• So our local children's hospital re- cently redecorated, but I'm not too sure they really thought things out
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    • maximusgmoney26
      That’s disgusting, woman’s period blood will never be funny
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    • UhYourMom
      Give me tc fuckers
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    • Chake
      Out of every other color they could chose, they chose red.
      Chake 20d
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    • alarmguydan
      Revive me bro... I have the ray gun..!
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    • Aaron6444
      When your dragging the body but realize you made a wrong turn
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    • Zegop
      Were they going for an abortion clinic vibe or what?
      Zegop 20d
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    • Shitpostplug
      when you get downed, but you have Rook armor so you bleed out twice as slow
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    • MokeBoi
      When you down someone in siege but can’t finish the kill
      MokeBoi 20d
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    • ExGratia
      You’re right, they shouldn’t have painted the floor white it really doesn’t hide the blood well.
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    • TKaak
      Why is everything thinking period blood? I thought it was the blood of the dead bodies🤔
      TKaak 20d
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    • Xxbandit_2
      How it looks like when you are crawling away from caviera
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    • thebiggone
      When you are bleeding out in seige
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    • Toshinori_Allmight
      looks like a hallway in resident evil 2
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    • VincentStapler
      When u dragging an enemy away in metal gear solid
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    • duvayne
      They could've saved a lot of money if they just put footstep stickers.
      duvayne 20d
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    • BobaFettyWapXD
      Rainbow six siege be like that too
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    • memes_maybeYT
      content not available more
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    • NickFerrum
      Stop struggling Timmy, see the red trail? That was another kid who wouldn’t listen
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    • Tru_Libertarian
      Literally Any color but red would have been fine
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    • LolJKJakeKay
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    • DwightDangerSchrute
      Who put this clean floor where I dragged the bloodied children?
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    • Rufus
      content not available more
      Rufus 20d
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    • ajax1171
      The only way to know if you were going the right way in Doom
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    • PrettyFuckinStupidM8
      so it blends in later
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    • shrekster
      Why does this remind me of outlast but more mild?
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    • ihaveaboyfriend_
      Why does everyone think this looks like period blood? To me it looks like in a horror movie when you drag a body across the floor but they’re bleeding. Except a child’s body lol
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    • Rachel35
      That does not look good!!! Who thought having a big red squiggly line going down the middle of the hallway floor is an idiot. It looks like they dragged a person’s body down the hallway after a major accident.
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    • LewdSquid
      It looks like a half eaten man has crawled along the floor, leaving a bloody slug trail in his wake
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    • mandawhatelse
      Come on guys, blood jokes aren’t funny. Period.
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    • unholycrusader
      The abortion escaped
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    • kp380134
      Menstruating jokes ain’t funny. Period.
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    • ghostrider35
      They just told you it was “redecorating” as a cover up
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    • MemeKinQ69
      Why am i thinking of murder
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    • DankGank
      just got done playing Resident Evil and yeah.... that doesn't look good for the kids hospital
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    • Draxxin
      They should've gone with purple or teal
      Draxxin 20d
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    • Bankofchanks
      *hears screams of pain and agony* ...kids probably got in trouble
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    • call_me_Mr_Trump
      Bro I inured him go finish him he crawled away
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    • OnlyToast
      If I learned anything from horror games, that door is the way forward
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    • iateyouroreos
      Looks like they drug a bloody body throughout the hospital
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    • KKKolonel_Sanders
      Resident Evil
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    • Thresher_C88
      Crawling around in old Gears of War games be like
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    • unsubscribe
      Or maybe they purposely made the floors look like blood for a reason ....
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    • furiousdevilet
      they really had to have bled out of ideas to end up with this result
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    • Doomshow
      Nah its new york abortion clinic
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    • TheZombiegg
      This should entertain people that find this hospital abandoned a decade later
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    • Delete_Your_Account
      Shoulda made it blue. Red is a stimulating color and blue is a calming color and doesn’t look like blood.l
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    • ItsaSamsquamch
      When you injure someone in siege but cant finish the kill
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    • SuperDogSam
      Saw music intensifies
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    • Washaja
      Oh they knew
      Washaja 19d
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    • TheGameChanger16
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    • mofo756
      No they did think it through, sick fucks
      mofo756 20d
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    • TraAsh8888
      They did. Twice.
