• So this happened just now. I'm on my way to go to my interview this morning when I get pulled. Both brake lights decided to go out this time. As he walked to the car and I was pulling out my stuff, he quickly said, “Don't worry about pulling anything out. ljust want you to know that your brake lights are out.‘ So I'm immediately upset, because I just got them replaced llke last month. So I explained to him how Firestone wants to charge me $600 just to run a test on the wirlnq of the car. He looked at me like &“ and told me to DOD the

    • WhitexXxLightning
      CNN: Cop detains innocent motorist and forces her to be late for an interview for a life saving job
    • timbo
      reported for police brutality
      timbo 14 dec
    • CorgiRomano
      That's actually what cops were intended for. That's why they once were called "Public Servants". Help us; not hurt us.
      CorgiRomano 15 dec
    • Doil9
      That's not stepping out of the role of officer, an officer is a civil servant and if you join the police then you should serve the community in any way.
      Doil9 15 dec
    • officialLifeHackRatchet
      Good cops are out there the media and rapid spread of info is why people have such a bad view on the world. The world is overall becoming a better safer place, but the media makes it appear otherwise
    • ConservativeHangout
      So the average every day cop? I honestly pity people who believe the media narrative that police are the enemies
    • stinky_pinky_123
      and you know what gets cops promoted? Lots of tickets and arrests. So basically, that cop felt more obligated to make this guy’s life easier than he was concerned about adding another ticket to his daily report to help his own career. See? They aren’t all bad, folks. Many are naturally good people.
    • Futureleatherneck1775
      Most police officers are amazing and positively contribute to society
    • ErikdaRed
      This is what “protect and serve” is supposed to mean
      ErikdaRed 14 dec
    • TexasUSAF
      Im a police officer. And I do good things for others. I also give tickets when the person is rude and not cooperating. I try my best to be the good cop.
      TexasUSAF 14 dec
    • greg4512
      People want all these things from cops but then turn around and treat them like shit... Remember that cops are humans just like you and I. They have families and care so much about their community that they put their lives on the line every night to save it's citizens. Be good to one another
      greg4512 14 dec
    • TannerM_42
      He never stepped out of his cop role, his job is not to go around writing tickets all day, it’s to help and protect the people in his community.
      TannerM_42 14 dec
    • Kacydilla
      Officers are supposed to help , not always give tickets. My grandma and papaw got a flat tire once and they were already on their spare so an officer went and got a new tire and put it on himself. No charges or anything
      Kacydilla 14 dec
    • dankhuntt
      Good cops. Always a welcome. Does not mean that bad cops dont exist.
      dankhuntt 16 dec
      Its funny cause tickets are just there for them to get money they don’t actually care unless there getting underpaid like where I live smh. Anyway what he did is what a cop is and should be l doing bc he is helping keep lights on to make the road safer than giving a ticket and not knowing if he eve
      TRONCENA 15 dec
    • radlilghost
      Thank goodness he made sure you were straight who’s knows what would have happened if you were gay
      radlilghost 15 dec
    • ThxLVDxn
      My brake lights went out from a blown fuse and the cop didnt give me a ticket because he said my subs sounded nice
      ThxLVDxn 15 dec
    • i_typed_this_with_my_nose
      That guy is fucking awesome. I love it when I hear stories where cops go out of their way to help someone instead of just giving them a ticket.
    • Azazel305
      Lights dont work? 600 bucks!!!!???? Alright boys! LET'S DO THIS! OFFICEEEEEEEEEEEER JEEEENKINS! *never gets old*
      Azazel305 14 dec
    • 1776_USA_1776
      Hey look, an average police officer!
    • RiFun
      RiFun 14 dec
    • Clin7
      This is how cops are supposed to act
      Clin7 15 dec
    • nightmarenero6
      See that, that's what we need to hear from the news sometimes, but nope the media and social media gotta blow the sjw whistle like a hooker on a spring break
    • nicky96
      Fuck everyone saying they are white. I'm not white and I've been pulled over countless of times for things like this throughout the years and some cops are assholes and some are genuine people most are good. But if you're a person who can't be polite or humble nah they are gonna treat you like shit
      nicky96 15 dec
    • Onlineminiman
      Please tell me his first name was Leroy.
