• SARINGAN, Emanuel Joset V. Matacafiong Field Trip
lla has the Phlppines had a more symbol seat of power than "the Palace". Seeing tn real Me is
sonal EN ony Fini the chilsexpecily those who aspire to hold the coveted postion later, We
rr to al thse leaders who caried the nation along with is problems by creating "palace that
you st. tanpayer, probably wanted to occupy too. The story the museum on
Igo We present however, more than a picture in
the 20 peso BI. ls symbol which binds us to
pein 4 individuos ln state But rather as chizens who are part of
a democracy. Nowever
ing a the Malocaang s figuratively and Meraly difficult since 1.) Becoming the president is
Jetalone the fact that 2.) Travelling from Ateneo to Mendiola is not so straghttorward. Yo
You are neer
Malacañang when the university belt and 2 group of rai
'dows the MAT station. Once Inside the complex, Mr. Lacierda's jokes mac
inevet showed up. His absence Is understandable since he is in the US. but! believe that any t
going a be complete without the President himsell The tour began and the sights ofthe old but not yet
tun down palace amazed me due of the incredible maintenance efforts that sustained the complex for
around 3 centuries. We then went to the galleries and experienced
a blast from the past as we strode
"andlistened to the guide who knows everything about everything inthe museum. We had to enter and
desert offices in the same way our presidents did back then and after a uring waitaion of 1S galleries,
{YoU probably would be thankful that we did not
have as many presidents as the US. Prior to the tour,
never have I thought that Malacafang was interesting. saw the
¡going 10 malfuncion anytime soon) in the country and the millon dolar chandeliers which
could not
{make out in my imagination what they are for, uch extravagant items that Pres. Quezon bought teases
{yoUto think of how tempting it to hold such powers, Indeed, future presidents made people Ine and
{ry during their terms but they are recorded in history nonetheless. The Martial Law char that FM used
never became the ordinary char that it was after the declaration but was rather immortalized and s
going 10 be symbol that evokes fear long ater its owner died, However, Yin and Yang philosophers wil
Esaythervise since some people benefitted too. Such is the truth behind history, ts never one-sided,
welcome you upon going
ar com system (which I think ot
Goodbye is diicut to say for presidents wo leave Malacañang. Such is also the case for us who wi
forget how the staf welcomed and accommodated us wholeheartediy. Somehow the Palace is
Occupy a place in my memory because it has inspired me and renewed my pride so that I could
World that I am a Filipino, At the end of all that is told about the Palace's history, remain as
and tis upon us whether to act or not. That's al for now
Malacafarg, I hope to see
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