• Show up to the doctor 15 mins late: They cancel your appointment Show up on time to the doctor: You're waiting an hour.
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    • Tyymann
      Doctors offices over schedule cuz there’s a high cancelation rate. So if you have to wait forever it’s cuz people just actually showed up
      Tyymann 20d
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    • Misenum
      We live in a society
      Misenum 20d
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    • maybe_the_antichrist
      I showed up like 20 minutes early for an appointment once (because they always say arrive 15 minutes early to check in). Lobby was empty. Waited forever. Finally asked wtf was going on. The receptionists actually forgot about me...for over an hour. That was cool.
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    • koroleva
      I have to pay $75 if I cancel an appointment. My dr cancels all the time and the idiot women at the front desk don’t even bother telling me that he’s cancelled until after lm waiting for 45 minutes
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    • H8MEB8ME
      As someone who works at a doctor's office, there are many reasons this happens. Main reason is because people show up right at their appointment and not 15 minutes before (about how long it takes us to get a room available, get them roomed, and process insurance and paper work). So it sets us back
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    • Civilization
      Imagine if instead of over scheduling doctor’s offices they sold tickets every day and there were scalpers outside the office selling tickets at a higher price to people who couldn’t get them earlier because the scalpers bought them all.
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      The reason doctors or any profession gets behind is because people are late. Even if you show up 2 minutes late then every appointment after you will be 2 minutes late at least. Then there is the fact that they’ll schedule say 20 minutes with you, but it takes 25 before you leave.
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    • Mutagenesis
      Having to wait so long is bullsh*t but so is showing up 15 minutes late to your appointment
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    • rustyyummy
      You live in a universal healthcare country? Bc I've never waited more than 10min and then they'd apologize
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    • Pannademic19
      “All yall doctors gon be playin basketball in pelican Bay when im finished with you.! 23 hour lock down! Imma burn this Clinic down to the ground, king kong ain’t got shit on me!”.
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    • Zldragon25
      That’s because when someone is late to their appointment, the doctor has to be late for the rest of the day
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    • martiganluva
      I work at an office. People come in and we often get to them right on time but the times they are waiting is caused by other patients NOT because of something we as workers did. You get patients who take forever to fill out their paperwork, some just talk your ear off.
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    • wrestler89
      Ypu wait an hour to meet them for 10 minutes to tell you shit you already know
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    • HeroofMemes
      Honestly people say it's because they put time aside for u, well if that's the fucking case then being "LATE" shouldn't be an issue, just give me the time you set aside? (Never late but my boyfriend once was by a minute and they refused to see him with no line ups)
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    • Cockhouse
      That’s how it be though.
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    • msigler1990
      doctors often run behind becuz of late pts & becuz when appts are made, they say they’re coming in for a certain issue so the appt is scheduled for the appropriate time to address that issue, & then the day of the appt the pt wants to discuss a million diff issues & the doc can’t just give das boot
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    • MkeKid
      If y’all worked with a doctor you’d know patients aren’t all the same. Some have many complex problems and some just like to talk a lot (too much) about pointless shit they feel is relevant, while the doc just has to do his best to push the visit forward without being rude
      MkeKid 20d
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    • DylanTaylor127
      One time I showed up to the doctors an hour early and they saw me in just a few minutes. This really upset me because Shrek 2 was playing and I wanted to get to the part with the giant gingerbread man.
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    • FatherClifford
      If early is on time and on time is late, then by the transitive property early is late and you should just stay home.
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    • NYWallCrawler
      This actually happened when I was with my grandma
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    • SpankBank2
      If your patient’s 15 minutes late, your legally allowed to leave
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    • king_cum69
      Not only for cancellations, but for all the patients information too. Doctors have to have a shit ton of notes and other valuable information so they can do their job right.
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    • James_Rhed
      Doctors: if the patient is 15 minutes late we are legally allowed to cancel their appointment
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    • U_Bad_Gob_Gob
      When you don’t have health care and they say “that’ll be $350”
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    • jayman3224
      Yeah like wtf. My gf was supposed to have surgery at 11:30, so we got there at 10:15 like we were supposed to. Didn’t actually get to the OR till 1:00
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    • Snufkins
      then they misdiagnose you a ton of times before getting actual treatment
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    • datisapina
      You need them, they don't need you
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    • istnet1
      Stop being a bitch and live without drugs or die like the weak fuckboi you are
      istnet1 20d
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    • VALENC3
      They didn’t go to med school just to care about your patience
      VALENC3 20d
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    • yotarius
      If you're 15mins late they are legally allowed to leave.
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    • MememasterDre
      This is true asf
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    • username_2018
      So fucking true!!
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    • titanmaximum2
      That doesn’t happen in Wakanda
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    • cmurder0
      Maaaaa nigga
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    • smuigna
      show up 5 minutes early ur called back quick
      smuigna 20d
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      At least your not in Canada
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    • Thangthelostrubberbander
      That's how mafia works
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    • PublixSubMemes
      Don't worry. You'll never have to wait for a delicious Publix Sub.
