler____Durden
      Can’t wait for the left to get pissed about this one
      smile 2
    • 999morningwood
      It's 50/50 going in to see the gynecologist cause there's good pussy bad pussy.. infected pussy birth control pussy all that jazz
      smile 2
    • Pete_Ophelia
      Pete_Ophelia 18 dec
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    • Bugattiblue
      I am gonna use that joke so hard
      Bugattiblue 16 dec
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    • knyx
      Fuck now i want pizza
      knyx 16 dec
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    • yourlocalthcdealer
      At least pussy can't give you food poisoning
      smile 2 reply 4
    • proud_AF_vet
      Who tf wants to smell the VaJJ of an older woman who can barely clean herself and then consider eating out anyway? Or from a prosti for that matter.
      proud_AF_vet 16 dec
      smile 3 reply 4
    • Mysteriia
      i saw this on r/thathappened.
      Mysteriia 16 dec
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    • TheReuv
      Does that mean they were anchovies on the pizza?
      TheReuv 16 dec
      smile 2
    • doIIar
      I actually did the same with dominos, I asked for the delivery guy to tell me a joke and when I got the pizza he told me “happy birthday”
      doIIar 16 dec
      smile 2
    • _laurenamberledesma
      They look at your vagina, not anus (booty).
      smile 2 reply 1
    • HippieAbs
      Not a good joke
      HippieAbs 16 dec
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    • NITR0F0X
      Kids at dinner: What's a gynecologist?
      NITR0F0X 16 dec
      smile 2
    • TheQueenOfEngland
      I seem to have lost my appetite...
      smile 2
    • skeetandskert
      *gets charged for sexual harassment over the joke*
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Chocoboby
      But it’s fake though
      Chocoboby 16 dec
      smile 2 reply 2
    • MrPhysicsTwitch
      why is it that every time i ask dominos to do this they only write "you"? i dont get it
      smile 2 reply 1
    • TheDaroach
      I need to recover after that one
      TheDaroach 16 dec
      smile 2
    • Colonel_Meme
      How much you want to bet this dude gets fired
      Colonel_Meme 16 dec
      smile 2 reply 7
    • AnEgg
      AnEgg 16 dec
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    • DarthRogue
      My friend "why you writing on the pizza box?" Me:"shut up, it'll be funny"
      DarthRogue 16 dec
      smile 4
    • Xaven
      I remember this because the people who asked for the joke got super fucked offended.
      Xaven 16 dec
      smile 2
    • Tinyty_
      This meme is older then my kids.
      Tinyty_ 16 dec
      smile 2
    • GrahamMcGraw
      This actually happened and the mom that got the pizza was pissed and tried to get the dude fired.
      GrahamMcGraw 16 dec
      smile 3 reply 2
    • Farfan
      Honestly, Papa Johns pizza is pretty overrated
      Farfan 16 dec
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    • Ink_03
      You got him fired, because you complained
      Ink_03 16 dec
      smile 2
    • zerobix
      They delivered
      zerobix 16 dec
      smile 2
    • BumpInTheNight
      Pretty sure that guy got fired because of that
      smile 2
    • PeterBazooka
      What's the difference between a pizza and a jew?
      PeterBazooka 16 dec
      smile 2 reply 1
    • DuhHamonzito
      Papa johns sucks
      DuhHamonzito 16 dec
      smile 2
    • DBZ_Maniac
      I had a pizza delivery guy tell me that someone once put that on the box and got fired for it
      DBZ_Maniac 16 dec
      smile 2
    • cochina88
      Lmao gross
      cochina88 16 dec
      smile 2
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