• So we got an Amazon Echo and we changed the wake word to “Computer” and now I feel like I'm on the Enterprise all the time. Additionally, whenever I watch Star Trek, she only responds to ”computer” when Data says it and it’s kind of adorable. Not Picard, not La Forge, not Troi, not Dr. Crusher, not Riker. Not anyone but Data. The other night Data asked his Computer what the time was and my Computer told him it was 10:47. Watching Star Trek is even more fun now
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    • Talktoe
      Tbh I might do this
      Talktoe a month
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    • altruisticbutterfly
      Let’s get this bread
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    • IdahoFireFighter
      Is this the exact same feature set as like a couple days ago?
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    • Gooodra
      Is this entire set reposts?!
      Gooodra 19d
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    • deadtired_64
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    • Ask_Donut
      Why is this set of features just old features reposted?
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    • KeselowskiNation
      These features were from a week ago
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    • ZohanDaIrish
      Is nobody gonna say anything about how this exact feature set was featured about a week ago?
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    • rob_waitforit
      Is this whole set of features reposts??
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    • Theoldestaccount
      It's because data has perfect non-regional diction, it's the perfect voice to use for speech to text, too
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    • Jordan1701
      This only made me laugh because I’m happy this generation still watches good ole’ trek
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    • Tacomarauder
      Can we just talk for a second about why data needs to verbally ask the computer anything?
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    • Database
      Database a month
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    • roberteck
      If anyone here is a Star Trek fan I’m selling a whole collection well over 200 books and posters and muck more some things are signed by the cast and crew
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    • Noramctavs
      Ahhhhhh that’s so cute how you trained your government spying device
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    • FormerFoe
      content not available more
      FormerFoe a month
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    • TheMarshFox
      TheMarshFox a month
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    • Chrelm
      Is this a rerun
      Chrelm 19d
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    • AK47man03
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    • BigBaritone
      What's up with all these refeatured memes
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    • Mattyice777
      Star trek > star wars. You can't change my mind
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    • Ugliest_Fucker
      Change the wake word to the n word.
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    • RikuDawnGuardian
      Wait all of these were featured last week...
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    • miketython
      Okay what the fuck, I’m looking at the features and I swear to god I saw a few of these about 2 weeks ago, and that’s not it. They have the EXACT same tc’s that I remember. What kind of fuckery is this.
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    • 7Symbol7
      Bruh, same fucking features
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    • jkress13
      I wanna do this but give it a guys voice and name him Jarvis
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    • AlienObsessed
      My uncle has an echo and watched Star Trek a lot and says at first it was funny but after awhile he started turning it off when watching ST so his Echo wouldn’t interrupt his viewing
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    • LadyLarka
      I have to change it to computer because my name is Alexis.
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    • 7tears
      7tears 25d
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    • TheGrodyKnudclump
      Never forget that data had sex one episode
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    • LewdThing
      content not available more
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    • TheDastardlyDeer
      I named my dads roomba Hal
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    • AMiss
      My alarm is the red-alert from The Next Generation. It’s occasionally confusing, but it’s a lot louder on my phone than on the TV, and I love having it. Even if no one gets it.
      AMiss a month
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      This entire feature set is a repost
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    • Wunderbolts
      Humans will pack bond with anything
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    • TidePodSenpai
      Features are old ive seen like half of them in collective
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    • iprofessor
      Litterally, all these features were done in another feature set before
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    • Leo1355
      Fun fact that's EXACTLY what Amazon was going for when they made the echo
      Leo1355 25d
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    • Jennabean1
      Data and computer sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g
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    • injunAP1
      It means Data's voice is closest to your own or is the clearest for a computer to understand
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    • CIA_Langley_VA
      One, seven, three, four, six, seven, three, two, one, four, seven, six, Charlie, three, two, seven, eight, nine, seven, seven, seven, six, four, three, Tango, seven, three, two, Victor, seven, three, one, one, seven, eight, eight, eight, seven, three, two, four, seven, six, seven, eight, nine, seven
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    • Andy215
      If someone starts making Data x Alexa drawings I’m going to yeet their meat of their bodies.
      Andy215 25d
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    • MetaNinja
      There’s only 3 words you can change it to at this time; Alexa, Echo, or Amazon. No other name can be used as an activation word. Thus, I’ll take shit that didn’t happen for 400, Alex.
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    • Patema
      So Star Trek is just now fun to watch?
      Patema 25d
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    • NeopoliTorch
      Maybe you sound like Data
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    • puggydog
      I’m gonna call mine Jarvis
      smile 3
    • btash96
      Yeah my friend calls his computer and it pisses me off honestly
      btash96 25d
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    • twinkie_15
      I’m gonna name ours Gideon
      twinkie_15 a month
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    • UnnecessaryThought
      Wow, refeature Monday is off to a great start!
