• So the government is closed enough to not be able to send us ourtax returns but open enough to continue to take money from our paychecks?
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    • Bountyjack2
      If the government doesnt restart in 15 days we are legally allowed to secede
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    • Texas_Voluntaryist
      There’s 3k comments that says the exact same thing about getting your tax return on time. It’s a meme. Holy shit stop commenting that.
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    • mirthfulmemes
      I always find it funny when people say they want trump impeached, if you don’t like him you sure as hell won’t like pence 😂
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    • Ameerah
      Stfu the government officials literally said that tax returns will be on time.
      Ameerah 15d
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    • RanchDubois
      Regardless of your political orientation, you have to admit both sides are being dumb. Democrats have been giving insufficient compromises that obviously solely favor them. Trump is unwilling to budge on anything. It’s ridiculous
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    • megapizza28
      This is literally the dumbest thing we've ever gone into a government shutdown over. Building a wall is a symbol of immigration reform that people that aren't stupid realize is retarded when what we should actually have is a government shutdown over actual bipartisan immigration reform
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    • Fallout_NewVegas
      Trump is throwing a temper tantrum like the child he is
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    • meme_inator18
      Actually, the IRS said that tax returns are still in full swing... (Like so people know)
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    • Harvey_Birdman
      Jeez can't wait to pay more taxes for some fucking useless concrete 100s of miles away from me that no one wants....
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    • ThatMusicPerson
      Blame trump man. The republicans and democrats agreed on a budget where border security was considered which would be more effective then a wall because we need more people per border miles and less expensive but NOOOO trump needs his wall even at the expense of others
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    • Lady4Liberty
      Fellow libertarian ❤️❤️❤️
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    • FalafelWaffle
      Aw yeah, kicking off 2019 with the federal government shut down. Tbh, if they’re shut down, we shouldn’t have to pay federal income tax, social security, or Medicare. We should only have to pay local/state taxes
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    • Titanoh
      Lmao I don’t actually think that there are enough people in America with the balls to have any sort of revolution“besides maybe Florida and maybe Texas”
      Titanoh 14d
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    • blkshp68
      And give Trump officials a $10,000 raise! Politics is a fancy name for organized crime!
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    • MrDripper
      If we stoped paying taxes on everything while the government was shut down they’d fix everything by tomorrow
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    • DeepFriedNutz
      and open enough to still be paying every single person in the senate their $100k+ a year salaries
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    • bolony21
      Didnt founding fathers say its up to us to overthrow unfair governments
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    • PolishPaladin
      Actually, the WH put out a statement that the tax refunds will be sent out even if the Govt is still shut down.
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    • godblessthetroops
      Ok I don’t have anything against trump but this government shutdown is bullshit. If half the people in the country don’t want to spend their tax dollars on a wall, ask for less funding instead of causing chaos across the nation
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    • kloob_the_noob
      This is the equivalent to a kid not getting that toy they want in the store and throwing a hissy fit. I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on but either trump or the Republicans or the Democrats are sitting in the floor screaming because they can’t get what they want. And we get to suffer...
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    • TheHansburioSnatcher
      Everyone grab your muskets. We have to take America back from the globalists
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    • HazerdousAdventures
      Honestly the founding fathers would’ve revolted over this. It’s time
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    • EvangelionUnit13
      Thanks trump. You fucking dumbass
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    • no_name_20
      “We can’t decide on one thing so we’re going to fuck everyone who has a government job, except for us at Capitol Hill, we’ll be fine and laugh and piss all over the poor average American people”
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    • MuffinMan84
      Regardless of politics this is just retarded. Non essential employees are suffering and potentially going to lose their homes for this shit. If an actual revolution starts im in. Im sick of the big guys fucking over everyone else but still expecting me to feed them.
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    • Bender_325
      No taxation without representation
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    • Winterpage
      This is such a petty thing to shut down the government for. $5B for a border wall isn’t in the proposed bipartisan budget so you decide to refuse it? How petty do you have to be?
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    • GospelShark
      Most people who are against The Wall have a fence around their house.
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    • SpiderJax
      I like how these posts get made so often but nothing close to revolt has ever happened.
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    • HawtBoobies
      I can’t believe I voted for that moron trump
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    • TaustyZ
      Taxation is theft
      TaustyZ 15d
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    • Nemdrizzle
      Most of you don’t even work so what’s the big deal?
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    • Sami__Lynn
      The irs just announced today they are still giving us our tax returns so now its a lil better 😂
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    • Texas_Voluntaryist
      Wait I got featured again? Fuck.
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    • gc71
      Actually they said that tax returns will still go out on the scheduled date and won't be impacted
      gc71 14d
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    • hayasa
      Taxation by definition is theft
      hayasa 14d
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    • Psychologically_Distorted
      Fuck the tax return bs. there are fellow Americans that are essential government employees who have to keep working through the shutdown and get their back pay AFTER the shutdown is over. First missed check is in 3 days and Trump is threatening to let it go on for years
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    • Plinyon
      Actually tax returns will be released as scheduled with no delay. No need to worry friends
      Plinyon 15d
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    • Robin_
      Wait but the IRS stated that even tho they are closed they are going to distribute tax returns... they don’t want to have to pay interest
      Robin_ 15d
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    • AustinJD21
      Or ya know, the 800k federal workers who arent being paid, but being forced to work.
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    • 40oz
      Oh my god, I can't believe the *insert opposite side*-s are letting the governmentment close!