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    • gqjonny
      Oh, no, no, no, no, not again! Line™️, You™️ do know we’re looking for The Stanley Parable, right? The Story? Is any of this ringing a bell?
      gqjonny 20d
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    • CinemaDrue
      Imagine decades from now when that hospital is abandoned, walking in and seeing that floor.
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    • OlgierdVonEverec
      Outlast III
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    • madeyoulookbitch
      At night tho just imagine walking through here at night
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    • Marfoof
      Yo is this the Stanley parable?
      Marfoof 20d
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    • Joecool711
      Looks like a body was dragged through the hallways
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    • mason5herobrine
      women should not imitate snails when they’re on their period, especially in children’s hospitals
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    • XxvectorxX
      What’d they think it’d look like??? Wth
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    • WwiseFabl3d_1
      Im scared
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    • ComplicatedAfro
      Disgusting, why would they do that? They could have used real blood instead of red paint >:(
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    • SayNoToWincest
      no they knew what they were doing
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    • Telf
      Someone knew this was a bad idea but didn’t tell anyone cuz they thought it would be funny
      Telf 20d
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    • WhereIsTheMayonnaise
      "Ve must turn ze power on!"
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    • Kmanbeast
      WhO HaSN't LeArNEd tA FluSH ThE ToILeT AfTeR tHeY TaKE A SHET?! it wasn't meh. WEL IT WaS FEcKin One A YAhS!!! ĐƏ§ĞÜŞŢÆŅĞ!!!
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    • DaiMudda
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    • Distinguished
      Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOOOR!
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    • Phantoms218
      It just shows which way to drag the dead bodies in an emergency.
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    • Mikeys__Memes
      New York abortion room
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    • jonlindholm
      When r6 uses your hospital as a map for a day
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    • the_chemisist
      Dont dead, open inside
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      They didn't redecorate they just drug some dead hamsters around
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    • Alex1418
      Or,maybe they did......
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    • Grinning_Comet
      Blue would've been fine......... but sOMEBody had to ruIN IT .... JOHN!
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    • Thesharkeatingcheetos
      The walking dead- Episode 1
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    • AvalonRose_HadesDaughter
      Imagine this hospital becoming one of the haunted hospitals that people go to to see ghost and then they arrive to this point of the hospital
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    • jem2
      When you go down in siege but they don’t finish the job
      jem2 17d
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    • LegoQuiGonJinn
      When ur downed in siege but ur friend wontt come to u.
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    • TheCalebGuy
      When youre down and trying to find another player to rez you.
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    • DonaldJRump
      When the medic in R6 wont stop movin around
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    • Knightenly
      "Momma told me to follow the period" - really old Pewdiepie quote from Amnesia days
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    • FancyAssHippy
      It looks like bad teamates
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    • SupernaturalNurd
      I think its perfect
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    • BasicTortellini
      Yikes :/
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    • Tards_on_Wheels
      When ur downed and ur team wont pick u back up
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    • spoicytommmmato
      When you crawl around in call of duty zombies
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    • Mikey_Likes_lt_
      Looks like a pit bull drug a toddler around
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      what the fuck was the best thing this could have possibly looked like
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    • AppleAss
      Holy shit. Is that actually real? Because that's fucking weird if it is.
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    • SmokeTheMarijuanas
      Looks like a lady just had a baby but the baby was still attached by the umbilical chord
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    • turkeybacon10
      Better get in there and finish the job you got 2 injures in there
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    • PyschoAloe
      Welp Yandere-chan took that hospital a visit and killed all the female nurses+doctors lmao
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    • StephenVerba
      Oh I get it! It’s to teach girls about periods
      smile 2
    • JakExodus
      The next time you see an empty park or playground where kids have outlined each other in chalk, wrap caution tape around the area.
      smile 2
    • lookerking
      Horror movie much?
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