• So glad i grew UP And not this: with this:
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    • NoSocksJoe
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    • iZach
      So glad I grew up to not give a shit about what people play instead of a bandwagonner who can't handle a games success
      iZach 10d
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    • repostalert
      Does anyone else thinks it’s funny that people always hated on Minecraft and now people thinks it good I guaranteed same thing will happen to Fortnite when another extremely popular game comes out.
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    • SavageViper
      Were now shaming kids for enjoying a game just like we did when we were kids. Were no better than the people who made fun of us when we were kids
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    • skankhunt4_2_
      Yeah. Fuck these kids and their *shuffles deck and pulls out card* fun!
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    • LifeOfMia
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    • WhiskJockey
      If you HAD grown up with Fortnite you wouldn’t have even known it was cringy. Then when the next game for middle schoolers comes out, they’ll look at it and say “Glad I grew up on Fortnite and not XYZ”
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    • Raime_likes_memes_too
      Minecraft was just as cringy as Fortnite when it came out
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    • exhaustedterrorr
      Disliking something because it's popular doesn't make you special. 10 years later, you're probably gonna complain about future games and look back at fortnite like it was a masterpiece.
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    • titnose
      Honestly at this point everyone hating on fortnite is cringier than the game itself
      titnose 12d
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    • LegendOfMIKE
      Kay guys. We get it. We like minecraft again.
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    • Baeriolous
      I fucking hate these memes we get it you’re better than everyone else.
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    • KieranM1120
      It’s a damn game if you don’t like it don’t play it
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    • Good_Vibes
      Lol 99.9 percent of the people who say they hate fortnite have no reason to, if you dont like it, no one cares, just scroll past. If fortnite is fun to people let it be fun for them, don't ruin it. If someone said Minecraft is trash yall would flip
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    • DrTaco12
      These memes are AIDS
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    • lncineroar
      Y’all remember when Minecraft used to be the game that everyone made fun of? Yeah...
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    • _avericious_
      Hating fortnight doesn't make you cool, change my mind
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    • ImReadyToDieNow_v2
      I'm actually done with the anti fortnite memes, they aren't funny, don't get me wrong, I don't like fortnite as much as the next person but these are just a waste of a feature at this point
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    • EternalOverlord
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    • LoveAnime
      Shitty fuckin halftime
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    • Mahoxy
      Fuck maroon 5 and not playing sweet victory
      Mahoxy 12d
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    • SergalsLoveLemons
      Y'all just wanna act like you're better than the next generation. Grow up and realize we're all fucking cunts.
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    • ___X
      I mean fortnite really isn’t that bad of a game to just kick back and fuck around with. I don’t play it to be competitive, I play it for fun. I may play it like once or twice a week but still. It’s a game. Get over it.
      ___X 12d
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    • Cursed_Images_Hub
      Seriously stop with Minecraft features.
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    • theacp127
      I didn't grow up with either. I grew up playing Halo like a real man.
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    • toast2
      You were probably one of the people who hated Minecraft back then as much as people hate fortnite now
      toast2 12d
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    • TheMajesticOne
      Wow you’re so funny hahaha fortnite sucks haha
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    • MemeGod248
      Chill with these. Both games are great
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    • abravo12
      anyone else remember when we would make fun of mincraft
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    • BubbleBoi_
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    • SchrodingersCat
      Ok boys. Time to crucify the nfl and maroon 5
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    • BoneSawIsReadyy
      Ummmmm I didn’t know it was called sweet sweet sicko mode...WTF
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    • BillNyeTheNineInchGuy
      Yo where the FUCK was my Sweet Victory?
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    • Potayto_Gaming
      I played Minecraft today, have you done your part?
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    • TTVch3rrybomb360
      Nope I grew up with this bush
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    • Bat_In_a_Cave
      So glad I grew up w/ real bushes in my yard
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    • scyros
      Loved minecraft and hated fortnite but I gotta say they did a great job modeling and texturing that Bush
      scyros 10d
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    • Stiehl
      Hey didn’t people make fun of us for liking Minecraft when we were younger? I feel like we’re no better. Also, what about fortnite makes it so terrible? I played it with friends a few times and it was pretty fun
      Stiehl 12d
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    • CheapKrabs
      Fortnite players and Minecraft players are both equally annoying.