    • Pablo__Escobar
      Cops are cool
    • sr299
      This is why social media kinda sucks. You never see the god things people do, they only commentate on the bad in the world bc it’s easier to do a story on. Finally something good to show people not everyone in the world is bad.
      sr299 15 dec
    • danglingchad
      He’s a car guy. Officer Jenkins’ instincts took over and he had to know what was wrong with that car. Or who had screwed her over.
      danglingchad 15 dec
    • gnomed_
      CoPs ArE BrUtaL PiGs OInk oiNK
      gnomed_ 14 dec
    • The_Daily_Dank
      Fuck these edgy comments. Y’all forgot about the 99.9% of the time police officers do the right thing and ask for nothing in return. There may be a few bad apples, but compared to the whole it’s incredibly small and rare. Much respect for our police forces. ✊🏾
    • Slurker
      He technically didn't step out of his roll of police officer. They serve and protect, he should be commended for going an extra mile to serve, but he was still serving. Police don't just arrest and ticket people.
      Slurker 14 dec
    • FIC_Ozzy_Furry_wolf
      Plot twist: he isn’t straight he’s gay
    • tacomarocket5
      But i thought all cops just kill people? That's what CNN says
    • DailyDistractor
      It might not be a bad idea to train traffic cops with a few of these skills.
    • FandomTrash93
    • FlatChestsAreJustice
      I have never met a garage at any point in my life that would charge that much to test your tail lights.
    • neversmoke
      It's a scam. Mechanics blame taillights on wiring cuz it costs more. It's usually bs.
      neversmoke 16 dec
    • DaveTheMechanic
      I used to work for Firestone and this is correct
    • katerangel
      What protect and serve means
      katerangel 16 dec
    • YourLordAndSaviorLemmy
      First time I got pulled over was because my license plate light was out. He said “now I can give you a $140 ticket or you can go buy a new bulb at Walmart, I think you should go to Walmart.” And then he went on his way.
    • Jakustavius
      I got a $200 ticket from a dickhead motorcycle cop because my speedometer was 5mph off...
      Jakustavius 15 dec
    • e1evenseconds
      Cut to me asking a cop if I can get a ride home when it's pouring rain and he tells me to fuck off
    • General_of_Approval
      They put a bad fuse in it cause they know you would come back.
    • Ucanthankmenow
      Wow it’s refreshing to see cops actually helping people🙂
    • Rojoo
      This is what happens when the police don’t have to worry about being shot by someone they just pulled over
      Rojoo 15 dec
    • Stormmageddon
      He was secretly searching your car for drugs
    • brosef
      This is the police force the media doesn’t want you to see
      brosef 15 dec
    • cordlesscandy
      My brother is a cop and he’s cool like this. You’re not gonna get a ticket unless you were putting someone in danger.
    • tommyrock0722
      He didn't step out of "officer mode" he was just acting like the public servant he is and I think society and cops themselves forget way too often that they are a public servant and most generally are very nice people.
    • King_Chrons
      These are the boys in blue we need
      King_Chrons 15 dec
    • MethaneEthanePropaneButan
      How to truly protect and serve
    • echohosefire
      See, all cops aren’t the assholes you think they are, yea there’s a few bad ones but you only hear about them and you libtards make up your mind that cops are bad
      echohosefire 15 dec
    • Hasu
      THATS America's finest.
      Hasu 15 dec
    • JamesonLozer
      I wish cops were more helpful instead of trying to get the law involved with every little thing
      JamesonLozer 15 dec
    • P1LGR1M
      Had a similar experience - 99% of cops are good guys, how would you feel if you had to deal with criminals and dickheads all day, show some respect, they're keeping your neighborhood safe you ungrateful chode
      P1LGR1M 15 dec
    • YungGiorno
      fuck anyone that thinks all cops are bad.
      YungGiorno 14 dec
    • Khajyeet
      Why give a punishment when you can correct something
      Khajyeet 14 dec
    • _allmight_1
      See this is a officer , a officer supposed to help us not harass us I saw a video where a guy literally JUST got hit by a car in front of the cop and to me he handled the situation poorly the guy is unconscious on the floor and he doesn’t go to go help him or call anyone YET he’s still trying to tal
      _allmight_1 14 dec
    • Freedom_ringz
      But all cops are worthless pigs, right?
    • ChrisBackstreetHatch
      Not disclosed this was a black dude that was pulled over as well. So anyone trying to pull a race card is now void
    • PSUAth
      Wow. Cop.. was serving and protecting. Realizing the situation helped the owner make the car safe again. No brakes can be dangerous.
