• sashayed: people like to say that superhero movies "aren't realistic" but what about that time Steve Rogers hurled himself out of a plane without a parachute rather than deal with a friend's questions about lflslovelfie
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    • Savagemyname
      Let’s make a superhero movie where the guy is just really good at sports
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    • HybridD
      HybridD 24d
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    • The_Dark_Jedi_Knight
      Tbh that’s me
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    • Lawdude
      It's not supposed to be "realistic" it's a fucking SUPERHERO MOVIE
      Lawdude 22d
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    • RicardoRo
      "There's only one God ma'am. And I'm pretty sure He doesn't dress like that"
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    • fatalbertsweirdwhitebro
      People complain about super hero movies for not being realistic. Like bitch that’s the fucking point fucking dumbass
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    • Hadvar
      It’s a super hero movie. Of corse it’s not gonna be realistic.
      Hadvar 24d
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    • Moan
      Moan 24d
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    • TheHumbleCranberry
      Captain America would be wondering why colored people share the same drinking fountains as whites.
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    • fellatio
      We need a superhero movie where the guy is just slightly above average at everything. Like a regular person cant fly so he can kind of fly.
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    • Carrington135
      Its almost like the reason they’re not realistic is because...wait for it...they’re superheroes..
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    • allthegreed
      Winter soldier is super underrated
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    • Jaegermeister17
      I don't want superhero movies to be realistic. I watch movies to escape real life. I don't need them reminding me of reality.
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    • HeartCheeks
      Oh no a movie isn't realistic who would've thought
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    • trumpqwerty
      Maybe because they form an opinion before watching the movie. It’s also a psychological phenomenon to dislike something just because it’s widely liked.
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    • Cookie_Overlord
      I mean, Stan lee designed them to make sense, like he said when designing Thor, in contrast to Superman he gave his “flying” a means of propulsion
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    • cringy_boi
      Real life hulk just gets fucking cancer
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    • Ijace
      Let's have a superpower movie where no-one is a hero or villain but rather it's just a society where superpowers exist and everyone copes with it
      Ijace 24d
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    • SheenEztevez
      A lot of MCU movies are not as good as everyone thinks, they have some iffy writing, but the action is good and some of the plot is really engaging
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    • dlanod_pmurt
      Make a superhero movie where the military actually does it's job and shows up instead of just ignoring the psycho villian committing genocide and hoping one single person can deal with him lol
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    • TheShampooDude12
      Glass is slightly realistic, which is why I like it
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    • Blapmonster
      If you want realistic superhero go watch unbreakable, or dark knight, or maybe even Logan for some fantasy still
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    • TheKensei
      What about Noble 6 getting gently yote out of a covenant ship, landing on a planet, and surviving
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    • thiccie_smols
      I’m not going to lie... this is definitely me when I’m skydiving
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    • xbuddahx
      "Was he wearing a parachute?" "No... no he wasn't"
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    • AHeadcrab
      They're not supposed to be realistic.
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    • TyrantIOddyssey
      Fucking mumen Rider exists.
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    • Doggies4Dinner
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    • goose1313
      This is totally relatable tho why question a badass exit to a convention you really don’t wanna have instead of ummm no which I’ve used way to many times
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    • Dragonborn8389
      What movie is it i wanna re watch plz
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    • Trumptato
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    • tajem
      Why did I think mr.Rogers instead of captain America
      tajem 23d
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    • Ggerbiluttersnaps67
      He didn't have a parachute
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    • AydScarlet
      Deadpool when he goes to a planet to where he is better at everything than everyone else and is welcomed as their messiah. Saving those handicapable children from trees
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    • ImintensleyfunnyIpromise
      Oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
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    • WeiRdly
      They're not supposed to be realistic, the fuck? Where in real life do you see a man with laser vision and can hurl an entire train into the atmosphere if he wanted?
      WeiRdly 23d
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    • mespn520
      Let’s stop making superhero movies, 28 superhero movies since 2016 is a bit much
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    • murillog
      My uncle was telling me how infinity war was not realistic as we were watching Rambo 3
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    • lilredtape11
      *Deadpool, instead of being rude, he shoots himself in boring conversations instead of cutting people off.
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    • JinKai
      There's a villain named Sportsmaster
      JinKai 24d
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    • John_Locke
      I’m literally watching that movie right now...