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    • SpiritFox223
      Bish I grew up when it was when there was nothin but DIRT AND COBBLESTONE BOY
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    • BratFaced
      i'm so glad i grew up with 💉 and not 💀
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    • GrandmaT
      Keep saying this but I've played both and minecraft has never beat fortnight on the social level as long as you find the right people that is... I have met some of the best friends I've ever had on fortnight
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    • CertifiedFuckboy
      Imagine hating a game for no reason
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    • tonic12
      Fortnite is a good game, just the majority of the people who play it are ill mannered spaztic children
      tonic12 12d
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    • sir__pineapple
      Everyone used to make fun of Minecraft. I grew up with it and now I play Fortnite. Jesus Fortnite haters are toxic
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    • ImMediocree
      Minecraft is infinitely better than Fortnite on every level, but jesus, let people enjoy things
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    • BiffBurns
      Just don't tell a women she has a nice bush.
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    • thefallingpig
      Both games are gay
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    • Theicecream
      We get it you dont like fortnite. What are you really trying to prove?
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    • _2019_
      Like if you grew up with opaque leaves because your parents' computer wasn't strong enough for fancy graphics
      _2019_ 12d
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    • NoOtherGoodNamesLeft
      I hate fortnite but damn these memes are being overused af
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    • MrPickels
      sweet victory was ruined by maroon 5
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    • Akalifeguard
      They fucked up the halftime show no Sweet victory
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    • BlkBon
      No Sweet Victory, sorry
      BlkBon 12d
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    • johnconn
      God you know your just as whiny a piece of shit when you have to constantly post about how bad a game is just to seem like less of a loser
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    • 2bloo4u
      2bloo4u 12d
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    • immadrone
      Yo where is sweet victory
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    • Moan
      Moan 12d
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    • Joeswin
      Minecraft > fortnite. change my mind
      Joeswin 12d
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    • Joeswin
      Minecraft > Fortnite. Change my mind
      Joeswin 12d
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    • BlubberNugget
      At least people are still playing minecraft
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    • Vanos
      Why everyone hate fortnite so much?
      Vanos 8d
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    • johnransom
      People be hating on fortnite when 3 months ago they wouldve let the game peg their ass for 2 vbucks.
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    • Missmetalstormtroopernerd
      Took me a minute to figure out where the hell the bush on the right was from
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    • TheGlassHammer
      You're all fucking weebs.
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    • hotpocketrocket13
      Which one is the marijuana?
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    • MajorZeal
      Fortnite was good from season 2-4 now it’s ass
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    • infinitestolenmemes
      I've done both, what does that mean? I say minecraft is better than fortnite btw
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    • TrashDepot
      Anyone else play fortress craft? That and Minecraft we’re my favorite
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    • nigurrr
      nigurrr 11d
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    • gnatwithabat
      You got the transparent leaves or the filled in leaves?
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    • sole
      So glad I grew up with and not
      sole 11d
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    • iNCOG_V2
      Why does everyone compare the two? They're not even in the same genra lol
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    • ongawd
      Breaking the Minecraft leaves is true asmr
      ongawd 11d
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    • Emilyyyyyyy
      We get it, fortnite bad, it’s stale as fuck
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    • Coruptpope
      I hate these cringy ass posts. In the future there will be a new game and people will say I'm so glad I grew up playing fortnite not this
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    • _captain_obvious
      Fortnite is overrated but nowadays it's becoming over hated. Just calm down and play whatever game you prefer
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    • oreoboy24
      You mean this
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    • GoatTM
      I called a kid a fag in fortnite and got com banned, smh kids today would not survive an mw2 lobby
      GoatTM 12d
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    • rekt92
      When are we going to change the spelling of 'minecraft' to how the majority of their player base pronounces it, 'minecwahft'?
      rekt92 12d
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    • nzuidem
      Oh my god who cares
      nzuidem 12d
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    • McSpankey
      God these memes are dumb. Every generation grows up to something different.
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    • dmurphy716
      I'm so glad I didn't grow up with whiny little cunts.. oh wait
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    • Crxnch
      We are greater than you all RED USER UNITE
      Crxnch 12d
      smile 2 reply 1
    • AppleAss
      I didn't really get into fortnite but I didn't think it was shit. I don't get why so many people are against it.
      smile 1 reply 2
    • IamRayLiotta
      Is that a fortnite bush on the right?
      smile 1
    • HondaLover_GHIF
      So back then everyone shit on Minecraft. But now everyone used to play it? Same thing gonna happen with fortnite in a few years?
      smile 1
    • notafurry123
      I feel you but I'm growing up with both
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    • byugoi
      They should have used the tall grass texture instead of leaves, fake fan
      byugoi 12d
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