      PSUAth 14 dec
    • __Neopolitan__
      Liberals will find a way to make him a racist though
    • Arthur_Morgan__
      Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need.
    • gelattin
      Not all cops suck
      gelattin 14 dec
    • JayWithAG
      Its the brake light switch. Its a $10 part. Super easy to replace. Firestone is a scam
      JayWithAG 20 dec
    • RWBY_fangirl
      I'm not reading that
      RWBY_fangirl 15 dec
    • something_random115
      I remember being a kid, seeing police officers in normal places getting coffee, and talking to them. I wonder where those days went. Maybe it’s part of growing up 😢
    • lapis_life
      We need more officers like officer Jenkins
      lapis_life 15 dec
    • KirbyGriffin
      Tbh i cant remember The last time i saw something good about police officers
      KirbyGriffin 15 dec
    • The_AngelofLife
      On Live PD they always talk about how “community policing” and how awesome it is when cops do that on the show. It is SUPER important to do this
    • xMcGrath
      Thats what cops shld be. Everyday civil hero’s
      xMcGrath 15 dec
    • faithlynn
      but yet somehow all cops are bad
      faithlynn 15 dec
    • mari_lookatmyvoice
      That isn't a police officer. Thats a guardian of the galaxy
    • Zachary_Craig
      This is what a real officer should do.
    • BrownDog199898
      I would love to have a beer with this guy
    • AbrvegetableLincler2
      To yall who hate cops. Fuck you. #thin blue line
    • Wubalubadubdub97
      Think about all the cops on the news that did bad shit that we hear about, it's a couple thousand stories. We have millions of cops. There are 324 million people in the US not counting the 22 million undocumented (illegal) immigrants. A couple thousand bad cops is not even close to a cop problem.
    • Illiad
      This is how police were before the 90s. Always respect officers
      Illiad 15 dec
    • ZacharyRazor
      This is what being a cop is about. Not being a dick and writing tickets but helping the public and keeping them out of harms way.
      ZacharyRazor 15 dec
    • twerking_zebra
      This is what I would do if I was a cop. Literally what does it do for anybody to be an ass
    • Luxury_Lifestyle
      We need more cops like this. I’m not saying all cops are bad people or pigs, that is extremely rare, but I’m saying cops wouldn’t usually take time out of their day to do this for someone and we need more to do stuff like that. The cops in my town would have just told me to get it fixed
    • llppzz
      In my experience cops are wonderful men and women you have to be respectful and straighforward and they treat you right God bless America!
      llppzz 15 dec
    • AmazingFluttershy
      Not all cops are bad
    • Lisztomaniaccc
      The number of unarmed black men shot in the entire US is about 15 a year — and over half of them are usually justified (E.g. perp was wrestling for the cop’s gun, etc). Yet the media acts like cops are gunning down innocent black guys left and right
    • _TRENCH_
      That's a real police officer right there.
      _TRENCH_ 15 dec
    • Trickyydick
      There’s some very great cops and there’s some terrible ones.
      Trickyydick 15 dec
    • Drock5007
      What’s sad is this happens so little that our happy reactions are reflecting such an absence of human decency. I am applying to be a cop and this should be common practice to be a decent human being first, a (constitutional[emphasison constitional])cop second
      Drock5007 14 dec
    • PsyFre
      Good cops should be protected
      PsyFre 14 dec
    • ajbug
      Ever notice how the main stream media never reports on the good in the world and only focuses on their horrors. They also pegged social media as “fake news” after Trump won trying to delegitimize real stories. The MSM really is the enemy of the ppl. They hate that they can’t control the narrative
      ajbug 14 dec
    • penguinreaper96
      No he stayed in officer role and did what their supposed to do. Help the people
    • SixGunSlinger02
      Can we take a moment to look at the tags.
    • RussianMan4U
      This is a true Officer. God bless
      RussianMan4U 14 dec
    • FlamingPaper
      content not available more
      FlamingPaper 14 dec
    • jaymilli
      It’s the button behind the brake pedal... when you press the pedal it pushes down a sensor and that makes the lights come on. If the little rubber button comes out, the sensor won’t go down (sensor goes thru the hole) and the lights won’t come on. It cost about $3. Takes 2 seconds to replace.
      jaymilli 14 dec
    • Southpaw125
      Wouldn’t it be funny if he found weed
      Southpaw125 14 dec
    • Symptomatiic
      Wholesome boys in blue time
      Symptomatiic 14 dec
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