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    • slender_is_nice
      Why has this been featured at least three times already
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    • GoodusZombus
      Wow refeature again
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    • Alex_Faherty14
      Dexters laboratory
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    • ThePiedMemer
      Bruh this is the actual old feature. It still had my smile on it. Wtf.
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    • Diegoeggo27
      Halfway through reading this I completely had no idea what was being said. I felt like I was in the middle of a midterm exam for literature, the topic being the Odyssey in American sign language
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    • Skank__hunt_42
      Oh I get it, it’s because dog spelled backwards is god
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    • aproy
      Seriously. I imagine he's like robot Jesus to all machines.
      aproy 24d
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    • AnCrab
      Id make mine respond to “HAL”
      AnCrab 24d
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    • SulfuricCheese
      Can you blame her Data was bae
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    • BillHilly
      Data is the single best character in Star Trek and you can’t change my mind
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    • hayasa
      Humans will pack bond with anything
      hayasa 25d
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    • Colombian_Eddie
      Nothing beats wire tapping your own house
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    • TimeToGetFriskyWithKremit
      Or you could say it in a Russian accent and feel like you're Dexter
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    • TylertheCrusader
      I wanna set my wake word to the n word
      smile 2
    • JohnDanielEdwardTorrance
      If only I knew one of the Star Trek characters mentioned here.
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    • UsefullPig
      Both "Alexa" and "Computer" are shit wake phrases. They could just do "Hey Alexa" and then you wouldn't trigger the assistant all the damn time.
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    • amandanf12
      i thought you could only use preset wake words
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    • Caarrl
      Caarrl 25d
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    • Yourschoolcounsler
      Why not bat computer, I call mines that!!
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    • C4llipygi4n
      fucking liar you can only say alexa, echo, or amazon to wake it
      smile 2 reply 1
    • aabanm
      I have my wake word set to “Computer” too, honestly it does two great things for me. 1) It keeps most thieves from accessing Alexa so if someone breaks in my house, the thief can’t use Alexa because many people do that to mess with security and shit. 2) it just makes me feel badass.
      aabanm 25d
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    • DankMemeCentral
      Fucking retards sucking a device’s dick
      smile 2
    • Jxrdan_2016
      Change it to Jarvis
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    • spaceship
      My brain has a hard time processing what the hell this even says.
      smile 2
    • Shuppona
      Fool, you should feel like a proud Irken soldier bringing doom to the pathetic Earth beasts
      smile 2
    • LoveHerds
      Why would Data need to ask the computer what time it was? He has an internal chronometer.
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    • KamiPanda
      I call mine Jarvis or Friday
      smile 2 reply 2
    • TheLastSmashtion
      I skimmed over this and when I looked at the bottom I thought they meant echo from rainbow six has a crush
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    • ThePettyShow
      smile 2
    • SoSucculent
      How do you change the wake word tho?
      smile 2 reply 5
    • ssssssssssssssssssssssss
      My dad changed ours to "fucking cunt." Now whenever he says "fucking cunt" both me and the echo reply.
      smile 3
    • Abadd0n
      Detroit Become Human (2018)
      Abadd0n a month
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    • MyCommentIsntWorthReading
      Whenever im having issues with a computer I always say "hello computer" like in the 4th Star Trek movie.
      smile 2 reply 1
    • Testament
      Mine is also Computer but it's a pain in the ass bc when I clear my throat at night it thinks I'm saying the wake word and lights up my whole fucking room
      Testament a month
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    • nobertcrog
      This nigga just sound like data
      nobertcrog a month
      smile 2
      Make it Jarvis or Friday
      JUGGERTR0LL a month
      smile 2
    • Megalodon22
      Name it to "Wiretap" so it feels at home.
      Megalodon22 a month
      smile 2
    • Shad0w0verwatch
      My text tone is the voyager communicator badge sound effect and every time I watch it I think I get texts
      smile 2
    • Think_Pad
      This old man who subs at my school changed the keyword on his echo dot to Computer. So he's just chillin at the desk and goes "computer, play Another Brick in the Wall."
      Think_Pad a month
      smile 2
    • Slope
      How do you change the wake word wtf
      Slope a month
      smile 2 reply 2
    • Mods_Are_Shit
      Hey guys I just got this cool new personal wiretap
      Mods_Are_Shit a month
      smile 2
    • RebelScumThis
      Troi's a fuckin hoe
      RebelScumThis a month
      smile 3
    • MemeLordSamio
      Change it to Jarvis
      MemeLordSamio a month
      smile 2
    • TEKemchief69
      What a fucking nerd
      TEKemchief69 a month
      smile 2
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