      40oz 15d
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    • LeVerneGrames
      “When they talk about a shutdown, they talk about the president...so I really think the pressure is on the president. Problems start from the top”- Donald Trump on Obama shutdown, Fox & Friends, 2013
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    • Jh299
      Obama did this same stunt to get Obamacare enacted, but during his forced shutdown troops didnt get paid while overseas. Atleast Trumps ensured that troops are taken care of.
      Jh299 15d
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    • Wubalubadubdub97
      You dont have to beleive in your government to be a good American....*hits blunt* you just have to beleive in ur country
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    • kylebooth1
      Quick! While the government is shut down let’s start a new one!
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    • travisfugelseth
      I love how the government has been shutdown many times before but only when trump is in office memes start to reflect it.
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    • tht_mexican_guy
      Children are running the government thats why
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    • nemosdad
      hahaha that’s what white ppl get for electing trumps orangutan ass
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    • 80HD
      retards who think Liberal is short for Libertarian are so confused right now
      80HD 14d
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    • ReeReePaNeeNee
      The president is holding people’s money and yall out here suckin his dick. Ok.
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    • GayRodeo
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    • jake_jake_jake
      Reads as* “loads rifle with libertarian infant”
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    • hecakaiser
      They already said irs was going to provide tax returns on time
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    • HeavyThunder39
      Actually the white house officials have stated that you will get it on time as long as you file for it
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    • BD101
      Funny how its non essential parts of the government that is shut down when its the people in Congress are the ones who fucked it up. Take away their oversized paychecks and see how fast they come to decisions.
      BD101 15d
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    • mattyice115
      They said they’re sending people’s tax refunds regardless... 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    • fuckujerry0817
      There should be a punishment for them closing this is getting fucking stupid
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      At least you’re president is trying to do good. He’s trying to keep Illegals out. Unlike my Prime Minister who is actively encouraging illegal immigration, and then paying said illegals 50k+ a year to stay. I would take Trump over Trudeau any day
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    • SlightMight
      Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo
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    • Lostforce
      Can Trump and Pelosi finish this pissing contest already?
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    • HearthstoneFanCards
      Oh lookie here
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    • WhatsAUsernameThough
      They actually announced today tbe IRS is approved to process all tax returns on time.
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    • AmericanScrotum
      Imagine how fast would be over if politicians didn't get paid during the shutdown
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    • potnado
      Why can't we have a massive french revolution?
      potnado 15d
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    • MrArcanine
      ... it shouldn't be allowed to just "shut down"
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    • catmanallen2
      LIKE SO PEOPLE CAN SEE: the IRS said that they will be open to send returns.
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    • Bleachman69
      *The south wants to know your location*
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    • epicjo
      The IRS said they will still be able to pay the returns. Check something other than CNN if you want good news here and there
      epicjo 15d
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    • MangoeFarmer
      You'll get your tax return! Just have some god damn faith!
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      Top comment is right. And I do taxes. Call me to schedule an appointment. 404.937.6667 ext 7159
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    • Moshigal156
      We all gotta gather outside the Whitehouse and sing bitch better have my money
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    • meganwarren1998
      The irs has made it clear we will get our tax return. Quit being dumbasses
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    • S_Q_U_A_N_T_O
      All cause the horse wants it’s fence
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    • WTHisWrongWithYou
      They're giving returns during the so called gov shut down. Stay informed w facts folks
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    • Haha__KillMe
      This actually sucks for me cause I'm in high school and my mom works for the judicial branch so she isnt getting paid and the only thing supporting us is my Burger King job which pays $7.25 an hour
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    • Some_Random_Cancer
      This is why I'm actually a libertarian, you can't rely on the government for anything especially with idiots in office they keep shutting it down and are wanted to call a state of emergency just to build a damn wall for no apparent reason
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    • 094769
      Lmao this dude is deleting comments against trump
      094769 14d
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    • ItsFrenzius
      Just start American Revolution 2 already
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    • brandonmccall8
      Why do people keep posting this shit, it’s a partial shut down the irs is still open you’ll get your tax returns
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    • moeaholic
      Yeah but this is completely untrue. Tax returns will not be delayed.
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    • 2FST4U
      What happened to mexico is going to pay for it. That he campaigned on and promised
      2FST4U 15d
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    • Basiclol
      He’s main selling point of his campaign was a wall to be built and be payed for by Mexico. Mexico ain’t paying shit. Trump also announced that instead of a wall made out of concrete it will be sheet metal. My predictions are that the height will be reduced too to try and appeal to more people.
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    • conormcloud_of_mcloudclan
      I couldn't give a fuck about politics or any of the whiny bitches who support either side but I work year round to have a little extra money to pay bills so all I want is my tax return
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    • calebkirschbaum
      Does no one realize that the government halt is just to keep people remembering that they do something. It is literally only to stop any revolutions from happening, thats it.
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    • Raccoon_Gang
      Here's the plan. Form a large informal military, take the California coast, navaly invade Alaska, offer it to Russia for support, invade a huge chunk of northeastern United states, do not govern it and let gangs create a bunch of small new nations with their own rules. Bandit country
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    • OfficialFoxNews
      Trumps fault
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    • Memeplates
      Here’s the template if you wanna make your own meme
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    • Anonymously_Anonymouss
      People but hurt about Trump turning the government machine off but only because of the timing. Ain’t nobody flinch when Obama did it to get his shits and “he’s a great leader he knows what he’s doing”
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    • XYZ_Pokemon_Master
      Me: *cocks shotgun with revolutionary intent*
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    • midgetZ
      midgetZ 15d
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    • AgressiveProgressive
      We can thank our lying president, what happened to Mexico paying for it?
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