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    • sirgarlvinland
      Also they don't put clocks in the waiting room so u can't tell when the doctor.is late.unless u got phone
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    • therealchrisgg
      They have a tight schedule so if you come in late, youve now thrown their entire schedule off
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    • rangerjl
      Don’t forget that they usually charge a cancellation fee
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    • user__name__
      If you’re a doctor and run into a patient who actually has a problem you’re not gonna spend 30 mins and be like ope gotta go next appointment no you will help them
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    • Ace_east
      They attempt to accommodate everyone, if you are late that puts other people that could be getting help off for your lack of attendance
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    • KdayPlays_
      Y’all go to some wack ass doctors you gotta get a real family doctor like I walk in late tell them my name and get called immediately and the mother fucker knows my name and asks how my families doing and everything it’s fucking lit
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    • wolf6774
      I’ve had times when I show up late to a dentist, and they don’t even notice I wasn’t there, but when I show up on time I wait an hour at least
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    • xT3RM1NALxB00Tx
      Early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable
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    • firestarted
      If youre not there in 15 minutes your doctor can legally leave
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    • deawed22
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    • Roguetyr
      That’s because if one person shows up 10 minutes late then their entire daily schedule is 10 minutes behind.
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    • reposetion
      Wow nice meme this is very funny and relatable
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    • Mac_is_delicious
      Universal health care or private health care, no matter what, your ass is waiting.
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    • mandoa_wolf
      I remember one doctors appointment made me wait 2 hours, literally everyone after me went before me and left. I never got to the doctor I told them I've been waiting two hours and left
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    • Souta_Takanashi
      If anything’s 15 minutes late you’re legally allowed to leave
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    • MrJack
      This shit is chess, it ain’t checkers.
      MrJack 20d
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    • MarcusFullerton
      Sooo I was supposed to come to work today at nine. It is not 8:59 and no ones here
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    • stinky_pinky_123
      Try looking at it from their perspective....
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    • ElseniorBac0n
      They're giving everyone the best care possible, some take longer. When it's your turn you would want the same treatment.
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    • alexsmith8373
      have a friend whose never been there make an appointment right before yours and have them cancel, no documentation means they don't have to pay the cancellation fee, and you go in on time
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    • scoutandmickey
      I hate this meme. I work in a drs office and I don’t know how many times a day people get there late and out ya behind. Timing is everything
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    • JonChristopher
      It's a Confuckingdoctorspiracy is what it is
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    • Smollbean17
      I can tell most of you have never been somewhere where your appointment is at 3 pm but you have to show up hours before then unless you want to leave at 7
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    • Drozzy
      Get in line
      Drozzy 20d
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    • Wit_is_lit
      The reason you have to wait an hour is cos other people are late. If no one was late you wouldn't have to wait so long.
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    • SmolDragoon
      The psychiatrist I used to go to was a 45 minute drive away. I remember one time I was 5 minutes late because of traffic. I got all the way out there and they cancelled my appointment and rescheduled it for a month later. I usually waited around 5 minutes past my scheduled appointment time.
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    • EatyaHeartout
      Oh and you pay a fucking $25 dollar fee for not showing up
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    • knobgoblin
      Society sucks
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    • asstroll
      I may be wrong..but doesn't an come before a vowel?
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    • HapticID
      Just shoot your self, then you instantly get in.
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    • OfficalJustinBieber
      *denziel voice* wellwellwellwellwell wellllll
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    • WormyTheMonster_
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    • Detinc
      That actually not me.
      Detinc 20d
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    • x_Lust_x
      And that’s why our system is fucked!
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    • BitchPudding
      True dat
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    • JonathanAroz
      One time I waited at the dentist for 2 hours, just for the to check my teeth! And as soon as my sister got there, she was already up next.
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    • ckeekyzekey
      Or you could show up 45 minutes early
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    • TheBlur
      My doctors office don’t work like that. There’s not much wait and they don’t cancel your appointment when you’re a little late.
      TheBlur 20d
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    • JohnBlazeAADTC
      "This is not an option, if you do not pay this co-pay we are gonna have a problem."
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    • Lewdifier_
      It's cuz the family doctors are always occupied by some slow ass old people
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    • MasterTitan
      It's all about the check in. If you don't on time they take the chance to cancel you cause it's better than telling you that some stranger took your spot
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    • dbsjfbje
      Think about it. Logically think about that shit. And yeah it doesn't make any sense.
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    • DJXoF
      That’s how mafia works.
      DJXoF 20d
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    • WithNoName
      Hey youre time isnt worth the same as theirs
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    • EquestriaDaiIy
      I always try to arrive around 15 to 20 mins before an appointment to fill in paperwork
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    • justsayian
      Cause the late fucking patients
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      Thats why im pro-polio
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    • tim13rat
      Often times appts are late because a bunch of patients show up 10 min late, pushing everything back. If most people arrived 5-10 minutes early everything would go quicker. Except for the times when someone shows up for a 10 min appt with 10 different serious issues they’ve been sitting on for months
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    • thatonekidugh
      Made me think of doctor mike
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    • justbanana_andfrens
      Just eat an apple idiot
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    • meme_thief__
      Doesn’t show up at all: fucking dies
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    • Katilynn96
      Its not always our fault sometimes insurance is fucking shitty and we gotta make sure what we give you, youll be able to afford or some other shitty patient decided to cause problems or litterally EVERYONE DECIDES TO SHOW UP AT THE SAME DAMN TIME AND THERE IS SO MUCH PAPER/COMPUTER WORK FOR YALL
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    • markerboy
      He looks like a black David schwimmer
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    • jon_doe
      jon_doe 20d
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    • TheGameWizerd
      I get it, because the American health system’s the enemy of the people!
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    • Marchingpottergeek
      Last time I went to the doctor I only had to wait like 10 minutes. It was at urgent care there were so many people there before me but since I had an appointment with my surgeon I went on in
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    • Imall469
      There's a reason why they call us patients.
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    • Oriented
      Canadian homies be like
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