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    • xyxyxyxyxyXyxyxyxyxy
      What’s with all the death this feature set
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    • Disgruntled_Vulpine
      If Logan didn’t get a best picture nomination then Black Panther sure as hell shouldn’t have
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    • thatoneguywholived
      If you could have any super suit with your own spin on it what would it be and what would you call yourself?
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    • Testsubject276
      Yet they eat up romance movies by the dozen
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    • rhymes
      Or that part where a bunch of superheroes actually died during a war you know how’s it actually goes down in real life.
      rhymes 24d
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    • Spixxed
      Vigilante superhero who's just really good at parkour and stealth.
      Spixxed 24d
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    • The_Dark_Jedi_Knight
      Tbh relatable
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    • oRadium
      It really do be like that
      oRadium 24d
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    • Scarfy
      Imagine wanting realism in a superhero movie
      Scarfy 24d
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    • Shepherd_OF_Lols
      I would do that to seem like a badass,so the girl would like me
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      “They aren’t realistic! This person that can lift trains above their heads and fly at the speed of sound has hair that doesn’t move when he lands on the ground”
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    • StewieVengeance
      "Partial realism"
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    • TexasBulldog
      Except he did have a parachute...
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    • BandG3ak
      You got me there
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    • MichaeLemon
      Any of you who wanna debate superheroes should look up the imaginary axis on YouTube
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    • BoredBoy
      The Punisher on Netflix is kind of realistic to a certain degree
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    • Lenny_Summers
      Of fucking course they arent realistic bitch wtf
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    • ChrisStuckmann
      Funny they should say this seeing it comes from probably the most believable marvel movie, The Winter Soldier
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    • ChiefSauce
      I usually do Lines of Coke off the dvd first.
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    • LivingLeviathan
      Oh fuck off with your bullshit analysis
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    • cheeks1234
      Yeah, those movies are not similar to the superheroes in my real life... like it’s fantasy smh
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    • LieutenantHayes
      Who actually says that superhero movies aren’t realistic I think that’s pretty fucking obvious
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    • S_amste_r00
      Dam met y’all I lost the game
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    • CRLM107
      Bruuuuh same
      CRLM107 23d
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    • YourBestGoodFriend
      Or when the chick didn’t really care for him until he got jacked and over 6’
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    • Scfruitstelope57
      Also that's the whole point of super hero movies
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    • TheCryocorn
      What about the time dr strange wanted to keep a gem rather than destroy it effectively foiling the bad guys plans because hes selfish and thinks ge can actually stand up to a higher power and protect it.
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    • WundeadabbitMCM
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    • Better_Call_Morty
      cap is the beat avenger
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    • Bean3737
      He had a parachute
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    • AdamCarolla
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    • amncarter77
      It’s funny because it’s not true?
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    • KushmasterD
      Steve NO NONSENSE Rogers, comin at you live on channel 10!
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    • TonyGunk69
      Stucky 4 life
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    • ParrotShirt
      Aquaman did it too
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    • blkshp68
      He was too busy!
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    • Relief_Feast
      Can tumblr just fucking stop existing already. It’s just pure fucking unadulterated cringe.
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    • joshuazimmz
      Sportsmaster? Anti-Hero film?
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    • jesushatesweebs
      To be honest if you have an idea for a super hero story. It's already been done.
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    • Nigging
      They’re semi realistic because there is some kind of believable explanation for everything.
      Nigging 24d
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    • thatoneguywholived
      If you could have any super suit with your own spin on it what would it be and what would you call yourself? Mine would be a black and red version of the blue beetle suit and I would be called Red Scarab
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    • Jellyleg
      Is avengers age of intron good? It's the next movie I have to watch in order to be caught up in the mcu but I've heard people tell me it's not that great.
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    • uwuLmao
      That sounds pretty real to me
      uwuLmao 24d
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      Ill agree with this 🤣
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    • ukekidquest
      Sounds realistic to me 🤷🏽‍♂️
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    • TheCoolCult
      The whole point of a superhero movie is that it is fiction, why the fuck do they not understand that?
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    • Eltra
      Batman is better, change my mind.
      Eltra 24d
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    • BigDaddyCap
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    • Other_Barry_
      I mean, if those are the only 2 options....
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    • GelatinDreams
      I’ve hurled myself out of a plane for similar reasons
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    • The_Dark_Jedi_Knight
      Tbh relatable af
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